Carwash – An Incredible Investment Opportunity For Sale in Murphy NC

MAINIncredible investment opportunity in Murphy NC! Carwash with excellent visibility and frontage on 64. Traffic count ranges between 15-21,000 cars per day on one of the busiest sections of the four lane. There’s one automatic carwash and 5 self service bays. All equipment is included with purchase. Paved all around and on city water and sewer. Foreclosure sale being sold as-is with no representations. Call us today!

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Incredible Property With 32 Storage Units For Sale in Hayesville, NC

Investment opportunity with a beautiful mountain view for sale in Hayesville NC! Incredible property withMAIN 32 storage units and room to grow! Access this large flat lot with Highway 64 frontage for incredible visibility. Even has fiber internet available for expanded site use. Units have a 90+% occupancy rate and rent for $40 per unit per owner. Records are available upon request.

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Cherokee Indian Tribe to Put Casino in Murphy NC

That’s right – it was front page news today in The Cherokee Scout.  The Cherokee Indian Tribe has 793+/- acres secured to potentially grow their casino business from the Cherokee to Murphy (the land is actually in Marble, which is between Murphy and Andrews NC). The growth of this enterprise will be a huge influx of capital and jobs to Cherokee County and give our beautiful mountain area another attraction for folks to come and enjoy. The opportunities to be created here are amazing!

How will this affect real estate values? Right now it’s not even happened yet, so the effect won’t be immediate. There likely will be some “land grabbers” who will purchase land around the future casino site as an investment. As the casino is built and future development, restaurants, etc. are built up, surrounding land values will most likely increase. If you’re searching for an investment opportunity, you have the highest opporunity for reward early in the development.

Looking to capitalize and buy land around the future site? Email us or call today to secure the best buys and investments early in the project!

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Ideas to Help Foreclosure Problems Locally in Murphy NC and the US

Being a Realtor, I get to see the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. There’s nothing uglier right now than foreclosures. They’re a hot topic among buyers and faux pas amongst owners – and rightfully so. No matter who you are or your situation – a vacation home, a primary home, a speculative investment – I wouldn’t wish a foreclosure on anyone.

It seems the hot topic amongst politicians and the media right now is health care reform . In college, I studied the work of a man named Abraham Maslow who developed a “hierarchy of needs.” Summarizing it, the need for shelter is far more important than the need for security in health care. It seems that we would do a better job of addressing one of the most important aspects of people’s lives.

There are so many opportunities our government and financial institutions should be pursuing to help families in this predicament. Here are a few things our representatives should be actively pursuing:

  • IRS Forgiveness – when a struggling family has a short sale on their home or investment (sell it for less than the bank is owed), do not make the forgiven debt income on their tax return to be turned in to the IRS. If you can’t pay your home mortgage, you won’t be able to pay the coming IRS bill. It’s more of an incentive to go into foreclosure than to have IRS problems. Who would you rather have chasing you? A bank or the IRS? It shouldn’t be this way.
  • Make secondary market mortgages more flexible – loans that are at community banks and owned by community banks are having much more success in getting modifications to help families. Where the major problem is loans that are sold in the secondary mortgage market (most are) are totally inflexible. 3 months late? Foreclosure. Simple. Stupid. Many families want to keep their home and if they are legitimately striving to pay and/or find jobs and have the prospect of it, they shouldn’t be kicked out. Take the payments they miss or payments they can’t make and put it on the back of the loan. The bank or investor makes more money and families get to keep their home. It’s not rocket science, but rarely can it happen because mortgages are not flexible or take too long to change. It will take a literal act of congress to make the change.
  • Time – banks are getting all this money and turning around to use the government loaned money to buy up other banks. So we, the taxpayers, who need help are financing things that do not directly help us. What will help people in foreclosure the most is simply time. People should be able to let their bank know as soon as they see trouble on the horizon and get a modification or other idea that will make the difference between owning their home or losing it. Many banks are trying to do loan modifications, but not fast enough. It can take 30 days for a decision maker at the bank to even look at a loan modification or offer to purchase a short sale! Not only that, they many times claim you must be 2 months or more late before they’ll help. This is not acceptable.

There are so many things our nation’s leaders can do to help us, and it’s important to realize there is no black and white answer for any of it. I’m also not promoting that people who are not paying their mortgage, or intend to, should be able to stay in their home. That’s not right – when you commit to pay back money you borrow to your momma or to a bank, you should make every attempt to do it. What I am promoting is to help people who are in a bad situation and need help. Just throwing TARP money at it will not fix the problem – it will take dedication and work.

In the more than 40 transactions I’ve closed this year, I’m quite thankful to say only a few of them were foreclosures or about to be. Behind every one of them there was a story – a family, and a set of circumstances that no one should have to bear. If our leaders are looking to change our nation one family at a time, here would be a great place to start. Ask your representatives what they’re doing to help – because if they’re doing nothing, they’re not doing a good job.

If you’re in a foreclosure situation or feel one is coming for you, give us or your Realtor a call. Sometimes you feel shamed and embarrassed. It’s tough, but you shouldn’t be. Tackle the situation head on and contact a professional who may be able to help.

Written by: John Poltrock of The POLTROCK TEAM at RE/MAX. You can contact him at or toll free 1-866-687-7496

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Real Estate – the Land of Opportunity in Murphy, North Carolina

            Perhaps Mr. Warren Buffett said it best when he said “Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” We could even look to Mr. Shelby Collum Davis for some insight when he said, “You make most of your money in a bear market, you just don’t realize it at the time.”

            Many legendary investment strategists are excellent at working through trying times like we are now facing in our country. Call me an optimist, blind, a fool, or anything for that matter, and no matter what you might think of my visions, I believe that we live in the greatest country the world has ever seen and that we will come out on the other end very prosperous as we have time and time again.

            There are many opportunities to come out of the recession very well! As of this writing, there are 809 homes and 2,308 tracts of land available for sale and some of them are just that – they are really on sale. Now is the time when you can buy a rental property and actually come out ahead. There are tracts of land where you can buy them and just sit on them like you would a CD, stock, or bond – the only difference is its real. You can have a garden, go check on it, and its still there. Land has a remarkable historical track record of appreciation and its something you can use and enjoy in the mean time.

            Take the time to go on our website at and shop what’s available out there. Look for land, look for houses, and really shop. If you have money to invest and you want to find out what’s a “real buy,” call or email and let us take the time do to the research for you and send you a few proposals. There are some great choices out there and if you have cash and/or great credit, you can really leverage yourself in negotiations and save even more.

            Now is absolutely not the time to run scared. Now is the time to be aggressive. If you have cash to invest, and many of you do, why aren’t you investing it? You can buy an investment property while folks are practically giving things away. Everyone around us is scared, and if you follow Mr. Buffett, who obviously has done very well for himself, now is the time to be greedy. Now is the time to buy. Whose advice would you rather take – Mr. Buffett or your broke brother-in-law?

Written by John Poltrock for The Cherokee Scout, Murphy NC’s primary newspaper (to be published in the March 4, 2009 edition) – Call Toll Free 877-837-3002 – – The POLTROCK TEAM – Murphy’s #1 Real Estate Team

Fixer Upper Home for Sale in Murphy NC with Lots of Land!! CHEAP!

Here’s a true find in the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina! It seems like every other person I speak with is looking for a fixer-upper house as a real estate investment – well, look no further!! This 2 bedroom, 1 bath fixer upper is full of history, and best of all, it has 9.66+/- acres of land! Holy CANOLI!

The Home for Sale

This home has a lot of history and is an old homestead for the Radford family, which is an old family name here. The home may or may not be repaired and used for anything. It’s a neat piece of history!

The Land for Sale

The real value in the property resides on the 9.66+/- acres for sale. The land has an old road cut in on it that can easily be cleaned up for use. Just in strolling down the road, I found two very good building spots and many other spots that work, too. It’s right on a paved road, so the access is excellent. It’s in the Hanging Dog Community of Murphy, NC, so there’s a large amount of US Forest Service Land nearby and is not far from Lake Hiwassee access.

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Frequently Asked Questions about this Real Estate

  1. What kind of shape is the home in? It certainly needs a lot of work. In speaking with the owner, I got the impression that it was what I call a “burner-downer.” I was really surprised and impressed when I went through the first time! It really does have potential to be fixed up.
  2. What kind of water source does it have? One of the advantages is it has a relatively new well system for the water supply that I believe could supply both the current home and if more houses were built on the property, it could supply several of them as well.
  3. What’s going on with the bathroom? When the house was originally built, indoor bathrooms were not commonplace. Eventually, a bathroom was added in the most convenient spot – the back porch. It was enclosed as you would expect, but the porch was not built on the same foundation as the rest of the home. Because of that and years later, the porch posts have begun to deteriorate and the bathroom has begun to fall away from the house.
  4. Has the acreage been recently surveyed? Yup!

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Tired of Making Bad Investments? Consider Buying Real Estate in Murphy NC!

            Have you ever bet your life’s savings on the craps table? How about taking a weekend to Vegas with everything you’ve worked for? Would you ever bet everything on one spin of the wheel?  Although Ashley Revell sold everything he owned, traveled to Las Vegas and bet it all on one spin of the roulette wheel, it’s simply not a smart idea. (See below for Ashley’s Vegas Adventure)

            Right now, the stock market looks like a good investment – yet you simply don’t know. This year alone, the Dow has lost 5,228.04 points, or an astonishing 37.1%.  This past Friday it dropped a whopping 1.41% in one day! So I pose my question again – have you ever bet your life’s savings on roll of the dice?

            This past week, a couple who are very good clients of ours wanted to make a pretty sizeable investment – and it accounted for a very large portion of their savings. Where did they put their money? Real Estate. What did they buy? Land. Why did they buy it? Because it was a smart, safe bet. We found two tracts of land that works perfectly for them and are very likely to provide a safe, reliable place to put their money.

            In watching properties on the market, the best properties are getting snatched up at record rates. We sold one of the properties as an investment to the couple above 84% faster than the market average! Why? Because it was a phenomenal opportunity that simply doesn’t stay on the market and you have to act fast for opportunities like it.

            How many times have you heard people, friends and families say, “When this election gets out of the way, things will really turn around.” Mentality of the people you know and of the nation makes a tremendous amount of difference as to when fortunes are made. The election is less than a month away. Would you like to be ahead of the curve and buy an investment while the market is at the bottom or buy when prices are on the way up?

           If you want to find the best real estate investments, call us or your Realtor today before the election and market upswing.  Find out what properties are available, look at them, size them up, and decide what’s best for you. Don’t see what you want? Ask to be set up on automatic notification so you can be alerted as soon as a property hits the market before anyone else has time to find out about it. We would be happy to do this for you for free of charge and start getting your investment portfolio where it should be – well diversified and profitable!

Written by John Poltrock, Contributing Writer for The Cherokee Scout. Be in “the know” by visiting The Cherokee Scout’s Website to have their paper delivered to your door.


The Power of Positive Thinking In Real Estate

When it comes to buying real estate in the midst of economic turmoil, there’s certainly an amount of faith involved. There’s more to it than that. It’s a belief in America and the people who drive it. It’s knowledge in the predictability of business cycles and that our economy will survive and come back stronger than before – like it has numerous times. Its knowing that real estate is a solid long term investment – especially since there’s no more land being made. Its smart – many people have become wealthy or made handsome profits, and there’s no good reason why you can’t join their ranks.

Now is without a doubt a great time to invest in mountain real estate in Murphy, North Carolina. Start searching and see what real estate is for sale now in Murphy NC or sign up to get automatic updates of properties for sale in Murphy NC. See what’s out there, make the leap, and know that America has a positive outlook that’s brought to realization only one person at a time.

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Fraud for Housing – Lying to Get a Home in Murphy, North Carolina

When you buy a home – whether its your primary home or a vacation home – most folks need to apply for a loan to finance a portion of their investment. When you’re going through all the documents, it is important to understand exactly what you’re saying.

The real estate and mortgage fraud cases that dominate the headlines usually have to do with fraud for profit. A ringleader conspires with industry insiders – usually a real estate agent, appraiser, and loan officer – to obtain mortgage loans they have no intention of ever repaying.

Another form of mortgage fraud is also common – fraud for housing. According to an FBI source, "Fraud for housing represents illegal actions perpetrated solely by the borrower. The simple motive behind this fraud is to acquire and maintain ownership of a house under false pretenses. This type of fraud is typified by a borrower who makes misrepresentations regarding his income or employment history to qualify for a loan."

Fraud for housing may include any of the following attempts to deceive the lender into approving a mortgage loan:

•           Claiming on a loan application that you earn more money than you actually earn.
•           Presenting counterfeit paycheck stubs to verify employment or income.
•           Intentionally overestimating the value of your assets on a loan application.
•           Claiming on a loan application to work for a particular employer when you do not.
•           Adding someone to the loan application as a co-borrower who does not intend to live in the home with you or assist you in making payments.
•           Signing a loan application that contains blanks you know the loan officer will fill in for you later with false information that will help you qualify for the loan.
•           Getting a friend or relative who owns a business to say that you work there.
•           Fudging the numbers on a document, such as a tax return, to make it look like you earn more than you do.
•           Applying for a loan in excess of the sale price paid to the seller, so you can obtain the surplus proceeds in cash back at closing.

Whenever you apply for a mortgage loan, you must sign the application – technically referred to as a 1003 (ten-oh-three) or Uniform Residential Loan Application. Just above the space for your signature is a statement worded something like this:

I/We fully understand that it is a federal crime punishable by fine or imprisonment, or both, to knowingly make any false statements concerning any of the above facts as applicable under the provisions of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001, et seq.

In other words, it is a felony to lie on a loan application, whether for profit or housing.

Some people argue that fraud for housing is a victimless crime. After all, the person applying for the mortgage loan really wants to keep the house and has every intention of making the monthly payments and paying off the debt. However, that’s beside the point. The real issue is that when people commit fraud for housing, they mislead the lender into approving a loan that is riskier than the lender would otherwise consider. It contributes to increases in foreclosures and the cost of mortgages to all consumers.

Knowing what constitutes fraud for housing can help you avoid committing it or becoming an accomplice if a loved one tries to make you complicit in their plans. Remain on the lookout for mortgage fraud of any type, and do your part to reduce fraud and make mortgage loans and housing more affordable for everyone, including your neighbors.

 Ralph R. Roberts, GRI, CRS is a real estate and mortgage fraud forensics expert and author of Protect Yourself from Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud: Preserving the American Dream of Homeownership (Kaplan Publishing).

During the real estate bubble, this type of loan fraud was sadly prevalent. In fact, many professionals agree this very issue caused a large portion of the inflated prices and has now left many would-be flippers and investors "holding the bag." Laws are in place for a reason, and its very important we follow them and banks enforce them.

If you’re looking for a primary home or a vacation home and are unsure of your financial situation, let us know! We have experience in both conventional and unconventional financing that will put you in your new home without putting you in a dangerous situation.

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What Exactly Does “Underground Utilities” Mean for My Murphy NC Property?

Underground utilities are an advantage for property owners and investors. In fact, you can readily distinguish if they’re available by searching for the infamous “green box” for power. When you see a tract of land or a home for sale advertised as having Underground Utilities, they usually also have underground telephone cable as well.

 Underground Power BoxOne immediate advantages is the aesthetics. Unsightly power lines can ruin an otherwise phenomenal mountain view. It makes living in your community simply cleaner. Underground hides in the landscape rather than overwhelming it with poles and power lines littering the land.

Safety is another concern. Trees tend to blow over at some point in a storm, and if power lines are protected underground, the line won’t be knocked down creating a “live wire” and causing a power outage further down the grid. An invisible consideration is that power lines create electromagnetic radiation. It is widely believed that power lines can cause cancer from the invisible “field” they cause around them. Generally, this is a concern with larger distribution lines. By burying them in the ground, professionals in the field seem to agree the soil protects you from higher exposure.

From a purely financial aspect, it adds value to your property. I just performed a quick search of land sales in the past 6 months between one and three acres to see what the differences were in value. Here’s what I found:

  • With Underground Utilities – 51 real estate transactions with an average dollar value of $67,901
  • Without Underground Utilities – 37 real estate transactions with an average dollar value of $35,414

Does that mean my property is worth $32,487 more with underground utilities? No, it does not. This search doesn’t factor out certain features or characteristics that could skew the outcome of it. However, there is a direct correlation in having underground utilities and having a higher property value.

Your power company will be the one to install underground utilities should you decide you would like them. Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation (BREMC) and Murphy Power Board are two of our major power companies, and whichever is your power company would be responsible for installing it for you.

To make a long article short, underground utilities are certainly a worthy investment in your property. If you’re searching to buy a property, it is certainly worth considering regardless of whether you’re looking at it from an aesthetic, safety, or financial standpoint.

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