How to Get the Maximum Value from Your Real Estate Experience

Preparing to buy or sell a Murphy, North Carolina home is an exciting proposition. You’re ready to progress to another chapter in your life, and you’d like the entire process to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Naturally, your realtor also wants you to have a good home-buying or home-selling experience.

To realize the best outcome, do your homework before you first meet with the realtor. Do some research, gather documents if needed, and generally “get your ducks in a row.”

When you take time to do that, your realtor can do the most effective job in the timeliest fashion. Whether you’re buying or selling, here are some valuable tips that will help you enjoy a good real estate experience. Continue reading “How to Get the Maximum Value from Your Real Estate Experience”

Clients Enjoy Excellent Real Estate Experience in Selling Murphy, NC Home

After owning our Murphy, North Carolina home for some time, we decided to pass the property to a new owner. We began searching for a successful realtor to help us accomplish our goal.

We found out about The Poltrock Team because they have billboards all over town. After we spoke with John Poltrock, we decided to work with the team to sell our mountain home.

As our real estate transaction began, The Poltrock Team’s Listing Coordinator efficiently handled the paperwork. Our home received professionally taken photographs, helping it to stand out among the MLS listings.

Our real estate agent found us a buyer, and we enjoyed a smooth closing. Throughout the process of selling our home, we found The Poltrock Team’s attention to detail very helpful.

Overall, we had an excellent real estate experience. We would rate The Poltrock Team a “10” for their outstanding client service. We would absolutely work with them in buying a home or selling a home in the future.

Joan Newell and Kathy Frymire

The Villages, FL

Seller Enjoys “Altogether Positive Experience” in Selling Murphy, NC Home

I had owned my Murphy, North Carolina home for several years. When I made the decision to put the property on the market, I wanted to work with a realtor who would get results.

I found out about The Poltrock Team because I received brochures updating me on area real estate sales. Because of the team’s positive attitude, I decided to work with them to sell my mountain home.

From listing to closing, I had an altogether positive real estate experience. After I completed the listing paperwork, a professional photographer took pictures of my home, improving its appearance in the MLS listings. Next, my real estate agent came forward with a home buyer.

During my real estate transaction, The Poltrock Team’s response level was amazing. I was most impressed by John’s ability to convey ideas and thoughts regarding the property sale.

I would rate The Poltrock Team a “10” for their excellent client service. I would definitely work with them in buying a home or selling a home in the future.

Pam Barton  

Marietta, GA

Market-savvy Agent Guides Buyers Through Murphy, NC Home Purchase

When we decided to purchase a home in Murphy, North Carolina, we wanted to work with an excellent real estate agent who would help us to find the right property. I learned about The Poltrock Team through the Internet. Because they are affiliated with Re/MAX, I decided to ask them to help us in buying our mountain home.

It had been a long time since we had gone through a real estate transaction, so we appreciated the team’s help in guiding us through every step of the process. Our agent was very knowledgeable of the local market, and was also very professional.

Overall, we had a good real estate experience. We would give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their outstanding real estate client service. We would certainly work with them in selling a home (or buying a home) in the future.

Cynthia and Michael Cobb
Port St. Lucie, FL

20 Family-Friendly Activities to Beat the Murphy, NC Lockdown Blues (Plus 15 Great Ideas for Bored Kids)

As the “stay at home” order continues (although hopefully not for much longer), many Murphy, North Carolina families are running out of ways to maintain some degree of sanity. Flipping through the cable channels and Netflix provides little inspiration, and your list of lockdown projects has gone by the wayside. To compound the situation, out-of-school children are likely bored and looking for ways to get into mischief.

So, switch gears and take some virtual trips outside your home’s four walls. Or, re-discover the great outdoors without leaving your property. Chances are that school-aged kids and adults will all find these family-friendly diversions a pleasurable experience. Continue reading “20 Family-Friendly Activities to Beat the Murphy, NC Lockdown Blues (Plus 15 Great Ideas for Bored Kids)”

Dedicated Realtor Conquers Challenges to Complete Murphy, NC Home Sale

After owning our Murphy, North Carolina home for several years, we decided it was time to sell the property and begin the next chapter in our lives. To accomplish the goal of selling our home, we knew we should work with a highly successful realtor known for getting results.

Naturally, we contacted John Poltrock of The Poltrock Team. In fact, we didn’t consider working with anyone else. We’ve known John for almost 15 years, and have found him to be one of the most honest and trustworthy people we’ve ever met.

John has also been one of my (Barbara’s) most valued business colleagues. For several years, I have enjoyed providing John with website copy, plus real estate and community events blog posts, for

Getting our home on the MLS was simple. The Poltrock Team’s efficient Listing Coordinator took care of all the details, and the agency’s professional real estate photographer did a terrific job of showcasing the property’s features.

Our home got lots of interest among the MLS listings, and John very quickly brought us a home buyer. We did encounter several challenges along the way to closing, but they weren’t a match for this very determined realtor.

Throughout our real estate transaction, John used his market resources and strong business relationships to resolve every issue and move us closer to our goal. He stayed in communication with the buyers’ real estate agent, and updated us on every step in the process.

Finally, John called us with a very important message: “Congratulations! You’re officially closed!” That’s the news we wanted to hear, and we send our sincere thanks to John and The Poltrock Team for making it happen. You guys are the best!

We would give The Poltrock Team a resounding “10” for their stellar real estate client service. We would certainly recommend them to anyone who is buying a home, or selling a home, in the future.

Mark & Barbara Hazelden
Soddy-Daisy, TN

5 Tips for Planning a Fall & Winter Vegetable Garden in Murphy, NC

Growing vegetables in our Murphy, North Carolina mountains is always an adventure. You’ll encounter wild weather swings, alternating drought and monsoon conditions, and ravenous deer who munch their way through your carefully cultivated garden.

But sometimes, it all comes together and you get an impressive summer harvest of tomatoes, peppers, squash, and lots more tasty vegetables. While you’re basking in the moment, however, note that the fall and winter gardening season is right on the doorstep. With some initial preparation, and careful timing of your plantings, you can enjoy fresh vegetables right up until springtime. Continue reading “5 Tips for Planning a Fall & Winter Vegetable Garden in Murphy, NC”

Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital Brings Expanded Services to Murphy, NC

If you love living in our beautiful mountains, or are considering a move to Murphy, NC or the surrounding counties, you likely appreciate our region’s gorgeous scenery and feast of outdoor activities. However, you’ve probably wished that premier medical facilities, and highly regarded specialists, were much more accessible – especially for those facing serious or chronic health issues.

Fortunately, Chattanooga, TN-based Erlanger Health System has stepped in to provide a solution. In April 2018, after two years of due diligence and planning, Erlanger announced plans to acquire Peachtree-based Murphy Medical Center (MMC). By bringing our 40-year-old community hospital into the Erlanger family, our residents and visitors will benefit from an expanded menu of services and specialists. Continue reading “Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital Brings Expanded Services to Murphy, NC”

The Poltrock Team’s New Client Concierge Takes Client Service to the Next Level

First impressions really do make the difference, and that’s especially true in the real estate industry. Let’s say a buyer calls for details on a property they saw listed for sale. Naturally, this prospective client wants to talk with a pleasant, informed team member right away. If the caller is placed on an extended hold, or (worse yet) forced to leave a message that might be ignored or forgotten, they’re likely to hang up and call another agency.

Fortunately, homebuyers who call The Poltrock Team’s office will have a delightfully different experience. Within just a few minutes, they’ll speak with Emily Kephart, the team’s very capable client concierge. A lifelong Murphy resident and Murphy High School graduate, Emily has been working in this brand-new position since July 2018. She is thrilled to find a job she enjoys right in her hometown.

When a buyer calls with an inquiry, Emily quickly provides essential details on available properties, and pairs the buyer with the agent who can best serve that client’s needs. Next, Emily presents available financing options, saving the buyer valuable time when it counts the most. While Emily’s services provide a clear advantage to buyers, sellers also benefit, as their properties receive the consideration they deserve.

As each real estate transaction reaches its conclusion, Emily supports the buyers’ agents during closing transactions. She finds these experiences very rewarding, as she knows that her efforts helped a very busy realtor to better serve their client. Emily notes that The Poltrock Team’s Donna Srabian is especially grateful for Emily’s assistance. “During the first one I closed with Donna, she told me over and over again how much I had helped her.”

Emily Kephart also functions as part of a highly effective real estate team. Team members also include four well-regarded realtors, a listing coordinator, a closing coordinator, and a skilled marketing assistant. The team’s innovative structure provides clients with a one-stop resource for all their real estate needs.

Emily thoroughly enjoys her interactions with other team members, and she feels a real sense of family within the close-knit group. She also values the real estate industry knowledge she has received from her realtor colleagues. Finally, Emily highly values John Poltrock’s leadership skills, and emphasizes that he’s the driving force behind the team’s success. “John is an amazing team leader. “

When Emily begins each workday, she knows she’ll encounter new challenges that broaden her skill set. She loves helping clients with their diverse real estate needs, and she takes every opportunity to assist her fellow team members. In other words, Emily is a young woman who absolutely loves her job, and she’s grateful that John Poltrock invited her to join the team.

Outside the office, Emily socializes with her family and friends, and she’s a devoted aunt to her niece Braylen and nephew Hunter. You might say that this talented young woman is enjoying the best of both worlds.

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