Gardens in Murphy NC

Gardens are a large part of Appalachian culture. Families have grown large gardens for generations because the mountains are not known for enormous farms like much of the South, but more subsistence style farming. Gardens continue that tradition today.

Gardening in Murphy NCNo longer out of need in most cases, folks plant their own gardens and enjoy the fruits of their labor with fresh vegetables and even some fruits. Most common here in the mountains of Murphy NC are your typical suspects such as corn, beans, cabbage, squash, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, blackberries, apples, and much more. According to the North Carolina Extension Office, our average growing season here in the Murphy and Andrews area is 159 days, giving you the perfect opportunity to grow lots of goodies 🙂

Things link canning, freezing, drying, and much more are ways you can enjoy fresh vegetables are year around. The wonderful thing about real estate in the mountains that if you want to have your own garden, we can help you find a home that has the perfect place to grow your own garden! Just let us know its something you want to do, and we’ll take care of the rest!

If you would like more information on gardening in the mountains of Murphy and Andrews, you can call our local NC Extension Office at 828-837-2917. The folks there are a tremendous help!

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High Mountain Elevation and Peaks of Cherokee County and Murphy, North Carolina NC

Mountain View of the Appalachian Mountain RangeThe mountains of Murphy, North Carolina yield spectacular mountain views that can leave any mountain lover in sheer awe. In fact, I don’t think you can ever grow tired of the mountain views that God has blessed Western North Carolina with. We are asked a lot of questions about the elevations here, and here are some answers to the many questions we receive. If you have more, please be sure to email me at and we’ll help you any way we can.

Where is Murphy in relation to the North Carolina Mountains? Cherokee County is the westernmost county in North Carolina and has wide range of elevations. Murphy boasts the Appalachian Mountains and all the beauty they offer.

What’s the elevation of Murphy NC itself? Downtown Murphy is at one of the lowest elevations in the county at 1,600 feet. It is actually situated right by Hiwassee and Valley Rivers.

What’s the highest elevation? They highest part of the county is at two different points at 5,040 feet at the corners of Cherokee, Clay, and Macon counties and at the Cherokee, Graham, and Tennessee line. Many of the extremely high summits like these are part of US Forest Service Land.

At what elevation can I get great mountain views? This is a bit of a loaded question. There are SPECTACULAR mountain views at 2,000 feet. You can see for miles and in many cases see into Georgia and/or Tennessee at 2,000 feet. Anything above that is one of the greatest icings on the cake. Are you looking for properties that have great mountain views? Search our listings, the entire Murphy NC MLS System, or use our Dream Home Finder and we’ll send you the properties that fit your wishlist!

I don’t want to be at the top of the mountain – but I want views. What can I do? If you don’t want to be on a steep mountain, fear not! We can certainly find you a property that is lower elevation looking out at the mountains. That’s the beauty of Murphy – we’ve got views like this too!

Where can I find a map of the elevations in Murphy NC? We are blessed with a great mapping department. You can view and download the map of “Predominant Summits” in Cherokee County and Murphy NC by clicking the link. It’s a large PDF file at almost 20 MB, so please be patient during the download. I can assure you it’s worth the wait!

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