The Wildlife of Murphy NC

When you come to Murphy NC, it’s common to wonder, “what kind of wildlife will I see?” It’s a great question and our area offers some wonderful wildlife.

Elk in the Smoky MountainsThe Famous: Yes, we have elk that are famous. Introduced in 2001, the National Park Service brought 25 elk to their new home in the Great Smoky Mountains. Later in 2002, another 27 were introduced. Today, there are an estimated 150-200 animals that are great to watch – and impressive to say the least. They’re herd animals always on the move and are never more than a short trip away and are commonly just North of Cherokee.

The Common: Our most common large animals you’ll see in your yard if your blessed enough to own a home in Murphy NC are deer and turkey. Many folks feed their deer and turkey in their back yard. Bucks, does, hens, and toms are great to watch and truly give you peace when you watch them.

The Small: We have the usual suspects like squirrel, raccoons, possums (who are made famous at Clay Logan’s Brasstown NC Possum Drop) , chipmunks, ground hog,  and a few others.

Are there bear in Murphy NC? Yes! There are. I’ve been here for 10 years and only seen two for a very brief moment. Jessica, my wife, is born and raised right here in Murphy and she doesn’t recall even seeing one! The fact is, you have little to concern yourself with. You’ll virtually never see them unless you go looking for them. Black bears are largely shy and do not want to be concerned with people. You’re more likely to see them as cabin decorations than to see them in real life.

What else could I see in Murphy NC? You can even find coyotes, bobcat, fox, swine, ground hog, skunk, and wolf (if you’re lucky! They’re endangered). All these are a rare treat to see.

Think you’ll enjoy the wildlife? We do! Want to own a home in the mountains of Murphy NC? We can help! Search our listings or contact us and let us know what we can do to help. Feel free to call – we’re here for you.

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