Cherokee County Medical Facilities: Eyes, Ears/Nose/Throat, and Orthopedics

If you suddenly have trouble reading the small print on the cereal package, or your computer screen looks a bit blurry, it might be time for an eye exam. You may even have a standing appointment for a yearly vision test. In Murphy, NC, two different types of medical professionals provide eye care services.

Ophthalmologists are highly trained physicians who specialize in medical and surgical eye care. They provide treatment for conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, physical trauma, and chemical burns. In addition, an ophthalmologist diagnoses and treats eye conditions that relate to other diseases, such as diabetes. When this medical specialist conducts an eye exam, he’s literally viewing your eyes through a medical lens.

Dr. Daniel Eichenbaum, 1321 US Highway 64 West in Murphy. Call for an appointment: 828-837-5404.

Each dedicated optometrist has earned a Doctor of Optometry Degree, and some practitioners have completed additional clinical training. Optometrists focus on standard vision care, performing eye exams and identifying conditions such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. They can also diagnose glaucoma, cataracts, and conjunctivitis. Optometrists prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses, and also provide vision therapy services.

Peachtree & Andrews Family Eye Care
Dr. Jeff Taylor, OD and Dr. Lynn Taylor, OD
Peachtree Location: 4295 E. US Highway 64 Alternate, Murphy, NC (828) 837-1000
Andrews Location: 29 Chestnut Street, Andrews, NC (828) 321-2020
Office Hours for Both Locations: Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. to Noon.

Dr. Keith Clay, OD
137 Peachtree St # 3 in Murphy. Call for an appointment: (828) 837-2014.

Dr. Holly Gutierrez, OD
Vision Center, Inside Walmart, 2330 Highway 19 in Murphy. Call for an appointment: (828) 835-3177.

OTOLARYNGOLOGISTS (Ear, Nose, and Throat Physicians )
If you’ve ever had a really stubborn earache, or maybe some persistent sinus symptoms, your family doctor might recommend that you see an ENT (or Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialist (also called an otolaryngologist). These specially trained physicians treat patients who have diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, and throat, and related head and neck structures.

Dr. Richard Weisenburger, Peachtree ENT & Facial Plastics
145 Medical Park Lane, Suite J in Murphy. Call for an appointment: (828) 837-3223.

ORTHOPEDIC PHYSICIANS (or Orthopedic Surgeons)
If you (or your child) breaks an arm or leg, suffers from nagging back pain, or experiences a nasty sports injury, an orthopedic physician (or orthopedic surgeon) will likely diagnose your problem and provide targeted treatment. These skilled physicians care for your musculoskeletal system, consisting of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and skin. Besides surgery, treatment techniques might include medication and/or a rehabilitation program.

Orthopedic Physician
Dr. Brent Davis, 75 Medical Park Lane, Suite B in Murphy. Call for an appointment: (828) 837-9181.

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Cherokee County Medical Facilities: Obstetricians/Gynecologists, Pregnancy Services Providers, and Pediatricians

Obstetricians/gynecologists are like two sides of the same coin. If you’re currently a mother, or will be playing that role sometime soon, you know your obstetrician will become your best buddy during your pregnancy. She’ll keep close tabs on your health during those important nine months, deliver your baby, and provide care just after the baby is born.

In contrast, a gynecologist (or GYN) provides reproductive health care throughout your lifetime. Whether you’re a teenaged girl, a woman of childbearing age, or a lady who has entered (or completed) menopause, you’ll benefit from regularly visiting your gynecologist. During those appointments, she’ll provide routine screenings and diagnose and treat infections. In some cases, she might perform surgery to address a specific problem. A trained obstetrician/gynecologist switches effortlessly between both roles. Here in Murphy, NC, two types of medical professionals can provide you with good reproductive health support.

Murphy Group Practice: Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dr. Larry Holder and Dr. Pushpa Phillips, supported by dedicated nursing and operating room staff, provide the full range of obstetrics/gynecology services in Cherokee County. They’ll conduct your annual screenings, perform targeted procedures, support you through pregnancy and delivery, or help make your menopausal years smoother. Location: 75 Medical Park Lane, Suite D in Murphy. Hours: Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Friday from 8 a.m. to Noon. Call for an appointment: (828) 837-1332.

Pregnancy Services Providers
The Cherokee County Health Department ensures that expectant mothers have access to numerous pregnancy care services. Two nurse practitioners serve as care managers, handling prenatal care appointments and referrals, and counseling patients about healthy habits during pregnancy. Information on Medicaid childbirth classes is also readily available. Location: 228 Hilton Street in Murphy. Call for an appointment: 828-837-7486.

Your child’s pediatrician can give your child a healthy start, and provide health-related guidance until he (or she) reaches age 21. Besides conducting regular physical exams and administering recommended immunizations, the pediatrician will diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries. She’ll also provide you with child nutrition and safety guidelines, and ensure that your child meets appropriate developmental milestones. If your child needs specialized care, your pediatrician will closely collaborate with a recognized medical expert.

Peachtree Pediatrics
At this established pediatrics practice, your child or adolescent will receive professional care from board-certified pediatricians and nurse practitioners. Location: 125 Medical Park Lane, Suite F, Murphy, NC. Hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. After-Hours Clinic most days from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday Urgent Walk-In Clinic opens at 9:30 a.m., and all patients must be signed in by 10:00 a.m. Note: The Saturday Clinic does not operate during June, July and August. Call for an appointment: (828) 837-2128.

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Murphy Massage Therapists Help to Relax Your Body and Mind

photo-1140x855Let’s face it. We’ve all overdone it with the yard work, or completely overextended ourselves at the gym. Or, maybe your job has been a real pressure cooker lately. Whatever the reason, there’s nothing like a nice professional massage to relax your muscles and banish that stress from your life. Fortunately, even in a small town like Murphy, NC, we have several skilled massage therapists who can help their clients get an important physical and mental boost.

Soul Therapy Massage & Bodywork
First, book some time with licensed massage therapist Renee Lamance of Soul Therapy Massage & Bodywork, who can provide you with a delightful customized massage session. Renee’s studio is located inside Avalon Salon on Biddie Lane in Murphy, and it’s the calmest, most welcoming place you can imagine. She also works in private-practice therapists’ offices. Depending on her client’s needs, Renee applies deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, reflexology, Reiki, Thai massage, and more. She also delivers a top-notch chair massage, great for clients who just can’t squeeze in a trip to the studio.

Carolina Orthopedic Massage
For a decidedly different twist on massage therapy, visit Carolina Orthopedic Massage, conveniently located at 429 Hill Street just past downtown Murphy. This dual-focus business is operated by Jay and April Gibson, who each practice a different type of massage. Jay focuses on orthopedic massage, designed to correct your body’s dysfunctions so your joints can move more freely. In turn, your body becomes better able to function like it’s supposed to. In contrast, April enjoys giving her clients a relaxing deep-tissue massage, with each session focused on the client’s specific needs. Both massage modalities can contribute to a better healing process. If you have specific medical concerns, however, check in with your doctor first.

Murphy Massage
On the other hand, maybe you’d like to choose your own massage therapy location. If that’s the case, contact Murphy Massage, operated by Roy and Linda Bamfield. This husband and wife massage therapy team operates a private studio near Cherokee Hills Golf Course, just outside Murphy, NC. Or, take them up on their “have massage table/chair, will travel” offer, and book an appointment at your home or business.

Roy specializes in cranio-sacral therapy, neuromuscular therapy, and sports massage. Linda’s Registered Nurse background provides an ideal foundation for her massage therapy work. She offers deep tissue massage, cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology, Swedish massage, and medical massage. Finally, believe it or not, Roy and Linda are also experienced in animal massage. They happily work on dogs, cats, and horses – and these four-footed friends get many of the same benefits humans enjoy. And after all, they’re worth it, right?

Cherokee County Medical Facilities: Family Practice Physicians

7730dc25a8854ccd990b2e9f2ae53506Believe it or not, we’re not as indestructible as we think we are. We come down with painful sore throats, scratch ourselves silly with rashes, and suffer embarrassing little injuries we’d rather not talk about. And when we become completely miserable, we frequently expect our family doctor to bail us out. Fortunately, in Murphy, NC and surrounding Cherokee County, you’ll find two family medicine-focused practices, along with three other valuable resources.

Your family doctor can handle most non-emergency problems you throw at him (or her). Whether you want a routine checkup with weight loss recommendations, think you might be coming down with the latest version of “the crud,” or need help managing a chronic health condition, your family doctor can size up the problem and provide targeted treatment.

Murphy Group Practice (Family Practice)
Affiliated with Murphy Medical Center, this multiple-physician practice is a full-service primary care provider. Murphy Group Practice (Family Practice) is located in the same building as the Urgent Care Center. Look for the impressive cabin-style structure at 183 Ledford Street, just off U.S. Highway 64. Hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call for an appointment: (828) 837-4712.

Andrews Internal Medicine
If you live in Marble, Andrews, or Topton, Andrews Internal Medicine is a convenient family practice option. Located at 2751 U.S. Highway 19 Business, this community practice hosts two physicians and a nurse practitioner. Besides seeing patients for routine checkups, the medical professionals also provide acute care services. Hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call for an appointment: (828)321-4510


Murphy Main Office
You can also obtain numerous medical services from the Cherokee County Health Department, located at 228 Hilton Street in 
Murphy, NC. Medical professionals can diagnose and treat common illnesses, conduct CDL and sports physicals, provide family planning and pregnancy management services, perform women’s health screenings, and administer immunizations. The Health Department also offers extremely affordable bloodwork services, and will communicate the results to your physician. Clinic hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lab hours: Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to Noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call (828) 837-7486.

Andrews Health Center
This smaller satellite facility provides area residents with several medical services. Besides diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses, medical staff can address minor injuries, conduct vision and hearing screenings, perform CDL and sports physicals, administer immunizations, and process routine lab work. Location: 15 High School Drive next to Andrews High School. Hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to Noon and 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information, call (828) 835-4536.

Of course, your respiratory symptoms, minor injuries, strains and sprains, and possible infections don’t always show up during your doctor’s regular office hours. For those inconvenient incidents, head to Murphy Medical Center’s Urgent Care Center. You don’t need an appointment, and a qualified medical professional will quickly diagnose and treat your problem. The Urgent Care Center is located in the big cabin-style building at 183 Ledford Street, and shares space with Murphy Group Practice (Family Practice). Hours: Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, call (828) 837-4712.

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Cherokee County Microbreweries Serve Up Tasty Craft Beer in Murphy and Andrews NC

Sometimes, you just want a nice cold beer. Maybe you survived a killer day at work or helped a friend move an impossibly heavy pile of furniture. Or, maybe you’ve got something to celebrate, and a six-pack from the local grocery store just isn’t that special. You’d much rather guzzle some smooth-tasting suds from a local microbrewery. Fortunately, you don’t have to drive to far to satisfy that small-batch beer craving. You can visit three microbreweries here in Cherokee County – one right in Murphy, NC. You’ll find a third establishment not far away, in northern Georgia.

Let’s begin with Valley River Brewery and Eatery, at 71 Tennessee Street in historic downtown Murphy. Open seven days a week, this relatively new brew pub serves up wood-fired pizza plus other hearty fare and homemade desserts. Of course, the food is best enjoyed with an icy brew from the tempting craft beer menu. Currently, the restaurant’s tap beers are made offsite using the Brewery’s proprietary recipes, until the blends in the fermenters have just the right aroma and taste. Eventually, Valley River Brewery will have 15 types of beers, ales, and stouts – enough to satisfy even the most avid beer aficionado. In addition to their pizza, they have great gyros, philly cheesesteak,  a beer cheese pretzel, and more on the menu.

Next, hop on the four-lane and travel down to the Andrews Brewing Company, located at 565 Aquone Road near downtown Andrews NC. If that address sounds familiar, it’s the same piece of real estate occupied by Calaboose Cellars, the quirky winery housed in an historic jail. In fact, the two businesses share an inviting tasting room that overlooks the pleasant little vineyard. Open five days a week (closed Wednesday and Sunday), the Andrews Brewing Company boasts a nice lineup of 11 beers, ales, and stouts. As you might expect, each variety is named for a local landmark or piece of history, giving you some entertainment value along with those satisfying suds.

The Hoppy Trout is also located in Andrews. It is in downtown and very similar to the Valley River Brewery. They, too, have pizza, apps, and much more. Enjoy their proprietary brews in the restaurant or on their nifty patio overlooking downtown.

Finally, you’ll find another intriguing microbrewery in nearby Blue Ridge, Georgia, just a half-hour drive from downtown Murphy, NC. The Fannin Brewing Company has set up shop at 3758 East First Street, just off Highway 515 in northern Georgia. Using a variety of locally sourced ingredients, this enterprising operation has conjured up 13 diverse beers and ales, each with a distinctive name that reflects its origin. To sample them, visit the Brewery’s Tasting Room on Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

While you’re enjoying these tasty brewed concoctions, remember to drink responsibly. If necessary, recruit a designated driver so you can indulge without worrying about the drive home.

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Discover Doyle’s Cedar Hill Restaurant in Murphy, NC

3517_505572342817827_1985790519_nIf you’re craving top-notch restaurant food prepared by a skilled chef, but you’d like a place that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Doyle’s restaurant is the perfect spot. Now, add a popular Tiki Bar with live music and seasonal patio dining to the mix. Welcome to Doyle’s Cedar Hill Restaurant, a Murphy, NC mainstay since 2002. Open Monday through Saturday for dinner, and weekdays for lunch, this popular eatery occasionally opens for special-occasion Sunday brunches and holiday dinners.

Perched atop a hill near the Andrews Road/Lowe’s stoplight, this local landmark is located in a spacious building that includes two dining rooms and an inviting bar. The famous Tiki Bar occupies an adjacent covered patio, with a wind-blocking plastic enclosure and toasty heaters for cooler weather. During growing season, the patio showcases hanging baskets, herbs, and vegetable plants for sale. Before the March 2, 2012 tornado paid Murphy a visit, the restaurant was nestled among several impressive cedar trees. Now, the landscape isn’t quite as shaded, but the restaurant is better than ever.

Now, let’s say you’ve arrived for lunch, served in the dining room and in the seasonal Tiki Bar. Lighter fare includes fresh trout cakes, spinach and artichoke dip, and chicken flatbread pizza. Also consider five tasty main-dish salads with optional enhancements. Or, opt for a hearty sandwich, including the grass-fed beef burger, Carolina BBQ sandwich, traditional Cuban panini, or garden veggie burger. Gluten-free bread is available upon request. Sides include a delicious creamy cole slaw and addictive sweet potato fries.

When the dinner hour arrives, Doyle’s adopts a fine-dining menu, but keeps its friendly, welcoming demeanor. Appetizers generally mirror the lunch menu, but the dinner entrees are in a class by themselves. Meat lovers will appreciate the Grilled Black Angus Ribeye and Filet Mignon. Seafood fans can choose from Shrimp Scampi, Grilled or Blackened Salmon, or Fresh Mountain Trout. Vegetarian diners gravitate to the Pasta Primavera and legendary Eggplant Parmesan. And let’s not forget the melt-in-your-mouth desserts.

Of course, it would be tough to enjoy a top-notch meal without equally good service. Skilled servers are a Doyle’s Cedar Hill Restaurant hallmark, always well-versed on the menu and willing to go the extra mile to accommodate their patrons. Also, they’ll gladly add a choice wine or cocktail for 21-and-older diners.

After your sumptuous dinner, stroll outside to the Tiki Bar, featuring a Caribbean beach bar vibe embellished with Jimmy Buffet touches. Many talented regional musicians perform here, some with dedicated fan bases who never miss a concert. The Tiki Bar is also a favorite Happy Hour destination, drawing a diverse late-afternoon crowd during the warm-weather months. Each season, Doyle’s opens the Tiki Bar on St. Patrick’s Day (aptly named St. Patio’s Day), inviting Murphy, NC residents and visitors to enjoy another season of tasty food and revelry.

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Cherokee County Medical Facilities: Podiatrists, Urologists, and Mental Health Services

Doctor talking with patientIf you’re looking for medical facilities in the Cherokee County area, podiatrists, urologists, and mental health can be overlooked as they often aren’t “mainstream.” When you need one, you definitely need one! Rest assured, we’ve got that in Murphy NC.

PODIATRISTS – Medical Care for your Feet
Sometimes we just take our feet for granted. They take us through our daily routine, power our soccer games and daily jogs, and enable us to enjoy hiking trips and Zumba classes. With this highly demanding workload, it’s not surprising that they suffer a malfunction here and there. When that happens, a trained podiatrist can quickly become our best friend.

Also known as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), podiatrists diagnose and treat problems with our feet, ankles, and related leg structures. Examples include fallen arches, ingrown toenails, and some common foot and ankle injuries. Podiatrists also treat foot problems related to systemic illnesses such as diabetes. Although these practitioners aren’t trained medical doctors (MDs), they complete podiatry school and a related residency before setting up a private practice.

Local Podiatrist:
Smoky Mountain Foot & Ankle Clinic: Dr. Banks, Dr. Davis, and Dr. Delbene
9 Drew Taylor Road, Murphy, NC. Hours: Tuesday through Friday. Call for an appointment: (828) 835-8389.

UROLOGISTS – Medical care for your urinary tract system
Our urinary system generally runs in the background, producing and eliminating fluid waste from the body, in the form of urine. Sometimes, the system’s kidneys, bladder, and/or urinary tract oon’t function properly, which can cause some uncomfortable symptoms. That’s when a urologist steps in, diagnosing the condition and providing appropriate treatment. This specially trained physician works with patients of all ages, and also addresses issues with the male reproductive system.

Local Urologists:
Dr. Jeffrey Martin
75 Medical Park Lane, Suite A, Murphy, NC. Call for an appointment: (828) 835-3900.

Dr. Ziyad Mugharbil
4048 U.S. Highway 64 Alternate, Murphy, NC. Call for an appointment: (828) 837-7513

MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES PROVIDERS – Helping issues of the mind
When some aspect of life gets out of balance, and maybe even unmanageable, a mental health professional can often help to steer us back to the right path. Mental health services providers include psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, licensed clinical social workers, and licensed professional counselors. They can even offer substance abuse assistance.

Appalachian Community Services – Visit them On their Webpage
750 US Highway 64 West, Murphy, NC. Call for an appointment: (828) 837-0071.

Meridian Behavioral Health – Visit them on their Webpage
27 Bona Vista Lane, Marble, NC. Call for an appointment: (828) 837-7466.

We hope this helps and please call, email, or otherwise contact us  to let us know what we can do to help.

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Enjoy a Tasting Tour of Cherokee County Wineries

our-locationLooking for a great bottle of wine? Rather than browsing through your Murphy, NC supermarket or convenience store, hoping that something catches your eye, we’d rather you engage in a treasure hunt. In other words, go straight to the source. Plan an expedition to our Cherokee County wineries, where you can taste and purchase the libation of your dreams.

What makes our wines so desirable? Well, Cherokee County sits smack in the middle of some ideal grape-growing country. We’ve got super-rich soil, generally mild winters, and months of sunshine and warmth that really nurture the grapes along. After they’re harvested, the real work begins, with each local winery devoting considerable attention to the fermentation and bottling process. Best of all, you get to enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Let’s begin our winery tour at Calaboose Cellars in Andrews, North Carolina. We wrote a post about them back and 2011, and they’re thankfully still here! Just off U.S. Highway 19/74/129 about 15 minutes from Murphy, Calaboose Cellars is located at 565 Aquone Road off Main Street in Andrews. Look for the copper-colored tin roof on the small stone building overlooking the vineyard. The little stone “calaboose” gives this quirky winery its distinctive name. According to local legend, town law enforcers stashed lawbreakers in this sturdy jail until their appearance before the magistrate. Wait till you see it and it’s size first hand – you’ll understand why it wouldn’t be the comfiest arrangements. It makes for great history though.

Today, Calaboose Cellars’ website calls this little country lockup the “smallest free-standing complete winery in America.” Along with quality fermentation equipment, this multiple-award-winning winery boasts a covered, nicely furnished tasting room that overlooks the lush vineyard. “The Warden” happily offers winery tours (and he probably won’t lock you up if you misbehave). Check the winery’s website for business hours, and consider booking the tasting room for special events.

Next, head over to Cherokee Cellars Winery in the heart of Murphy, just across the street from The Daily Grind. This downtown winery occupies a different wine-making niche, as the winemakers source their grapes and juice from nearby commercial vineyards in North Carolina and north Georgia. Every vineyard has its own microclimate and soil composition, so each one specializes in certain varieties of grapes that thrive in those growing conditions. Of course, yearly weather pattern changes can make the difference between a high-quality crop…or sour-tasting grapes fit only for the birds.

Next, Cherokee Cellars hauls those top-of-the-line grapes to its downtown Murphy, NC winery. Skilled vintners make, blend, and bottle the wine right on the premises. When each vintage is ready, Cherokee Cellars makes it available for tasting and purchase. From April through December, the winery operates a warmly decorated tasting room and wine-themed gift shop. Visitors can sample several award-winning wines, and take their favorite varieties home.

Finally, visit scenic Nottely River Valley Vineyards, located just west of Murphy at 1150 Old Culberson Road, off Spur 60. The 10-acre vineyard/winery operation is ideally situated on a generations-old family farm, with gently rolling hills as the backdrop. Even better, the vineyard’s location, natural soil drainage, mineral availability, cool moist mornings, and full sun exposure comprise literally perfect growing conditions.

Nottely River Valley Vineyards uses a “minimal-intervention” wine-making process, beginning with high-density plantings of excellent-quality grape varieties. Through leaf pruning, cluster thinning, and limited fruit production, the winery consistently achieves superb results.

Although Nottely River Valley Vineyards is a relatively new winery, their dedicated winemakers have successfully produced four noteworthy vintages. To taste and purchase them, visit the winery’s tasting room on Friday and Saturday afternoons, from May through November.

Mountains and wine… what more could be more appealing? The only way to make it better is to own a home in the mountains. Looking to be here? Search the real estate for sale or contact us to let us know how we can help. These mountains are home and if you’re lucky enough to be here, then you’re lucky enough 🙂

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Murphy NC Dog Grooming Shops Deliver a Complete Canine Makeover


Does your golden retriever Dusty have some scraggly-looking leg feathers? Has your little Yorkie Alvin started to resemble a walking mop head? Is your standard poodle Bentley looking like a wild man lately? Sounds like all these guys are overdue for a trip to the groomer. Good thing Murphy, NC has three full-service grooming shops, ready to give your dog a much-deserved beauty treatment. Each operation has its own distinctive vibe.

Let’s begin with Green Paws Grooming in downtown Murphy. This appointment-only business is located on Hickory Street, just a stone’s throw from Cherokee Cellars Winery. Owner/groomer Helen specializes in small and medium dogs, and works one-on-one with your pooch throughout the process. Using natural products, she gives each canine client an aromatherapeutic massaging bath and a gentle air drying. Each dog’s low-stress grooming experience concludes with a finish clip that makes them look – and feel — their best.

Next, head across town to Lovin Care Pet Grooming. Located at the junction of Pleasant Valley Road and Hill Street, this convenient business is open most weekdays and on Saturdays. The shop’s all-breed-certified groomer also has experience with competition and show grooming. In addition to your dog’s bath and finish clip, his groomer can brush his pearly whites and give him a skin conditioning treatment. Lovin Care also offers a client pick-up and delivery service, along with doggie daycare.

Finally, visit All Creatures Short and Tall, located on U.S. Highway 64 West next to the Waffle King (another well-known Murphy, NC landmark). This appointment-only grooming shop serves clients Monday through Friday, and also opens its doors on the first Saturday of each month. Katherine’s full-service grooming operation focuses on providing exceptional service while keeping each client calm and comfortable. For example, you might see a happy-looking dog playing with his buddies until it’s his turn on the grooming table. Of course, roomy kennels are also available for dogs who prefer those accommodations. Finally, ACST helps to connect people and animals via its website and Facebook page, committed to finding loving homes for deserving animals within our community.

While making your dog’s spa appointment, ask if the shop requires proof of current vaccinations, or has other service-related requests. By avoiding surprises, your gorgeous-looking dog will be more likely to come home with a happily wagging tail.

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Murphy NC Antiques and Collectibles Shops Overflow With Vintage Gold

11196285_1611923979045875_570649732163361930_nWe’ve all heard that old adage: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, that’s absolutely true, and Murphy, NC is chock-full of enticing treasures to prove it. In fact, our four downtown antiques & collectibles shops have fascinating merchandise dating from our early settlement days – right up to the present. Best of all, all four shops are located right on downtown’s main drag: Peachtree and Tennessee Streets. Hours vary, so check with each shop before making the trip.

Let’s begin with Marketplace Antiques, a highly addictive store on Peachtree Street in the old Stufftiques building, just up from Shoebooties. You’ll find an appealing combination of consignment items and dealer booths, and new merchandise hits the floor daily. In fact, some customers visit several times a week, just so they don’t miss anything. You’ll find vintage and new furniture, old farm implements and tools, antique glassware, home and garden décor, art, and local artisans’ work. You could literally spend hours in this place.

Right next door, the Peachtree Antique Mall is also worth a visit. This well-stocked shop is popular with dealers and consigners, and contains an enticing array of antique and vintage pieces. Along with furniture and décor, you’ll find antique mantels, stoves, and fireplaces – all with great appeal to retro-minded shoppers. If you’re on the lookout for antique silver and crystal – or you’re an avid coin collector – you’ll find plenty to tempt you here. Again, visit often to snag new merchandise first.

After you shop ’til you drop, grab a tasty lunch at Shoebooties or The Daily Grind. Next, hop across Valley River Avenue to Tennessee Street, home of two more tempting antiques and collectibles shops. As you stroll down the left-hand side of the first block, step into Lotsa Memories, an eclectic little store that appeals to lovers of old and new keepsakes. Along with antiques, you’ll find Mennonite-made blankets and handmade quilts from Arkansas. Old musical instruments, fine crystal and collectible glassware, handmade linens, pewter and bronze, and Native American art – it’s all just waiting for you. If you collect cookbooks, you’ll be thrilled at the wide variety of choices from around the world. Best of all, the shop’s proceeds support local charities’ worthwhile work.

Finally, step onto nearby Willow Street, and pay a visit to Jan’s Needful Things, a charming little shop with “Things from Now and Things from Then.” You’ll find antiques mixed with wood puzzle boxes, unusual collectibles, and Murphy, NC souvenirs. If you’re a neon sign fan, get ready for the largest collection in the region. Chances are, you’ll encounter some needful things just looking for a good home – yours.

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