Hanging Dog Community in Murphy NC has an Interesting Name. Where did it come from?

I always enjoy showing homes and land to folks who are not from Murphy, North Carolina. It’s always fun to go into the Hanging Dog community and folks are always curious where such a bizarre name originated. It’s not a twisted tale of animal cruelty, rather it actually dates back to a legend from a Cherokee Indian who lived in the area. Sure, there are probably many variations to this local legend, however, here’s my version of where the name of Hanging Dog actually came from. Enjoy!

Take a step back in time… to a time when the Cherokee Indians ruled the region and there was no white man to be found. It was the middle of winter, and it was no ordinary winter. It was a long, bleak, and miserably cold. The brutal winter robbed the tribe of food. Much of the food reserves were depleted and the tribe was forced to find food or face starvation.

The brave’s hunting partner was his hunting dog. It was no ordinary dog; his innate skill made him a force in the field. Together, they ventured on an excursion to find a deer that could feed many hungry mouths with fresh venison.

Equipped with mere primitive weaponry of the time, the dog was instrumental in finding and pushing out deer that were well hidden from the naked eye. He pushed out a large buck that could provide the much needed meat for the tribe. He was able to draw his bow and arrow and hit the deer on the mark. The buck, being a large and strong animal, did not give in easily. He raced away from the duo with the dog close on its heels. The deer leaped across the creek and the determined dog would not let the deer escape so easily. He forged the creek only to be swept away in the strong current.

As he rushed down the creek, the dog was caught in a snag of briars and vines in the middle of the creek. Instantly realizing the predicament, the brave knew he, nor the tribe, could afford for his dog to perish. The dog was instrumental in successful hunts, and they could never find prey without the skill of the dog. He jumped into the creek to save his dog from a certain fate. He freed his dog and then the two were able to successfully track the dear and capture it.

Upon returning back to the tribe, the brave told his tribesman the story of the events that transcribed. In celebration of a meal and the survival of their prized dog, the Cherokee named the creek Hanging Dog.

As time drew on and Europeans entered the area, the name was popular. Ultimately, the large area north of Murphy NC became known as Hanging Dog – all thanks to a hunter and his dog.

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Lake Hiwassee in Murphy NC is now FULL!

WOW! I went by Lake Hiwassee today on the Hanging Dog side today looking at a few homes and the lake is FULL! Matter of a fact, it’s more than full!

Since Lake Hiwassee generates power from the hydroelectric dam controlled by the TVA, the water level drops in the fall through winter and into the early Spring. The TVA does it for flood control purposes. Then at this time of year, they raise it to enjoy all the recreation opportunities on the water like fishing, swimming, water skiing, and more!

We’ve got our boat at Duke’s Marina now, and I’m ready to spend some time out there! See you on the lake 😀

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What is the difference between a Branch, Stream, Creek, Crick, and a River in Murphy NC?

Water – it’s one of the most desirable features of any piece of real estate. It’s not hard to get used to the gorgeous, burbling splash of water rushing through a creek – but that leaves a question. Internet pictures of land and homes for sale can be so deceiving. It can look like a river on the computer to find out someone had a garden hose upstream and a camera with a close zoom – disappointing! So when you get to Murphy, NC, here’s what terms you can expect to hear on running water.

What is a Branch?

A branch is a local term used to describe a very small water feature. It’s like a creek or a stream – only much smaller. In most cases, you’ll find it to be only a few inches wide – often less than 6 inches. This term doesn’t give you any guidance as to the volume of water flowing through it – I’ve seen some that have water screaming through it!

What is a Stream?

A stream is slightly larger than a branch and can still often be called a creek by folks. Technically, if it is less than 60 feet wide, it can be called a stream. However, most of the time people call smaller flowing water streams.

What is a Creek?

This is what you get when you live in the mountains of NC!
This is what you get when you live in the mountains of NC!

Creeks are one of my favorite water features here in Murphy, NC. There’s such a wide range of what’s available. We have many creeks that are home to native and stocked trout. That’s good fishing! 🙂 They also vary in size – some are very big and rival the size of rivers while others are just barely big enough to where you could jump over them.

Some of the most reputable and largest creeks here are Hanging Dog Creek, Fires Creek, Owl Creek, Shoal Creek, and several others.

What is a Crick?

Think localism for the word creek.

What is a River?

Most folks know what a river is. Rivers are designated bodies of water and there are three of the them in Cherokee County, NC – the Hiawassee River, Nottley River, and Valley River. All of them are gorgeous bodies of water with the Hiawassee being the largest of the three. You can find many fish in all of them – including trout!

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4th of July 2009 was a Blast in Murphy NC!

This fourth of July was a highly anticipated and much appreciated break for many people, and the same is true in Murphy NC! Yours truly was even looking forward a break and enjoying Lake Hiwassee.

Lake Hiwassee is absolutely beautiful this year. The water level is very high, the dam is in full operation keeping the level high, and all the marinas are in full swing! We got to put our boat in at the Hanging Dog Forest Service Campground and enjoy time with friends and family. Kudos to the Forest Service for the NEW boat launch – it’s great!

Murphy’s downtown fireworks were great! We missed the intro because we were a bit late getting there, and if it is anything like what we saw, it was a phenomenal show!

And most importantly, thank you to all our Veterans and all of those in the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and all other servicemen who are responsible for making America the greatest nation in the entire world. We owe our freedom to you and the 4th of July celebrates you and all those who have given their lives in the fight to free our nation and keep it free. Thank you for all you do.

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Hanging Dog US Forest Service Campground in Murphy, North Carolina

Murphy, North Carolina is known for its natural beauty and resources, and the US Forest Service maintains an excellent facility in Hanging Dog. The Nantahala National Forest has camping sites set up and ready, bath facilities, two public boat ramps on Lake Hiwassee, group picnic shelter, bike riding, trail heads, and much more.

Because it is maintained by the US Forest Service, all of the resources available here are either free or quite inexpensive. The facilities are in excellent shape! You can find more information from the local Ranger District. You can find out more from them at:

Tusquitee Ranger District
201 Woodland Drive
Murphy, NC 28906
Phone – 828-837-5152


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Beaverdam Creek in Murphy, North Carolina – and enjoy a video of it!

Part of nature’s beauty in Murphy, North Carolina is not just spectacular long range mountain views. Lower elevations show God’s beauty in the form of rushing water falls! Here is Beaverdam Creek, which is a rushing creek that could almost be a river.

It is accessed off of Joe Brown Highway and runs through the Hanging Dog, Beaverdam, and Unaka communities.

Call, click, or email and let us know if you are interested in real estate on this creek or others. We’d be happy to help you find it and can email you all the properties available!

We wish you were here, so we thought we’d bring Beaverdam Creek’s waterfall to you! Take a minute out of your day to enjoy the sound of the rushing waterfall…








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