Satisfied Buyer Finds the Perfect Murphy, NC Log Cabin

When Patricia Mogan began her quest to find a Murphy, NC log cabin, she fortunately discovered The Poltrock Team. Patricia was impressed with the team’s reputation for achieving top results, so she decided to partner with them to find the best mountain home for sale. Patricia worked with stellar realtor Donna Srabian, who’s known for her excellent service and easy availability to her clients.

As a new out-of-town buyer with limited time to visit, Patricia appreciated Donna’s strong knowledge of the area and available homes. Patricia was also grateful that Donna was able to help locate the resources needed to move the property transaction forward.

Looking at her overall customer experience, Patricia is convinced that Donna Srabian’s help and expertise were key to an easy, successful real estate property transaction. This super-pleased home buyer knows that Donna will do the best job for other clients as well. With a top notch real estate experience under her belt, she would be happy to work with The Poltrock team on a future visit.

“I learned about The Poltrock Team while doing a new online search for Murphy, North Carolina log cabins and homes. Because the team had a very solid reputation, I decided to work with them.

During my real estate sale transaction, my agent Donna Srabian was most helpful in assisting me with finding resources I needed as an out-of-town buyer. Donna is very knowledgeable about the area, and she’s available at any time. You will be super happy if you choose her to represent you!

Based on my recent customer experience, I would absolutely work with The Poltrock Team again.”

Patricia Mogan
Jefferson, GA

Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital Brings Expanded Services to Murphy, NC

If you love living in our beautiful mountains, or are considering a move to Murphy, NC or the surrounding counties, you likely appreciate our region’s gorgeous scenery and feast of outdoor activities. However, you’ve probably wished that premier medical facilities, and highly regarded specialists, were much more accessible – especially for those facing serious or chronic health issues.

Fortunately, Chattanooga, TN-based Erlanger Health System has stepped in to provide a solution. In April 2018, after two years of due diligence and planning, Erlanger announced plans to acquire Peachtree-based Murphy Medical Center (MMC). By bringing our 40-year-old community hospital into the Erlanger family, our residents and visitors will benefit from an expanded menu of services and specialists. Continue reading “Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital Brings Expanded Services to Murphy, NC”

Market-Savvy Agent Played Key Role in This Murphy, NC Home Purchase

Martin and Emily Danko’s Murphy, NC home purchase began with a stellar referral. The couple was searching for a savvy realtor to help them buy their ideal mountain home, and they happened to contact Jessica Poltrock. She knew The Poltrock Team would provide outstanding client services from start to finish, and they were simply the best choice.

The Danko’s happily accepted Jessica’s recommendation, and they worked with Wayne Cofer to make their mountain home dream come true. Wayne’s wide-ranging knowledge of the market, combined with his strong business background and excellent client communication, provided Martin and Emily with a satisfying home buying experience. When the couple needed referrals, Wayne quickly provided recommendations to capable contractors and experts. Throughout Martin’s and Emily’s home search, the Danko’s were very impressed with Wayne’s professionalism and support.

Looking back at their home buying experience, Martin and Emily would award The Poltrock Team a “10” for their excellent services, and would definitely contact these savvy agents again.

“We learned about The Poltrock Team by speaking with Jessica Poltrock, and we decided to work with them because of her recommendation.

We partnered with Wayne Cofer to complete our real estate transaction. Wayne was very knowledgeable about the market area and available homes, and he always returned our calls promptly. He was also very helpful in providing referrals when we needed to search for them. Throughout the process of purchasing our Murphy, North Carolina property, Wayne was very professional, and he provided great support.

After this recent experience, we would give The Poltrock Team a “10′ for their service, and we would certainly call them in 2019 or beyond.”

Martin and Emily Danko
New Port Richey, FL

Happy Out-of-State Sellers Experience a Carefree Real Estate Transaction

When Merlenda and John Dritt decided to sell their Murphy, NC land, they searched to find the best realtor in the area. Naturally, John Poltrock took the top spot in both the number of real estate listings and sales. So, the Dritt’s called The Poltrock Team’s office, and John quickly returned their call to get the ball rolling.

The Poltrock Team immediately sprang into action, getting full details on the Dritt’s local property and formulating an impressive marketing strategy that included email. In fact, Merlenda and John were amazed at the amount of good exposure their land received. In just two months, The Poltrock Team found a buyer and guided the Dritt’s through the terms of the closing process.

Throughout the real estate transaction, Merlenda and John were quite relieved that The Poltrock Team took care of every tiny detail. These happy Texas clients were thrilled with the outcome, and they rated the team a “10” for their top-notch personal service. In fact, the Dritt’s would welcome the chance to work with The Poltrock Team in the future.

“We discovered The Poltrock Team through a search on We wanted to find the best realtor in the local area, and John Poltrock was the top realtor in the number of house and land listings and sales.

We called the office, and requested that John contact us in the evening, as we live in another time zone. He did, and immediately got the ball rolling to list and sell our Murphy, North Carolina land.

These dedicated people took proactive steps to present our property in the best possible light with more exposure than I even thought possible. Our property sold in two months!

Because we’re located in different states, it was a great relief to have The Poltrock Team take care of EVERYTHING. We didn’t have to worry about any of the close transaction terms or details.

We would give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their good service, and would definitely work with them again.”

Merlenda and John Dritt
The Colony, TX

Real Estate Team’s Fair Appraisal and Marketing Program Set the Stage for a Sale

When Steve and Judy Paynter decided to put their Murphy, NC home on the market, they began a hunt for the best realtor in town. As luck would have it, the couple selected The Poltrock Team after seeing the agency’s message in three different media.

First, the couple viewed the company’s billboard; and then received a well-crafted mail piece. The agency also figured prominently in an Internet search. After learning about the real estate team’s stellar reputation, and reading about their impressive sales results, Steve and Judy partnered with the company to sell their Murphy, North Carolina mountain cabin.

During the Paynter’s real estate transaction, they were pleased that The Poltrock Team served as a very fair property appraiser. The group’s aggressive multimedia marketing program brought a buyer to the table. Finally, the closing transaction progressed smoothly through each stage, culminating in a great conclusion.

Looking back, Steve and Judy thoroughly enjoyed their real estate experience with The Poltrock Team. The couple gave the group a “10” for their first-class service, and they would happily work with these proven professionals in the future.

“We found out about The Poltrock Team by viewing their billboard and receiving a mailing from them. The company also came up in an Internet search. Based on the agency’s business reputation, and a review of their results, we chose to work with them to sell our Murphy, North Carolina property.

During our real estate transaction, The Poltrock Team proved to be an extremely fair property appraiser. These proven business professionals also developed a great marketing program to sell our house. Once a contract was signed, we moved through each stage of the closing transaction without difficulty.

Overall, we had an excellent sales experience with The Poltrock Team. We would rate them a “10” for their great service, and we would certainly work with their agents in the future.”

Steve and Judy Paynter
Cohutta, GA

Real Estate Team Helps Sellers to Navigate Challenges & Realize Their Goal

Kaye and William Wilkinson recently planned to sell their Marble, NC home and relocate out of state for new opportunities. Naturally, they wanted to work with a very successful realtor, and they happened to find The Poltrock Team through an online search of relevant terms.

When they spoke with John, his high energy and infectious enthusiasm came through loud and clear. Kaye and William were also impressed with The Poltrock Team’s use of professional photography and cutting-edge technology. So, the couple decided to hire John and The Poltrock Team to sell the couple’s mountain cabin.

After The Poltrock Team found a home buyer, the team skillfully navigated the buying transaction from start to finish. The Wilkinson’s most appreciated the team’s constant support during often-challenging contract negotiations. At the end of the day, The Poltrock Team got the job done.

Looking back, Kaye and William were super pleased with John Poltrock’s high energy and enthusiasm. They’re also confident that John’s use of professional listing photography, plus the latest technology, will help each seller to accomplish their goal on their own terms. The couple gave The Poltrock Team a “10” for their stellar services, and they would absolutely work with this company of high achievers again.

“We decided to sell our Marble, NC home place, and wanted to work with a realtor who would navigate the obstacles and get results. So, we launched an online search for top realtors, and decided to contact The Poltrock Team.

We spoke with John Poltrock, and were impressed with his high energy and enthusiasm. He also emphasized The Poltrock Team’s use of professional photography to showcase clients’ listings, and use of new technology throughout the process. Based on our conversation, we decided to partner with The Poltrock Team to sell our Marble, NC mountain home.

During our real estate transaction, we most appreciated The Poltrock Team’s constant contact, valuable resources, and help in resolving new negotiations challenges.

If you’re planning to sell your home, and want to find a great realtor to help you accomplish that goal and navigate the closing process, here’s our advice:

If you list your property with John Poltrock because of his energy, enthusiasm, and obvious love for what he does, plus the fact that he is the Top Selling Realtor in our area, stay with him, because he WILL SELL YOUR PROPERTY. Also, it is obvious that he is well respected by others in the real estate community.

Most people first access a property listing online, and they certainly notice the pictures. John’s photographer does a magnificent job. In addition, John made a video of our property, and he did it amazingly well.

Based on our recent experience, we would give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their excellent services, and we would definitely work with this company again. You can’t go wrong with The Poltrock Team!”

Kaye & William Wilkinson
Formerly of Marble, North Carolina

Buyers Plan to Build a “Getaway” Mountain Cabin in Murphy, NC

When the Lea’s began searching for their “getaway” mountain cabin, they spent two days viewing family homes in Murphy, NC. Working with The Poltrock Team’s Donna Srabian, the couple toured several existing area properties featuring great views. However, they just didn’t experience that magical “aha!” moment.

So, after Donna helped them to refine their property search, she took them to view some new-construction cabins in the nearby mountains. The Lea’s absolutely loved the new homes’ appearance and amenities, and decided to build their own Murphy, NC mountain cabin that they’d enjoy.

During the next several months, Donna was an invaluable contact, as she expertly navigated the Lea’s through the property purchase process. Her extensive knowledge of the area’s resources, and her boundless energy, combined to give the Lea’s a memorable home buying experience. They gave Donna Srabian the best marks for her excellent client service, and they would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or build a mountain home or log cabin.

“We were treated very well by The Poltrock Team. As residents of Florida, we were in Murphy for two days in an effort to find a private “getaway” family cabin in the mountains. We met with Donna Srabian to look at several existing properties, but none of them met our needs.

After further conversation, Donna switched gears and took us to view some new cabins under construction. We loved the models, and have since contracted to build a mountain home in Murphy, NC.

Over the next several months, Donna was a valuable resource. She skillfully guided us through every aspect of the long-distance purchase process. Donna is knowledgeable, straightforward, and certainly high energy … we recommend her highly!”

Bruce Lea
Melbourne, FL

5 Reasons You Should Insist on Professional Real Estate Photography

When you decide to sell your Murphy, NC mountain home, you make every effort to attract potential buyers. Before listing the property, you give your walls a new coat of paint, complete unfinished projects, and de-clutter your rooms and closets for a more favorable impression. After your hard work, your home is all dressed up and ready to be photographed and listed for sale on a multiple listing site in 2019 – and maybe on Facebook as well.

Because photography has become such a valuable real estate marketing tool, and you want your home to receive the best possible presentation, contact a realtor who takes time to include professional photography in their marketing program. More than half of the real estate industry’s agents adhere to this philosophy. Here, we’ll share five common-sense reasons behind this approach.

Better Marketing Strategy
When an agent makes the investment in professional photography services, they show that they’re committed to adequately marketing their sellers’ properties. As with other products and services, a well-coordinated marketing program begins with a striking visual presentation that showcases the home’s strongest features.

For example, let’s say your home’s stunning mountain view is a major selling point. When a talented professional photographs the property using top-notch equipment and expert technical skill, they’ll capture the mountains’ palette of colors and textures – and that’s what will grab buyers’ interest.

Higher Visual Appeal
Generally speaking, a home buyer wants to visualize themselves living in a striking, well-coordinated home that reflects their personal style and is pleasing to their eye. A skilled real estate photographer takes time to zero in on your home’s finest features, carefully making them stand out with top-notch camera equipment and innovative techniques.

The photographer will work to highlight desirable elements such as spacious rooms, textural and lighting effects, and jaw-dropping mountain views. When your home puts its best foot forward, those professionally sourced photos make the property more appealing to potential buyers. Then, the stage is set for people to request new information or (even better) contact the agent for a showing appointment.

Increased Buyer Interest
In 2019, selling your Murphy, North Carolina mountain home really is a numbers game. You want the maximum number of people to experience your listed property online, which increases the pool of potential buyers who will respond positively to your home.

Professional real estate photography provides you with a definite edge in this competitive market. In fact, studies have demonstrated that listings that include professional photography receive 60% to 100% more clicks than comparable homes with amateur photography.

Faster Property Sale
Once you decide to list your mountain home for sale, you want to quickly find a buyer and bring the process to a swift conclusion before moving on to the next chapter in your life. When home buyers view relevant properties online, professionally photographed homes typically receive a larger number of views than similar homes with point-and-click photography.

As you might expect, a bigger group of potential buyers can increase your odds of a faster property sale. In fact, studies have shown that professional real estate photography can help a listing to go under contract approximately 50% faster than similar homes with agent-generated pictures.

Higher Selling Price
Naturally, you’d like to realize the highest possible profit on the sale of your mountain cabin. Not surprisingly, listings featuring professional photography tend to sell for higher market prices than comparable properties that include amateur photos.

In 2010, Redfin, a Seattle-based residential real estate brokerage, analyzed MLS systems throughout the United States. After the study wrapped up, Redfin concluded that professionally photographed properties sell for higher prices than similar homes with point-and-click photos. The study emphasized that this trend holds true whether the property has a low-end, mid-range, or higher asking price.

Subpar Photography Risks
But what happens if you choose an agent who uses the “do it yourself” approach to real estate photography? The answer is simple: If your property photos are taken with a point-and-click camera, the pictures won’t show your home in the best possible light. Without superb camera equipment and professional skill, your home’s expansive rooms will appear cramped and will lack interesting visual elements. Your incredible mountain views will lack textural detail, and your home’s striking architecture won’t have as much impact.

So, to market your Murphy, North Carolina home’s positive points, and increase your chances of a faster sale at a good price, insist on a realtor who uses a professional photographer. By choosing The Poltrock Team, your home will be showcased with top-notch photography, and you’ll also benefit from high-caliber professional advice. Best of all, your home will receive a second-to-none marketing program that sets you up for great results.

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Sellers Realize a Quick Sale of Their Murphy, NC Mountain Land

Several years after purchasing some acres in Murphy, North Carolina, Steve and Vicky Mauck agreed that the time was right to sell their mountain property. They received a referral to The Poltrock Team, and chose to work with this top-notch Cherokee County group because of their great reputation for achieving results with their listings.

Naturally, The Poltrock Team came through with flying colors. First, they provided realistic pricing advice, favorably positioning the western North Carolina mountains property compared to their competition’s listings. This tactic, combined with The Poltrock Team’s superb marketing strategy, resulted in a quick sale of the Mauck’s Murphy, North Carolina mountain acreage.

Throughout their transaction, Steve and Vicky received regular telephone status updates. The Poltrock Team led the Mauck’s through a smooth closing process, and the couple couldn’t be happier. With a “very professional” real estate experience under their belts, Steve and Vicky gave The Poltrock Team top marks for their excellent client service. In fact, this owner would happily choose the team for a future real estate transaction.

“We learned about The Poltrock Team through a referral, and we decided to work with them because of their reputation. During our transaction, they were most helpful in giving us realistic pricing advice for a sale of our Murphy, North Carolina acreage.

Overall, our real estate experience was very professional. We received frequent phone updates on the status of our listing. We got a quick sale of our Murphy, North Carolina property in the mountains.

No improvement needed. It’s hard to improve an excellent experience!

Based on our recent property owner experience, we would give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their service, and we would absolutely work with them again.”

Steve & Vicky Mauck
Blue Ridge, GA

Buyers Enjoy a Smooth Transition to Their North Carolina Mountain Home

John and Mary Engel were ready to sell their Florida residence and find a North Carolina mountains home. While searching for Murphy, North Carolina real estate properties, they sent out several inquiries. The Poltrock Team’s Donna Srabian was the first realtor to respond, and that convinced John and Mary that Donna was the right agent for the job.

After Donna Srabian helped the Engel’s to find the perfect mountain cabin, not far from Asheville, she worked with the couple’s mortgage and title companies to bring their vision to fruition. John and Mary’s Florida-based selling realtor was also actively involved in this successful dual-state transaction.

Looking back, John and Mary Engel can’t say enough about Donna Srabian’s dedication and excellent client service. In their view, Donna and The Poltrock Team went “above and beyond” to provide the couple with an outstanding home buying experience. In fact, these satisfied buyers gave the team an amazing “20” for their superb customer service – which speaks to a job very well done.

“We learned about The Poltrock Team through a real estate property search. Donna was the first realtor to respond to my property inquiry, and that convinced me to work with the team to find a home with great mountain views.

During our realty transaction, Donna efficiently worked with my mortgage company, title company, and selling realtor to handle my Florida sale and North Carolina purchase.

We had an outstanding real estate experience with The Poltrock Team. Donna Srabian and The Poltrock Team exceeded my expectations. Donna Srabian is a GEM!!! She has our utmost respect and appreciation. Thank you, Donna!!!

I would give The Poltrock Team a “20” for their service, and would absolutely work with them again.”

John and Mary Engel
Murphy, NC