12 Memorable Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Homeowners

As the holiday season gets into full swing, you’re probably hearing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” everywhere you go. Whether in your car, in the stores, or on your favorite holiday music channel, you can’t get this classic holiday song out of your head. Besides hearing the catchy tune, it’s fun to visualize the parade of unusual gifts that someone might find on their doorstep.

During this holiday season, set aside your carefully curated gift list. Instead, consider these 12 home-oriented gifts that will add warmth and style to your favorite homeowners’ abodes. Whether they own a cozy little Murphy, NC home, or a slice of real estate on the beach, these gifts will be right at home.


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Meet The Poltrock Team’s Four Exceptional Realtors

Preparing to buy (or sell) a home means you’re moving on to the next chapter in your life. To make the experience as seamless as possible, work with a realtor who knows the local market like the back of their hand.

A highly effective realtor knows about the changing trends that influence the local economy. This highly focused professional is also intimately familiar with the local real estate market. And, they combine that substantial knowledge with top-tier technology to get results – every single time.

Perhaps most of all, this extraordinary real estate professional has unparalleled concern for their clients. When other agents might say, “that’s good enough,” your realtor rolls up his or her sleeves and goes the extra mile without a second thought.

Meet The Poltrock Team’s Four High-Achieving Realtors
Here at The Poltrock Team, Murphy’s Top-Selling Real Estate Team, that’s simply the way we do business. Although each of our four high-achieving realtors has their individual style, each professional goes above and beyond to get the desired results for their clients. To sum it up: They love what they do, and it shows.

John Poltrock
Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)
Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource (SFR)
Mobile: 828-557-2270

Meeting John Poltrock is like reconnecting with a close high school friend you haven’t seen in years. John’s friendly Southern manner makes conversation a breeze, and you’re quickly chatting about every subject under the sun and then some. Simply put, even if you weren’t buying a home or selling a home, you’d enjoy spending time with John and come away smiling.

As The Poltrock Team’s Lead Listing Agent, John is known for his exceptional client service and sincere concern for his clients’ well-being. And, his many years spent in Murphy and Cherokee County give him the insider knowledge to be an effective advocate for his buyers and sellers.

In addition, John is deeply immersed in real estate market mechanics. In other words, he keeps a finger on the pulse of local real estate trends and the factors that drive them.

John is also a master of technology, and skillfully interprets data to shape the marketing strategies for his clients and for The Poltrock Team. To support these high-level endeavors, John relies on his Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Planning from Western Carolina University.

When John’s not engaged with the real estate world, he enjoys everything our beautiful mountain region has to offer. Hiking, camping, and boating are tops on his list. John and his wife Jessica have been married since 2005. They have a high-achieving daughter in college, and their energetic young son certainly keeps them on their toes.

Wayne CoferWayne Cofer
Mobile: 828-361-7603

The residential and commercial real estate markets are two different animals. Multiple factors affect each market at any given time. Getting results in each arena depends on whether a realtor has the skills to meet those market-specific challenges.

Fortunately, our Universal Realtor Wayne Cofer has the extensive business and management background to excel on both playing fields. And, he’s adept at working with both buyers and sellers. When obstacles arise during a real estate transaction, Wayne’s proven negotiation skills are essential to finding a “win-win” solution.

Whether you’re ready to buy (or sell) a small mountain cabin or a large commercial building, having Wayne in your corner makes good business sense. And, he combines his impressive knowledge base with a personable manner that makes him an ideal business partner.

Outside of the office, Wayne enjoys mountain life with his wife Kathy. He also spends as much time as possible with his three grown daughters and four grandchildren. Wayne frequently explores our region on his touring motorcycle, and he’s an avid United States and world history buff.

Paige McKnightPaige McKnight
Mobile: 828-557-1234

The Poltrock Team’s newest realtor, Paige McKnight combines 14 years of experience with an unfailingly positive attitude. Although she’s a seasoned realtor with many successful closings under her belt, Paige views every property purchase or sale with a fresh perspective.

Naturally, every real estate transaction comes with its distinctive challenges. Financing, home inspection, and documentation issues are common hurdles. Contractors sometimes drag their feet on required repairs, and other issues may threaten to derail the process entirely.

That’s where Paige McKnight’s well-known perseverance and follow-through make the difference. She’s dedicated to meeting (and conquering) every challenge, and she goes to great lengths to support her clients throughout the process. And as you might expect, this determined lady gets results.

An Exceptional Support Team Makes the Difference
A highly effective support team enables our top-tier realtors to perform at their absolute best. First, our real estate professionals are backed by Re/MAX, the world’s largest real estate company. That coveted status means our support team can access Re/MAX’s proprietary software and management systems.

In addition, the Re/MAX website is the world’s highest-ranking real estate agency website. This gives The Poltrock Team unparalleled market visibility compared to our competitors.

On the local level, The Poltrock Team’s support staff includes a Client Concierge, who provides immediate assistance to potential buyers. Our highly efficient Listing Coordinator, Closing Coordinator, and Marketing Associate round out this top-notch group.

Every member of The Poltrock Team truly respects and supports each other. And, they’re all committed to achieving the best possible results for our clients. With countless testimonials from satisfied buyers and sellers, they’re confident they’re on the right track.

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Make These 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Murphy, NC Home

The New Year’s arrival brings renewed resolutions to lose weight, get a new job, learn a new skill…and the list goes on. Chances are, you’ve probably compiled your own list of self-improvement projects for the year ahead. But have you resolved to refresh your home and property this year? If not, here are five easy-to-implement ideas for giving your Murphy, North Carolina house a new lease on life – and you can begin right now.

Smart Home Thermostat

You’re probably familiar with a programmable thermostat. This handy device helps to knock down your heating and cooling costs by turning your HVAC system on when you intend to be home. When you plan to be elsewhere, the system remains off so you don’t pay for climate control when you’re not there to enjoy it.

A smart home thermostat takes this capability a step (or two) further. First, this versatile little box enables you to create custom heating or cooling schedules for each day’s differing needs. The thermostat can also detect when you’re actually at home, and therefore doesn’t provide heat or air conditioning for a non-occupied space.

Latest-generation smart home thermostats contain sensors that you can place in rooms in which you spend the most time. So, the thermostat heats those rooms while ignoring spaces such as hallways, unused bonus rooms, or laundry areas.

Home Security and Safety Enhancements
Keeping your home secure involves consistent attention to your physical environment and potential risk factors. Although security cameras seem to get the most attention, several other devices can also contribute to your family’s safety.

Smart Remote Lockbox: When you lock yourself out of the house, and your spare key is on the kitchen counter, how can you unlock the front door? The days of safely leaving a key under the doormat are long gone, but now you can gain remote access via a new smartphone app.

This new Smart Remote Keybox can use a custom Bluetooth key to provide you (and other designated keyholders) with remote access to your home. Or, choose personalized PIN codes that expire in just a few hours or stay active for weeks. Providing permanent access for family members is also an option. And, you’ll have a readily available access log so you can get date-stamped details on everyone who enters your home.

Smart Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms: Chances are, you’ve had carbon monoxide and smoke alarms installed in your home for many years. These important devices can alert you to imminent, life-threatening danger, allowing you and your family to safely escape the house. Hopefully, you’ve kept the devices operational by changing the batteries regularly, typically on the Daylight Savings Time start and stop dates.

However, your typical carbon monoxide or smoke alarm has one major limitation. Although it might emit an ear-splitting shriek to let your family know about a carbon monoxide leak or fire, you won’t know about the emergency if you’re not home.

To remedy that situation, a smart carbon monoxide or smoke alarm combines an audio alarm with a smartphone alert, so you’ll quickly learn about the emergency. You can also program an alert transmission to other authorized contacts, such as a neighbor or nearby relative. Some smoke alarms also feature an emergency light that can assist you in navigating your way out of a smoky home.

New Year’s Deep Cleaning Service

Cleaning your home regularly will help to improve its overall appearance. Vacuuming, dusting, and getting clutter under control goes a long way toward achieving that goal. And, banishing the dog hair and dust bunnies, and keeping filters cleaned, will help family members who deal with respiratory issues.

With your busy schedule and multiple commitments, however, your cleaning schedule has suffered (along with the house). So, start the New Year with a clean slate by treating your home to a deep professional clean from top to bottom. Afterward, you’ll find it easier to knock out those basic cleaning and decluttering tasks on a daily or weekly basis.

Although each cleaning service has its own definition of the term, a “deep cleaning” frequently includes services such as mopping or vacuuming floors, descaling bathroom fixtures, cleaning behind appliances, and washing all interior windows.

In other words, a “deep cleaning” removes all the dirt and grime that you don’t have time to tackle. By hiring a professional cleaning service to “deep clean” your home every six months, you can stop feeling guilty, and create a workable cleaning schedule for the New Year.

Home Lighting Fixtures Upgrades
After the holiday season’s colorful decorations and lively festivities, the gray and brown landscape and shorter days can really give you a case of the winter “blahs.” To send that negative mood packing, and give your house a fresh new look, redo (or replace) your home’s lighting fixtures.

If your budget allows, create a coordinated lighting scheme that you can carry throughout the home. Buy new lighting fixtures that integrate with your decorating style (e.g. contemporary, French country, or rustic). Big box stores and specialty lighting shops will likely have lots of varied options.

Let’s say your budget is really stretched, but you’d still like to make some lighting upgrades. First, visit lighting stores and other retail outlets, and look for appealing floor samples. If you’re really cash crunched, give your existing fixtures a fresh coat of spray paint (with proper ventilation, of course).

Switching to energy-efficient LED light bulbs will also pay off in the long run. Although these pricey bulbs will initially take a bigger dent out of your wallet, they require less energy to operate, and their longer life span will actually save you money over time.

Winter Landscape Maintenance Work

Quite surprisingly, winter is an ideal time to wrap up past-season landscaping maintenance work. By hiring a reputable lawn care/landscaping maintenance service now, your property will be ready for the spring planting and gardening season. And, you’ll beat the spring landscaping maintenance rush at the same time.

Eliminate Those Pesky Weeds: Super-hardy weeds, such as Common Chickweed, can survive even in very cold weather. In fact, this annoying plant has been known to hang on even in near-zero temperatures. Even worse, weeds can keep multiplying all year ‘round. Ask the landscapers to banish last season’s leftovers, and invite the crew back when the weeds get a foothold again.

Rake Up Yard Debris and Leaves: Stubborn yard debris and windblown leaves can threaten to take up permanent residence in your yard. Even if you did a thorough fall landscape cleanup, some trees can shed leaves throughout the winter, and you could get the blown-over leaf remnants from your neighbor’s yard. And yard debris isn’t just an annoyance – it’s a hiding place for rodents (which could then find their way into your house). To minimize this hazard, ask the landscape crew to deposit the debris and leaves in a more suitable location.

Complete Winter Pruning Work: Because shrubs and other plants are dormant during winter, it’s an ideal time to trim them back before they begin to grow again during the springtime. If you don’t prune them at all, you can negatively affect the plants’ flowering ability. During the same visit, ask the landscape crew to remove dead plants and flowers from the garden.

Now that your Murphy, North Carolina home is enjoying several New Year’s upgrades, start gathering ideas for additional projects to tackle in the spring. Your local home improvement and hardware stores, garden centers, and specialty shops are excellent places to begin.

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5 Tips for Planning a Fall & Winter Vegetable Garden in Murphy, NC

Growing vegetables in our Murphy, North Carolina mountains is always an adventure. You’ll encounter wild weather swings, alternating drought and monsoon conditions, and ravenous deer who munch their way through your carefully cultivated garden.

But sometimes, it all comes together and you get an impressive summer harvest of tomatoes, peppers, squash, and lots more tasty vegetables. While you’re basking in the moment, however, note that the fall and winter gardening season is right on the doorstep. With some initial preparation, and careful timing of your plantings, you can enjoy fresh vegetables right up until springtime. Continue reading “5 Tips for Planning a Fall & Winter Vegetable Garden in Murphy, NC”

Enjoy Lake Time & Ice Cream Treats in Murphy, NC

There’s nothing like spending some time at a cool mountain lake near Murphy, NC. You herd the family into the car (or truck), pack a picnic lunch and some sunscreen and cold water, and get ready to chill out for the day. When you arrive, you soak up some fresh mountain air and decide whether you’d like to swim, fish, or do absolutely nothing. And sometime during the afternoon, you decide to top off this splendid day with a delicious ice cream treat. It really doesn’t get much better than this!

So, decide which beautiful mountain lake you’ll visit today. To make your decision easier, you’ll find all three lakes located along Route 294 just a stone’s throw west of Murphy, North Carolina.

Enjoy a good old-fashioned summer picnic at this scenic lakeside spot with plenty of room for everyone. Bring some sandwiches and snacks from town; or pair some grilled burgers and hot dogs with salads and cold drinks. While you dine like kings, enjoy Cherokee Lake’s serene setting, and soak up the peace and quiet.

After lunch and a quick pit stop, stroll the walking trails, or spend a few lazy hours casting your line from the dock. With a current North Carolina fishing license, and equipped a good rod and tackle, you’ll be ready to face off against those crafty, elusive mountain fish.

Directions: Take Highway 64 West, and turn right on Highway 294. Travel just a few miles. Turn right on Forest Service Road 313 to enter the Cherokee Lake picnic area.


Scenic Overlook
As mountain lakes go, Hiwassee Lake is pretty impressive. This sprawling lake covers almost 6,100 acres, has nearly 180 miles of winding shoreline, and extends for a generous 22 miles. In other words, you’ll find plenty to see (and plenty of fish) there.

If you enjoy picture-postcard mountain scenery, you’ll have some stunning photo ops here. Hiwassee Lake is completely nestled in the Nantahala National Forest, and the view from the dam-area overlook is simply amazing. The lake stretches on forever, and it’s bordered by miles and miles of wooded shoreline.

Directions to scenic overlook: Take Highway 64 West, and turn right on Highway 294. Travel several miles, and look for the U.S. Forest Service sign on the right.

Water Activities
Now, let’s assume you’d like to do some serious fishing, boating, or water-skiing. Or, you’ve had enough of the hot, steamy weather, and you’d like to splash around the lake to cool off. Or, maybe you want to enjoy a picnic lunch before taking a leisurely hike through the woods. You can access those activities at Hanging Dog Recreation Area, located just an easy drive from Murphy.

Directions to Hanging Dog Recreation Area (from Murphy): Drive about 4 miles northwest on Peachtree Street, which turns into Joe Brown Highway. Look for the entrance to Hiwassee Lake on the left.

If you’ve been looking for a serene, unspoiled mountain lake with amazing views, put Apalachia Lake on your “must see” list. This gorgeous 10-mile-long lake feeds into the Hiwassee River, and the Nantahala National Forest is right next door.

As the crow flies, you’re not too far from Hiwassee Lake, but Apalachia Lake has a remote character all its own. With very little shoreline development, and virtually no recreational facilities, Apalachia Lake is one of the purest mountain lake settings you’ll ever find.

If you want to enjoy some laid-back fishing, kayaking, or canoeing, you can take advantage of a convenient launch ramp. Or, you can meander through the woods on a scenic hiking trail. In other words, you make your own fun at Apalachia Lake, and you probably won’t have much company.

Directions: Take Highway 64 West, and turn right on Highway 294. Stay on 294 for quite a distance, and you’ll eventually see the Apalachia Lake turnoff sign.

Wrap up your lake excursion with some delicious ice cream confections from The Sweet Tooth. This incredibly popular family ice cream shop is located at 658 Andrews Road, not far from downtown Murphy, NC. During the summer season, The Sweet Tooth is open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

This little walk-up ice cream shop has a quirky character, and the building features lots of ice cream-y photos that you can view while waiting for your order. There aren’t any one-size-fits-all ice cream cups here – perish the thought! Instead, you’ll enjoy your own personal ice cream treat that comes with your choice of toppings. So, dig in and enjoy every bite as you reflect on the perfect ending to a great summer day at the lake.

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Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital Brings Expanded Services to Murphy, NC

If you love living in our beautiful mountains, or are considering a move to Murphy, NC or the surrounding counties, you likely appreciate our region’s gorgeous scenery and feast of outdoor activities. However, you’ve probably wished that premier medical facilities, and highly regarded specialists, were much more accessible – especially for those facing serious or chronic health issues.

Fortunately, Chattanooga, TN-based Erlanger Health System has stepped in to provide a solution. In April 2018, after two years of due diligence and planning, Erlanger announced plans to acquire Peachtree-based Murphy Medical Center (MMC). By bringing our 40-year-old community hospital into the Erlanger family, our residents and visitors will benefit from an expanded menu of services and specialists. Continue reading “Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital Brings Expanded Services to Murphy, NC”

Bring the Train Home to Murphy NC! A record is made in the Guinness Book of World Records!

On October 5, 2018, Downtown Murphy NC had thousands of residents on the square whistling and singing a custom version of “She will be coming round the mountain when she comes!” and signing a petition with the goal of bringing the train back to Cherokee County. It would stimulate tourism, commerce, and more. Watch to see what it was like to be in the crowd!

It was a great event led by many of our area’s leaders including: Mayor of Murphy NC Rick Ramsey, Mayor of Andrews NC James Reid, Representative Kevin Corbin,  Jim Davis, and more. It shows our community spirit here in Murphy NC. We are proud to be here!

Easy Tips for Winterizing Your Mountain Garden

Buttoning up your Murphy, NC garden during the fall is like cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner. On Turkey Day, you just feasted on a tasty 20-pounder with all the fixin’s – and now you must clear the table before scraping and washing the dishes. And when fall catches up with your garden,  stop growing your vegetables or flowers, and begin that less-enjoyable cleanup operation.

Pick Your Passion: Vegetables or Flowers
When your garden’s harvest came in, you enjoyed a huge bounty of vegetables from early summer until fall. When you exhausted your recipes, you canned or froze every ripe vegetable that crossed your path.

Or, maybe flower gardening is your passion. You carefully prepared your beds, planted seeds and transplants, and watered them daily throughout our bone-dry drought. You weeded often, and you managed to drive off the deer so your plants would have a fighting chance. Finally, your garden exploded with a riot of colors that made all that hard work worthwhile.

Now that the growing season’s over, though, it’s time to round up those wilting plants and restore some order to your vegetable plot or flower beds. After all, you want to get a head start on next season’s garden.

Wrap Up Your Summer Garden
First, encourage your current garden to keep on giving. If you grew some tasty heirloom vegetables, for example, save and store a good assortment of seeds for the next planting season. Try the same strategy with your colorful annual flowers. Either way, store the seeds in paper envelopes, and stash them in a glass jar in a dry spot indoors.

Next, tidy up the garden by picking up fallen vegetables that could rot on the ground. Dispose of dead annuals, and cut back perennials that have finished blooming for the season. By reducing the amount of debris on the ground, pests will be less likely to choose your garden for their winter hibernation spot.

Put Those Millions of Leaves to Work
Of course, living in the woods means you have an endless supply of leaves, a highly beneficial ingredient of your household compost pile. Rake (or blow) a respectable quantity of leaves, and add them to the pile’s green kitchen scraps. Believe it or not, mixing both types of materials helps to generate compost more quickly. Don’t throw in plants with disease or bug problems, and avoid composting dairy or meat products, as they’re a magnet for rodents.

If your property includes an expanse of lawn, give the grass one final mowing for the season. Gather the grass clippings and shredded leaves, and spread them over your flower beds to provide protection during the upcoming cold weather.

Plant Vegetable Seeds or Cover Crops
If you’re an avid vegetable gardener, fall is a great time to plant spinach, lettuce, and other cool-season vegetable seeds. If temperatures will dip below freezing, cover your plants with protective straw. Root crops such as rutabagas and carrots will also benefit from a nice straw blanket. Fall is also perfect for planting garlic and shallot bulbs.

If your garden didn’t materialize this year, get a jump on next season by planting a fast-growing cover crop. Evenly sow clover, rye, or similar seeds into bare soil. When spring arrives, turn the cover crop plants into the soil, adding essential nutrients your vegetables will love.

Spice Up Your Flower Beds
Plant colorful cool-season flowers such as mums and pansies, and add some ornamental kale for extra greenery. Chances are, these hardy plants will even survive most frosts.

Choose an enticing assortment of spring-blooming bulbs, designed to bring your Murphy, NC garden alive after months of cold weather. Hyacinth, crocus, daffodil, and tulip bulbs are popular choices. Plant your bulbs per the grower’s directions, button them up for winter, and get ready to enjoy a rainbow of color when you need it most.

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Cherokee County Fair Offers Old-Fashioned Family Fun

Visiting a local county fair gives you a chance to slow down and smell the popcorn…and the barbeque, corn dogs, and funnel cakes. At hundreds of county fairs around the United States, you can browse the exhibits, sniff the farm animal aromas, and listen to great regional entertainment with your family. And best of all, you can enjoy these simple pleasures at our Cherokee County Fair in Ranger – just a few miles from Murphy, NC. So put the third weekend in October on your calendar, head to the Mountain Folk Center, and enjoy some Cherokee County Fair fun.

Launching the 2015 Cherokee County Fair
Back in 2015, some Cherokee County residents got together, and sparked the idea of resurrecting the county fair. With the county’s history and pride in its agricultural roots, enthusiasm and ideas were flowing thick and fast.

After just a few months’ planning time, and with the support of local officials and the Cherokee County Tourism Development Authority, the Cherokee County Fair made its debut in late October 2015. Held at the Mountain Folk Center on US Highway 64 in Ranger, the first-year fair met with considerable success. After planners had time to catch their breath, they quickly began organizing a bigger 2016 event.

The 2016 Cherokee County Fair: Coming Soon
During the weekend of October 21-23, the Mountain Folk Center will again host the Cherokee County Fair festivities. Just 12 miles west of Murphy, this popular spot also houses the summer Farmer’s Market and Nora Starks Memorial Horse Arena. The Fair offers free parking, and a free shuttle van will transport visitors from offsite parking areas.

Enjoy a Full Slate of Family-Friendly Activities
After you arrive at the Cherokee County Fair, refer to your Fair Program for locations of specific attractions. For starters, head to the covered pavilion, where you’ll find a diverse collection of exhibitors. Learn about community groups, view food and craft displays, and browse a growing selection of craft vendors. In other words, there’s something for everybody.

Next, head over to the farm animal exhibits, always a hit with the younger set. Kids will also enjoy the bounce house, pony rides, and other kid-focused activities. Don’t miss the pie-eating contest, where competitors of all ages and sizes will chow down on gooey confections at lightning speed. And word has gotten out that this year’s Tractor Parade will include even more vintage and modern machines. You might also see some antique farm equipment.

Don’t Miss These Special Fair Attractions
Of course, a county fair wouldn’t be complete without live music and dance performances. Throughout the weekend, a variety of talented regional performers will take the stage. And back by popular demand, the Monroe County Vaulting Team will amaze visitors with their acrobatics on horseback.

New for 2016, Alan Kay will teach and demonstrate valuable survival skills. As fans of the History Channel’s “Alone” series already know, Alan won the Season 1 competition for his ability to survive in Vancouver Island’s challenging conditions. You might say Alan’s a pro at making the most of tough situations.

Enjoy Midway Rides and Tasty Food
Kids of all ages will enjoy the Cherokee County Fair’s exciting midway rides. And of course you’ll be tempted by lots of mouth-watering food. Just follow the enticing smells, and you might be rewarded with barbeque, corn dogs, wraps, and burgers. Of course, we can’t forget sweet treats such as funnel cakes, ice cream, candied apples, and more. In other words, you might want to come hungry.

Get the Lowdown on Fair Logistics
Whether you’re available during the day or evening, you can visit the Cherokee County Fair sometime during the three-day weekend. The fairgrounds are open Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Check the Fair’s website below for full admission cost details.

Important notes: Plan to pay for your admission, food, purchases, and midway tickets with cash. Leave your pets at home, as they could rile up the livestock or make some Fair-goers nervous.

Now that you’ve put the Cherokee County Fair on your calendar, spend some time in Murphy, NC before heading out to Ranger for the festivities. Because new Fair events and performers are added frequently, check the Fair’s Facebook Page or website for full details:
http://www.cherokeecountyfair.com/?utm_source=www.visitnc.com&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=downstream-referral .

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Cherokee County RV Campgrounds Offer Scenic Beauty and Modern Amenities

Traveling in a recreational vehicle, or RV, is like taking your studio apartment on the road. You still enjoy all the comforts of home, and you can change your surroundings at the drop of a hat. And when you find a spot you especially like, you can settle down and enjoy it for awhile. Here in Murphy, NC and Cherokee County, we’ve got four nicely outfitted RV parks just waiting for you to pull in and hook up. Each facility’s setting and amenities give it a distinctive appeal.

Creekside RV Park and Campground
First, check out the Creekside RV Park and Campground, slightly more than two miles east of Murphy on US Highway 19/129/74 (also called the four-lane). Each convenient pull-through site has a Valley River or Rogers Creek setting, and you’ll find stunning mountain views all around. Besides full hook-up services, you’ll enjoy a bath house and laundry facilities, plus wireless Internet so you can catch up with famiy and friends.

If you thrive on fishing, try your luck against those wily trout by casting your line right from Creekside’s banks. Finally, take advantage of the pavilion, picnic tables, and fire rings – all great gathering spots to swap stories with other RVers. Contact: Creekside RV Park and Campground, 68 Old Peachtree Road, Marble, NC 28905. 828-837-4123.

Murphy-Peace Valley KOA Campground and Cabins
Also just east of Murphy, you’ll find the Murphy-Peace Valley KOA Campground and Cabins. This versatile riverfront campground caters to both RVers and vacationers, with several full hook-up RV sites and cabins.

This award-winning KOA campground offers a well-rounded selection of amenities. Besides laundry and bath house facilities, you’ll find a swimming pool, kids’ playground, and gameroom. Finally, this pet-friendly campground also welcomes your furry family members, so pack extra kibbles and supplies. Contact: Murphy-Peace Valley KOA Campground and Cabins, 117 Happy Valley Road, Marble, NC 28905. 828-837-6223.

River’s Edge Mountain RV Resort
Next, travel west of Murphy to the River’s Edge Mountain RV Resort, featuring direct access off Highway 64 just past the Route 129 intersection. This nicely maintained facility offers Nottley River frontage plus super-wide paved RV sites and adjacent roads. Many sites offer pull-through access, while others provide a waterfront setting.

Enjoy River’s Edge’s full electric hook-ups, water, sewer, cable, and wireless high-speed Internet. And speaking of creature comforts, you’ll be delighted with the spotless granite and marble bathrooms, onsite laundry, and comfy computer lounge. Contact: River’s Edge Mountain RV Resort, 1750 Hilltop Road, Murphy, NC 28906. 828-361-4517.

Persimmon Creek Campground
Finally, if you’re itching to park your RV in an absolutely gorgeous waterfront spot, and chat with folks who seem more like family than campground operators, visit charming Persimmon Creek Campground. To get there, travel out Highway 64 toward Tennessee. Turn right on Route 294, and then turn left on Sunny Point Road to Persimmon Creek Campground. You’ll access this family-run property via a wide, gradually sloping driveway, and park your RV on a roomy site overlooking a scenic pond. Nearby, you’ll find 1,700 feet of creekfront, perfect for indulging your trout fishing obsession.

Persimmon Creek Campground amenities include water/electric hookups, showers and laundry facilities, and free WiFi service. Each wooded site features a picnic table and fire ring, and a horseshoe pit is nearby. For a real taste of home, buy some firewood and free-range pasture eggs. Blueberries, home-grown fruits and vegetables, and shiitake mushrooms will also be available in season.

Finally, this pet-friendly campground provides your favorite pooch with many enticing smells, courtesy of the nearby wildlife population. Because Persimmon Creek is just a short drive from Murphy, NC and the Ocoee River, your RV will make a terrific base camp for a wide variety of day trips. Contact: Persimmon Creek Campground, 200 Sunny Point Road, Murphy, NC 28906. 828-644-5800.

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