Snow Days are a Blessing in Murphy NC – A Cherokee Scout Article by John Poltrock

Here’s the most recent article written by John scheduled to be in The Cherokee Scout’s upcoming magazine, Country Roads.

As I write this on a quite cold winter day, snow gracefully falls from the sky. My daughter is even excited at the prospect of not having school – something a child always looks forward to – a snow day! Snow days are sporadic in a year, only gracing us a few times a year. But when they do, it’s magical. Folks get time to spend with their family, get a few well deserved hours away from work, a warm cup of coffee or cocoa, and always, snow angels. Lots and lots of snow angels.

Snow FlakeAlthough an unlikely comparison, the falling snow reminds me of the blessings in real estate we have seen from winter to winter. Yes, despite the bombardment of bad news from the media and everywhere else you turn, real estate has the ability to bless people like a snow day – only better.

We worked with a couple this year who purchased a property that is now their home. And by that, I don’t literally mean it has a house on the property – it’s their home. In fact, it is currently only a vacant piece of land now, but it is going to be their home and where they spend many years together making it that much more of a home. It brings them hope for the future – a place they will come to enjoy their lives.  The feelings that wash over them and the excitement the property brings to them is better than that of any snow day. It will literally last them a lifetime and be the place they will enjoy a few brilliantly white snow days together.

On an opposite token, we worked with a couple who were in serious danger of losing their house. In fact, it wasn’t just a danger, it was eminent. Foreclosure notice had already been served and the writing was on the wall. This couple’s house went from a home, to a house, and finally to a huge burden. It was a weight on their chest that can’t be picked up no matter how you try. And for those of you who have been blessed enough to not have experienced a foreclosure, it’s one of the worst feelings and emotions you can possibly imagine. It’s one of the most terrible, most embarrassing things that can happen to you. With this couple, we were able find a buyer and come to an agreement with the owners and their bank. Although that statement sounds simple, it was one of the hardest, most challenging transactions we’ve ever worked on – and also one of the most rewarding. For the homeowner when it was over, it was far sweeter than a snow day from work. It was a feeling of full relief to know that stage of their life was over with and complete.

Snow is a gift that we only get to enjoy a few times a year. Real estate is an opportunity to enjoy the feelings that snow days bring not just a few times, but every day. So while winter grasps hold of us and the cold weather keeps us by our fireplaces, enjoy yourselves, your family, your home, dream of your future home, and know that we are blessed to be in mountains, in God’s Country.

If you have real estate needs, give us a call. We work hard for you to get you the results you need. And no matter your situation, whether buying or selling, we strive to get you to the day where the job is done and the good feelings you remember from a snow day wash over you from a job well done.

Written by John Poltrock, Certified Residential Specialist – – Call Toll Free 1-866-687-7496