The Culberson Community of Murphy NC

The Culberson Community of Murphy NC is mostly known today for its small post office, Spur 60 (the 4 lane road running from GA to 64), and being the first community you come to in North Carolina from Georgia on Spur 60.

It’s interesting if you read the history books because in the late 1800’s, Culberson was far more commercially advanced than was Murphy. The railroad came to Culberson in 1887 from Marietta, Georgia. At that time, all the roads were unpaved and it would take a full day’s travel to get to Murphy, so it wasn’t as commercially viable at the time. Culberson was quite literally Cherokee County’s link to the outside world.

There were several stores that began there, along with a hotel (known as the Anderson Hotel), a warehouse, and even a distillery were part of the businesses being operated in Culberson as a result of the railroad. It was an incorporated town that even had a mayor!

It’s glory didn’t last long because the railroad to Murphy was completed in 1888 linking Murphy to both Knoxville and Atlanta. Once that happened, most of the commerce in the county was diverted to Murphy thus resulting in Culberson’s decline.

It’s interesting that Culberson has such a rich history, and it had the first opportunity in Cherokee County for commercial growth. Some things simply aren’t meant to be and now Culberson is known for its gentle laying land. It even has the Nottley River stroll right through it where you can enjoy some trout fishing 😉

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Culberson Community in Murphy NC

Culberson Community is residential area in Murphy, North Carolina. In fact, it’s largest landmark is a small, humble US Post Office. It only acts as a place to drop mail, have PO Boxes, and purchase stamps/send packages.

Culberson is full of old homes and homesites  on the main road that have been home for local families for generations. In a few cases, you can find old dilapidated homes that have been neglected for years that were once home to a family. If those walls could talk, we’d learn a lot!

Because of its small size, it has only a handful of developments and Turkey Creek is one of them.

Culberson is located just barely North of the Georgia line in North Carolina.  It’s main road is Spur 60 – a four lane road with a left turn lane in the center. There are many side streets of off their such as Shady Grove Road, Culberson Road, Nicholson Road, Raper Road (named after a local family name), and several others.

Culberson has the beautiful Nottley River that runs through much of it. It’s low terrain offers many great places for pasture, cattle, flat land, and even homes with real yards. There are very few true “mountains” here that offer views and high elevations, which some folks certainly are not looking for. If you’re looking for something gentle that’s not hanging off the side of the mountain, Culberson has some really good opportunities to buy real estate.

Culberson has a great location with quick proximity to both Murphy NC and Blue Ridge, GA. Headed South, Spur 60 ties into Mineral Bluff, GA and ultimately Blue Ridge. Headed North, Spur 60 leads you right to the main road through Cherokee County – Highway 64/74.

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The Nottley River flows from Lake Nottley (formed by the TVA, or Tennessee Valley Authority) about 40 miles to flow into the Hiwassee Reservoir[wikipedia], better known as the Lake Hiwassee here. It has wonderful trout fishing and is simply a scenic river to watch!

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