Radon Testing and Mitigation in the Mountains of North Carolina

It’s true! The Appalachian Mountains, which are in Murphy NC, can yield high levels of radon in homes. The great news is it is an easy,  and beneficial, fix. A simple remediation system can quickly remove radon and even excess moisture from your home; I have one in mine! Did you know it is the second leading cause of lung cancer? Only cigarette smoking is worse. An inexpensive test will find out if you have it. We recommend them when you are buying a home in the mountains to ensure your family’s safety.

Watch our video below to learn more about radon, what a remediation system is,  and how it functions. Visit the EPA’s Radon Page to learn even more. Need a remediation expert? We’ve got them! Our Gotta Guy List of Recommended Contractors is here.

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You can tell winter has come to Murphy, NC with temperatures dipping in the teens at night and chilly day temps below 40, but no snow in the forecast yet. Despite the colder temperatures, we still have buyers looking and buying properties along with sellers listing theirs. So, if you are interested in buying a home here in our beautiful mountains, just give us a call. One call to The Poltrock Team is all it takes, whether you are selling or buying.

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Chaco Footwear is a Comfortable Way to Enjoy the Mountains of Murphy NC

Whether you are hitting the trail, enjoying Hiawassee Lake or one of the three rivers in the area, something as simple as the shoes on your feet make a major difference. It’s not always about real estate in the mountains for us – comfort is paramount. If I had the choice, I would wear flip flops daily! It’s not uncommon to see me walking around RE/MAX in flip flops when I don’t have meetings 😀 And there’s no doubt about it – Chaco is my first choice. This is kind of funny for a real estate posting, however, I had a great experience with Chaco and wanted to share.

My New Flips from Chaco
My New Flips from Chaco

I have have multiple pairs of Chacos:

  • Z1 sandals which are the tough sandals with boot-like Vibram soles that are perfect for hiking, kayaking, and all the awesome things to do in Murphy NC. They’re great because they float in water so if you accidentally loose a shoe canoeing down the lake, no worries – it’ll be there waiting on you to retrieve it.
  • Flips which is their version of a flip-flop that does “flop” when you walk. I have both the leather and rubber styles.

Chaco just replaced my Flips which the toe strap separated from the shoe. It was a great experience where the representative called me, asked me what I wanted, and gave it to me!

It’s a interesting world – at my office, we strive to provide our customer and clients with exactly what they want. However, it seems that is no longer the norm when it comes to customer service! I was pleasantly surprised to have a great experience with the folks at Chaco. I highly recommend them so check them out at Chacos.com. And when it comes to real estate, contact the Poltrock Team  😉

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Beautiful Lot With Super Mountain View and Great Building Site

Gabriel (5) MAINThis beautiful lot has a great building site and one stunning view in Murphy NC that you’ll love! This lot is complete with septic permit, underground utilities, community water, gated entrance, and wonderful community area!  It has everything you need to make it your future home site! This is a MUST see at a great deal!

Click HERE for more Pictures and Information on this home for sale in Murphy, NC.

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Spectacular Mountain View Home for Sale On Two Lots at Cherokee Hills in Murphy NC

Gugelot (Main)SPECTACULAR MOUNTAIN VIEW home for Sale overlooking Cherokee Hills Golf Course and multiple mountain ranges! This home is on two lots for amazing privacy with paved roads and driveway.  This home has an immaculate interior, and a large kitchen with lots of cabinetry and storage. The double-sided rock fireplace is the centerpiece as it stretches to the vaulted ceiling. DUAL MASTER SUITES on the main level, FULL FINISHED basement, garage, deck, patio, and more! This home is first class all the way and you won’t believe your eyes when you see it in person.

Click HERE for more Pictures and Information on this home for sale in Murphy, NC.

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Among Worldwide Uncertainty, You’ll Find Consistency Here in Murphy NC – An Article for the Cherokee Scout

Here’s an article I wrote for the Cherokee Scout (Murphy NC’s local newspaper) and is scheduled to be published in their next edition of their magazine, Country Roads. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

No matter where you look, it seems as though there is constant bad news… a new prospect of disaster throughout the World. Whether it is the Greek debt crisis, the threat of rising fuel costs, Iranian nuclear testing, US debt, you name it.  There’s something on every horizon that leads to an uncertain future that seems to grow at an almost exponential rate.

It seems that no matter what news makes you most uncomfortable, one thing is certainly true: human nature generally seeks stability and reliability. When I look through the news to find out what is happening in other areas even just within the United States, there are natural disasters that decimate entire towns – hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding, and so many other events that quite simply are scary. Destruction of property, loss of life, and years to rebuild are imminent. Combined with crime that plagues other areas, I must say we are blessed to live in one of the greatest areas of the United States.

Every day I drive through the streets of Murphy and count blessings. We generally don’t have major natural disasters – and you can usually tell that on your home insurance! Instead of thousands of dollars that many from other areas pay, it’s generally in the hundreds range. On every corner you see someone you know… a neighbor, a friend, a family member. When you park your car, you can rest easy knowing it won’t be on blocks when you come back. We truly live in a wonderful place!

It’s a blessing to be able to help share our area with folks. People come from far and wide to vacation, retire, get away, camp, and celebrate here with us. It’s always amazing to be showing homes to someone not from here and learn the reason of what brings them to Murphy in the first place. Over the years, I’ve heard many different reasons.  So here are couple stories I’ll share with you showing that things remain constant in Murphy.

I’ve talked to many folks who would come up over the summer to Bear Paw as a kid with their parents. They would fish on the lake, swim at the pool, play tennis, and surely chase the long lost summer love. A couple decades later, they return here to keep those memories alive with their spouse and give the opportunity for their kids to create their own memories.

Weather is a constant hot topic. Being in the Westernmost corner of North Carolina certainly has its advantages. Folks who want to be able to enjoy the four seasons without major heat or cold extremes find Murphy to be the best spot. Not only do we have great seasons and temperatures, the Western mountains bypass many heavy storms to the North and South of us. I even spoke with a gentleman who told me they settled here simply because those mountains not only diverted storms, but air pollution too. He said that gave us far better air quality than many other places.

One of the most unique and medically interesting reasons I have heard is some doctors are apparently saying that Murphy is a great place for those diagnosed with MS (Multiple Schleoris). I have spoken with a couple people now who have been diagnosed with it who swear that moving to Murphy was one of the best things they ever did. The combination of a variety of factors we have has even caused their disease to reverse and made them get better. I certainly cannot explain it, yet it apparently is a huge reason for those with the disease to come to the area.

Water – yes water is always a favorite in the mountains. Creeks, rivers, Lake Hiwassee, or the fishing and sports that come from them, water is a constant favorite. There’s nothing like water crashing over a rocky creek bed, a boat on the lake, or a kayak on a river to soothe your soul.

Being a Realtor, one aspect of Murphy that makes me proud is the fact that we have the greatest real estate values in the mountains. I’ve worked with many people that have chosen to buy a home in Murphy as opposed to other mountain towns simply because they feel they can buy a better home for their dollar. Perhaps they want a larger home for the same amount of money, more features, or simply save some money for a similar property, it comes down to the fact Murphy has a little bit of everything to offer.

So when you look around in the newspaper and it reads, “Imminent fear around the corner” or “so-and-so did such-and-such,” rest assured there is a place where there is a getaway from the incessant bad news. There’s a place where great weather, gorgeous views at every turn, or the best people you could ask for are all around. Yes, Murphy is the greatest place in the world to hang your hat and call your home away from home.

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The Fall Captivates the Mountains of Murphy NC – An Article for The Cherokee Scout

Here’s the most recent article I wrote for The Cherokee Scout’s (our local newspaper) magazine, Country Roads. I hope you enjoy!

There is a time of year that is unlike any other. It’s a plethora of sensations which bring folks from thousands of miles away to enjoy everything Fall brings to us in the Mountains. It’s a blessing, no doubt, to have all the vibrant colors, smells, and the cool temperatures to embrace us this time of year. It’s just now barely beginning and we’ll have month or so to enjoy everything God gives us.

I absolutely love all the celebrations of Fall, and it’s not just me. Lots of people from our community come together and bring our famous festivals to life. There are many – such as the John C. Campbell Folk School’s Fall Festival which attracts thousands to their grounds with live dancing and music, excellent food, crafts and vendors galore, horseback riding, demonstrations, and an incredible amount more. Couple that with the Sorghum Festival in Blairsville, GA (only 15-20 minutes from Murphy), Wild Ramp Festival in Robbinsville, NC, the Pumpkin’ Chunkin’ in Hayesville, the Pumpkin Fest in Franklin, the RE/MAX Client Appreciation Picnic (of course it’s one of my favorites!), Halloween at Duke Street, and so much more. There are countless celebrations of every shape and size that make things so exciting.

Fall is not all about celebrations and activities. It’s about nature’s show of fireworks that marks the end of a season. The hardwoods combine to give us an exceedingly vibrant show of colors that’s arguably better than any man-made fireworks show ever seen. The maples are my favorite, and they burst with a radiant red that can’t be duplicated. Not to be outdone, the oaks, birch, gums, and all others combine in a blanket of color fit for a king.

There’s no doubt that this time of year brings folks to the mountains of North Carolina… and ultimately come to call it home. There are so many clients and friends we’ve met and had come to Murphy over the years. And when they come in the Fall, it truly mesmerizes them into buying a home and making the mountains their home. I’ve seen it happen time and again, and I must admit, I completely understand it because every year I look more forward to Fall than the year past – and this year is no exception.

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Diane Prechtel Sells Her House and Real Estate in Murphy NC with The Poltrock Team at REMAX

Diane Smiling after her Closing

I found The Poltrock Team because I wanted a REMAX Realtor – the best. I got a team who was professional, knowledgeable, honest, and had a great work ethic. They helped me price my home to sell – and it did! In two weeks! I would refer The Poltrock Team to all my friends and family. Being a widow and not having anyone to turn to, The Poltrock Team treated me like family and made sure that I was well taken care of throughout the whole process. My five years in Murphy NC were some of the happiest ever. I will miss the mountains, my church, and all the wonderful people here. Everything about Murphy is awesome!

Diane Prechtel
Formerly of Murphy NC

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Our Chalet SOLD with The Poltrock Team at REMAX in Murphy NC

Murphy should be happy to have the Poltrock Team!

We were fortunate to have worked with John and Jessica as both buyer, and most recently, a seller. When we first set out to find our dream vacation/retirement home in the mountains of Murphy NC, like most people these days, we started our search on the Internet. The Poltrock Team had some great listings. We not only contacted them, but other agencies as well. John Poltrock was right on top of it, and contacted us a.s.a.p. Over the course of a few weeks and many suggestions, John invited us for a weekend in the mountains, so we can start our search. Low and behold, we he found our great home and we bought that weekend with no regrets! We loved our home for years and even made Murphy our permanent residence. Such a wonderful town with great people. We made so many wonderful friends, including John and Jessica.

With an unexpected event in our lives, we had to make the decision to move back to Florida. The housing market was a major concern for us. However, John and Jessica put us at ease, and said not worry, they would take care of everything. That was exactly what we needed, especially since we had already moved back to Florida. Our home was put on the market and sold in record time. I don’t think another agency could have put the attention to detail required these days to be successful at what they do!

John and Jessica put the “ROCK” in Poltrock!

Thanks for everything, hope to visit soon.
Tom and Audrey Bellini

Real Estate Foreclosure at 36 Remington in Murphy NC

36 RemingtonHere is a great 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom cabin home in the Beaver Ridge subdivision in Murphy NC close to the golf course. Features include a a large covered front porch and a good view overlooking the river and mountains. Inside needs a little TLC but has a large rock wood burning fireplace and a nice-sized kitchen with lots of cabinet space for storage. Also has a detached garage with a small apartment plus a detached workshop all on one acre. You’ll be hard-pressed to find something better at this price of $109,900! Call us for more details!

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