Reasons to Buy Local in Murphy NC and Cherokee County

This article will be featured in the debut issue of The Green Sheets which will be delivered to roughly 10,000 mailboxes in the Murphy NC area. It is designed to promote shopping locally in the area and will be full of coupons and excellent values giving you, the buyer, the chance to save some money, learn about local businesses, and get to read yet another article by John. Enjoy!

With the shift in the economy, it’s become ever increasingly more and more popular to say, “Buy local!” I’ve seen billboards, bumper stickers, magazines, and more all over Murphy promoting shopping here. It’s certainly an easy concept – spend your money here and bolster our local economy. We’re talking about way more than some guy you’ll never see again at the checkout working for a living, that’s Joe’s cousin and he has 3 kids and a beautiful wife. You might even see him at church or at the grocery while you’re doing your shopping. We’re blessed with great folks in this town, and we need to help them and in turn, help ourselves.

It’s easy to run to the “big store” and buy everything. It’s easy to jump in the car and drive to Atlanta or Chattanooga and get your clothes, shoes, or widgets there (ever considered how much money in gas it takes to get there and back??). It’s easy to buy cheap imported junk that’ll break in 3 minutes when we could’ve bought it here, spent a few more bucks, and gotten something that will truly last – you know what I’m talking about!

We should make an effort to help our neighbors and help ourselves. After all, everything “trickles down” and eventually makes its way back to us. With that said, look for local shopping alternatives. This is easy.

Joe from Brasstown walks in and buys a house. Joe got a great new house and my business just generated some revenue. Here’s how it got spent: $200 – local sign guy. Everyone knows Realtors needs signs. He just made payroll for his employees for a day or two. $50 – Gas at Duncan’s or Fatback’s.  $50 – local restaurant. Take your pick, we have some great food here and that employees a lot of people – owners, chefs, wait staff. $100 – need new boots. Want to drive to Atlanta – NOPE! There’s Hogsed’s Sportswear or Clayton’s Shoe Store downtown. $50 – need cat and dog food. The easy solution is something like Wal-Mart. Again, consider Teresa’s Pet World or Wayne’s Feed Store. $100 – Need some tools. There are many options – Murphy Building Supply, Wilson’s, Dickey’s and several others. Not only that, they really know what they’re talking about and can point you in the right direction. $50 – Jessica wants some plants and Potts & Pebbles is a perfect place to get them with more expertise and plants that will live longer than a year.

The list goes on and on. Long story short, do your best to buy the things you can from locally owned and family businesses. You’ll be able to find most everything you need here, and when you can’t, ask them to order it! I was in Appalachian Outfitters a week ago and those fine folks offered to order practically anything I need! Most of our local vendors can do the same, so give them the chance. Help those out who help us every single day. Not only will you get the item you needed, but you may meet your neighbor and make a friend. You never know when you will need a helping hand!

Contributed to The Green Sheets by: John Poltrock with The Poltrock Team at RE/MAX Mountain Properties. You can reach him toll free at 1-866-Murphy-NC or 1-866-687-7496 or at