Fast, Efficient, and Professional is The Poltrock Team!

From the first visit to “our” home in Murphy NC to the closing was only 5 weeks!  Mike and I were impressed that Donna Srabian always followed up and did what she said she would do. We know she had other clients and was very busy, but she made us feel that we were the only and most important to her.

Donna is fast, efficient, and professional.  She talks fast, thinks fast and has a good sense of humor.  And, she can still drive the car and find her way around the mountains at the same time.

After the closing, she gave us a plaque with a John Muir quote.  The plaque is appreciated and will be displayed prominently.  It is also a reminder of the woman who took us to our new home.

PS – Donna continues to be helpful to us as we set up our new cabin. Thank you!

Joan and Mike Boedy
Ocala, FL

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The Most Enjoyable & The Smoothest Selling Experience I’ve Had!

I learned about The Poltrock Team through a mailing they sent to me, TP photo2and I decided to work with them because of their professionalism.  The Poltrock Team made this the most enjoyable and the smoothest house selling experience I’ve had (and I’m selling 7 homes!).  Because of GREAT communication and practical advice, I was able to get more money than I was asking and a QUICK closing!!

The most helpful thing John Poltrock did was recommend a great contractor to take care of some issues I had in my basement. He got someone for me and I didn’t have to worry about it any more!

John went above and beyond the call of duty to take care of EVERYTHING!

Pinky Roberts
Lee, FL

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Murphy NC Real Estate Closings – NC is an Attorney State, Sorry Title Companies!

Real estate closings are always a lot of fun and an exciting time in Murphy NC! It means a buyer, and a seller, have come together to meet a common goal. Part of the closing is have the title work done on the property’s title to ensure it is free of liens, encumbrances, and other issues that could negatively affect the new owner. In North Carolina, that’s where attorneys, not title companies, come in.

With so many folks buying land and homes here in Murphy NC that aren’t from here, they aren’t used to this. Many other states in the US operate their closings with a title company and no independent attorney is involved. However in North Carolina, this is not the case. North Carolina has a law that all real estate closings must take place with a North Carolina licensed attorney.


Many folks hear they have to use an attorney and automatically assume that means a huge bill at closing. That’s not the case! Because using an attorney is the norm in NC, attorneys are reasonably priced because they all ultimately compete for the business. That makes it extremely affordable, and in my opinion, better. You have a trained eye with years of experience and even more years of education on your side to make certain the seller conveys clear title and the buyer receives it. Not only that, from folks I have spoken with who use title insurance companies for closings, the cost is almost identical.

Title Companies are STILL Involved

Even though North Carolina is an attorney state, the title company plays a pivotal role in the closing. The attorney submits the title work to the title company so the property can receive title insurance. The title company then AGAIN reviews the title to make sure there are no major issues that jump out at them and then issue the title insurance policy protecting the buyer’s interests in the property.

Are you looking for a good real estate attorney?

Then Fear Not! We use many extremely good real estate attorneys here locally in Murphy NC. If you’re looking for a good one, CLICK HERE to see our Gotta Guy List that has our recommended contractors and businesses here in Murphy NC. Scroll to down to the “Attorney – Real Estate” category, and choose!

Need a good real estate agent to get you to the closing where you’ll need an attorney?

Look no further! The Poltrock Team will make certain you are well taken care of 🙂 You can even see the experiences other real estate buyer and sellers have had in working with us by checking out our Testimonials to The Poltrock Team at REMAX of Murphy NC. You can call us or use our online SELL MY REAL ESTATE form or FIND MY DREAM HOME form and we’ll get to work for you right away!

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Thanks for Getting our Land SOLD in Murphy NC!


Thank you for getting our land sold for us! Your hard work made everything run so smoothly that we didn’t even need to be there or come up, even for the closing! You were very confident in handling the transaction for us and informing us what was going on with the real estate market and on the status of our deal. I wish we had more property to sell with you because we would certainly use you and your wonderful wife again!

Mike and Valinda Hodge
Sebring, FL

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Why it’s important to buy land for sale with a septic permit in Murphy NC


When you’re looking to buy real estate in the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina, flushing your toilet isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind – and it should be. Well, maybe not the very first thing, but it’s high on the list. The land your searching for should either have a valid septic permit on file or your contract should be contingent on buying it with a septic permit prior to closing.


Buying land without a septic permit in the mountains is like going to Vegas and tossing the dice with $20,000 or more – the only difference is the odds are in your favor. More than likely, your parcel of land you want to buy will get a septic permit. Odds are you’ll have no problem. BUT if you end rolling the dice and you can’t get a septic permit, you just lost tens of thousands of dollars. All of a sudden, your only buyer pool is an adjoining neighbor who wants it for privacy – and they don’t pay.

When you’re buying your parcel of land in the mountains, be certain to get a septic permit. If it doesn’t, make your contract contingent on it and INVEST the extra $600 it costs in your peace of mind. The Cherokee County Health Department will be more than happy to trade you $600 for that little pink septic permit that’ll let you know you’re getting the deal you want, and if they can’t, you’ll be glad you’re only out $600 bucks.

Read this article to find out how much different kinds of septic systems cost in Murphy NC.

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