It’s extremely important to know the community when you’re considering buying real estate. Cherokee County and it’s towns (Murphy NC and Andrews NC) are full of a rich history and a bright future. Cherokee County’s roughly 300,100 acres comprise two towns and many communities throughout the county. Murphy NC is blessed with great climate and weather that truly experiences all four seasons.

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Cherokee County Communities in Alphabetical Order

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One of the Entry Signs to Murphy NC City Limits

Murphy, North Carolina – Murphy is the county seat, and is well known for its warm, mountain hospitality. The city limits themselves are actually quite small with a reported population of 1,568. As far as the mailing zip code and what most folks consider Murphy, it’s a much larger landmass with somewhere between 15-22,000 people in it. Murphy has a great history with a great downtown that offers shopping, dining, fellowship, and a unique variety of merchants. The thriving downtown is well laid out for pedestrians and a friendly atmosphere. [Developments close to/in Murphy: Tarheel]

Andrews – Andrews is the second town in Cherokee County and has a great small town atmosphere and a beautiful valley setting. Located right along 19/129 and 74, it has quick access to a lot of the area’s attractions, including the Nantahala River.

Bear Paw in Murphy, NC – Bear Paw is an interesting resort area in the Hiwassee Dam community of Murphy, North Carolina. It features many amenities, such as a marina, pool, tennis courts, Hiwassee Lake access, paved roads throughout much of the resort, the only guarded entrance, and land and homes for sale.

Bellview – Bellview is a small area that’s largely residential. It’s located on the Southern end of 19/129. It offers quick access to Murphy, Blairsville GA, and Blue Ridge GA. A beautiful area with many options for living, it’s a great area to be in. [Developments in Bellview: Five Forks]

Brasstown – Arguably one of the most famous communities in Cherokee County, Brasstown is nestled dead smack between Cherokee and Clay Counties, NC. Home of the renowned John C. Campbell Folk School and hysterical Possum Drop, the undeniable beauty of this community and all it offers draws crowds of tens to hundreds of thousands of people from all over the United States annually. [Developments close to/in Brasstown: Highland Creek, Crisp Mountain]

Culberson – A very small community on the Southern end of Spur 60. It’s largest land mark is a Post Office that’s a one man show with PO Boxes, purchases, and no mail delivery. It’s almost entirely a residential area with quick access to Murphy, Blairsville GA, and Blue Ridge GA.

Hanging Dog – Hanging Dog is a large community North of the town of Murphy. You can access it from Tennessee Street from downtown. It’s a great area full of privacy and accounts for a lot of Murphy NC’s US Forest Service Land. It encompasses quite a large area and even has a large chunk of Cherokee Indian Land. It even has it’s own Forest Service operated camp ground and Lake Hiwassee Boat Ramp that is free to use. It’s most certainly a unique name, so learn the legend of the Hanging Dog name.

Hiwassee Dam – Properly named because it’s proximity and is the access to the actual Hiwassee Dam, which is the largest spillway dam in the United States. It has a large landmass and is very close to US Forest Service and Lake Hiwassee. It’s beautiful country with long range mountain views, rolling pasture, and much more available. It also has it’s own high school – Hiwassee Dam High School – which was placed in the top 5% of schools nationwide. [Bear Paw Resort is also in Hiwassee Dam]

Hothouse – An extension of the Ranger community, Hothouse is on the very Western end of Cherokee County bordering Eastern Tennessee along Highway 64. Full of creeks, long range mountain views, and some of the prettiest land in the country.

Marble – An area aptly named because Marble was quarried from here some years ago, Marble is located on Highway 74 right between Murphy and Andrews. It is home to the Murphy/Andrews Airport. It is a largely residential area with a handful of small commercial stores and plants.

Martin’s Creek – One of the nicest communities in the county, Martin’s Creek is located directly to the South of the town of Murphy. It is almost entirely a residential area located on the Southeastern part of Cherokee County. It has it’s own highly rated Elementary/Middle School. In some cases, it almost merges with the Brasstown community. [Developments in or close to Martin’s Creek Include Five Forks, Mary King Mountain, Highland Creek, Crisp Mountain, and Wildcat]

Ogreeta – Located Northwest of Murphy, you access Ogreeta from the Hanging Dog community. Ogreeta is a small, beautiful area with US Forest Service and is close to Lake Hiwassee.

Peachtree – Peachtree is the industrial heart of Cherokee County. It has a large portion of the plants and even Murphy Medical Center, which is our local hospital. Many doctors have their practices here and residents of the community revere it for its close proximity to town and beautiful countryside.

Ranger – Located West of Murphy on Highway 64, Ranger is a large area with easy access from the 4 Lane Highway. Beautiful land, great people, and a large variety of homes and land make Ranger a very popular residential area.

Unaka – Located Northwest of Murphy and on the Northern end of Lake Hiwassee, Unaka is a great area that’s full of privacy and great countryside.

Violet – Remotely located on the very Northwestern corner of Cherokee County NC, Violet is a gorgeous, private get-a-way. It is located North of both Lake Hiwassee and Lake Appalachia. It is known to have large tracts, beautiful views, and the utmost privacy.

Wehutty – A very rural community on the Western end of the county bordering Tennessee, this area has some of the prettiest farm land around. So long as you don’t mind remote and desire a bit more privacy, this is the perfect place to be. Untapped mountain views, gorgeous rolling land, and much more makes Wehutty an excellent getaway from busy living.

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