Relay for Life in Murphy NC

Cooling off at Relay for Life Murphy NC
Wayne and Kathy Cofer cool down on the hot day!
Relay for Life in Murphy NC
Sandy Payne Serves her Jail Sentence
The Cancer Survivor's Walk in Murphy NC
The Survivor’s Walk in Murphy NC
at The Relay for Life in Murphy NC
The Poltrock Team Crew

Tonight was the Relay for Life at Konaheeta Park right in downtown Murphy, NC. The entire Poltrock Team was right there to raise funds for the American Cancer Society and to enjoy the festivities. The Poltrock Team tent was directly across from the sound booth, so we got to enjoy loud music and meet and greet a lot of folks. It was a blast! If you weren’t able to be there, come next year and enjoy the included pictures.

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Murphy NC Slackline Park Offers Exciting New Recreational Activity

If you’re the first person in the neighborhood to try an offbeat new sport, gear yourself up for some slacklining here in Murphy, NC. What is slacklining? Well, imagine a cross between tightrope walking and skateboarding. Basically, you balance on a flat piece of nylon webbing stretched between two trees or poles. You’re generally several inches to a few feet off the ground – not suspended above Niagara Falls.

Slacklining might sound like some extreme sports fad, but it has been around since the 1980s. As slacklining mythology goes, mountain climbers were itching for something to do during rest periods, so they decided to test their balance by stretching climbing ropes between two trees. Now, devoted slackers nationwide are performing their own personal balancing acts. Some are even doing yoga and gymnastics while they’re perched above the ground.

Speaking of happy slackers, you’ll be pleased to learn that slacklining has attracted fans of all ages and abilities. In other words, you don’t have to be a super-fit circus tightrope walker to enjoy this inexpensive sport. You also don’t need any fancy gear – just comfortable clothes that don’t constrict your movements. Some slackers wear nicely broken-in flat-soled shoes, such as tennis shoes; while others work the slackline with their bare feet. If you choose this route, make sure the surrounding ground is free from glass or other sharp objects. To be on the safe side, clear a 10-foot space on every side of the line.

So let’s say slacklining sounds like your kind of sport, and you’re chomping at the bit to get started. Join up with the Murphy Slackers, like-minded folks (including families) who have established a slacklining presence in Konaheeta Park, just across from the Hiwassee Valley Pool and Wellness Center. Walk behind the last baseball field, near the end of the Murphy Riverwalk.

Throughout the summer and early fall, the Murphy Slackline Park is full of action. During Murphy Slackers’ regular gatherings, you’ll see several slackers working the lines while others mingle nearby. By frequently checking the group’s Facebook page, you might learn about a potluck picnic, giving you a great meal while you meet some devoted slackers. Chances are, they’ll also find excuses for cozy get-togethers during the winter (indoors, of course). Come spring, the Murphy, NC Slackline Park will gear up for another season of activities. Get ready to join those happy slackers!

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RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon Visits Murphy NC for Fourth of July Celebration at Konaheeta Park

This Fourth of July, we were fortunate to have the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon visit us in Murphy NC. The Fourth’s Celebration is always held at Konaheeta Park, and we simply could not have asked for a more pristine, perfect Fourth of July.

In the almost ten years I’ve worked with RE/MAX, it’s always exciting to see the Hot Air Balloon in real life. It’s a “logo” that truly turns heads, and I’m not different! It’s magnificent to watch it go from a giant tube sock to a 90,000 cubic foot icon. So to share the fun we had, here’s a lot of pictures we took. Enjoy!

One great thing was we charged $5 per person to ride the balloon and we were able to donate every penny of proceeds to two needy families here in Cherokee County. It’s a blessing to be able to help those who need it. And to all who rode the ballon, thank you for participating and helping someone who truly needs it. Happy Fourth! We hope to see you next year!

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Murphy Riverwalk in Murphy NC is a Great Part of Konaheeta Park

The Town of Murphy NC has some wonderful things for you to do. I personally love the Murphy Riverwalk and use it to walk and run as much as my schedule allows. It’s the perfect opportunity to get outside and see some gorgeous scenery and features of our area.

It has many different trails you can follow. It runs from the L&N Depot (which is a couple hundred yards to the left of Nantahala Bank and Chevelle’s Restaurant), along the Hiwassee River and the Valley River and all the way to Konaheeta Park. It then ties into the many different paths you can follow at the Park and even into downtown Murphy NC if you like.

*You can also click any picture above to open a larger view. Click the BACK button on your browser to come back to this page.

It’s such pretty scenery I thought I would share a few pictures I took one day. Enjoy and I hope you take the opportunity to check it out! 🙂

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The 2011 Relay for Life in Murphy NC at Konaheeta Park


Tonight was the night! That’s right – the Relay for Life was in downtown Murphy NC at Konaheeta Park! Fighting cancer is an extraordinary cause and thousands of dollars were raised! I didn’t get to hear the final figure this year, but I did catch it was actually in the tens of thousands of dollars. This is a perfect example of how our community pulled together to make excellent things happen! Many businesses, churches, families, friends, and more pulled together to make 2011’s Relay for Life a huge success. We had a blast – and thank you to everyone who worked hard to make it happen! We certainly hope to see you next year too! 🙂

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The REMAX Client Appreciation Picnic 2010 in Murphy NC

This past weekend was the 2010 RE/MAX Client Appreciation Picnic right in downtown Murphy at Konaheeta Park! It was a huge success and the weather was perfect. We had over 300 folks RSVP to the event. It was a great opportunity to say thank you to all our customers, clients, and friends who help us grow our real estate business.

**Note on the pictures above** You can click the image to open the full size image so you can actually see it! 🙂

We had some great barbecue from Herb’s BBQ on 64, big bounce houses for the kids, Eventmasters providing the entertainment and music, door prizes, and more! Not only that, nature provided us some great entertainment with some spectacular colors. That’s right – let the Leaf Season begin! This weekend really started kicking it off, so we have a couple weeks of some really great fall colors.

So go ahead, mark it on your calender for 2011! It’ll be on the second Saturday in October – always the weekend after the John C. Campbell Folk School Fall Festival.

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