Hit Our Miles of Beautiful Mountain Trails on Horseback

Horseback riding is probably one of the best “two-fer” experiences around. First, you get outside in our gorgeous corner of the world, poking around wooded trails and soaking up our mountain air. At the same time, you get friendly with your horse, whether you’re on a two-hour trail ride or you’re meandering along with your own equine buddy. If you’re itching to saddle up and ride, we’ve got a riding stable in Cherokee County, just a few miles from Murphy, NC. You’ll find two more horseback riding operations within easy driving distance.

Horseshoe Creek Riding Stables, 1386 Stewart Road, Andrews, NC. 828-321-2376. This multi-purpose riding facility operates seven days a week. Enjoy guided trail rides ranging from one to five hours in length, visiting familiar destinations including Tatham Gap and the Trail of Tears. For maximum enjoyment, bring a picnic lunch and camera.

For a different type of riding adventure, take a covered wagon tour on several of the same area trails. Schedule a private or group ride, with a 10-person maximum (8 in the wagon and 2 on horses). Please note: For both activities, helmets are required for children 18 and younger, and are available for adult riders.

Finally, Horseshoe Creek offers basic riding and horse care lessons, along with horse training. And by booking a riding adventure here, you’ll support the stables’ admirable horse rescue efforts. For more than 50 years, the facility has given down-on-their-luck horses a new lease on life, making them a valued part of the local equine community.

Chunky Gal Stables, 1306 Hot House Road, Hayesville, NC. 828-389-4175.
Over in nearby Clay County (Hayesville, to be exact), you’ll find Chunky Gal Stables, named for adjacent Chunky Gal Mountain from an old Cherokee Indian story.

Open seven days a week, this full-service riding facility offers one- to four-hour guided trail rides through the Nantahala National Forest. Whether you’re an experienced rider, or this is your first time on a horse, they’re happy to accommodate your needs. Children are also welcome, but please mention the kids’ ages when making your reservations. Double riding (for parent and younger child) is allowed. And yes, reservations are strongly recommended.

Maybe you’ve been bitten by the riding bug, and you’d enjoy some in-depth lessons. Chunky Gal Stables offers Western-style riding lessons for individuals and groups of all experience levels. Finally, if your own horse needs some training, these helpful folks also provide that service.

A Step Above Stables, 696 Mauney Circle, Blairsville, GA. 706-745-9051.
Finally, head over to A Step Above Stables in Blairsville, Georgia, about a half-hour from Murphy, NC. These full-service stables operate year-round, and design guided one- to two-hour trail rides for riders of all levels. Even better, this facility specializes in horses for beginning riders, which most likely will increase your comfort level.

If you’re lucky enough to have your own horse, A Step Above Stables also offers first-class boarding facilities. They’ll provide a tailored feeding program for your younger horse to your equine senior citizen, and have an on-site farrier and trainer. In other words, your horse will live in the lap of luxury.

Now that you’re ready to hit the trails, here are several tips on dressing for the occasion. First, wear comfortable clothes so you can enjoy the ride. Long pants will keep your legs from getting scratched up when you ride through the brush, and closed-toe shoes offer protection for your feet. Finally, because our weather can be unpredictable, prepare yourself for cool, warm, or wet conditions. So, now that you’ve gotten the details ironed out, saddle up and get yourself on the trails!

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RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon Visits Murphy NC for Fourth of July Celebration at Konaheeta Park

This Fourth of July, we were fortunate to have the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon visit us in Murphy NC. The Fourth’s Celebration is always held at Konaheeta Park, and we simply could not have asked for a more pristine, perfect Fourth of July.

In the almost ten years I’ve worked with RE/MAX, it’s always exciting to see the Hot Air Balloon in real life. It’s a “logo” that truly turns heads, and I’m not different! It’s magnificent to watch it go from a giant tube sock to a 90,000 cubic foot icon. So to share the fun we had, here’s a lot of pictures we took. Enjoy!

One great thing was we charged $5 per person to ride the balloon and we were able to donate every penny of proceeds to two needy families here in Cherokee County. It’s a blessing to be able to help those who need it. And to all who rode the ballon, thank you for participating and helping someone who truly needs it. Happy Fourth! We hope to see you next year!

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Congratulations to our iPad Winner!

We drew from all the contestants who entered to win our iPad, and congratulations goes to our winner, Patricia Cason! You’re bound to enjoy it for a long time and we truly hope you do! That was one of the most fun phone calls I’ve made. The excitement was awesome! That alone made it worth doing  😆

We’ll post a picture of them when they come to pick it up. Read the post and see the picture of their winning!  😆

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Internet Real Estate Advertising Levels out the Selling Season in Murphy NC

Internet has easily changed the world – no doubt about it. We receive our news online, pay bills online, read more email than snail mail, are tethered to our smart phones, and shop for more and more items online too. The Internet has no doubt changed the face of our lives – and it has certainly done the same for selling real estate here in Murphy, NC.

Traditionally, we as Realtors experience a “selling season.” From May through the first two weeks in December was busy and the rest of the year was “dead,” as so many retired real estate agents explain. I have been told by many when Christmas rolled around, you might as well take an extended vacation through April or May. This likely was because if someone from out of town wanted to purchase a home, they had no way to see what homes and land was available for sale. Because of that, they waited to travel till the weather was more favorable for them.

The dynamics have changed drastically. No longer is this old adage true. I most certainly attribute it to the Internet. Now, no matter the time of year or temperature, folks can sit in the comfort of their home and shop for homes and properties online. They can find a plethora pictures and virtually walk through a home almost as if they were here in person. Now, they can find a house they want to see and buy throughout the entire year and can easily jump in their vehicle to come see it.

We experience this “leveling” of the season first hand as sales during the “off months” continue to climb to higher levels. I was amazing just how busy and how many properties sold in January, February, March, and April. The fact is, people’s desire to purchase a home never changes in the time of year. Now, the Internet brings properties right to their home no matter where they are located in the world.

The Internet is a wonderful and powerful tool to sell real estate. No matter the time of year, if you want to sell your house, call today! The prior thoughts of “let’s wait till [Spring, Summer, Fall, etc.]” are no longer necessary. Call today and let The Poltrock Team get you the results you need. We’re happy to share our advertising strategy with you to show you how we get properties sold when others can’t. Don’t take our word for it – check out our Testimonials and find out directly from our customers.

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The Poltrock Team is Voted Cherokee County’s Best Real Estate Agent in Cherokee Scout Readers Choice Awards

Just published in this week’s edition of the Cherokee Scout! The Poltrock Team has been voted #1 Real Estate Agent in Murphy, NC! That marks the third consecutive year the readers of the Cherokee Scout has voted is the top Realtors in Murphy NC.

It’s certainly an honor to be elected by those who live in Cherokee County with us. We will continue to work hard to live up to your expectations as the best choice in real estate.

Whether you looking at it from the stand point of being voted #1, being #1 in sold properties, or #1 in service, the fact is, we’re Murphy’s #1 Real Estate Team.

If you’re looking to sell your property or buy one here, let us work for you to make certain you’re well taken care of. Check out our Testimonials and rest assured that you’ll be getting the best advice, recommendations, and getting your real estate SOLD.

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The Poltrock Team is VOTED Murphy’s #1 Real Estate Team!

That’s right! In the Reader’s Choice Awards for The Cherokee Scout, The Poltrock Team at REMAX in Murphy NC was voted the #1 Realtors!

Like many newspapers throughout the United States, our local newspaper, The Cherokee Scout, holds an annual vote where readers can vote for their favorite everything! From favorite fast food to hardware store, to Realtor, to eye doctor – there’s just about literally a field for anything you can think of!

Out of more than 130 active real estate agents in the Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors, it’s quite a honor to be voted #1 real estate agents by folks right here in Cherokee County.

2011 marks the second year in a row as the Reader’s Choice award winners! Jessica Poltrock was also the 2010 Reader’s Choice Realtor of the Year! Not only that, REMAX in Murphy NC was voted the BEST real estate company in Cherokee County – for the THIRD consecutive year!

Thank you everyone who voted for us – we will continue to work harder than anyone and be Murphy’s #1 Real Estate Team.

Looking to sell your home and want the best real estate team to get it sold for you? Let The Poltrock Team get the job done for you! Contact us at the number below or use our SELL MY REAL ESTATE form!

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REMAX is Rated the #1 Customer Satisfaction for Home Buyers AND Home Sellers Among ALL Real Estate Firms by JD Power

That’s right – RE/MAX was just awarded TWO awards by J.D. Power. That’s amazing – especially to get both awards! It takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of good customer service! You’ll see what we mean by checking out Testimonials to The Poltrock Team at REMAX.

Selling your house? Buying a home? Call The Poltrock Team today at REMAX! After all, what other real estate agents in Murphy NC can say they have an award from JD Power? 😀

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Jessica Poltrock at REMAX Voted #1 Realtor in Murphy NC and Cherokee County

That’s right, not only was RE/MAX Mountain Properties in Murphy NC voted the #1 Real Estate Office by The Cherokee Scout’s Reader’s Choice Awards, Jessica Poltrock was voted the #1 Realtor in Murphy NC and Cherokee County! The vote was done by ballot in The Cherokee Scout, and all the readers chose her as the best real estate agent!

When you’re looking for results in real estate, call Murphy’s #1 Real Estate Team – The Poltrock Team.

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The Poltrock Team at REMAX in Murphy NC Outsold Real Estate Offices in Cherokee County

The Poltrock Team sold more real estate than 90% of real estate offices in Cherokee County. When you take all our agents in RE/MAX Mountain Properties, we outsold every real estate company. You got it – nobody sold more real estate than RE/MAX.

When you want your home or land sold in Murphy NC, contact Murphy’s #1 Real Estate Team to get the job done.

Check out our advertisement on the back cover of The Cherokee Scout’s magazine, Country Roads! Be sure to click the image to see a larger version.

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