Propane Gas is the Fuel of Choice in Murphy NC

Propane fuel is certainly the fuel of choice here in Murphy, NC. Since we don’t have natural gas here, there is little good alternative. However, it is a very good option. There is a wide variety of propane companies here locally, so that gives you the ability to shop and get the best service for the best value.

Propane TankWhen it comes to buying or selling real estate, handling the propane is something you need to know how it’s done. Here are some quick tips, and at the bottom, we give our recommended list of propane companies.

When You Are Buying, there are a couple factors that you should consider:

  • If the propane tank is owned by the seller – this is not very common as most people lease. If it is owned, typically the propane tank is included with the purchase of your home unless specifically excluded. The gas, however, the seller has the option to sell back to a gas company if he or she so chooses. If they leave it after the closing, then it is yours to keep.
  • If the propane tank is leased by the seller – typically the buyer assumes the lease from the seller (which is usually on an annual basis). If there is any time left on the lease, that is often given as a gift. However, the seller also reserves the right to cap the tank and receive a refund for the remaining gas from the gas company. Or, if any gas is left after closing, then it is the buyer’s to keep. When the lease renews, you have the option to keep the existing company or choose another. If you don’t cancel the service, the company will presume you are keeping their service and mail you an invoice for tank rent.

When You Are Selling:

  • If you own the propane tank – the tank itself stays with the house. Any gas left in the tank becomes property of the buyer. You have the option to have a propane company remove the gas and pay you for it. That’s not very common as many sellers leave the fuel for the purchaser.
  • If you lease the tank – The buyer typically becomes responsible for tank rent after the new lease renews. You can have the gas company come prorate the propane by capping the tank and refunding you for any amount left in the tank. Many sellers choose to leave it since it is less hassle as many propane companies do not like to do this.

What is propane used for in Murphy NC? You commonly see it used for only a few things such as:

  • Gas log fireplaces
  • Heat pumps with propane secondary heat (not as common here as straight electric heat pumps)
  • Gas kitchen ranges / cook tops
  • Wall heaters
  • Water heaters (significantly less common here than electric water heaters)
  • Grills

Check out our Gotta Guy List for recommended propane companies! Scroll down to Gas Companies.

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