The Poltrock Team’s SOLD Real Estate Market Update for Murphy NC – Mid January 2010 Edition

Holy cow it’s hard to believe it’s already 2010 and January is flying by. With that said, there’s lots of great things going on in Murphy NC real estate right now. In fact, for number nerds out there like me, you’ll love this edition of our real estate market update. For those of you who want the information quick and conveniently, I’ll give you a fast summary before I get to all the dirty details of what happened. As always, you’ll be able to click the links below to see what real estate has sold, for how much, pictures, and much more!

2009 has proven to be a great year for improvements here in Cherokee County. In fact, 2009 has all the indicators that the market is improving and is doing all the right things. I’ll follow with more detail later, but overall in comparison with 2008, 2009 had more sales, properties sold faster, and the amount of properties available for sale was less. These three items are absolutely essential to stabilizing a real estate market, and that’s exactly what has happened. I believe with every bone in my body than 2010 will be even better than 2009. I’m expecting great things.

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Now on to the facts of the real estate market – no fluff, no bull, just facts. Forget what you hear on the radio, watch on the TV, or read on 2010 - Year of Growth!!!the internet. Here’s statistical facts of what happened in 2009 vs. 2008.

Residential Properties (Homes)

  • Sales increased every single quarter excluding Q1 (first quarter). In fact Q4 (fourth quarter, and so forth) saw an astounding increase in value of 53% over 2008! That’s impressive by anyone’s standards and indicates buyers are becoming more willing to buy, which is the most important factor.
  • The supply of homes decreased every single quarter across the board. The less supply there is on the market, the more demand will go up.
  • Days on Market for sold properties decreased in every quarter, which means homes sold faster than in 2008.
  • Average Home Selling Prices decreased every quarter. The average price of homes selling in Cherokee County fell every quarter indicating prices have fallen and buyer’s price bracket/comfort zone has shifted lower in 2009.
  • The list to sale price ratio held steady. The average home sold for 90-92% of list price in 2008 and 2009. This is a solid number when many real estate markets across the country fell significantly below our range.


  • Volume had mixed results. Half the year was up from 2008 in number of transactions, half the year was down. Q1 represented the worst quarter in land transactions we’ve seen averaging a mere 7 transactions per month. Once Q2 hit, transactions jumped back into double digits with similar results the rest of the year.
  • Like homes, the supply of land decreased every single quarter across the board. The less supply there is on the market, the more demand will go up.
  • Again like homes, the Average Land Selling Prices decreased every quarter. The average price of land selling in Cherokee County fell every quarter indicating prices have fallen, and for land, they have. There are more than 2,000 parcels of land for sale in Cherokee County, and prices must be aggressive to get them sold.
  • The Average Days on Market fell in every quarter except Q3. We believe this was caused because of land prices falling and property owners realizing the trend dropped some prices and caused buyers to snatch them up faster than before. This is a great thing – they’re selling!

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January has only 4 sales recorded on the MLS system as of today. With that said, I know there is a lot of real estate pending right now. Every RE/MAX Realtor in Murphy is experiencing quite a busy month. There’s a lot of people planning to come in the Spring! Right now we are doing a lot of prospecting to get them here so they can find the property they want to buy. There’s a lot of buyers on the sidelines looking to get in to the market!

For all of you who helped make 2009 a great year, Thank You. Without you, our business doesn’t exist. I know 2010 will be an outstanding year and am looking forward to it. In fact we’ve set our goals at twice that of 2009 – a rather lofty undertaking. We will do it and with your help! If there’s anything we can do for you, or if you have any referrals who need real estate help, please give us a call. As you know, we’re never too busy for your business.

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Sold Real Estate Market Update for Murphy NC – Homes and Land

This month’s real estate update should be rather enlightening, especially since we are applying new approach to tracking the market. We hope that in addition to traditional statistics, this method will help us identify trends and find “holes” in the markets. To top it off, we’ve been working to have our Bi-Weekly Update published in the Cherokee Scout, Murphy’s leading newspaper. We hope to have this edition published in next week’s paper, so keep an eye out for it!

             The real estate market here in Murphy NC has been showing some strong underlying fundamentals while some elements many people consider “important” have declined. Here’s what that means: most people look to prices and volume of real estate to determine how strong a market is. While both are very important elements, others are equally important and never discussed. When the market began to shift, one of the key indicators it was happening were the Days on Market. Days on market for homes has evidently peaked out spiking as high as 309 days this year alone. Those have been trending downward significantly and have entered the 100 day range several times this year – in fact, this past month’s average has been a mere 177 days to sell a home.

            Volume has been holding steady with first quarter average sales being 17 sales per month and second quarter bringing 21 per month. During this third quarter, we’re currently at 19 sales per month, so the market is continuing to hold ground on volume. This is a great sign! It indicates we’re leveling off and buyers are continuing to hold faith – and they should!

            Price is often one of the most important issues people deal with in the real estate market. Although very important to buyers and sellers alike, it is not a key issue statistically as supply and demand reign supreme and ultimately determines the price of a home. It is of the utmost importance for your property when selling it to pay attention to the laws of supply and demand. It determines the amount of showing activity which in turn can determine contract activity. Generally, you should be averaging between 8-12 showings in a 45-60 day period, and if you’re not, the market is likely indicating your property is overpriced. If you feel your property might be experiencing this issue, please let us know and we will tackle this issue head on to find out what the concern is and correct it. 

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We continue to work harder than ever to get your property the proper exposure and get it sold. We’ve found more success and sales even in this market because we strive to expose your property to the world so buyers can find it and to make you the most appealing and competitive property in the market. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve you and are there to help you in any way we can! Please email or call us if you have any questions or if we can do something to help you.

 With that said, we wish you a wonderful weekend. If we can help you or someone you know with their real estate needs, it will be a privilege for us to serve them. We’d love to take great care of them and thank you for all your referrals.

July’s SOLD Real Estate Market Update Report for Murphy NC

Good afternoon! 2009 is proving to be a beautiful summer. Lake Hiwassee is full; the weather has been great here in Murphy. Its summer and a great one at that!

All that good weather is bringing lots and lots of travelers. Driving down 64/74 (the 4 Lane as we call it), there’s tons of traffic and lots of out-of-state license plates. Tourism is great this year! Our new cabin rental company, Mountain Country Cabin Rentals, is experiencing a very good volume of renters and has several spectacular homes for rent. This is great because it means FOLKS ARE IN MURPHY!

Real estate sales volume has been holding very level this year and continues to do so. In the past two weeks, there have been 13 properties to close and an amazing 26 to go under contract. Almost one a day! If you remember from our Sold Update before July 4th, we’re down 4 closings over the past two weeks. Even down a fuzz, the great thing is that you cannot believe the hear-say. Real estate is selling.

Showings have been amazing. There are a lot of our RE/MAX agents and agents in other real estate offices burning up the roads showing homes and land. Every time I check the volume of showings on our listings, I’m pleasantly surprised at the amount of times homes have been shown. If market confidence will continue to increase, the sheer amount of showings will turn into some serious closings.

With that said, summer is getting close to being over. This year, the first day of Fall is September 22nd. That means the highest volume time of real estate selling is coming close to a close. It is proving to be very important to have your home or land well presented, priced aggressively in the marketplace, and to have exceptional marketing of it in place. 

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            Of the ten homes that sold, here are some interesting market averages you should know.

  • $185,957 – The average listing price of homes
  • $167,414 – The average SOLD price of homes
  • 92.61% – The list to sell ratio – in other words, what percentage the house sold for compared to the original listing price
  • 102 – Average days on market before selling – WOW! Now that’s good! 

            It is very important at this time of the year to make sure your property is presented properly and aggressively marketed for the buyers who are out there. Your property can be on the SOLD list, and you need professional advice and marketing to get it done. Give us a call and it is our privilege to help you sell your property. If you already have a Realtor you know and trust, call them! If you’re looking to sell your home, there’s no better time than right now to do it. A professional Realtor can take these statistics and sold properties and tell you what you can expect from your property in today’s real estate market.

Written By: John Poltrock with The POLTROCK TEAM at RE/MAX Mountain Properties. You can get the results you deserve by contacting him at or by calling toll free 1-866-687-7496

February 27th Murphy NC Real Estate Market Update and Report

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! We hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned – and hopefully it won’t be rainy! It’s scheduled to be an 80% chance of raining all weekend here in Murphy!

 There’s a lot of activity and bustle in the real estate world right now! The Cherokee Hills Golf Course is on schedule to be bought by FJ Investments and totally renovated. It is scheduled to close mid-March, which is just around the corner! Frank Johnson (the sole owner of FJ Investments) is in our office practically everyday making plans, scheduling, and all that goes along with his new project. That will create a lot of jobs and excitement in our area!

 On to real world real estate! The average sales price of homes for the past 14 days is at $169,167 with an average days on market of 181 days! NICE! Days on market appears to be falling a bit with the past few closings (the past 30 days has averaged 198- the lowest we’ve seen including all of last year).

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the sold properties for the past 14 Days.
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Of those homes sold, there’s an astounding 4 that were foreclosures, which (to the best of my knowledge) makes the highest record of foreclosures sold in this time frame. There’s a lot of opportunity for buyers out right now! There’s no doubt about it, it’s very important for sellers to price their property accordingly to combat the constant challenge of increasing foreclosure inventory. Thankfully we’re no saturated with them!

If there’s anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know! We’re in business for you and are very thankful for you! We’d be happy to answer questions or concerns you may have and/or make changes to your listing whether it be pricing or another strategy.

 Have a blessed and safe weekend!

 John Poltrock

RE/MAX Mountain Properties
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State of the Market Address – Cherokee County Market Report

So far this year, we have been in the seasonal slow-down that affects our market mostly in January, February, March, and the beginning of April. With that said, sales traditionally drop to half or less of what the normal season is.

This year is no different than any other. The sales in all of Cherokee County (including Murphy, Andrews, Ranger, Hiwassee Dam, Hanging Dog, Marble, and other communities in Cherokee) have taken a toll, but have seen a 31% increase since the beginning of January – not bad when it’s 31 degrees outside today! 

Here are some market numbers that you would want to know. If you have any questions as to the meaning of these numbers, please feel free to ask.

  • These numbers are over the past month
    • 21 Homes have closed
    • $60,000 – Lowest residential sale
    • $155,000 – Average residential sale
    • 245,000 – Highest residential sale
    • 90.15% – Average list to sell ratio
    • 203 – Average days on the market
  • These number are averaged out over the past 4 months to show a "trailing" average
    • 26.5 Homes have closed
    • $187,020 – Average Residential Sale
    • 93.28% – Average list to sell ratio
    • 219 – Average days on market
  • These numbers are for land over the past month – this includes everything from lots to large acreage
    • 21 Land tracts have closed
    • $74,805 – Average land sale
    • 79.9% Average list to sale ratio
    • 213 – Average days on market

These numbers will become more and more useful – especially when they are reviewed from a quarterly and greater basis.

How does this relate to you, your property, and your plans? Ask! Tell us your situation and we will be happy to translate these raw numbers to what they will mean in your particular situation. Then when you’re ready, list with the best and you’ll sell before the rest!

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