The 2015 Leaf-Peeping Season Promises Stunning Fall Colors in Murphy NC

Let’s face it: we live in a drop-dead-gorgeous part of the world. When you drive around Murphy NC, Western North Carolina, and North Georgia, the tree-covered mountains and valleys literally take your breath away. Of course, the landscape changes colors throughout the all parts of the year, except for our reliable evergreens. However, there’s nothing like the brilliance of Fall’s fireworks show of reds, yellows, oranges, and everything in between.

In late September, many deciduous trees’ leaves have already changed from a bright to a muted green shade. Next, the leaves turn a striking orange, yellow, or red color, depending on the tree species. That’s the result of fall’s cooler weather that causes the leaves’ chlorophyll to break down, allowing those other pigments to emerge. Because the leaves don’t all change color at once, our residents and visitors have the privilege of searching for the perfect fall colors for weeks on end.

So how does the 2015 Leaf-Peeping Season look? Well, the experts at Western Carolina University predict an absolutely brilliant fall leaf season full of colors this year. Because leaves are taking in less water through their roots, they’re more likely to produce those stunning red pigments. Add a generally quiet hurricane season, and we’ve got the setup for some fall foliage for the history books. Although they predicted this earlier, we are quite hopeful last week’s rains don’t disappoint the show.

So when can you see these beautiful fall leaves? At elevations above 4,500 feet, you’ll see peak colors during the first two weeks of October. If you plan a trip through the Cherohala Skyway in Graham County, or hike to Wayah Bald and Wine Spring Creek in Macon County, you’ll likely get frame-worthy pictures.

As fall marches on, look for mid-elevation trees (from 2,500-4,500 feet) to put on their showiest costumes. During the third week of October, visit viewing spots along U.S. Route 64 in Macon and Clay counties. Consider the Standing Indian and Shooting Creek areas. In Graham County, NC Routes 28 and 143 from Fontana Village to Stecoah Gap should provide spectacular views.

Lower-elevation viewing will be more spotty, but should include some mid-elevation tree species. During mid/late October (and even early November), you’ll probably find some nice colors while driving along Joe Brown Highway in Murphy, NC or U.S. Route 64 in Cherokee County and Clay County.

Of course, the best part of a leaf-peeping trip is getting yourself back in one piece. Keep yourself and your family safe by pulling off to overlooks for videos and selfies. We want to see you for next year’s leaf-peeping season!

And while you’re here, you may decide to call these mountains home! Whether it be part time or full time, we can help you find your home in the mountains. So feel free to search all the available listings for sale in Murphy NC and surrounding or contact us and we will get you the perfect spot! We love it when we have new neighbors and help other discover every amazing season the mountains have to offer.

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The Leaves are in PEAK Color for Fall in Murphy NC

Fall Colors in Murphy NCYes, this weekend will be the absolute peak of fall colors in Murphy NC. You see brilliant oranges and reds everywhere! It’s truly beautiful If you haven’t come to see them, jump in your car and enjoy the colors because if you miss it this weekend, you won’t see it!

This picture is one a good client and friend took while we were out looking at homes. It’s over in the Wolf Creek area and it’s truly bright and beautiful over there. The picture is pretty, but it doesn’t even begin to show how gorgeous it is in person. Enjoy!

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The Fall Captivates the Mountains of Murphy NC – An Article for The Cherokee Scout

Here’s the most recent article I wrote for The Cherokee Scout’s (our local newspaper) magazine, Country Roads. I hope you enjoy!

There is a time of year that is unlike any other. It’s a plethora of sensations which bring folks from thousands of miles away to enjoy everything Fall brings to us in the Mountains. It’s a blessing, no doubt, to have all the vibrant colors, smells, and the cool temperatures to embrace us this time of year. It’s just now barely beginning and we’ll have month or so to enjoy everything God gives us.

I absolutely love all the celebrations of Fall, and it’s not just me. Lots of people from our community come together and bring our famous festivals to life. There are many – such as the John C. Campbell Folk School’s Fall Festival which attracts thousands to their grounds with live dancing and music, excellent food, crafts and vendors galore, horseback riding, demonstrations, and an incredible amount more. Couple that with the Sorghum Festival in Blairsville, GA (only 15-20 minutes from Murphy), Wild Ramp Festival in Robbinsville, NC, the Pumpkin’ Chunkin’ in Hayesville, the Pumpkin Fest in Franklin, the RE/MAX Client Appreciation Picnic (of course it’s one of my favorites!), Halloween at Duke Street, and so much more. There are countless celebrations of every shape and size that make things so exciting.

Fall is not all about celebrations and activities. It’s about nature’s show of fireworks that marks the end of a season. The hardwoods combine to give us an exceedingly vibrant show of colors that’s arguably better than any man-made fireworks show ever seen. The maples are my favorite, and they burst with a radiant red that can’t be duplicated. Not to be outdone, the oaks, birch, gums, and all others combine in a blanket of color fit for a king.

There’s no doubt that this time of year brings folks to the mountains of North Carolina… and ultimately come to call it home. There are so many clients and friends we’ve met and had come to Murphy over the years. And when they come in the Fall, it truly mesmerizes them into buying a home and making the mountains their home. I’ve seen it happen time and again, and I must admit, I completely understand it because every year I look more forward to Fall than the year past – and this year is no exception.

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The Bright Leaves of Fall are in Full Swing in the Mountains of Murphy NC

Every year, the colors of the fall leaves bless the mountains with colors that only God’s creation can give. And it’s in full swing! I’m no scientific expert, but it appears to the me the colors are in full effect this weekend making one last final spectacle before the season is over. They’ll continue to linger for a week or more, and this weekend marks the pinnacle of yellows, reds, oranges, pinks – you name it.

If you haven’t been to the mountains of Murphy, NC to enjoy the Fall season, you’d better get here quick for the 2010 Leaf Season.

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Winter – the Best Time to Sell Real Estate in Murphy NC

“I’ll wait till the Spring to sell my property, then I’ll do it.” I hear this rather frequently. It’s as though the spring season sells real estate itself.

Mountain Cabin House in SnowThe upcoming winter wonder land will do a lot for us – it will bring about three of my personal favorite holidays. It will unite family members who haven’t seen each other in far too long. It’ll bring warm cups of marshmallow embedded cocoa around warm, crackling fireplaces. Yes, winter brings people together in ways no other season can. It also sells real estate.

Contrary to an incorrect popular belief, real estate sells well in Murphy, North Carolina in the middle of winter. Why or how you might ask? First my experience then facts.

I’ll let you in on a privy secret. Yes, buyer volume decreases slightly in winter. However, the buyer quality skyrockets. Buyers become more willing and dedicated to finding the home or land they want to purchase. Although I can’t explain it, it is certainly true. The best I can think of it is if someone travels all the way to Murphy to look at real estate while it’s cold outside, they certainly want to find their parcel. Not only that, the cat is out of the bag. Winter is one of the best times to buy. You can see the way land lays, the neighbors and surrounding land, and even the potential views the property has. Winter truly reveals more about the property than Spring or Summer could even dream of.

Now for the facts. The first quarter of 2008 produced outstanding results. In fact 19 homes and 20 parcels of land sold per month – that’s 39 properties sold each and every month, in the dead of winter! When an average of 1.3 properties are selling per day, that’s really good by pessimist’s standards. 39 property owners went against popular belief and fully succeeded in selling their property – why would you want to miss that opportunity?

Couple 1.3 sales per day with the reality that winter is when folks coming in Spring begin their research. They begin compiling the list of homes and land for sale they want to see in person when they get here. I’ve had buyers watch a house for months eagerly awaiting to see it! If your property is actively advertised during that time, you get the exposure to those “Springers” you would otherwise miss.

Truth is, now is an extraordinary time to list and sell your property. If you want to find out what your property’s value is in today’s market, call The POLTROCK TEAM or your Realtor today. While those who believe winter is a bad time, you can capitalize on their popular belief. While they’re missing a huge opportunity, you can seize the moment.

Want to Sell Your Home or Land in Murphy NC or Cherokee County NC? CONTACT The POLTROCK TEAM Today!

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Fall and Festivals Fortify Real Estate in Murphy NC

Fall is arguably the greatest season of the year here in the mountains of Murphy, NC. All the features we love about the mountains stand out in the most spectacular pageant of beauty. It brings about feelings that last not only a single season, but lasts a lifetime and is passed on through generations. The mountainsides boast a plethora of brilliant yellows, reds, oranges, and so many more. My personal favorite, the maple’s dramatic red stands out proudly from all the other colors.

The spectacular weather, cool evenings, and change of the leaves bring about many festivals to celebrate all the blessings Western North Carolina boasts. John C. Campbell Folk School has their famous festival, we have our RE/MAX Client Appreciation Party, and the annual Harvest Festival are just a few of the celebrations that we enjoy every year.

Thousands of people from all over the United States rightfully come to celebrate our natural beauty and bring their friends and family. Many of the thousands not only want to come once a year, they dream of living here. Folks have dreams of vacation homes to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life. Some dream of buying a home here and truly making the mountains home. Others dream of land to one day build a retirement home. No matter the situation or the dream, the mountains spur a deep longing to make the Appalachian Mountains home. And while some may not be in a position to pursue their dreams right away, the longing to be here tends to get in the soul and never leaves.

We’re fortunate in our business to be able to help many people turn their dreams into reality. With our Client Appreciation Picnic on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to thank you all – our clients, vendors, professionals, agents, attorneys, helpers, and so many more that I could never list everyone. Working together, we have made the dreams of many come true. Thank you.

Looking forward, we are excited to know there are many new relationships to be created, houses to become home, land to fulfill a desire. 2009 is proving to be a great year and we can all look forward to more.

If you are looking to buy a home or parcel of land, we’d love to have the privilege to work for you and make your dreams become reality. If you’re looking to sell your property and need a buyer who will love your home or parcel as you do, we’d love to work for you and get the job done. Please contact us however is convenient for you. We’re looking forward to it.

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Read about the 2009 Fall Festival at the John C Campbell Folk School

Fall is the time for Food, Fun, Frolicking! And Real Estate!

Fall is in the air!  You can most defiantly tell with the trees starting to turn in the higher elevations, cool crisp mornings and to die for evenings.  I think Fall is my favorite time of the year. Pumpkins, mums, pansies, Halloween, trees and festivals are just a few reason why.  If you check out the mountains in the Fall you will need to bring a light weight coat or sweater.  Jeans or shorts are fine and short sleeves are great during the day.  Temperatures range from 50’s in the morning and low 80’s to mid 70’s during the day.  Make sure you bring some walking shoes or boots because you will most defiantly want to take a walk…it is so beautiful in the Blue Ridge / Smokey Mountains! We love going to all the festivals in the area and surround counties.

Here are some of the best festivals that you need to check out when you come to Murphy, North Carolina in the Fall.


54th Annual Macon County Fair. Macon County Fair Grounds, Hwy 441S. Contact 828-524-3267. Franklin North Carolina

Valley River Mountain FestivalAndrews NC
Sponsored by Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters in Andrews. An all day event consisting of a bike race, a 5k run, all sorts of sport competitions, skeet, archery, games, food and bluegrass. Call 828-321-2210 for more information.

Kid’s FairMurphy, NC
Will be held in the Konehete Park from 10 am-2pm. For more information call Jill Thistle at Family Resources: 828-837-3460.


35th Annual Fall FestivalMurphy, NC
Held at the John C. Campbell Folk School from 10 am-5pm at the school campus. Featuring the craft of 200 craftspeople, continuous music and dance performances on two stages of old time, bluegrass, folk, and gospel styles. More than 40 craft-making demonstrations including a Mountain Life area, food, kid’s activities and much more. 828-837-2775, 800-365-5724 or

Jeep Jamboree
Will be held in Murphy. Registration will be held at the Rock Gym Thursday evening. Friday dinner will be catered by the Foster Sisters at their new barn facility. Saturday dinner will be at the John C. Campbell Folk School. Visit their website:

Fall Festival – Georgia Mountain Fair

1311 Music Hall Rd.
Hiawassee, GA30546
Location: Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds
Contact: Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds
Phone: 706-896-4191
Cost: $9.00 per person – Children under 10 free
Description: With its mild temperatures and beautiful scenery there is no better place to be than the North Georgia Mountains in the fall. Each October, the 10-day event features exciting musical performances, educational demonstrations, a flower show and the ever-popular Georgia’s Official State Fiddlers’ Convention. Parking $2.00


16th Annual Smoky Mountain Art & Craft Fest will be held from 10am to 5pm daily at the Macon County Fair Grounds/Franklin, NC – featuring 80 of the finest and most unique Artisans ; live music; great food & over 100 free door prizes donated by the Artists and Crafters. Contact Laurie Keneipp for additional information at 828-524-6630.


Sorghum Festival At Meeks Park-Blaisville, GA

Time: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Event Description

Celebrate the Art of Sorghum Syrup Making!  Activities include Arts & Crafts, Syrup Making, Greased Pole Climbin’, Log Sawin’, “Baccor” Spitin’, Rock Throwin’, Live Music,
Face Painting and Food
Other festivities include:
Saturday,Oct.11th 9:00a.m – 5:00p.m. Sorghum Parade @ 11:00 (downtown)
Sunday, Oct.12th, 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. Sorghum Events
Saturday, Oct.18th gates open 9:00a.m.- 5:00p.m.
Car & Motorcycle Show – TBA

Sunday, Oct. 19th,  9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. Sorghum Events


12th Annual Pumpkin FestFranklin – Hayrides from East Franklin Shopping Center from 3pm – 6pm, After School Treats for the kids in East Franklin Shopping Center from 3pm – 5pm. Saturday, 10/25 Street festival along Main Street with crafters, Famous Pumpkin Roll, Live Music all day, Pie Eating Contest, Games, Costume Contest and Parade along with Food. 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sponsored by the Town of Franklin, Franklin Main Street Program and Franklin Tourism Development Committee. Contact 828-524-0476.

Here are some of the more popular Fall Festivals in and around the neighboring counties!  I got the info from the county commerce sites.  There are more activities located on the sites…you should check them out if you are going to be in the area. The county commerce sites are so helpful and loaded with information!

Cherokee County- Murphy, Andrews and Brasstown

Union County- Blairsville GA

Towns County- Hiawassee and Young Harris GA

Macon County- Franklin NC


John C. Campbell Folk School Fall Festival 2008 in Murphy, NC

Cool weather, falling leaves, and festivals means it is October and that Fall is in full swing here in Murphy, North Carolina!

Last weekend we went to the John C Campbell Folk School‘s Fall Festival here in Murphy, NC / Brasstown, NC. It was perfect weather! Despite gas shortages throughout much of the southeast, 1,000’s of people made their way to come visit the festivities that were wide open all weekend.

Jessica, Katie, and I had a great time walking around, visiting all the different booths, the live music, riding horses (well, Katie did!), eating, and seeing tons of people we haven’t seen in a while! The best part is seeing the truly talented vendors selling everything from their soaps, trinkets, and my personal favorite, photographs.

This year’s Fall Festival was great and we look forward to next year’s!

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