Foreclosure Alert! 5 Bedroom Home on 47 Acres, Pool, Ponds, And so much More!

219 Norton Pond Foreclosure Home for SaleHere’s a foreclosure in Murphy NC you don’t find much! This house is one of the best deals I’ve found! The house was built in 2000, has 47 acres, 5 bedrooms and an office (permitted for septic on 3 bedrooms), full finished basement, Almost 4,000 square feet on the house alone, cement patio, landscaping, 3 ponds, attached 2 car garage, detached 4 car garage, and a lot more! This thing has it all and is only price at $700,000! It’s the best values on a high end foreclosure I’ve seen.

If you wold like to find out more information or to see this property, call me at 1-866-687-7496 or email to . This estate will sell quickly!

Remodeling Your Home in Murphy, NC

Remodeling a home is a huge aspect of real estate. When you buy a new home, you may want to change something that doesn’t fit you or your lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve lived in your home for years and your needs and/or wants have changed. No matter what the case, remodeling your house can the perfect solution.

If you’re doing small repairs, some things you can do yourself. For those that you don’t know how to or want to do, please feel free to use our Gotta Guy Recommended Contractor list. This way, you can find the right guy for the job. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, email us and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

If you’re doing a massive repair job and want to higher or a contractor, here are some good tips for you.

  1. Get three or more written estimates from good, solid contractors.
  2. Get references and actually call to check on the work they did. If you get time, stop in and see it for yourself.
  3. Check with the Chamber of Commerce for any complaints. Ask around – Murphy is a small town! If folks were treated bad by someone, they’ll let you know.
  4. Be sure the contract says what exactly is to be done for the job and how changes will done.
  5. Make as small of a down payment as you can in the even the contractor fails to complete the job. “Milestone” payments may also work well so long as they are not too large. You want to keep the contractor’s interests the same as yours.
  6. Be sure the contractor pulls all the correct permits, is licenses, and has insurance.
  7. Have the timeline in the contract that states when work will be completed and what recourse you have if it’s not finished on time.
  8. Find out if the contractor’s workers will do the job or if subcontractors will be hired to do certain parts.
  9. Have an agreement for the contractor to indemnify you if the work doesn’t meet building codes and/or other regulations.
  10. Have in the agreement for the contractor to be responsible for cleaning up the site and be responsible for any damage done.
  11. Have a guarantee that the materials used fit the specifications you set.
  12. Do not make final payment till the job is fully completed and you are satisfied.

Remember that the contract is an agreement between you and the contractor and it will be a give and take until you both are satisfied. If you made sure you got the right person for the job from the beginning, you’ll be able to enjoy your new renovation for years to come.

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3 Bed 2 1/2 Bath Home for Sale in Peachtree Community of Murphy NC for less than $125k!

Here’s a spectacular home in Murphy NC Real Estate at a spectacular price at under 125,000! This approximately 1,421 square foot home boasts 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a half bath as well. The kitchen is very sizeable with lots of countertop space, cabinetry, and even a large pantry for storage. The dining area is very generous with space for a table with 10 or more chairs. The living room is nice and spacious with a most unique fireplace that’s not only functional and beautiful, it’s a great conversation piece.

You’ll even find this home has a one car detached garage that’s excellent for storing your vehicle or toys like ATVS and tools. There’s a partial basement that can be accessed either from the house or by the outside entrance that makes for great storage and more.

The home has a splendid mountain view to enjoy the feel of the mountains. Situated on the top of Ridge Trek, you’ll have no trouble making this house your mountain home!

This Home is Now SOLD!!!

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Rock Star Real Estate Investor – Cherokee Scout Newspaper Article

Here’s this week’s article for The Cherokee Scout – Murphy NC’s Main Local Newspaper. Enjoy!

Everybody knows who Rock Stars are – hugely famous and successful people in the music business. Different people come to mind depending on your generation. Some people think of Elvis, Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and even some new guys out today who are destined for fame.

Real estate has the same type of people – Rock Stars in their own right. Everyone knows Donald Trump, who is arguably the most famous investor of today. There are many others – Steve Wynn in Vegas, Donald Bren in California, and a list that continues on. In fact, you’ll find several billionaires who owe their fortune to real estate on the Forbes list of the 400 Richest people in America. Realistically, it’s hard to fathom a billion dollars – that’s one thousand million dollars, two hundred million Big Mac combos, just imagine that kind of money. That’s the fortune these men above have accrued through real estate investing.

The good news is you don’t need that much money to be an excellent real estate investor. They key to being a real estate investor is to buy smart, buy right, buy for the investment and not emotion, and don’t stretch yourself financially thin. There are thousands of people who have made themselves financially independent by buying one rental house at a time, and most of them weren’t their class valedictorian. Solid investments are all over the place, and you can find one to meet your own personal needs and goals.
It’s common not to plan for the future, and I find that more and more people don’t have the foresight to do so. You can easily leave the pack and plan for the future, all you need to do is have a bit of foresight, competent counsel, and act. Procrastination on something you know can positively change your future or that of your heirs is as dangerous as idle hands.

There are so many goals you can accomplish through real estate investing that are far more reliable and “real” than what most investment brokers lead you to believe. If you’ve ever been “pitched” a whole life insurance policy, you should know what I mean! STAY AWAY! Many annuities, mutual funds, and stocks are commission makers that are not in your son or daughter’s best interest. Some disreputable brokers use techniques that play on your emotions rather than your intelligence to make decisions for your loved one’s future. Diversification is extremely important, and you should consider an alternative.

Do you dream of your son/daughter going to college? How about them growing up to be a “Rock Star” brain surgeon, teacher, or fill-in-the-blank? Real estate offers so many options that can alleviate your stress in paying for their future. A rental house or a land parcel is a perfect way to invest for the long term.
Consider this simple math:

-Rental Home – $100,000 initial investment (read: purchase price), you have a $10,000 down payment (the minimum investment some whole life and annuities will take), and you obtain a mortgage loan for $90,000.  Your payment would be $594 on a 20 year mortgage at 5% – which is a 33% faster payoff than your average mortgage. Rental income – $600 would pay your mortgage, $750 would be profitable. Let’s say your son/daughter goes to college 10 years after you bought it – Here’s what you’ll have. At $600 per month on your $10,000 investment at only 8% appreciation per year – Equity of $159,892.50 – and someone else paid your mortgage. You don’t have to be the valedictorian to figure out that math works. If you run profitable rent at $750 per month (and factor in NO rental increases over the 10 years), you can stick a free-bie $18,000 in profit in your pocket or pay extra on your mortgage. If you pay extra, you’ll really blow out the formula and have a ROCK STAR amount of equity at a whopping $184,117.17. Your child can go to Yale on one stinking rental house.

-Let’s suppose you don’t want to fool with the trouble of handling renters and their problems because they “forgot” you’re actually supposed to put the shower curtain on the inside of the bath tub. That same $10,000 cash investment at, again, only 8% interest adds up to be an amazing $21,892.50. That will certainly pay for quite a bit of, well, anything.

Facts are facts, the unemotional numbers simply make sense and you too can be a real estate investor and amass your own fortune. If you don’t believe $100,000 rental houses exist or $10,000 land parcels aren’t out there, call me and I’ll have one for you. You and your child’s future depend on it.

Written By: John Poltrock, Certified Residential Specialist – The POLTROCK TEAM at RE/MAX Mountain Properties – Toll Free 1-866-Murphy-NC or 1-866-687-7496 –

Foreclosure Horror Story Means Your Should Buy Real Estate Safe in Murphy NC

I met with a man a few days ago who found us by reading our article on “What to Expect When Offering to Buy a Foreclosure in Murphy NC” and “Foreclosure Houses and Tips to Buying Them in Murphy NC“. It was one of the most discouraging attempted real estate purchases I’ve heard of in a long time.

The moral to his story is buy smart – go through a typical real estate transaction that have safeguards built in for your purchase. Read on and you’ll understand better what I mean.

Jim, as I’ll call him, bought a house with several acres adjoining the US Forest Service and absolutely loved it. He bought it from a wealthy friend of his who was a developer in Florida and life treated him well. They agreed to exchange it in a sale for $170,000. His buddy said he didn’t have to do a straight purchase, that he would be happy to finance it for him like a bank would. They did what’s called a Land Contract.

Jim put $40,000 in cash down on the house and has been making payments for several years. He’s put in a new well, done several major renovations, and by this time, he has invested about $120,000 total of cash in the property. Then he came home and found foreclosure documents on the door to his home.

Turns out the seller has a first mortgage and an equity line that’s been over extended on the property and hasn’t paid in months. The bank is foreclosing – simple as that. Since he has no legal ownership, his name is not on the deed, and the mortgage liens far superseed any right he has to the property, he cannot get anywhere. No bank will tell him what is owed on the property or anything else for that matter.

Jim has lost $120,000 in his own cash and now has nothing to show for it. His only option, if he wants to keep the house, is to wait for it to come out the other end of the foreclosure process and buy it. That means he will likely have $200,000 in a home that should be his that worth substantially less than that.

What could or should he have done in this instance? A traditional closing with owner financing in place. The closing attorney would have made sure there were no liens on the property (and if there were, they would have to be paid) and issued title insurance at closing.

Moral of the story again – Be smart about closings and buying real estate. Use a Realtor (namely The POLTROCK TEAM! 😉 and/or an attorney that specializes in real estate closings (you can find real estate attorneys in Murphy NC on our Gotta Guy List). That will give you true professional advice that can ultimately save you thousands, or in this case, over $100,000.

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What’s Happened to the Value of My Real Estate in Murphy, North Carolina?

Real estate in Murphy NC, as for most of the United States, is a high topic of conversation. Whether it’s about an individual home or land or the prices of them, you can expect to hear about it at any local hangout. Now, most folks don’t walk around and openly say, "my home is worth a gajillion dollars," but they do watch what’s selling and for sale in their neighborhood.What's the value of my Murphy NC Real Estate???

So it’s natural to wonder, "What’s happened to my property value over the last few years?"

Since Murphy, NC doesn’t have subdivisions with 100’s of the exact same house, it’s difficult to track a definite percentage of how much our market has adjusted. Fortunately, there’s still a good way to calculate it based on a popular style of houses. Like most areas, we do have a popular style. And nope, it’s not stucco, brick, or any of the common houses you see in primary markets. We have a popular home style called the chalet.

Because we have many chalets for sale and in turn help families buy a lot of them, we can get a rough idea of what the market has done. Without a doubt, these numbers will not apply to every home – especially unique ones. This is intended to give you a benchmark.

Market Summary





2006 to 2007 Difference

2007 to 2008 Difference

2006 to 2008 Difference

List Price




 Up 6.37%

 Down 11.68%

 Down 6.05%

Sales Price




 Up 5.26%

 Down 16.15%

 Down 11.74%

List to Sale Ratio




 Down 0.37%

 Down 5.17%

 Down 5.53%

Days on Market




 Up 99%

 Up 1.8%

 Up 102.70%

*Based on an average of all 2/2 chalets on a basement sold in Cherokee County in the given year as sold across the Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors®. You can view more market statistics on our Murphy NC State of the Market Reports.

The large and short of it is that we have seen sale prices decline about 11.74% over the last 20 months. The stock market has lost 13.3% in 2008 alone (based on the DJIA index). With that said, it appears your money is far more stable and secure in the tangible asset of real estate rather than stocks.

This chart is a great indicator as to how the market trends. The year 2007 was our transition year where values began to decline. One of the largest indicators as to this is that days on market practically doubled while prices still increased. This indicates that although there was appreciation, it took longer for buyers to find and buy homes on the market. Since days on market is remaining quite stable, it shows a strong sign our market is reaching the "trough" (or bottom) of the business cycle.

Since it looks like we’re riding the wave at the bottom of the market, now is a great time to buy. You can purchase your real estate at low prices that we haven’t seen in years. If you’re waiting for the market to go up, you’ll miss out on huge amounts of appreciation that’s in store for us soon.

Are you considering selling and want to know what this data means for your individual property? Contact your local Cherokee County Realtor® for a free market analysis to interpret what your home is now worth. If you’d like us to research it for you, please feel free to call us or use our FREE Online "What’s My Home Worth?" form. 

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Murphy NC Home for Sale in Timberwood Mountain – Top of the Mountain View!!

Here’s an amazing home for sale on the top of Timberwood Mountain Estates in Murphy, NC! It’s on top of the ridge with an amazing view! This picture doesn’t do the view justice!

Some of the best features of this home are:

  • the distinctive Timber Frame covered front porch
  • Lots of deck space to enjoy your mountain view
  • 2 Bedrooms, 2 baths
  • A full basement, complete with its own deck and poured concrete walls
  • Over 2.5 acres with over 200 feet of US Forest Service border – which also has a great mountain view!
  • Virtually new stainless appliances
  • Australian Cypress floors
  • Wood burning masonry fireplace
  • Lots of windows with lots of miles of views!!!!
  • And for more, watch the video tour and see this home for yourself as if you were walking through it!


Request an appointment to see this home in person now! Have a question and want to know more? Email me now to find out.

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New Home for Sale Between Murphy and Andrews, North Carolina

Virtually Brand-New Clayton Home! Perfectly situated between Murphy and Andrews, it has 3 bedrooms and two baths. It’s very neatly maintained! It has a gravel walkway leading all the way around the home.

Some of the very neat features about this home are:

But don’t take our word for it, go through the house just like you were touring it in person by watching our YouTube video tour by clicking play below!


Property Address: 61 Luther Branch; Andrews, NC 28901

Like what you see? Contact us today! If this is what you’re looking, use our Find My Dream Home! feature or search our listings and the MLS right from our site. We’re looking forward to bringing you home to the mountains!

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New Foreclosure to Hit the Market!!!

It’s funny I just finished writing an article about foreclosures just earlier today, and wham! A great one hits my desk!

If you’re seriously interested in this great home, be sure to download the information sheets below, and then call me at toll free (866)867-7496 and ask for John.

It’s a HUGE opportunity for someone looking to have a mountain home or for an investment to finish and resell! Basics are its a 2 bedroom, 2 bath chalet home with a full basement on +/- 1.04 acres located in the Ranger area of Murphy, NC. I’ll tell you all the details of what remains to be done to it and we’ll go from there!

I’ll can only share pricing information on the phone, so again, call me toll free at my office or direct at (828) 557-2270.

If you want to receive news and more investment opportunities like this, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our blog by clicking here. We’re looking forward to helping you make a great investment in the mountains of Murphy NC!

This home is no longer available. Please check out our website for all the active homes and land for sale.

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272 Little Rock Road; Marble, NC

New Home for Sale!
272 Little Rock Road
Marble, North Carolina 28905

Here’s a wonderful house! Built in 2005, its virtually brand new. As you can see, it has quite an amazing mountain view! Sit in the hot tub overlooking the view (which is included with the house!) and just enjoy your evenings! This home is FULLY furnished with furniture from Moose Hollow Trading Co. and gorgeous accessories! Partial basement is ideal for storage and much more! Watch the video below to find out what this home is really like. Watch it, call us, and come see it for yourself!

Watch our very first video tour! I’m sure it seems quite amateur, but it will be the next best thing to being there in person – from your chair!

The location is great! Private site for your enjoyment, yet ten minutes from it all! Quick road access links you on the easiest path to Andrews, Peachtree, Murphy Medical Center (the hospital), John C. Campbell Folk School, Wal-Mart, Lowes, Downtown Murphy, the Nantahala River, restaurants, the Hiwassee River, churches, and a whole lot more!

This home is now SOLD. Please check out our websites for all the active homes and land for sale.

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