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When you search for real estate for sale in Murphy NC as a generic search in Google, you often times get a national list of real estate websites. The common ones you commonly see first is and However, those are far from the best. Nothing can be more frustrating for a buyer than when they’re looking at a home online, call on it for more details, and find it has been sold or is no longer available – and it happens all the time!

We knew those searches often had bad data available on them. This weekend, I was reading one of our real estate trade magazines and came across some interesting statistics on those websites I wanted to share with you. It said:

The WAV [Group in Seattle] study found local brokerage sites display 100 percent of agent-listed homes for sale, compared to about 80 percent for third-party aggregators Trulia and Zillow. Local sites also show newly listed homes for sale seven to nine days earlier than national portals, and, unless there’s a glitch, local sites almost never list a home as ‘active’ once it has been sold. Some 36 percent of listings that appear as active on the national portals are no longer for sale, the WAV study showed.

What’s the best way to search for real estate?? Using our direct MLS feed search! It’s available on both our websites and you can click below to access them anytime! It’s the same direct feed we use so you know the information is real time as possible. Be sure to book mark these pages and use them to search for land and homes for sale in Murphy NC.

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Flat Rate and Fee MLS Real Estate Listings in Murphy NC

In the height of the real estate market, there were several flat rate and fee MLS listing companies that arose when you could slap a yard sign up on a house and it sell practically instantly. After all, who needed a Realtor? Real estate practically sold itself!

Times have changed and you can tell just by turning on the news that the real estate market has changed and shifted drastically. Often it leaves the average seller and spectator in the dark as to what’s happened. What’s my property worth? How long is it going to take to sell it? What advertising do I need to do to get my home or land sold? These are common questions that may go through your mind – along with countless others.

Flat rate and fee MLS services aren’t available in Murphy NC largely. Even if they were, they’re dangerous no matter where you are selling a home. Why? It’s easy to look strictly on the up front financial side of the net sheet and say you save yourself thousands of dollars by skipping on a Full Service Realtor. However, consider these thoughts:

  • Advertising sells homes. You’ll never find a buyer, especially with remote locations in the mountains of Murphy NC, if folks don’t know your home is available for sale. With flat rate services, they don’t offer advertising other than the MLS. That’s only a very small portion of the equation. Expansive advertising, reputation, and a marketing plan with follow up is key. Also consider, do you have the time to put it in all the advertising venues your house deserves?
  • Leads come from advertising. Leads are prospects who inquire about your home. Without advertising, you don’t get leads. Even in the off chance on comes from the MLS presence, who’s going to follow up on them? Without someone to return calls, show the home,  answer questions, and close the purchase, you’ll never stand a chance of getting it done. A flat rate broker can’t do this.

    I shouldn't have paid the up front fee!!
  • Legalities. Do you know what can protect you from getting sued by your prospective buyer? There are a lot of legal ramifications that can come back to haunt you if you don’t dot your I’s and cross your T’s. Do you know which ones to do? This is a huge implication and saving  few bucks for a tens-of-thousands liability isn’t worth the gamble.
  • Negotiations. Negotiations is a HUGE part of a real estate transaction. In fact, it’s probably one of the largest parts of it. Once a buyer is ready to purchase your home, let the negotiations begin! Price is always ones of the first items – the buyer wants the cheapest price and the seller wants the most money. It’s an age old story yet you want to make sure that it works out the best for you it can. Then, there are repair negotiations after the home inspection that can often destroy a transaction if not properly handled. It’s imperative to have experience, training, and a true advocate for your position. Otherwise, you’re liable to “give away the farm” when you don’t have to. How much would that cost you?
  • Lender Negotiations. With many homeowners owing more on their home than it is  worth in today’s marketplace, we often have to negotiate with lenders to find a way to get the home sold. This takes a high level of training and experience. Would you want to try to tackle a mortgage company or bank on your own?
  • Pricing. Pricing a home is one of the most key elements to getting it sold. We all have preconceptions of what our home is worth, and understandably so! You’ve worked hard on it, perhaps raised a family in it, and it simply becomes a part of you. Mispricing a home happens a LOT and it’s important to make sure you “hit the nail on the head.” How many homes have you sold? What comparable sales did you use? Those are important and you won’t get any guidance from a flat fee broker – they don’t care if it sells or not because you just paid their full fee upfront. Hire someone who can guide you and show you a logical pricing strategy.
  • Performance Based. As I mentioned above, a flat rate MLS system doesn’t care if you sell because they just made their fee… upfront. In my book, you just paid too much because they have no vested interest in you OR your home! A traditional Realtor has a vested interest in your home… just like you do. They have time and money in advertising, showing, enhancing, and doing all the things they do for you. Regardless of whether they charge 5% or 20%, you don’t pay them a dime till they’re successful! Now that’s how you get your real estate agent’s interests in line with yours… and certainly not through an upfront fee.
  • Scams – some of these internet MLS sites I researched are straight money stealing schemes. They charge usually $500+ and it doesn’t go anywhere but their website. Some even claimed “MLS Exposure.” Their site has little traffic and it doesn’t go to the MLS that is used in the area of your property. If that’s not a ripoff, I don’t know what is.
  • Time. Do you have the ability when a buyer prospect calls to drop what you’re doing and go show the house? In today’s world, jobs, children, distance from the property, and more can make it REALLY hard to this!

So don’t come out of your real estate sale looking like the broken piggy bank! Hire a professional, full time Realtor with your best interests in mind. Call The Poltrock Team in Murphy NC today and find out the difference! 🙂

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Our NEW Real Estate Search has been Upgraded! Search The Murphy NC MLS for FREE!

After many recommendations from our clients, we have found a way to make your search for real estate for sale in Murphy NC better! You can now search the entire MLS for FREE with no sign up required. Now that, we’ve always had. Here’s features our new SUPER ROBUST search engine!

  • Get EVERY picture available of homes, land, and commercial real estate for sale! Before, there was one. Now, there are many!
  • You can still search by the standards: MLS number, List Price, Bedrooms, and Baths
  • Now Search by the size of the land
  • Search by the area – yup! Just like we do! You can narrow it down to Ranger, Bellview, Unaka, Andrews, you name it.
  • Search by frontage – creek, river, lake front, all that good stuff!
  • Find homes by the Subdivision – now where else can you do that?!?
  • Search by the County
  • Search by the Zip Code
  • and to one up it, SAVE your search and your FAVORITE listings! If you build an account, you can do it all and even set yourself to receive automatic notifications. How cool is that!?

So start searching your way and enjoy this great new system! We still welcome feedback as we continually improve our online resources for you to find and buy real estate in the mountains of Murphy NC.

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Great 3 Bedroom Home for sale on 31 Acres adjoining US Forest Service in Murphy NC

You’ve hit the jackpot! This home is a unique combination of a nice 3 bed, 1 and a half bath home on approximately 31.35 acres! It’s rare find – especially considering this tract adjoins the US Forest Service and is EXTREMELY close to Murphy NC while maintaining extraordinary privacy!

The home is a brick ranch home that has a double attached carport and a single detached garage. It has central heating and air conditioning and is a good, solid home. It has both a private well and a spring for water source. It’s even got paved road access all the way to it.

The land is spectacular – it has a beautiful creek running through the property with a neat little bridge that leads across to the big garden area! It’s really pretty! There’s a good chunk of land that’s wooded that has mountain views and the best part is it is very gentle! It lays like a dream and has several really nice LARGE knolls that could be used for building, leave natural, all sorts of stuff! This property is genuinely spectacular and it will not disappoint.

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Great land for sale in Boulder Creek of the Martins Creek Community in Murphy NC – 3.2 acres!

This property is what dreams are made of! Laying like a dream, this piece of real estate is 3.2 acres located in the heart of Martin’s Creek community of Murphy NC. Its situated close to the entrance of Boulder Creek off of Hedden Road, you have fast access to Murphy and mother nature. Best part is – it’s three fer’ one! This parcel is three lots combined for one extremely nice estate tract – and there’s even a septic permit in place! NICE!

The property itself boasts underground utilities. It is comprised of more than there very gentle acres that allow you to tuck into the woods and get tons of privacy without having to get way out in the middle of nowhere! 🙂

Sorry – this real estate is SOLD!

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The Poltrock Team’s SOLD Real Estate Market Update for Murphy NC – Mid January 2010 Edition

Holy cow it’s hard to believe it’s already 2010 and January is flying by. With that said, there’s lots of great things going on in Murphy NC real estate right now. In fact, for number nerds out there like me, you’ll love this edition of our real estate market update. For those of you who want the information quick and conveniently, I’ll give you a fast summary before I get to all the dirty details of what happened. As always, you’ll be able to click the links below to see what real estate has sold, for how much, pictures, and much more!

2009 has proven to be a great year for improvements here in Cherokee County. In fact, 2009 has all the indicators that the market is improving and is doing all the right things. I’ll follow with more detail later, but overall in comparison with 2008, 2009 had more sales, properties sold faster, and the amount of properties available for sale was less. These three items are absolutely essential to stabilizing a real estate market, and that’s exactly what has happened. I believe with every bone in my body than 2010 will be even better than 2009. I’m expecting great things.

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Now on to the facts of the real estate market – no fluff, no bull, just facts. Forget what you hear on the radio, watch on the TV, or read on 2010 - Year of Growth!!!the internet. Here’s statistical facts of what happened in 2009 vs. 2008.

Residential Properties (Homes)

  • Sales increased every single quarter excluding Q1 (first quarter). In fact Q4 (fourth quarter, and so forth) saw an astounding increase in value of 53% over 2008! That’s impressive by anyone’s standards and indicates buyers are becoming more willing to buy, which is the most important factor.
  • The supply of homes decreased every single quarter across the board. The less supply there is on the market, the more demand will go up.
  • Days on Market for sold properties decreased in every quarter, which means homes sold faster than in 2008.
  • Average Home Selling Prices decreased every quarter. The average price of homes selling in Cherokee County fell every quarter indicating prices have fallen and buyer’s price bracket/comfort zone has shifted lower in 2009.
  • The list to sale price ratio held steady. The average home sold for 90-92% of list price in 2008 and 2009. This is a solid number when many real estate markets across the country fell significantly below our range.


  • Volume had mixed results. Half the year was up from 2008 in number of transactions, half the year was down. Q1 represented the worst quarter in land transactions we’ve seen averaging a mere 7 transactions per month. Once Q2 hit, transactions jumped back into double digits with similar results the rest of the year.
  • Like homes, the supply of land decreased every single quarter across the board. The less supply there is on the market, the more demand will go up.
  • Again like homes, the Average Land Selling Prices decreased every quarter. The average price of land selling in Cherokee County fell every quarter indicating prices have fallen, and for land, they have. There are more than 2,000 parcels of land for sale in Cherokee County, and prices must be aggressive to get them sold.
  • The Average Days on Market fell in every quarter except Q3. We believe this was caused because of land prices falling and property owners realizing the trend dropped some prices and caused buyers to snatch them up faster than before. This is a great thing – they’re selling!

We also have completed the Market Absorption Report, and to get your free copy, you have to join our free Market Update via email! It’s chock full of market information, so email me at to join and get your free copy.

January has only 4 sales recorded on the MLS system as of today. With that said, I know there is a lot of real estate pending right now. Every RE/MAX Realtor in Murphy is experiencing quite a busy month. There’s a lot of people planning to come in the Spring! Right now we are doing a lot of prospecting to get them here so they can find the property they want to buy. There’s a lot of buyers on the sidelines looking to get in to the market!

For all of you who helped make 2009 a great year, Thank You. Without you, our business doesn’t exist. I know 2010 will be an outstanding year and am looking forward to it. In fact we’ve set our goals at twice that of 2009 – a rather lofty undertaking. We will do it and with your help! If there’s anything we can do for you, or if you have any referrals who need real estate help, please give us a call. As you know, we’re never too busy for your business.

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Unrestricted Land Lot now for Sale in Schenandoah Hills in Murphy NC

Here’s a outstanding property that’s a rare find! This 1.54+/- acre parcel is completely unrestricted land that allows you to use it for anything you like! It has a very pretty Unrestricted Land for Sale in Schenandoah Hills in Murphy NCmountain view that only lacks some tree trimming to have it full captured all year long. Couple that with the fact it has 3 bedroom septic permit and you can’t miss seeing this opportunity!

The beauty of its being unrestricted land is that you can use it for anything you like! You can put a camper there any use it, put a manufactured home, build a million dollar log cabin – anything!

Now here’s the extremely unique aspect of the property – it is unrestricted but everything else around it is restricted! That’s a great thing because you’ll have a nice neighborhood, well maintained roads, and so much more while have the flexibility to do anything with it you like.

Like what you see? Schedule and Appointment to see this property for yourself!

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Gated Developments and Subdivisions in Murphy, NC

Gated developments are something rather new here in Murphy, North Carolina. They are becoming far more frequent with mid to upper scale developments and subdivisions. When you’re looking to buy a lot for sale in Murphy, North Carolina, a gated entrance may be something you do or do not want.

Iron Gate - Gated Entrances in Murphy NC Real Estate, Homes, and LandGated entrances certainly serve a good purpose at keeping those that don’t belong out. Not only that, they often look impressive. Generally speaking, gates are left open during the day here in Murphy NC. Many operate on timers or light sensors and close at dusk. You’ll find that most don’t stay closed during the day.

Many folks from areas other than Murphy consider gated developments as being “uppety” and full of rigid restrictions and covenants that don’t allow them to use their property in the way they want. Bear in mind Murphy’s developments are not like those of Florida, Michigan, and other places. We don’t have the Nazi home owner’s association that measure grass or anything like that (thankfully!). The homeowner’s associations here are largely in place to only maintain the roads, common areas, and well water supplies for the development. If you’d like to learn more about how our restrictions work, be sure to click the link above.

With that said, if you are leaning toward NOT buying land in a subdivision with a gated entrance, I would reconsider your reluctance in not purchasing it. Depending on your goals in buying property, a gated entrance may still be a an excellent option.

If you prefer a gated entrance, let us know. There’s no good way to search for the feature on the MLS system, and we’re happy to send you the communities we know have it.

Want to buy a home or land with a gated entrance? Want to buy a home or land without a gated entrance? Contact us TODAY and we’ll send you properties that fit what YOU are looking to buy!

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Here are a few subdivisions in Cherokee County with Gated Entrances: Timberwood Mountain Estates, Five Forks, Crisp Mountain, Wildcat, Valley River Walk, Outlook Ridge, North Oak Estates, and several more.

High Mountain Elevation and Peaks of Cherokee County and Murphy, North Carolina NC

Mountain View of the Appalachian Mountain RangeThe mountains of Murphy, North Carolina yield spectacular mountain views that can leave any mountain lover in sheer awe. In fact, I don’t think you can ever grow tired of the mountain views that God has blessed Western North Carolina with. We are asked a lot of questions about the elevations here, and here are some answers to the many questions we receive. If you have more, please be sure to email me at and we’ll help you any way we can.

Where is Murphy in relation to the North Carolina Mountains? Cherokee County is the westernmost county in North Carolina and has wide range of elevations. Murphy boasts the Appalachian Mountains and all the beauty they offer.

What’s the elevation of Murphy NC itself? Downtown Murphy is at one of the lowest elevations in the county at 1,600 feet. It is actually situated right by Hiwassee and Valley Rivers.

What’s the highest elevation? They highest part of the county is at two different points at 5,040 feet at the corners of Cherokee, Clay, and Macon counties and at the Cherokee, Graham, and Tennessee line. Many of the extremely high summits like these are part of US Forest Service Land.

At what elevation can I get great mountain views? This is a bit of a loaded question. There are SPECTACULAR mountain views at 2,000 feet. You can see for miles and in many cases see into Georgia and/or Tennessee at 2,000 feet. Anything above that is one of the greatest icings on the cake. Are you looking for properties that have great mountain views? Search our listings, the entire Murphy NC MLS System, or use our Dream Home Finder and we’ll send you the properties that fit your wishlist!

I don’t want to be at the top of the mountain – but I want views. What can I do? If you don’t want to be on a steep mountain, fear not! We can certainly find you a property that is lower elevation looking out at the mountains. That’s the beauty of Murphy – we’ve got views like this too!

Where can I find a map of the elevations in Murphy NC? We are blessed with a great mapping department. You can view and download the map of “Predominant Summits” in Cherokee County and Murphy NC by clicking the link. It’s a large PDF file at almost 20 MB, so please be patient during the download. I can assure you it’s worth the wait!

If you need help with real estate in the Mountains of Murphy, NC, get in touch with us! You can email or call toll free 1-866-687-7496.

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3 Bed 2 1/2 Bath Home for Sale in Peachtree Community of Murphy NC for less than $125k!

Here’s a spectacular home in Murphy NC Real Estate at a spectacular price at under 125,000! This approximately 1,421 square foot home boasts 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a half bath as well. The kitchen is very sizeable with lots of countertop space, cabinetry, and even a large pantry for storage. The dining area is very generous with space for a table with 10 or more chairs. The living room is nice and spacious with a most unique fireplace that’s not only functional and beautiful, it’s a great conversation piece.

You’ll even find this home has a one car detached garage that’s excellent for storing your vehicle or toys like ATVS and tools. There’s a partial basement that can be accessed either from the house or by the outside entrance that makes for great storage and more.

The home has a splendid mountain view to enjoy the feel of the mountains. Situated on the top of Ridge Trek, you’ll have no trouble making this house your mountain home!

This Home is Now SOLD!!!

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