Chalets Are Popular in Murphy NC Real Estate. What exactly is a Chalet?

Chalets are a very popular style of homes in Murphy, NC real estate. They are the perfect styled home for capturing our renowned long range mountain views or just overlooking your estate in the woods.

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, a chalet is, “a Swiss dwelling with unconcealed structural members and a wide overhang at the front and sides.” According to Wikipedia, a chalet was originally referred to the hut of a herder. Well, things have certainly come a long way from the days of the herder to today’s first-class version.

Chalet HomeThere are several characteristics that make a chalet a chalet in Murphy:

  • Large Fixed Pane Glass Windows in the Front
  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Open Floor Plan with the living room/great room in the front
  • A Large Loft, commonly where the master bedroom is
  • Steep Pitched roof in the front with “bump outs” over the loft with a far less pitched roof in that section
  • Covered porches on either side
  • and you’ve really got to have a fireplace 

Builders today are constantly adding their own unique twist and making each one just a little bit different. Truth is, a classic is simply a classic. Just like every home in any market, you can upgrade a chalet till you heart is content. It offers a lot of flexibility, so its a lot of fun to make it your own home.

If you are considering buying or building a chalet, here are a few considerations you should take into account:

  • Chalets with a basement (finished or unfinished) sell much better and provide you with much more usable space. Walk-out basements are common.
  • Be sure to plumb your basement and go ahead and upgrade your heat pump to handle the basement should you or someone else decide to finish it.
  • Privacy is key in the loft. If you’ll be by yourself a lot, don’t worry about this part. If you entertain a lot and your master bedroom is in the loft, you won’t have any privacy.  If you want your own privacy, upgrade a bit and get a larger chalet with a blocked off loft.
  • Dual masters with a suite in the loft and a suite on the main level is a major plus.
  • Make sure your great room is large enough. I’ve seen small great rooms devastate the sale of a home. When it doubt, add a bit of room.

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Mary King Mountain – A Large Subdivision in the Martin’s Creek Community of Murphy, North Carolina

Mary King Mountain Hedden Road Entrance SignMary King Mountain is a very large subdivision in the Martin’s Creek Community of Murphy North Carolina. Only minutes from town, it has a great location and is located in the prettiest country of Cherokee County.

It consists of two parts that are divided by Hedden Road. The North Side, or Side A as it is referred to by the county records, is large enough that it essentially connects Caney Creek Road and Hedden Road together by its major thorough through – Rockridge Road.

At it’s widest points, it is almost 6,500 by 4,600 feet large (one mile is 5,280 feet). It is shaped like an L as illustrated by the outline of the development below:

Mary King Mountain Aerial View Outline

The thin black lines indicate land parcel boundaries, and the yellow boxes indicate roads, while the large red line shows the outline of Mary King Mountain and provides a good idea at just how vast it is in size.

The South Side, or side B, is quite vast as well. It is about 4,950 by 5,500 feet (again, 5,280 feet equals one full mile). It is illustrated below:

Mary King Mountain South Side B

Mary King Mountain was originally developed by two main men in the 80’s – Daryl Horne and Burke West. The original parcel consisted of 988.28 acres. When Horne developed the property, he put in gravel roads that met DOT (Department of Transportation) requirements so they could eventually be taken over by the state. One issue with it, which was common at the time, is there were no road fees instituted when the property was originally divided. Campers were okay because many buyers wanted to bring their RV’s to stay for vacations, but it is restricted against mobile homes. There was no community water, so each individual property owner had to drill their own well. Foresight was given to electricity because the entire tract has a blanket easement for utilities. In other words, it means every property has the ability to obtain power even if there’s not currently lines to it. Certain sections have overhead power while others have underground power.

Since Mary King was originally developed, many of the larger parcels have been further subdivided. Since the parcels were larger, it was feasible for an investor to purchase the property, divide it, and sell it off in acre or so lots. Many of the later investors even instituted a road fee to maintain their section of the road, which assists in making sure the roads are smooth and not like a wash board. Rockridge Road, the main thorough through road, is very wide and well maintained. Even though it is currently a gravel road, it is in excellent shape and stays well maintained.

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Tellico Offers 4 Wheel Drive Fun for Cherokee County NC!

Tellico Plains offers those who like to be off road and four-wheel driving the place to do it! It is maintained by the US Forest Service, and for a mere $5, you can ride all day long. A $30 annual permit is also available. Jeeps, Bronco’s, ATV’s, Quads, Dirt Bikes, all those types of off road machines are welcome! If you ride an ATV or dirt bike, just be sure to bring a helmet because the USFS requires you wear one on their trails.

From Murphy, Tellico is located to the North on Davis Creek Road. From there, there’s all sorts of cabin rentals, Jeep repair centers, and other small businesses oriented toward making your off-road stay a better experience. If it’s important to you, be sure to ask if your cabin has electricity because some out there don’t.

One of the most exciting events hosted in Tellico is the Jeep Jamboree.

Tellico is an extraordinarily fun place to spend the day if you love the outdoors and gas-powered toys. While you’re out riding, be sure to be safe. Davis Creek Road and many of the trails in Tellico drop of steeply on the mountain with no gaurd rails. Be sure to slow down and take a steady pace because the mountains are unforgiving.


For a map or more information, contact:
Tusquitee Ranger District, 123 Woodland Drive, Murphy, NC 28906
Phone: (828) 837-5152,   Fax: (828) 837-8510

Directions to Tellico Plains from Murphy, NC– From the McDonalds in Murphy on Highway 64, turn North (left) onto Hiwassee Street and go to the first traffic light. Turn left at onto Tennessee Street and leave town. The road becomes Joe Brown Highway (there is a couple of places along here to buy gas) continue for 2.8 miles until you come to a blinking caution light. Turn right at caution light and continue for approx. 5.5 miles and turn right onto Davis Creek Road. Pavement will end soon and the US Forest Service entrance station will be on your left. Trail #1 starts here and continues through the ORV area and turns into River Road at the NC & TN state line.

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Realtors are an excellent way to not only buy homes or land, but to find out who the best sub contractors, vendors, stores, shops, dealers, and any other place to buy “Stuff” and services. This is very often taken for granted, and if you merely ask, you will receive.

For example, I can tell you the best grocery stores in Murphy. I know where to buy meat and where not to. Need a lawn service? How about a contractor to build a house? Garage? Best place to buy a washer? What about the best burger joint in town (and no, McDonald’s doesn’t count.)? What school district would you trust with your kids? You name it… we know it or can find out.

I can send you to the right person just about every time when you’re looking for something in Murphy, North Carolina. Cherokee County is a big place, and so is every other county. No matter where you’re at… save yourself the trouble… ask a Realtor.

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