The Poltrock Team Maintains Great Communications in Selling my Murphy NC House

We found out about The Poltrock Team through their mail advertising and decided to sell our house in Murphy NC with them because of their record of sales successes. We found The Poltrock Team to be courteous, honest, thorough, and actionable. They were also prompt in their responses and maintained great communications. John gave us an honest appraisal and was helpful in obtaining the home inspection and corrections of minor home issues. We would ABSOLUTELY work with The Poltrock Team again!

Kenneth Symonds

Woodstock, GA

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A Great Experience Throughout The Whole Process of Selling our House in Murphy NC

TP photoWe found out about The Poltrock Team through their advertisements.  We sold our house in Murphy NC with them, and it was a great experience throughout the entire process.  John was so nice and professional.  He always returned our phone calls and was wonderful at putting our minds at ease.

Diane & Lew Houser

Dahlonega, GA

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Replies to Phone Calls and Texts Without Delay

We found out about The Poltrock Team from a referral we received and decided to sell our house in Murphy NC with them because of all the sales they have made.  The most helpful thing they offer is their very open and honest conversations!

We are so appreciative of their being so active in this sale’s process.  John’s advice about power washing the exterior was spot-on!  The Poltrock Team also replies to phone calls and text messages without delay. It makes for an excellent experience, and ultimately, closing.

Thank so much and Happy 2015!


Gerald & Lorraine Cook

Lake Worth, FL


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Cheaply Winterize your House and Save It from Winter Damage of Freezing Pipes, Water Intrusion, and More

It looks like old man winter is here to stay here in Murphy NC! Freezing temperatures can pose a threat that puts your house in danger of bursting pipes, flooding basements, and very expensive damages. Fortunately, you can take simple precautions to winterize your house that reduces the potential of these hazards to almost nothing. For less than $10 in supplies, you can have peace of mind that your house is safe from winter’s grip.

Here are the tips we recommend:

  • Take garden hoses off your exterior hose bibs. These are notorious to freeze and burst the pipes behind your wall which can be a real nightmare to repair!
  • Turn off the main water main coming in to your house. Usually the valve to do so is located in your crawlspace/basement or at the end of your driveway. They can be a myriad of locations, but this is the most important “to do” in preventing damage. If you have one located OUTSIDE of your house, this is the most important one to turn off.
  • Turn on the hot and cold water on all your faucets and tub/showers. This will drain water pressure off your plumbing system. Leave them open.
  • RV AntifreezePurchase 2-3 gallons of pink RV antifreeze from any auto parts store or big box retailer. Pour 1-2 cups in every sink, tub, and shower so it fills your drain traps. This does double duty – 1) prevents remaining water from freezing. 2) RV antifreeze doesn’t evaporate like water so when you come back to your house, you won’t smell septic/sewer gasses that releases when traps dry out.
  • Flush all your commodes till they can’t flush any more. Pour 2 cups of pink RV antifreeze in the back reservoir tank and 2-3 cups in the toilet bowl of each commode.
  • Leave your heat set on 50-60 degrees. In the event power goes out, this provides a buffer in your house before it drops to below freezing. Also open cabinet doors under sinks to let the warm air get to the pipes.

Slightly more advanced techniques for added security (if you want):

  • Water heaters store a LOT of water and you certainly do not want that to freeze. You either need to leave the power to it on so the water stays hot or drain it. Draining it is more work but ensures it will not freeze and flushes out of any sediment that may have accumulated. Draining requires the water main to be off and a garden hose. FIRST, turn the power to it off at the breaker panel. If you do not, you’ll burn out the elements. SECOND, connect the garden hose to the drain at the bottom of your water heater. You’ll want to run the garden hose outside or to a drain in your sink or tub. To open the valve, you’ll need a flat head screw driver and/or a small wrench. Turn it to the left and open it completely. Make certain a couple faucets are open to allow air to fill the void. When the water finishes draining, close the valve by turning it to the right.
  • Plumbers use air to blow out pipes and get all the water out. You can do this yourself with a compressor and an attachment that can screw on to a shower head or sink. Open faucets etc individually to blow out the water in that line. This is easily done with two people – one to put air in the system and the other to go through the house opening faucets. Be sure to have the air pressure on your compressor turned down to 60-80 lbs.

Want the security of all this without having to do it yourself? No problem!! Go to our Gotta Guy list of Recommended Contractors, scroll to Plumbers, and call any of them to winterize your house for you. Then, you know it is done right! It generally costs a couple hundred bucks and often the plumber will offer to un-winterize your house at no additional cost.

I will also be writing tips on how to save your well from freezing temperatures and how to un-winterize your house. I hope this helps and keeps your house safe! We’re here for you and your real estate needs, so be certain to contact us or call today!

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The Poltrock Team was a Great Referral from My Neighbor in Murphy NC

I found out about The Poltrock Team from both a neighbor referral and from photomailings received.   I found The Poltrock Team very pleasant and thoughtful to work with. He sold my house in Murphy NC quickly!

The most helpful thing John Poltrock did for me way helping me deal with the well issue at my home.

I would absolutely work with The Poltrock Team again and I give a REAL BIG 10 for the level of service received!  Thanks to John and Price!

Your Friend,
Violet Taylor
Naples, Florida

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John and His Office Staff Were Always Available to Get our House Sold

We found out about The Poltrock Team through their advertising material sent to our home.  We wanted a quick sale so we decided to work with them.  John priced our house in Murphy NC fairly, based on market values.  He and his office staff were always available, PLUS he had knowledgeable people available to make any repairs!  Everything was easily handled electronically.  John was very helpful with his overseeing of the radon install and getting someone to replace a broken water pipe. Thanks for getting the job done!

George & Elizabeth James

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Our House in Murphy NC Sold Before We Could Get A Sign Out In Front!

TP photo

We learned about The Poltrock Team through their billboards and signs and decided to work with them again because they sold our first home here in Murphy NC.  John is very helpful and understanding of our needs and always had open conversations, explaining things clearly, and he answered all our questions.

The house sold before we could get a sign out in front!  John kept in constant touch throughout the sale, and even offered to find a reliable RE/MAX agent for us in Florida.  Within one week, we sold our home in North Carolina and bought a new home in Florida, all through RE/MAX!

Paul & Suzanne Ferrara
Ormond Beach, FL

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Like Having A Family Member Watching Over Us

Our son referred us to The Poltrock Team (John Poltrock) and we decidedimage to work with John because of his caring.  Our experience has been excellent!  We sold a house and bought land, all with John. He cares about our transaction like it was his own money.  It was like having a family member watching over it and us!


Jozef & Stefania Grocholski
Hayesville, NC

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Our House SOLD with Ease of Contact and Communication with The Poltrock Team

We found out about The Poltrock Team at REMAX in Murphy NC through a mailer they sent to us and we decided to work with them due to their outstanding reputation.  We had an excellent experience with them!  We had good communication and responses throughout the process.  The ease of contact kept us informed throughout the entire process.  Also, the pictures of the cabin were very attractive and appealing.

We would highly recommend The Poltrock Team!  They were very responsive to our needs and they were well informed regarding the Real Estate Market.

Our cabin sold in a very short period of time and closed within 6 weeks!  Being out-of-state through most of the process, they kept us well informed and quickly returned our phone calls or emails.

We could not have had a better relationship and will utilize their services when we return to the Murphy area. We are very satisfied with everything!  Thank you again for all your help in getting our house sold!


Bill & Linda Rodrigues
Crystal River, FL

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Questions to Ask A Realtor When Selling Your House or Real Estate in Murphy NC

When it comes to selling a home in Murphy, NC, you’re selling one of your largest assets in life. It’s a big deal and should never be handled an amateur. Just like any profession, there are great Realtors and just plain bad ones. There are a few questions you can ask to help ensure you get the best possible, and here they are! Feel free to ask us these Question Buttonquestions!

  1. How long have you been in real estate sales? You want someone with experience.
  2. Is it your full time job? I’ve never understood how someone can do real estate “part time” and do it well. You want a full-time professional!
  3. Would you trust this real estate agent with a suitcase full of cash? Whatever your home is worth, it’s like handing them a suitcase full of cash in that amount and saying “take care of this for me.” Do you feel like you can trust them with it? If not, you shouldn’t hire them.
  4. How many transactions did you sell last year personally? You want to know what that person did, not just their company. The average Realtor sells a mere 6 homes per year – you should want far better than that. An agent that sells less than a million dollars in real estate doesn’t sell much.
  5. How long will it take to sell my house? Every market is different and its important to have realistic expectations.
  6. How will you keep me informed about my transaction? Communication is imperative and if they don’t have a plan on how to keep you in the loop, they simply don’t have a plan period.
  7. Will I get Showing Feedback? It’s important to know what buyers and other agents are saying when your house is showed. The average agent doesn’t take the time to obtain it and that’s a mistake. If you don’t get feedback, how can you make your house more attractive?
  8. Has a client ever filed a complaint against you? It’s important to know this one. Even a great Realtor who has handled hundreds or even thousands of transactions is likely to have one or two. However, if there is a big history of complaints made against an agent, there’s probably a reason.
  9. Can I have references to past clients? Testimonials are important and past experiences can tell you a lot about an agent.
  10. What if I’m unhappy with your services? What kind of guarantee are you given?
  11. What sets you apart from other agents? Ask this one open ended – there’s a lot you can learn that you might not think to ask simply by using this question.
  12. Can you refer me to reliable service providers? During the process, you may need everything from cleaners to a handyman. You want to ensure your Realtor has a good referral network so you are well taken care of.
  13. Do you have an assistant or support staff? Support staff is extremely important. No one person can do everything and do it well. If your Realtor handles enough volume, they should have an assistant to help them and you.

Other considerations to ask yourself:

  1. Were they prepared for my appointment?
  2. Were they on time?
  3. Do I feel comfortable with them? Use your gut – it’s usually right.

Looking to sell your property? Call us! We’d love to help and share our experience with you so you have a good experience and get results.

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