Our Mountain Region in and Around Murphy NC Overflows With Fantastic Fishing

Whether you’re a seasoned bass or trout fisherman, or a first-time angler looking for a taste of mountain lakes fishing, you’ll find numerous good fishing holes within an hour’s drive of Murphy, NC. In fact, our mountain region offers eight major lakes, four delayed-harvest trout streams, and countless numbers of rivers and creeks. You could literally fish for weeks in a different place.

To better plan your fishing expedition, decide which species you’ll be stalking. If you’re a confirmed bass fisherman, check out Apalachia, Chatuge, Hiwassee, or Nottely Lakes. Chances are, other nearby lakes and rivers also have their share of bass just waiting to take your bait. While many locations offer banks fishing, some spots also feature public boat ramps so you can better stalk those crafty fish.

If you prefer fly fishing, you’re probably in the best spot on earth for catching trout. Cherokee County boasts several wild trout streams, along with hatchery-supported streams with date-specific releases. For starters, you’ll find wild trout waters in Cherokee, Clay, and Graham counties; along with world-famous Nantahala National Forest game land.

During trout fishing season, lasting from April through February, you’re likely to find anglers’ trucks parked in varied out-of-the-way spots. If you look closely, you’ll see fishermen standing motionless in their waders, trying to coax a wily trout out of its underwater hollow. For these guys (and ladies), catching the fish is satisfying, but the experience itself provides its own rewards.

Now, let’s say you’ve fallen hook-line-and-sinker for a mountain lakes fishing trip, and you can’t wait to get up here. First, book yourself a cozy mountain cabin from the friendly folks at Mountain Country Cabin Rentals. Next, get onto the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission website, and purchase a fishing license. In fact, the Sportsman’s License allows you to fish – and hunt – most game in our region. While you’re browsing the site, take advantage of the NCWRC’s great fishing-related resources.

When you arrive in Murphy, NC, round out your fishing gear at Appalachian Outfitters on Tennessee Street. If you enjoy collecting hand-tied flies, you’ll find a great selection here. Best of all, you can talk with an experienced fishing guide, just brimming with local knowledge about current fishing conditions. Chances are, you can hire him for the day, giving you the inside track on those secret fishing spots. And because we like fishing, too, we might see you out there. And if you love being here like we do, make it home! Whether Murphy NC becomes your primary home or second home, that’s ok! We’d love to have you as neighbors 🙂 Check out all our listings and contact us to let us know what we can do to help you find a home right here in Murphy NC.

Trout Fishing in Murphy NC and all of Cherokee County

Trout fishing is a big to-do in the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina. What better way to enjoy a day, eat well, and get some good outdoors??!! 😀

Trout Fish in Murphy NCHere in Murphy and Cherokee County, there is great fishing all around. There’s a lot of lake and river fishing as well, but this article is focused on trout fishing specifically. Thanks to our great Cherokee County Mapping Department, they have published the most popular trout waters map so you can see first hand some great spots to hit while you’re here. And we are sharing the map with you! Just click the link right below this to open, download, and print it for yourself.

Trout Waters in Cherokee County

And don’t forget, in North Carolina, you MUST having a fishing license to fish! Since rules, regulations, and license prices change over time, the best thing you can do is visit the North Carolina Wildlife Resources website or by pasting this link in your browser: http://www.ncwildlife.org/

The popular waters feature in the map are:

  • Shuler Creek
  • North Shoal Creek
  • Copper Creek
  • Bell Creek, Garrett Creek, and Cook Creek
  • Tellico River, Peckerwood Creek, and Tipton Creek
  • Beaverdam Creek
  • Little Creek
  • Dockery Creek and Bald Creek
  • Davis Creek
  • Hanging Dog Creek
  • Owl Creek
  • Hyatt Creek
  • Webb Creek
  • Junaluska Creek
  • Valley River
  • Hiwassee River
  • Nottley River
  • Persimmon Creek
  • South Shoal Creek

We hope you enjoy! 🙂

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NC State Record Striped Bass Fish Caught on Lake Hiwassee in Murphy NC

It’s official! The North Carolina state record has just been broken! Tyler Shields of Murphy NC just caught a 66.1 pound striped bass! It’s a HUGE fish at 47.5 inches long and a 35 inch girth. It was caught using 10 lb. test line with a Zoom worm! It’s quite an amazing story of a record caught right here on Lake Hiwassee. What’s even neater is the previous state record was set in 1991 with a 54.2 lb. fish also on Lake Hiwassee.

Congratulations Tyler!

To everyone else, happy fishing!

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Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Licenses in Murphy, North Carolina

Lots of folks like to hunt and fish when they come to Murphy, NC. With all the land, US Forest Service, and Lake Hiwassee around us, it gives you a lot of opportunity to find a great hunting or fishing spot and bag the animal you’re searching for.

North Carolina Wildlife Commission issues a wide variety of hunting and fishing licenses. The Sportsman’s license allows you to both hunt and fish most game. They offer excellent rates! And if you are retirement age, the price is dirt cheap. Here are the lifetime Sportsman hunting license rates in NC as of this writing for NC residents:

  • Ages 12 and older: $500
  •  Ages 1-11: $350
  •  Ages Under 1: $200
  •  Age 65 or Older: $15
  •  Disabled Veteran (50%+ disabled): $100
  •  Totally Disabled Person: $100

To learn more and verify up to date costs and requirements, you can visit the NC Wildlife Commission’s website at www.ncwildlife.org . There website is a huge resource with tons of information. You can verify current license costs under the main header, “Licensing.” You can even buy your license online!

Not a NC Resident and want to become one? Take advantage of our Real Estate offerings! We can help you buy your home in Murphy NC! Feel free to search our listings or real estate for sale, Search the entire Murphy NC MLS, or use our Dream Home Finder and let us do the work for you! Remember – we’re here for you!

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Lake Hiwassee in Murphy NC is now FULL!

WOW! I went by Lake Hiwassee today on the Hanging Dog side today looking at a few homes and the lake is FULL! Matter of a fact, it’s more than full!

Since Lake Hiwassee generates power from the hydroelectric dam controlled by the TVA, the water level drops in the fall through winter and into the early Spring. The TVA does it for flood control purposes. Then at this time of year, they raise it to enjoy all the recreation opportunities on the water like fishing, swimming, water skiing, and more!

We’ve got our boat at Duke’s Marina now, and I’m ready to spend some time out there! See you on the lake 😀

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Here’s what you can expect to find in the new version:

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  • Boating and Fishing
  • Camping and Hiking
  • ATVing
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  • Other activities and things to do
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The Nottley River of Murphy, North Carolina

The Nottley River  in Murphy, North Carolina is unique since it a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) river. It is small and very clean. Nottley Dam is about 4 miles upstream, and development on the river is well managed. This means muddy runoff is not a problem and quickly runs clean after a rain. Despite increasing population on much of the river, most of the riverfront property is amazingly private. It is a great river with lots of opportunity to fish, relax, and even invest in real estate right on the river itself.

Wildlife on Nottley River
Because of the stable climate in the Murphy, NC area,  wildlife is abundant along the banks of the Nottley River. [Click the link for information on each animal provided by Wikipedia]  Beaver and otter are seen in addition to raccoon, opossum, groundhog, turkey, and deer. A gorgeous selection of birds can be seen throughout the year. Indigo buntings stay all summer along with tiny hummingbirds. Goldfinches can be found all year long and put on a beautiful show. Titmouses, bluebirds, house finches, and wrens are here all year along with chickadees. There are many bright red cardinals, which also happen to be the state bird of North Carolina. There are also two kinds nuthatches. Junkos are a nice addition in the winer as well are the geese and ducks that fly into local lakes. There are red-breasted and pileated woodpeckers, and in May, there are even some migrating cedar waxwings.


Fishing on Nottley River

For the trout fisherman, the Nottley River has a special interest. It is not stocked, but supports quite a population of wild rainbow trout, which is unique to our area. The spawn is in April. Access to the river is limited and there is little to no pressure of over fishing. Significant hatches of small grey caddis (sizes 16-18) occur in March to April and caddis (all day) and baetis mayflies (sundown) hatch all summer. Use this link for details of water releases from the TVA dams.

What Creates the Nottley River?

The Nottley River flows from Lake Nottley, which is a dam controlled lake formed by the TVA. It flows roughly 40 miles and spills in to Lake Hiwassee in Murphy NC.Murphy NC Area River Basins

Chances of Flooding on the Nottley River

Since Nottley River is dam controlled by the TVA, the chances of flooding are virtually non-existent. It has had extensive flood studies on the surrounding land on the River, and the annual chance of flood hazard is 0.2% chance according to the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Information System. With less than a 1% chance of flooding, the Nottley River is a very safe river to own real estate on compared to many of the others.

Real Estate on Nottley River

There are a lot of opportunities to own both homes and land with Nottley River frontage. One of best aspects of Nottley is your river property actually runs to the centerline of the river – meaning you actually own part of the river itself.

We have a Nottley River Front development in Murphy NC with several river front lots and all interior lots have river access from the common area. We would be happy to search for both homes and land for you and email them directly to you. Please use our Murphy NC Dream Home Finder and we’ll do the work for you!

You are also welcome to use our Murphy NC and Cherokee County MLS Homes and Land Real Estate Search function to see what’s available right on your computer.

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Your Order’s Ready! Nottley River Lots Coming Right Up! – A previous post with some of this information