Meet The Poltrock Team’s Four Exceptional Realtors

Preparing to buy (or sell) a home means you’re moving on to the next chapter in your life. To make the experience as seamless as possible, work with a realtor who knows the local market like the back of their hand.

A highly effective realtor knows about the changing trends that influence the local economy. This highly focused professional is also intimately familiar with the local real estate market. And, they combine that substantial knowledge with top-tier technology to get results – every single time.

Perhaps most of all, this extraordinary real estate professional has unparalleled concern for their clients. When other agents might say, “that’s good enough,” your realtor rolls up his or her sleeves and goes the extra mile without a second thought.

Meet The Poltrock Team’s Four High-Achieving Realtors
Here at The Poltrock Team, Murphy’s Top-Selling Real Estate Team, that’s simply the way we do business. Although each of our four high-achieving realtors has their individual style, each professional goes above and beyond to get the desired results for their clients. To sum it up: They love what they do, and it shows.

John Poltrock
Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)
Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource (SFR)
Mobile: 828-557-2270

Meeting John Poltrock is like reconnecting with a close high school friend you haven’t seen in years. John’s friendly Southern manner makes conversation a breeze, and you’re quickly chatting about every subject under the sun and then some. Simply put, even if you weren’t buying a home or selling a home, you’d enjoy spending time with John and come away smiling.

As The Poltrock Team’s Lead Listing Agent, John is known for his exceptional client service and sincere concern for his clients’ well-being. And, his many years spent in Murphy and Cherokee County give him the insider knowledge to be an effective advocate for his buyers and sellers.

In addition, John is deeply immersed in real estate market mechanics. In other words, he keeps a finger on the pulse of local real estate trends and the factors that drive them.

John is also a master of technology, and skillfully interprets data to shape the marketing strategies for his clients and for The Poltrock Team. To support these high-level endeavors, John relies on his Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Planning from Western Carolina University.

When John’s not engaged with the real estate world, he enjoys everything our beautiful mountain region has to offer. Hiking, camping, and boating are tops on his list. John and his wife Jessica have been married since 2005. They have a high-achieving daughter in college, and their energetic young son certainly keeps them on their toes.

Wayne CoferWayne Cofer
Mobile: 828-361-7603

The residential and commercial real estate markets are two different animals. Multiple factors affect each market at any given time. Getting results in each arena depends on whether a realtor has the skills to meet those market-specific challenges.

Fortunately, our Universal Realtor Wayne Cofer has the extensive business and management background to excel on both playing fields. And, he’s adept at working with both buyers and sellers. When obstacles arise during a real estate transaction, Wayne’s proven negotiation skills are essential to finding a “win-win” solution.

Whether you’re ready to buy (or sell) a small mountain cabin or a large commercial building, having Wayne in your corner makes good business sense. And, he combines his impressive knowledge base with a personable manner that makes him an ideal business partner.

Outside of the office, Wayne enjoys mountain life with his wife Kathy. He also spends as much time as possible with his three grown daughters and four grandchildren. Wayne frequently explores our region on his touring motorcycle, and he’s an avid United States and world history buff.

Paige McKnightPaige McKnight
Mobile: 828-557-1234

The Poltrock Team’s newest realtor, Paige McKnight combines 14 years of experience with an unfailingly positive attitude. Although she’s a seasoned realtor with many successful closings under her belt, Paige views every property purchase or sale with a fresh perspective.

Naturally, every real estate transaction comes with its distinctive challenges. Financing, home inspection, and documentation issues are common hurdles. Contractors sometimes drag their feet on required repairs, and other issues may threaten to derail the process entirely.

That’s where Paige McKnight’s well-known perseverance and follow-through make the difference. She’s dedicated to meeting (and conquering) every challenge, and she goes to great lengths to support her clients throughout the process. And as you might expect, this determined lady gets results.

An Exceptional Support Team Makes the Difference
A highly effective support team enables our top-tier realtors to perform at their absolute best. First, our real estate professionals are backed by Re/MAX, the world’s largest real estate company. That coveted status means our support team can access Re/MAX’s proprietary software and management systems.

In addition, the Re/MAX website is the world’s highest-ranking real estate agency website. This gives The Poltrock Team unparalleled market visibility compared to our competitors.

On the local level, The Poltrock Team’s support staff includes a Client Concierge, who provides immediate assistance to potential buyers. Our highly efficient Listing Coordinator, Closing Coordinator, and Marketing Associate round out this top-notch group.

Every member of The Poltrock Team truly respects and supports each other. And, they’re all committed to achieving the best possible results for our clients. With countless testimonials from satisfied buyers and sellers, they’re confident they’re on the right track.

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The Poltrock Team’s New Client Concierge Takes Client Service to the Next Level

First impressions really do make the difference, and that’s especially true in the real estate industry. Let’s say a buyer calls for details on a property they saw listed for sale. Naturally, this prospective client wants to talk with a pleasant, informed team member right away. If the caller is placed on an extended hold, or (worse yet) forced to leave a message that might be ignored or forgotten, they’re likely to hang up and call another agency.

Fortunately, homebuyers who call The Poltrock Team’s office will have a delightfully different experience. Within just a few minutes, they’ll speak with Emily Kephart, the team’s very capable client concierge. A lifelong Murphy resident and Murphy High School graduate, Emily has been working in this brand-new position since July 2018. She is thrilled to find a job she enjoys right in her hometown.

When a buyer calls with an inquiry, Emily quickly provides essential details on available properties, and pairs the buyer with the agent who can best serve that client’s needs. Next, Emily presents available financing options, saving the buyer valuable time when it counts the most. While Emily’s services provide a clear advantage to buyers, sellers also benefit, as their properties receive the consideration they deserve.

As each real estate transaction reaches its conclusion, Emily supports the buyers’ agents during closing transactions. She finds these experiences very rewarding, as she knows that her efforts helped a very busy realtor to better serve their client. Emily notes that The Poltrock Team’s Donna Srabian is especially grateful for Emily’s assistance. “During the first one I closed with Donna, she told me over and over again how much I had helped her.”

Emily Kephart also functions as part of a highly effective real estate team. Team members also include four well-regarded realtors, a listing coordinator, a closing coordinator, and a skilled marketing assistant. The team’s innovative structure provides clients with a one-stop resource for all their real estate needs.

Emily thoroughly enjoys her interactions with other team members, and she feels a real sense of family within the close-knit group. She also values the real estate industry knowledge she has received from her realtor colleagues. Finally, Emily highly values John Poltrock’s leadership skills, and emphasizes that he’s the driving force behind the team’s success. “John is an amazing team leader. “

When Emily begins each workday, she knows she’ll encounter new challenges that broaden her skill set. She loves helping clients with their diverse real estate needs, and she takes every opportunity to assist her fellow team members. In other words, Emily is a young woman who absolutely loves her job, and she’s grateful that John Poltrock invited her to join the team.

Outside the office, Emily socializes with her family and friends, and she’s a devoted aunt to her niece Braylen and nephew Hunter. You might say that this talented young woman is enjoying the best of both worlds.

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RE/MAX Mountain Properties in Murphy NC Voted THE BEST Real Estate Company in Murphy NC

It’s official, RE/MAX Mountain Properties was just voted the BEST Real Estate Company in Murphy NC by the Cherokee Scout’s Reader’s Choice voting.

What does that mean? That means the readers of Murphy’s local newspaper, The Cherokee Scout, voted us the best real estate company out of all others!

Thank you Cherokee County – we’ll continue to serve you well and be Murphy’s #1 Real Estate Team and company! 😀

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