RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon Visits Murphy NC for Fourth of July Celebration at Konaheeta Park

This Fourth of July, we were fortunate to have the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon visit us in Murphy NC. The Fourth’s Celebration is always held at Konaheeta Park, and we simply could not have asked for a more pristine, perfect Fourth of July.

In the almost ten years I’ve worked with RE/MAX, it’s always exciting to see the Hot Air Balloon in real life. It’s a “logo” that truly turns heads, and I’m not different! It’s magnificent to watch it go from a giant tube sock to a 90,000 cubic foot icon. So to share the fun we had, here’s a lot of pictures we took. Enjoy!

One great thing was we charged $5 per person to ride the balloon and we were able to donate every penny of proceeds to two needy families here in Cherokee County. It’s a blessing to be able to help those who need it. And to all who rode the ballon, thank you for participating and helping someone who truly needs it. Happy Fourth! We hope to see you next year!

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