Clogged Dryer Vents and Grates are Dangerous!

As part of the home buying process here in Murphy, NC, we highly recommend having a home inspection completed on your new home. You want to ensure what you’re buying is what you expect it to be and make you aware of any repairs needing to be completed right away.

Clogged Dryer VentWe just had a home inspection completed and it came back very good. However, the home inspector found the plastic grate that covers the exterior vent was completely clogged! You can see the picture, it’s kind of gross, but more importantly, hugely dangerous! Not only does this cause the dryer to take longer and use more energy to be able to dry your clothes, it’s a big fire hazard. The heat from the dryer can literally set your house on fire.

That being said, the home inspector highly recommends these plastic grates be completely taken off of your exterior dryer vent. He said it offers little to no protection from rodents or bugs. The flap that covers the hole when the dryer is off is much better and safer to use alone.

So BE SAFE, take it off, and most importantly, get a home inspection when you buy your new home! Don’t know a good inspector, fear not! We have several we recommend who are wonderful at their job and help ensure your safety.

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Home Inspections when Buying a Home in Murphy NC

When you’ve been shopping for real estate in Murphy NC and you’ve found a home you want to buy, having it inspected by a licensed home inspector is one smart move. Regardless of the condition you may think the home is in, an inspector can find issues with a home you never knew existed.

Home Inspectors Check a Wide Variety of Items. Here, notice there’s NO insulation!!

I always joke, but do seriously mean it, that hopefully an inspection is a complete waste of your money. Hopefully they’ll go through and find a few minor issues that are no big deal. At least that way you know! It’s the big things you are looking for so they can be remedied.

Here are some frequently asked questions I get a lot about home inspections:

1) Do you recommend a home inspection on a new construction home?

Absolutely! Homes are built by humans just like you and I. The fact is, they make mistakes. Although the odds are less for things being wrong, I believe it is still wise to do.

2) Can they check every aspect of the home I’m buying?

No. Although a home inspector checks a very wide array of parts of your home, there are limitations. Termite and septic are two things they are unable to check and are offered by a separate inspection. Also, they can’t see through walls and things of that sort. If you’d like more detail on what they are able to check, I encourage you to contact a reputable inspector.

3) What happens if an issue is found that needs repair?

When an item is found that needs repair, it is completely negotiable between the buyer and seller. Bear in mind that when you pay an inspector to do a full home inspection, there is an obligation to find something wrong with the property. Some items found are silly and some are important. So before you consider asking for a repair, ask yourself a few questions.
-Is this a big deal?
-Is the item doing the job it was intended to do?
-Was that item required as part of the building code when the home was built?

4) What about foreclosures?

You may have noticed that many foreclosures are being sold as is, where is. That does not mean that you cannot have inspection done on the property. In fact, I highly encourage you have foreclosures inspected. It is common that the bank nor the listing real estate agent know much of any use about the property. Because of that situation, it makes an inspection that much more important. What the bank means by as is, where is is they have no intention of doing any repairs to the property when you find something on the home inspection. In some instances, we have been able to successfully negotiate repairs on a foreclosed property. However, that is not the norm. It is a case-by-case basis that we can guide you through if you are purchasing a foreclosure home.

5) What price range can I expect for a normal home inspection?

Home inspections by a licensed home inspector normally cost between $300-500. The cost is normally driven by factors such as size, location, and features of the home.

6) What does a home inspector actually inspect?

As I mentioned above, the home inspector truly checks a wide array of items in a home. To give you a better idea though, here is a laundry list style of things to expect to be checked: the foundation, basement, structure, siding, windows, doors, other exterior elements, roof, plumbing, electrical system, plumbing system, central and other types of heating and air conditioning, walls, ceilings, floors, and major appliances.

If there are other questions you have about a home inspection, tell us! If you’re looking for a good home inspector in Murphy NC we recommend, check out our Gotta Guy List! You can email us, comment on this post, and more! When you are looking to buy a home in Murphy, NC, contact the team that has your best interests in mind! Call The Poltrock Team at REMAX in Murphy Today!

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