3 Myths About Buying a Home in Murphy, NC

Now that you’re giving our region some serious consideration, you want to make a sensible home-buying decision that’s based on accurate information. To begin, let’s dispel 3 myths about buying a home in Murphy, NC.


Yes, you can find a great assortment of cabins for sale in Murphy and surrounding Cherokee County. Whether you want to buy a smaller home tucked into a cozy hollow, or a multi-level house that commands a mountain view, you can find it here. Classic-looking chalets and log homes, many with rich wood interiors, have also become popular throughout our region.

Murphy’s housing inventory also includes several types of homes you might not expect to find here. Maybe you prefer a traditional or colonial-style home, often featuring professional landscaping and a sweeping driveway to the property. Or, if you’ve got your sights set on a cool lakefront house with beautiful views and a serene setting, you’re in luck. You might also find a few golf course homes, condos, or duplexes just a short drive from Murphy.

Some homes are in a rent or lease arrangement, with others lying vacant in “move in” condition. Other properties might be in the foreclosures category, with many foreclosed properties offering a good value in your preferred location. Finally, if you’d rather become the owner of a scenic lot (or hundreds of acres) to build your dream home, you’ve got many appealing choices.


Let’s say you browse the Multiple Listing Service, and you find a Murphy house that intrigues you. You’d like to get more information and photos, and perhaps see the property. You’ve already established contact with The Poltrock Team, but you think the target home’s listing agent could better provide assistance. So, who do you call?

Fortunately, The Poltrock Team can help you explore every Murphy property of interest – even if it’s listed by another local realtor. First, we’ll get the home’s relevant details, including showing instructions if you’d like to see it. Because we know our regional market so well, we’ll also summarize other factors pertinent to that specific community.

But our stellar service doesn’t stop there. We offer unparalleled market knowledge, including detailed market analysis metrics you won’t find anywhere else. And, we pair that with our entire team’s commitment to superb customer service.


After searching through sales listings for several weeks (or even months), you finally find a Murphy home that perfectly suits your needs. Even better, it’s in move-in condition, and the location and scenery can’t be beat. So, you place an offer, and begin assembling a list of mortgage lenders to call. You think you’re making good progress, but for three reasons your strategy is counterproductive.

No Realistic Price Range

First, when you shop for Murphy houses without lender pre-approval, you won’t have a realistic price range within which to operate. In other words, if you’re pursuing a $300,000 home but might only qualify for a $150,000 property, you’re wasting valuable time and won’t get the outcome you desire.

To avoid that unpleasant result, obtain your pre-approval before seriously shopping for Murphy homes. Remember that when a lender evaluates your application, they’ll consider five important criteria: (1) the property’s value (2) your down payment (3) your income (4) your credit history and (5) your employment history and current status.

Disadvantage During Contract Negotiations

Second, when you place an offer before obtaining financing, you’ll be at a disadvantage during contract negotiations (if applicable). In other words, you won’t have as much leverage as an applicant with a pre-approval in their hands. Again, completing this process beforehand will prevent this unfortunate result.

Shut Out by Pre-approved Buyers

Lastly (and probably most frustrating), while you spend valuable time providing information to lenders, a pre-approved buyer could easily swoop in and get a more advantageous offer accepted. In other words, they could literally “score a touchdown” while you await your turn on the playing field. Don’t place yourself in that position – get that pre-approval first.

So if you’re ready to jump off the vacation rentals bandwagon – and find a North Carolina mountain home to call your own – move Murphy, NC 28906 to the top of your list. Next, contact The Poltrock Team, Murphy’s #1 Real Estate Team that combines max cutting-edge market expertise with friendly small town customer service. And finally, plan a visit to our beautiful corner of the world, and we’ll show you everything Murphy and Cherokee County have to offer. We look forward to having you here!

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