RE/MAX Has The Coverage My Home in Murphy NC Needed to Sell

I decided to work with The Poltrock Team because they represented RE/MAX, and I knew that RE/MAX had the coverage that my home needed. Immediately, I liked John’s attitude!

The Poltrock Team went above and beyond by having a representative check on my house when I could not be there for health care reasons.

Everything was handled well – nicely and helpfully.  John has a nice persona and makes one feel cared for.  His team helped to find a family that bought my farm who are exactly what I prayed for.  I hope they love it as much as my husband, family, and I did!

Dianna Hale
Atlanta, GA

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How to Unwinterize Your Home

If you leave your home in Murphy NC when the temperatures dip below freezing, winterizing your home is a wise precaution to prevent damage. This article will guide you when you are ready to get the water operational, it is quite easy to get it going. Follow these simples steps:

  1. If you drained your water heater, DO NOT TURN POWER ON to it just yet. If you do, you’ll likely burn out your elements.
  2. Turn your faucets on with both the hot and cold water running.
  3. Turn the main water line valve to your house back to the “On” position very S…L…O…W…L…Y. This will allow water to gradually flow into your home’s plumbing. If you do it too fast, you can knock loose grit or debris in your pipes which will glow to faucets etc. and potentially clog them up.
  4. You’ll hear a bunch of sputtering, spitting, and crazy noises as the air escapes the pipes. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.
  5. Let this go on till you no longer hear the sputtering of the air in the pipes and it sounds like normal, running water.
  6. Turn off all your faucets.
  7. If you drained your water heater, go to a faucet and turn the HOT water back on and allow it to run till you are certain there’s no air left. Once you are, turn power back on to your water heater. This is typically done by flipping the breaker in your power panel and/or by plugging in the pull switch above the water heater.
  8. Go through and flush your commodes and you’re good to go! To be double safe, turn off all faucets and listed for any running water to ensure you don’t have a leak. If you do, turn off your water main and call a plumber. Feel free to use our Gotta Guy List for recommended plumbers if you do not have one you prefer.

Read our article on how to winterize your home and protect your well from freezing temperatures.

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The Poltrock Team in Murphy NC is TOP-NOTCH for Buying our Home

We found out about The Poltrock Team in Murphy NC through Zillow on the Internet.  We found Donna to be a GREAT person!  She went above and beyond to help us in every way possible from beginning to the end!

Donna helped us select all needed services in the area (attorney, appraiser, lender, and electrician) and went out of her way in helping us in every way to buy our home!

We would rate The Poltrock Team a big 10!  We would highly recommend Donna Srabian and John Poltrock to anyone looking for mountain homes!  The service was TOP-NOTCH!

Guy Boozer & Angel Martin
Florence, AL

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Murphy NC’s SOLD Real Estate Market Update for Third Quarter 2014

Happy Fall from the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina! The leaves are now showing off their brilliant colors and marks an excellent time for folks to come to the mountains, both for leisure and to buy real estate! If you’re not already here and want to enjoy the Fall colors, I recommend you arrive to the mountains soon as the colors look like they will change quite quickly. This would be a great weekend to come! The picture below is one I took Tuesday for you to enjoy 🙂 It’s a panorama, so may want to make your screen as large as possible.

Mountain Picture


So far, this year’s real estate sales have been wonderful and sporadic. We have seen some of the best months we have seen in many years and while some fell to 2011 records. Despite mixed results, this year has continued to show incredible stability in one of the most important parts to sellers – pricing. We have not noticed any major indicators pointing toward lower prices for about a year and a half. On the flip side, we have not noticed any rising prices as of yet either. This is a strong positive considering the rapidly declining prices we have seen in years past. It takes stability first to have rising prices!

RE/MAX Has 44% Market Share in Cherokee County

Here are some useful facts about our current HOUSING market:

  • Both August and September yielded higher monthly volume than the past 5 years
  • Total house sales volume is down 10.3% (2013 sold 321 to end of Q3 and 2013 sold 288)
  • The Absorption Rate of Homes is steadily improving. We’re at a 12.9 month supply of homes – an incredible improvement! In 2008, we had reached an astonishing 54 month supply of homes! The lower this number is, the better for sellers.
  • There are 620 homes currently for sale in Cherokee County.
  • List to Sell Ratio continues to hold steady at 93%. That means sellers take an average of 93% of their asking price. The lowest we saw was 84%. The higher this number is, the better for sellers.
  • An average of 45 homes sold each month in the third quarter! That’s incredibly strong – especially if you look at the attached Monthly Volume, you’ll see what I mean!
  • Days on Market – aka. time for a home to sell – is continuing to improve! Last month it took an average of 188 days to sell a home. 209 days is the annual average which is one full month faster than past!

CLICK HERE to Join our SOLD UPDATE! Here you will see a link to see all the SOLD homes, land, and commercial property. Pictures, prices, sold dates, and more!

Here are some useful facts about our current LAND market:

  • Land sales volumes continue to hold steady – low teens is the average monthly volume consistently and has been for several years now.
  • Large tract acreage prices tends to average $2,000-3,000
  • List to Sell Ratio has averaged 81-85% for this year
  • There is a 73 month supply of land available for sale
  • There are 977 Parcels of land for sale in Cherokee County

The next 45 days on the market are crucial. We’re able to capitalize on some of the busiest time of the year. Make sure you’re prepared for it and making the most of the activity we’re going to have moving forward.

Looking to the future, we can expect sales are going to continue to be great. We’ll see seasonality kick in and sales drop off once we get to about 2 weeks before Christmas. Once that hits, we’ll have a lull of approximately 30 days. We’ll then see buyers begin to come back into the marketplace yielding a great February and March. It’s contrary to many folk’s popular belief, but it is the case. In today’s world of communication, buyers are still able to search and find the property they’ve been dreaming of no matter the weather or time of year. If you’re thinking, “nothing’s going to happen in the winter,” you can be very wrong.

And if you’re a subscriber, you’ll also be able to get our market statistics included! Join on the link above to see Cherokee County’s Market Absorption Report, Average Market Price, Monthly, Volume, and more!

We thank you for the opportunity to serve you and work for you. Any time you need us, we’re no more than a phone call away. Give us a call and let us know what we can do to help! We’re here for you.

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Gorgeous Home With Two-Car Attached Garage For Sale in Murphy NC

MAINLike BRAND NEW HOME for sale in Murphy NC! This gorgeous home has a 2-car attached garage, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, AND a bonus room that can be anything you need! Split floor plan is open and spacious. Large kitchen is open to the dining and living area and has lots of cabinetry, stainless appliances, and a bar style island. The stone fireplace is a lovely focal point and is a wonderful touch on cool days. The master suite is great! Large bedroom, walk-in closet, and master bath that has a garden tub AND shower. Fiber Optic internet, television, and phone are available.


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Our House in Murphy NC Sold Before We Could Get A Sign Out In Front!

TP photo

We learned about The Poltrock Team through their billboards and signs and decided to work with them again because they sold our first home here in Murphy NC.  John is very helpful and understanding of our needs and always had open conversations, explaining things clearly, and he answered all our questions.

The house sold before we could get a sign out in front!  John kept in constant touch throughout the sale, and even offered to find a reliable RE/MAX agent for us in Florida.  Within one week, we sold our home in North Carolina and bought a new home in Florida, all through RE/MAX!

Paul & Suzanne Ferrara
Ormond Beach, FL

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Hands down, I Would Use The Poltrock Team Again!

We found out about The Poltrock Team from a “local business advertisement card” TP photoand decided to work with them after seeing #1 Real Estate Team on card.

John made the experience of selling a deceased family member’s Murphy NC home absolutely painless.  He not only made good suggestions for making the house more marketable, but took care of engaging reliable contractors to do the work at very reasonable prices, and very quickly!  I am not a Murphy resident, so this was invaluable to me.  He stayed in touch with me and kept me informed.  Once the house was on the market, he actively engaged prospective buyers, and truly made it happen.  I had a check within 3 months!  Other realtors I’ve dealt with over the years get the house on the market and pretty much forget about it

I asked John on my initial meeting with him why Poltrock was #1…He told me he has 10 dedicated full-time realtors who are very motivated to move properties.  I truly know now why the Poltrock Team IS # 1! They aggressively work to sell your home!  Hands down, I would use them again and highly recommend this team to anyone needing a realtor!

Trina White
Jefferson, GA

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That Poltrock Rocks!

We recently purchased a home in Murphy, NC through John Poltrock and his team in 30 days from offer to closing. Although we were out-of-state, John kept us informed every step of the way through status emails and phone calls. We found he was also a great resource and was our go-to for vendors and service people. He even coordinated and dispatched all of the necessary people of our choice to assure a smooth and timely closing. John gave us great service before, during, and after the sale. We never felt for a second we were “out there alone,” but knew he was leading and actively working for us on the ground there-by virtually eliminating any last minute surprises. John Poltrock and The Poltrock Team made our purchase easy, convenient and enjoyable.

Thank you, John Poltrock!

Margaret and Woody Palmer


Although On The Other Side Of The Country, John Made It Seem He Was Right Next Door!

We found out about The Poltrock team through the internet and decided to work with them after a telephone interview with John.  We cannot say enough to reflect what a positive experience John made our home-buying experience.  John’s knowledge, expertise, and ability to describe the market and relate to us our most promising options made everything seem so easy!  We would not improve one thing!! As out-of-state buyers, we counted on John 100%.  Not only did he not let us down, he surprised us with the ease he was able to do his job.

We did what everyone says NOT to do – we bought a home we had not seen, through a Realtor we’d only met through a phone call, in an area we had never been to, and found the perfect home!  We couldn’t be happier!  How do you do that?!?

Beginning with our telephone interview with John, we knew we were in good hands.  He honestly reflected the community, the opportunities in the current housing market and then led us to the perfect home.  Although on the other side of the country, John made it seem he was right next door.  Excellent communication, a smooth and easy transaction, and the perfect home – who could as for more?  Then, he not only provided us with his expertise, but brought along side us the quality people he does business with – our lending agent, inspector, handyman, etc – were all top-notch and wonderful!

Full service has a new meaning for us now!  Thank you again John, for making all of this not only possible for us, but one of the easiest of transactions we have ever done!

We cannot say enough about the level of service The Poltrock Team provides!!


Kimberly & Kirk Davis
Stevenson Ranch, CA

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Facing a Highest and Best Offer when Buying Real Estate

When you’re buying a new home in Murphy NC, the excitement of finding the one you want to buy can be truly exhilarating. Anytime you buy a home, you have to write up the contract and submit it to the seller. Being notified there are multiple offers on a home can be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you want to buy the home and beat out other potential purchasers.

When a seller receives multiple offers, they have 2+ offers on one property. I’ve seen 11 total offers on one property we had listed and represented several buyers where there were 5+ offers. A seller has several different options of how they can respond to the offers:

  1. They can choose to accept or negotiate with one of any of the offers.
  2. They can also go to all parties who have submitted an offer and request for each party to provide their “highest and best offer” by certain deadline. This is very common, especially if you are purchasing a foreclosure. I personally find this option the most fair because it allows every interested party to put their best foot forward.

Highest and Best OfferPut simply, highest and best offer is exactly that. You want to submit your best offer that you’re willing to present on the house. The BEST refers to terms and contingencies. In the eyes of the seller, they want the offer with the least contingencies and potential pitfalls. The HIGHEST refers to the highest purchase price you’re willing to pay. In the event your house were to sell for one dollar more than you offered, you lost out over one dollar. I always recommend to buyers submit an offer that is as high as they are willing to go and if they lost it for one more dollar, they would have NO regrets. I’ve had many people make their highest offer and then want to change it after the deadline – you almost never get than second chance. Don’t be one of those folks – put your best foot forward right away!

Here are some neat tricks to consider when determining what your highest and best offer is going to be if you find yourself in that situation.

  • Odd dollar amounts can work. I had one that the buyer offer something odd like $145,342.01. Guess what – they got it. Sometimes the smallest amount can make a difference.
  • Always have proof of funds (evidence of your money. This applies to downpayment amounts AND to all cash offers).
  • The purchase price can routinely over asking price for the hottest properties. As inventory dwindles, this can happen more and more.
  • If you’re getting a loan, get pre-qualified with a reputable lender. A loan letter from some fly-by-night internet operation will not have anywhere near the credibility a reliable, local lender has. It wouldn’t even be a bad idea to find out if the bank or listing agent has a lender they prefer to give you that “edge.”
  • Reasonable/quick inspection periods. Don’t ask for long periods of inspection times. Rarely will more than 5-10 days be considered.
  • Cash is king and can often win out over an equal or even higher offer that requires a loan. You may not have this option so you’ll have to make your offer shine in other areas. Believe it or not, cash is very common (especially in multiple offer situations) so just because you have cash doesn’t mean you’ll get the property or that you shouldn’t make it more compelling in other areas.
  • Closing dates should generally be as early as possible. Banks want the houses (assets as they call them) off their books ASAP. Make your offer scheduled to close as soon as you can make it happen.

If you’re in this position, good luck! It can be exciting, emotionally draining, and so many other emotions. The main thing is to lean on your Realtor for help. Every situation is different so be sure to utilize their insight and advice. We hope you get your property 🙂

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