Chaco Footwear is a Comfortable Way to Enjoy the Mountains of Murphy NC

Whether you are hitting the trail, enjoying Hiawassee Lake or one of the three rivers in the area, something as simple as the shoes on your feet make a major difference. It’s not always about real estate in the mountains for us – comfort is paramount. If I had the choice, I would wear flip flops daily! It’s not uncommon to see me walking around RE/MAX in flip flops when I don’t have meetings 😀 And there’s no doubt about it – Chaco is my first choice. This is kind of funny for a real estate posting, however, I had a great experience with Chaco and wanted to share.

My New Flips from Chaco
My New Flips from Chaco

I have have multiple pairs of Chacos:

  • Z1 sandals which are the tough sandals with boot-like Vibram soles that are perfect for hiking, kayaking, and all the awesome things to do in Murphy NC. They’re great because they float in water so if you accidentally loose a shoe canoeing down the lake, no worries – it’ll be there waiting on you to retrieve it.
  • Flips which is their version of a flip-flop that does “flop” when you walk. I have both the leather and rubber styles.

Chaco just replaced my Flips which the toe strap separated from the shoe. It was a great experience where the representative called me, asked me what I wanted, and gave it to me!

It’s a interesting world – at my office, we strive to provide our customer and clients with exactly what they want. However, it seems that is no longer the norm when it comes to customer service! I was pleasantly surprised to have a great experience with the folks at Chaco. I highly recommend them so check them out at And when it comes to real estate, contact the Poltrock Team  😉

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