12 Memorable Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Homeowners

As the holiday season gets into full swing, you’re probably hearing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” everywhere you go. Whether in your car, in the stores, or on your favorite holiday music channel, you can’t get this classic holiday song out of your head. Besides hearing the catchy tune, it’s fun to visualize the parade of unusual gifts that someone might find on their doorstep.

During this holiday season, set aside your carefully curated gift list. Instead, consider these 12 home-oriented gifts that will add warmth and style to your favorite homeowners’ abodes. Whether they own a cozy little Murphy, NC home, or a slice of real estate on the beach, these gifts will be right at home.


Handcrafted Family Name Sign

Personalize your favorite homeowner’s abode with a hand-crafted (and hand-painted) family name sign. Available in varied sizes and styles, these US-made signs can easily be attached to an exterior or interior wall. This would be an especially appropriate gift for someone who enjoys tracking down the branches of their family tree.

Personalized Entryway Doormat

A striking personalized doormat is much more than a place to wipe wet feet. This custom creation is available in varied sizes and colors. The inscription can feature the last name, initial, graphics, and/or year the home was established. Depending on the size, there may even be space for a short welcome message.

Handmade Mini Door Wreath

A carefully crafted door wreath adds a welcoming touch to any home. A mini wreath won’t overwhelm a smaller home’s entryway while providing a striking accent to larger homes’ doors. An artificial grapevine wreath is suitable for more exposed areas while real grapevine wreaths can complement more protected spots. Scented wreaths enhance the home’s ambience while unscented styles cater to giftees with fragrance sensitivities.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Set the stage for a calming home environment by gifting an essential oil diffuser (or aromatherapy diffuser). Plant-based essential oils release natural fragrances into the air, welcoming homeowners and their guests to a serene setting. Lavender, orange, chamomile, bergamot, and rose are known for their calming effects.

Handmade Barn Broom

Capture the excitement of moving to a new home with this carefully crafted barn broom. According to folklore, the old broom carries the old home’s negativity, so a new one must take its place at the new property. For added authenticity, purchase the broom from a local broom maker or traditional craft school.

Windowsill Herb Garden

Freshly grown herbs add something extra to any meal. With a windowsill herb garden, it’s easy to enjoy fresh herbs even in the dead of winter. Basil, rosemary, chives, oregano, and mint are popular windowsill varieties. Herbs grow well in a sunny window, and several of them are delightfully fragrant. Herb garden kits include pots, seeds, and instructions – and no gardening experience is necessary.

Classic Engraved Cutting Board

Who doesn’t love a finely crafted wooden cutting board? Purchase it from a skilled craftsman who brings the wood’s character to life while creating a beautifully functional piece. Make this gift extra special by having it engraved with an inscription of your choice. Celebrate the giftee’s wedding date, the year they purchased their new home, or another special occasion.

Pizza (or Bread) Baking Stone

Friends and family who enjoy concocting pizzas (or baking breads) will appreciate this quality baking stone. It’s designed to produce crisp oven-baked pizza crusts like those from a traditional stone oven. The baking stone can also deliver fragrant, tasty homemade breads that combine a hearty crust and substantial flavor.

Well-insulated Champagne Flutes

A glass of ice-cold champagne makes special occasions even better. With these insulated champagne flutes, your giftee can toast a new addition to the family, a promotion at work, or other special occasion. These metal flutes are available in several colors, and they’ll keep the bubbly cold for up to five hours. And the best part: The flutes are unbreakable, so the giftee can also take them on picnics or camping trips.

Cozy Weighted Blanket

Sleeping under a soft weighted blanket helps to decrease stress and promote restful sleep. Choose a lighter weight blanket for warmer weather, or select a heavier blanket that provides warmth while helping to create a soothing sleep setting. Weighted blankets are available in several colors to match your giftee’s bedroom décor.

Handy Folding Step Stool

Regardless of the giftee’s home size or type, they’ll appreciate a small folding step stool that tucks out of the way in a closet. It makes top cabinets easier to reach in the kitchen and enables children to more easily wash their hands in the bathroom. Outdoors, the stool is handy for cleaning cobwebs from the deck’s underside. If possible, choose a durable metal stool that will last for years.

Squirrel-resistant Bird Feeder

Hungry, crafty squirrels have been known to decimate an entire bird feeder within minutes. Minimize the chances of this unacceptable behavior by gifting a squirrel-resistant bird feeder. The innovative globe feeder design and squirrel guards make it very difficult for squirrels to access the food inside. Your giftee will thoroughly enjoy watching the squirrel’s attempts to snag another free meal.

Gifting to Yourself is Permissible

If you’re especially intrigued by one (or more) of these specialty gifts, consider giving one to yourself as well. In this holiday giving season, it’s also perfectly acceptable to receive.

Here at The Poltrock Team, we send our best wishes for a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. We would be honored to help you with your real estate needs in the New Year.

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