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The Benefits of a New Survey When Buying Real Estate in Western North Carolina

When you buy real estate in Murphy and Western North Carolina, the question ought to arise whether you pay for a new survey. It doesn’t matter if you are purchasing vacant land, a home, or a commercial parcel; you’ll get many key advantages from a new survey if you choose to do it.

  1. Remarked lines – this is the most obvious advantage. As part of the survey, the surveyor will go through and mark the perimeter of your land. Common markers are yellow, orange, or pink ribbons on a tree, “blazes” where they hack the side of a tree and paint it with spray paint, iron rods, or fence posts.
  2. A “map” of your land – when complete, the surveyor will provide a plat of your land, which is a big map showing the dimensions, direction of lines, and more on the land. Want to see a sample of what you receive from a plat?
  3. Verification of any encroachments/structure locations – in determining and marking lines, the surveyor will discover if there is an encroachment by your property or from an adjoining parcel. For example, he might find the neighbor’s fence, house, shed, garden, retaining wall, etc. is on your property. Even worse, what if the house or garage you’re buying is partially or wholly on another property? While it may sound unlikely, we’ve seen entire houses built on the wrong parcel of land. Normally, it is a matter of locating and showing your structures on the survey map itself.
  4. Review of Right-of-ways/easements – if the property you are buying has a right-of-way to it or through it (or easement. They mean essentially the same thing, some folks interchange the words), it can be a good idea to verify the location of it. Some easement locations are extremely specific of where they are while others are beyond vague; it can be beneficial to make sure you have good access to reach your property or that an easement to another property through your property does not go through your buildings etc.
  5. Verify acreage – want to ensure the size of your land is accurate? The only accurate way is a new survey. If it hasn’t been surveyed in a long time, acreage can vary wildly. I’ve seen 50 acre parcels that were really 80 acres and 50 acre parcels that were really 34. If properties have been surveyed within the last decade or two, it is generally accurate and varies within 1/10th of an acre. The older it gets, the more it can be off.
  6. Title Insurance to include boundary coverage – when you obtain a new survey prior to a real estate closing, the attorney can add boundary coverage to your title insurance policy at no additional cost. This is a huge benefit, especially on larger tracts. For instance, what if a neighbor builds a shed on or stakes claim to a certain portion of your property? With boundary coverage, the title insurance company will step in and protect your interests. They will not do this without boundary coverage specifically covered in your policy. Because of that, be certain to prompt and verify with your attorney they have included it in your policy. They MUST send in a copy of the survey to the insurance company.
  7. A new deed description – sometimes this is a huge benefit while other times it is unnecessary. For instance, a home built in a subdivision created with in the last decade or two likely will not need a new description as the description is accurate. If you’re buying an “old” parcel that hasn’t been surveyed in a very long time, a survey is priceless. Some old deed descriptions literally have a description that goes to the “old hickory stump” then fifteen poles to a barb wire fence. Those definitely need a new survey to be able to accurately know where boundary lines are located and the true size of your acreage.

A quick story – I purchase a rental house in downtown Murphy and did not get a survey. Whoops. Turns out the last time it was surveyed, that I could find, was somewhere around 1960’s. The neighbor, who I was fortunate enough to know, pointed out to me the carport, which is attached to the house, was partially on his land. I immediately called a surveyor, had it surveyed, and sure enough! The neighbor was kind enough to deed a small <0.01 acre triangle to me to correct it. Had it not been him, I may not have been so lucky to have such a good resolution. Since then, I almost always get a survey when I buy a property.

What’s the approximate cost of a new survey? Every surveyor has a different price structure and every parcel of land is different so there is no normal pricing. As a general guidance, the minimum cost is $550 and can be in the thousands the larger the tract of land is. The only way to get a true quote is to send in the parcel info and have it quoted.

Need a good surveyor? Check out our Gotta Guy List for our recommend contractors, surveyors, and more.

Click here to see a SAMPLE of a survey.

Written By: John Poltrock, The Poltrock Team at RE/MAX in Murphy, NC 1-866-Murphy-NC

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Mountain Home On 7.26+/- Acres of Land For Sale in Warne NC

Incredible setting and beautiful land! This mountain home for sale in Warne NC is on 7.26+/- pristine acres! They’re MAINunrestricted and gentle giving you great ability to have a garden, horses, you name it! The land is truly a rarity when you’re trying to find a home to buy. The home is wonderful – and the huge front porch is my personal favorite! It’s like an outdoor living room that overlooks beautiful pasture land and the mountains. The inside of this home features a lot of wood with a nice rustic feel. The stone fireplace has a wood burning stove that can easily heat the entire home. Two bedrooms and 1 bath are on the main level with the 2nd bath being in the basement. The full basement has a garage bay and lots of space that could be finished into living space, used for storage, workshop, hobby space, endless possibilities! There’s nothing else like it on the market!

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Manufactured Home With Pasture and Unrestricted Land for sale in Murphy NC

Incredible setting! This 6.2+/- acre parcel of land for sale is the prettiest around! Pastured andMAIN unrestricted land is perfect for many things – horses, cattle, any kind of animals, and even to build your dream home in Murphy NC! The land runs along a beautiful rolling knoll that gives you mountain views. Located at the end of the road, you have incredible privacy. The manufactured home for sale is 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and is in great shape with a permanent foundation. It has a large living room, kitchen, and a master suite. The master has a large walk-in closet and private bathroom with its own shower, double vanity, and garden tub. It’s a hard-to-find combination you’ll fall in love with from the first time you see it! This home is a must see as the land is incredible and the home compliments it!

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Murphy NC’s SOLD Real Estate Market Update for Third Quarter 2014

Happy Fall from the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina! The leaves are now showing off their brilliant colors and marks an excellent time for folks to come to the mountains, both for leisure and to buy real estate! If you’re not already here and want to enjoy the Fall colors, I recommend you arrive to the mountains soon as the colors look like they will change quite quickly. This would be a great weekend to come! The picture below is one I took Tuesday for you to enjoy 🙂 It’s a panorama, so may want to make your screen as large as possible.

Mountain Picture


So far, this year’s real estate sales have been wonderful and sporadic. We have seen some of the best months we have seen in many years and while some fell to 2011 records. Despite mixed results, this year has continued to show incredible stability in one of the most important parts to sellers – pricing. We have not noticed any major indicators pointing toward lower prices for about a year and a half. On the flip side, we have not noticed any rising prices as of yet either. This is a strong positive considering the rapidly declining prices we have seen in years past. It takes stability first to have rising prices!

RE/MAX Has 44% Market Share in Cherokee County

Here are some useful facts about our current HOUSING market:

  • Both August and September yielded higher monthly volume than the past 5 years
  • Total house sales volume is down 10.3% (2013 sold 321 to end of Q3 and 2013 sold 288)
  • The Absorption Rate of Homes is steadily improving. We’re at a 12.9 month supply of homes – an incredible improvement! In 2008, we had reached an astonishing 54 month supply of homes! The lower this number is, the better for sellers.
  • There are 620 homes currently for sale in Cherokee County.
  • List to Sell Ratio continues to hold steady at 93%. That means sellers take an average of 93% of their asking price. The lowest we saw was 84%. The higher this number is, the better for sellers.
  • An average of 45 homes sold each month in the third quarter! That’s incredibly strong – especially if you look at the attached Monthly Volume, you’ll see what I mean!
  • Days on Market – aka. time for a home to sell – is continuing to improve! Last month it took an average of 188 days to sell a home. 209 days is the annual average which is one full month faster than past!

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Here are some useful facts about our current LAND market:

  • Land sales volumes continue to hold steady – low teens is the average monthly volume consistently and has been for several years now.
  • Large tract acreage prices tends to average $2,000-3,000
  • List to Sell Ratio has averaged 81-85% for this year
  • There is a 73 month supply of land available for sale
  • There are 977 Parcels of land for sale in Cherokee County

The next 45 days on the market are crucial. We’re able to capitalize on some of the busiest time of the year. Make sure you’re prepared for it and making the most of the activity we’re going to have moving forward.

Looking to the future, we can expect sales are going to continue to be great. We’ll see seasonality kick in and sales drop off once we get to about 2 weeks before Christmas. Once that hits, we’ll have a lull of approximately 30 days. We’ll then see buyers begin to come back into the marketplace yielding a great February and March. It’s contrary to many folk’s popular belief, but it is the case. In today’s world of communication, buyers are still able to search and find the property they’ve been dreaming of no matter the weather or time of year. If you’re thinking, “nothing’s going to happen in the winter,” you can be very wrong.

And if you’re a subscriber, you’ll also be able to get our market statistics included! Join on the link above to see Cherokee County’s Market Absorption Report, Average Market Price, Monthly, Volume, and more!

We thank you for the opportunity to serve you and work for you. Any time you need us, we’re no more than a phone call away. Give us a call and let us know what we can do to help! We’re here for you.

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Like Having A Family Member Watching Over Us

Our son referred us to The Poltrock Team (John Poltrock) and we decidedimage to work with John because of his caring.  Our experience has been excellent!  We sold a house and bought land, all with John. He cares about our transaction like it was his own money.  It was like having a family member watching over it and us!


Jozef & Stefania Grocholski
Hayesville, NC

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Quick And Easy Transaction Buying Land in Murphy NC!

I found out about The Poltrock Team through a land purchase I made in Murphy NC.  They had the contract on the land for sale so I decided to work with them.  I found The Poltrock Team to be very professional, informative, and eager to assist.  The most helpful thing they offered was the updates on the process in a timely manner.  It was an easy and a quick transaction!

Dwayne Denison

Bradenton, FL

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Murphy NC Real Estate Market 2013 SOLD Update and Market Statistics

It’s official! I have completed the Murphy NC Real Estate Market Statistics for 2013, we have some great information to share with you! The market showing signs of healing and there’s good news abroad. We send out our SOLD Real Estate Update every 3 months, so be sure to join our update for this information, exclusive market research, and all the SOLD real estate for that quarter – including pictures, prices, and more!

REMAX Number 1 LogoRecent Murphy Area Statistics courtesy of Phyllis Blackmon of the Cherokee County NC Chamber of Commerce:

•$35.3 Million were spent in Cherokee County by tourists in 2013. That’s up 4.2% from 2012.

•Those dollars are directly responsible for approximately 290 jobs.

•Where did they come from? Great question! Based on Chamber of Commerce records:

•37% are from FL

•13% come from GA

•7% come from NC (outside of Cherokee County)

•3% from AL

•2% from foreign countries

•October is the most recent published unemployment numbers and it is down to 9.5%. That is down substantially from a high of more than 16%.

In the real estate world, 2013 provided the best market we’ve seen since the “boom.” 449 homes sold in 2013, which is 30.9% more than 2012, 53.2% more than 2011, and 61.5% more than 2010. That is huge improvements! You’ll see the figures and sales in the attached chart which includes monthly sales and a chart so you can see activity by each month. It’s a great way to notice trends of which months are busiest. Bear in mind the activity reflects contracts from 30 days earlier. So a closing in March most likely originated from February and so on.

You’ll also notice little change in the average price of houses that are selling. This chart indicates the price point of the average buyer is purchasing at. Even though this number continues to stay at the same levels, we’ve noticed substantially more home sales in most every price point of the market place, including the $200,000+ range. That particular segment of the market struggled for several years to have sales of any volume and we have seen more than in any year since about 2008/09. That’s great! And one question that always still looms is regarding foreclosures. There are still foreclosures in the marketplace, and they currently make up only 17.7% of house sales. The rest are traditional folks selling their property.

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Land sales continue to remain on par with what they have for a number of years now. Each quarter average between 9-14 sales per month while inventory remains high approaching 800 parcels available for sale. Even at that, inventory has reduced substantially from a high of 2,701 parcels in Q3 of 2008. As time moves on, this market will rebound especially as house prices recover/rise or if available inventory isn’t desired and building becomes even more attractive.

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Status of RE/MAX Mountain Properties and The Poltrock Team 

It’s been an exciting year at RE/MAX! We’ve had several developments over the year. Here’s some great facts:

•RE/MAX Sold 310 transactions making up 35.47% of the local real estate market! That’s way more than any other company. See REMAX Market Share Report 2013 for more details.

•The Poltrock Team sold 91 transactions in 2013, 71 in 2012, 64 in 2011, and 59 in 2010. That’s impressive considering the average Realtor closes only 12.

•We recently welcomed Donna Srabian as The Poltrock Team’s Buyer Specialist. She works only with buyers to focus on selling your property! She’s excellent.

•Want to hear what folks are saying about us? Check out our Testimonials.

We very much appreciate your business and thank you for the opportunity to work for you. If you are considering selling your property and would like to know what the impact of today’s market is on your specific property, contact us today! I hope you’ve enjoyed our SOLD Real Estate Update and don’t forget to subscribe to our update to receive our EXCLUSIVE market statistics too!

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A GREAT EXPERIENCE got our Land SOLD in Murphy NC!

I found out about The Poltrock Team from their advertisements and I decided he would be my Realtor after talking with John.  John updated us on a regular basis concerning our property and our experience was GREAT!! He got our land sold in Murphy NC with almost no work on our end. I loved it!


Bob and Kathy Moran
Lake Worth, Florida

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Honesty and Trust With The Poltrock Team

TP photoI found out about The Poltrock Team through a good friend I grew up with and by asking people who would be the best person to sell my land in Murphy NC.  Everyone agreed – John Poltrock.  My overall experience was very good.  John went out of his way to help and answered any and all questions I had.

The most helpful thing John offered during my real estate transaction was his honesty and experience.  From my first meeting with John, I believed I could trust his word.  This trust never changed.  I would absolutely work with The Poltrock Team again and again.

My experience with John was such that 100% of my needs were met.  Just keep doing the same thing you do every day!

Tom Hogan
Chatsworth, GA

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