Why it’s important to buy land for sale with a septic permit in Murphy NC


When you’re looking to buy real estate in the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina, flushing your toilet isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind – and it should be. Well, maybe not the very first thing, but it’s high on the list. The land your searching for should either have a valid septic permit on file or your contract should be contingent on buying it with a septic permit prior to closing.


Buying land without a septic permit in the mountains is like going to Vegas and tossing the dice with $20,000 or more – the only difference is the odds are in your favor. More than likely, your parcel of land you want to buy will get a septic permit. Odds are you’ll have no problem. BUT if you end rolling the dice and you can’t get a septic permit, you just lost tens of thousands of dollars. All of a sudden, your only buyer pool is an adjoining neighbor who wants it for privacy – and they don’t pay.

When you’re buying your parcel of land in the mountains, be certain to get a septic permit. If it doesn’t, make your contract contingent on it and INVEST the extra $600 it costs in your peace of mind. The Cherokee County Health Department will be more than happy to trade you $600 for that little pink septic permit that’ll let you know you’re getting the deal you want, and if they can’t, you’ll be glad you’re only out $600 bucks.

Read this article to find out how much different kinds of septic systems cost in Murphy NC.

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Price Drop on A Cedar Sided Home for Sale in Murphy NC

Cedar Sided Home for Sale in Ranger Community of Murphy NCHere’s a tremendous opportunity to get to the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina! This extremely affordable home boasts 1600+/- on a whopping 2.51+/- acres! This manufactured home is cedar sided with a tremendous mountain view! With a large kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and lots of privacy, this is an excellent opportunity for you to buy!

We’re Sorry. This Home is no longer available. Check out all our homes and land for sale in Murphy NC.

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Fall and Festivals Fortify Real Estate in Murphy NC

Fall is arguably the greatest season of the year here in the mountains of Murphy, NC. All the features we love about the mountains stand out in the most spectacular pageant of beauty. It brings about feelings that last not only a single season, but lasts a lifetime and is passed on through generations. The mountainsides boast a plethora of brilliant yellows, reds, oranges, and so many more. My personal favorite, the maple’s dramatic red stands out proudly from all the other colors.

The spectacular weather, cool evenings, and change of the leaves bring about many festivals to celebrate all the blessings Western North Carolina boasts. John C. Campbell Folk School has their famous festival, we have our RE/MAX Client Appreciation Party, and the annual Harvest Festival are just a few of the celebrations that we enjoy every year.

Thousands of people from all over the United States rightfully come to celebrate our natural beauty and bring their friends and family. Many of the thousands not only want to come once a year, they dream of living here. Folks have dreams of vacation homes to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life. Some dream of buying a home here and truly making the mountains home. Others dream of land to one day build a retirement home. No matter the situation or the dream, the mountains spur a deep longing to make the Appalachian Mountains home. And while some may not be in a position to pursue their dreams right away, the longing to be here tends to get in the soul and never leaves.

We’re fortunate in our business to be able to help many people turn their dreams into reality. With our Client Appreciation Picnic on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to thank you all – our clients, vendors, professionals, agents, attorneys, helpers, and so many more that I could never list everyone. Working together, we have made the dreams of many come true. Thank you.

Looking forward, we are excited to know there are many new relationships to be created, houses to become home, land to fulfill a desire. 2009 is proving to be a great year and we can all look forward to more.

If you are looking to buy a home or parcel of land, we’d love to have the privilege to work for you and make your dreams become reality. If you’re looking to sell your property and need a buyer who will love your home or parcel as you do, we’d love to work for you and get the job done. Please contact us however is convenient for you. We’re looking forward to it.

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Read about the 2009 Fall Festival at the John C Campbell Folk School

Great New 3 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath Log Home for Sale in Murphy NC on Just over 2 Acres of Land!

What a whopping opportunity to buy real estate in Murphy NC! Located at 922 Liberty Circle in the Hiwassee Dam community,  this amazing 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath true log home with custom milled logs and an open floor plan is a spectacular buy – and on just over 2 acres! It’s situated perfectly on top of gentle ridgeline and surrounded by wooded privacy.

This log home boasts a roughly 66′ long front porch with tongue and groove ceilings, and if you step inside, you’ll see a very nice stone gas log fireplace, supersized laundry room and pantry, a full bonus room that can be an office or just about anything you like! You’ll also find a tongue and groove interior giving it that warm, woodsy feel while still being bright and open.

The kitchen is great with lots of room, gorgeous cabinetry with lots of storage, an island, and so much more! The master suite is separated and to itself giving it privacy from the other bedrooms. In it, you will find his and hers closets, a private bathroom with a large tile shower, and much more. It has a full metal roof and a 16×20 storage shed outside that will be great for storage, a workshop, or just about anything!

CLICK HERE for more pictures and the current price of this log cabin for sale in Murphy NC. It’s truly amazing!

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Reasons to Buy Local in Murphy NC and Cherokee County

This article will be featured in the debut issue of The Green Sheets which will be delivered to roughly 10,000 mailboxes in the Murphy NC area. It is designed to promote shopping locally in the area and will be full of coupons and excellent values giving you, the buyer, the chance to save some money, learn about local businesses, and get to read yet another article by John. Enjoy!

With the shift in the economy, it’s become ever increasingly more and more popular to say, “Buy local!” I’ve seen billboards, bumper stickers, magazines, and more all over Murphy promoting shopping here. It’s certainly an easy concept – spend your money here and bolster our local economy. We’re talking about way more than some guy you’ll never see again at the checkout working for a living, that’s Joe’s cousin and he has 3 kids and a beautiful wife. You might even see him at church or at the grocery while you’re doing your shopping. We’re blessed with great folks in this town, and we need to help them and in turn, help ourselves.

It’s easy to run to the “big store” and buy everything. It’s easy to jump in the car and drive to Atlanta or Chattanooga and get your clothes, shoes, or widgets there (ever considered how much money in gas it takes to get there and back??). It’s easy to buy cheap imported junk that’ll break in 3 minutes when we could’ve bought it here, spent a few more bucks, and gotten something that will truly last – you know what I’m talking about!

We should make an effort to help our neighbors and help ourselves. After all, everything “trickles down” and eventually makes its way back to us. With that said, look for local shopping alternatives. This is easy.

Joe from Brasstown walks in and buys a house. Joe got a great new house and my business just generated some revenue. Here’s how it got spent: $200 – local sign guy. Everyone knows Realtors needs signs. He just made payroll for his employees for a day or two. $50 – Gas at Duncan’s or Fatback’s.  $50 – local restaurant. Take your pick, we have some great food here and that employees a lot of people – owners, chefs, wait staff. $100 – need new boots. Want to drive to Atlanta – NOPE! There’s Hogsed’s Sportswear or Clayton’s Shoe Store downtown. $50 – need cat and dog food. The easy solution is something like Wal-Mart. Again, consider Teresa’s Pet World or Wayne’s Feed Store. $100 – Need some tools. There are many options – Murphy Building Supply, Wilson’s, Dickey’s and several others. Not only that, they really know what they’re talking about and can point you in the right direction. $50 – Jessica wants some plants and Potts & Pebbles is a perfect place to get them with more expertise and plants that will live longer than a year.

The list goes on and on. Long story short, do your best to buy the things you can from locally owned and family businesses. You’ll be able to find most everything you need here, and when you can’t, ask them to order it! I was in Appalachian Outfitters a week ago and those fine folks offered to order practically anything I need! Most of our local vendors can do the same, so give them the chance. Help those out who help us every single day. Not only will you get the item you needed, but you may meet your neighbor and make a friend. You never know when you will need a helping hand!

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New Chalet for Sale in Murphy NC Real Estate – A GREAT Buy!!!

Here’s a beautiful chalet home for sale that’s an extraordinary buy! This home boasts two bedrooms, two baths, beautiful rock fireplace, a deck, two porches, all appliances, wood ceiling, super-sized master suite, very LARGE fixed pane glass to let in lots of natural light, paved roads, very gentle lot, lots of parking, underground utilities, and a whole lot more! This property is an extraordinary value and probably the best real estate buy on a home in all of Murphy NC right now.

It’s much larger than your average chalet and is in Country Mountain Ridge in the Ranger community of Murphy NC. Located right off of Bell Hill Road, you’re getting a great area that is close to downtown Murphy and all the shopping it offers. That and you still get the feeling of being in the woods in the mountains of North Carolina 😉

We’re Sorry, this home is now SOLD. Please check our website for all our active listings at www.MyMurphy.com

Five Forks Development in Martin’s Creek Community of Murphy, North Carolina

Five Forks in Murphy NC Entrance Sign Five Forks in Murphy NC Entrance Sign

Five Forks is a gated subdevelopment in the Martin’s Creek community nestled in the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina. It is largely respected as one of the finer and better done cabin and chalet developments in Cherokee County. It is complete with a gated entrance that closes at dusk, paved roads, underground utilities, community water system, and spectacular long range views. In fact, you can overlook the mountains of North Carolina and Georgia and even see Lake Nottley in the distance. See the picture below to get an idea of what it’s like on the top of the mountain – and the picture doesn’t even do it justice. Five Forks has a great location and is very close to Bellview. Not only is it quick access to Murphy, it is equally easy to go to Blairsville, GA. It is just off of 19/129 on Moccasin Creek Road. Click Here to see a Google Map of Five Forks’ Location and more.

The raw land tract that would become Five forks, or just 5 Forks as a few folks write it, was originally owned by developer Manny Hernandez. The site plan and much of the orchestration was done by our very own RE/MAX mountain Properties Broker/Owner, David Ritz. It wasn’t acquired as one single tract. Rather, Phase 1 was done and then additional parcels were purchased and added to the development over time.
Five Fork's Spectacular Long Range Mountain View
Five Fork's Amazing Mountain View

The paved roads are a huge asset. With double lane, paved roads coming into Five Forks, it makes travel a breeze. Much of the other developments in the area lack wide roads and can cause issues when two vehicles approach at the same time. Jonathan Wells (of Wells Contracting) built the initial phase of roads, Chris Dockery, and Bill Cook are the men largely responsible for putting in the road system. As you come in the entrance, you cross a large tract of land and a good thing for the community is that Five Forks owns the road coming in – it doesn’t just have an easement like many do.

It contains 129 lots  ranging from less than an acre to over five acres.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Five Forks is laced with walking trails and a road system that is perfect for getting out and taking a stroll by yourself, with friends, family, or pets. It even has an outdoor picnic facility complete with a restroom.

Homes in Five Forks

Chalet Type Home in Five Forks
Chalet Type Home in Five Forks

Five Forks is well known as a chalet and cabin type community. All of the homes there have earth tone colors and are designed to make you feel like you’re “in the woods” while not secluded and by yourself. Homes in Five Forks start in the 100’s and go to the highest real estate transaction on record at $449,000 (as of this writing).

Interesting Facts on Five Forks

  • Five Forks has a tract 11.63+/- acre tract right in the middle of it that’s not part of Five Forks. It cannot be accessed through the Five Forks entrance, but rather must use Grape Thicket Road and come in through a side entrance.
  • The lots on the Northwestern side of Five Forks (which used to be part of tracts that were part of Grape Thicket) have a secondary right-of-way to come in through Grape Thicket Road. Although this is not as desireable an entrance, it is useable. The large parcel in the middle of Five Forks only has right-of-way through Grape Thicket and cannot use Five Forks’ main entrance.
  • The success of Five Forks is largely contributed to impeccable market timing, great paved roads, competetive pricing, good design, and huge, long range mountain views. Original prices started out around $25,000 and up.
  • Many of the homes built in Five Forks were built by Chris Twiggs, Mark Thorsen, John Ritz, and Ray Newcomb.

Need to sell your property in Five Forks?

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Want to buy property in Five Forks?

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Downloadable Documents on Five Forks

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What to Expect When Offering to Buy a Foreclosure in Murphy NC

When you find a foreclosed home in Murphy NC that you want to buy, there are several things you need to know to expect when you go through the process. It will be an interesting experience that is unlike buying a home from a “normal” seller.

You found a foreclosure home you want to buy. Here are some tips and what to expect.

(I also recommend you read our article on finding and buying foreclosures in Murphy NC)


  1. Lots of paperwork. You’ll have all the standard paperwork you have when you buy a house and then endless addendums they will send afterward for you to sign.
  2. Crazy Addendums. They’re something else. They will limit the bank from any and all liability and specify how to expect the closing will take place. There will be mold addendums even if the house doesn’t have mold (basically says the bank doesn’t know about any mold and is not liable for any), addendums on other hazards, addendums to the addendums, and addendums to the amended addendum! Trust me though… there’s a lot.  You will find contradictions in the paperwork. For example, in one spot they may say they will pay your closing costs and then in another say you are responsible for them.
  3. Slow paperwork processing. It takes the bank forever to sign your offer to purchase. They have to approve it on many different levels and they are in no rush to sign it. They will give you verbal acceptance pretty quickly and the signed and executed offer can often take a week or more to receive.
  4. Contradictions. You’ll find the left hand doesn’t talk to the right hand on the bank’s side. The listing agent will contradict what the closing agent said and so on. Be prepared for a few “inconveniences” to crop up because of this. You have to remember, “I’m getting a great deal. I must be patient…” and so on to put up with some of it.
  5. Delayed closing. This is a case of the left hand not communicating with the right hand. If you can close in a week and they agree to it on the contract, expect it not to happen. Not because they have ill intent, rather because they have so many steps they have to go through and it just doesn’t “accelerate” well. No need to worry, no matter where you are at, you can get closing documents by mail or UPS.
  6. Attorney costs. Sometimes they offer to pay your closing costs. There is a bit of a catch to this. If you do, they expect you to use their attorney. Many times they will even pay for title insurance for you. If they do, it’s not too bad of a deal. There is a bit of consideration to this, however. Who do you think an attorney that represents the bank and does many transactions for them is most interested in? Especially if they’ve never seen you and don’t know you from Adam, they’re not as worried about you. Hiring your own closing attorney may cost you more, and it may be worth it to know you have someone who is representing your best interests – not the banks. You’ll have to decide which approach is better for you. It may even be worth it to consult an attorney (often a free consultation with many of our local attorneys) to find out the benefits of both ways. You can find an attorney on our recommended contractors list, or Gotta Guy List as we call it.
  7. Get EVERYTHING in writing. When we got to the closing table for the foreclosure we bought, several surprises happened. They told us they would pay for our attorney and title insurance costs. We had this verbally, not in writing. We ended up having to pay for our attorney costs. They told us they would repair some plumbing issues we discovered. They disputed it. We produced email correspondence on it where they agreed to pay it and they did, indeed, end up paying it. Point is, since the right hand doesn’t communicate with the left very well, you need to have everything they agree to in writing.
  8. Remember and always come back to the fact that you’re getting a great deal. Unless the stars align in a way that I’ve not seen, expect closing not to be as smooth as it is with a “normal” seller. There’s a good chance you’ll get frustrated with it, so always come back to and remember that you’re getting a great deal. After all, you’ll be saving thousands and when you look back on it after owning your home for a few years, it will all be worth it.
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Foreclosure Houses and Tips to Buying Them in Murphy NC

Foreclosures have become a hot topic in the national real estate market, and that is just as true for Murphy NC. We’ve been fortunate – we don’t have nearly as many foreclosures in Cherokee County NC as much of the country does. The good news is they are still out there and you can still buy them at great prices.


Are you looking to buy a foreclosure in Murphy NC?

Then there’s a few things you need to know before you look any further. 


  1. There’s no way to get a full list on by searching the Murphy NC MLS on your own. Finding them is rather obscure on my end and almost impossible on your end. If you’d likeForeclosure Sign to a full list of the active foreclosures here, email me now (Copy and Paste into your email program JohnPoltrock@gmail.com). I will respond with a link to all the current ones so you can be up-to-date and save a ton of time.
  2. Banks expect you to be prequalified for financing before you even make an offer. If you’re serious about buying a foreclosure, the very first thing you need to have prepared before you even open the door of a foreclosed house is your financing. Banks won’t even look at your offer in almost every case until they know you have the means to buy it. Simply put, have your financing ducks in a row or buy it in cash. Need financing? Go to our Murphy NC recommended contractor list, or “Gotta Guy List” as we call it, to see several excellent local lenders who can get you started.
  3. Expect multiple offers. There can’t be a “I’m not getting in a bidding war” attitude when you’re buying a foreclosure. Be prepared for multiple people to be looking at the same property while you’re shopping. The last two foreclosures we sold (one of which we bought) had multiple offers on them and it’s just part of it. It doesn’t mean you have to pay too much, and that’s where we’ll help you.
  4. Act fast. This somewhat ties into the last one. The best way to avoid multiple offers is to not waste time. If you find a house that fits what you want to buy – do it! Waiting around to make a decision, consulting lots of friends, and anything else that takes up a lot of time is a good way to loose the house. Remember – there’s lots of people looking at them and you want to beat them to it. There’s a lot to the “early bird gets the worm” philosophy here.
  5. Expect to swing a hammer. By that I mean you’ll more than likely have to do work to it. If you’re not in to working on a house or are unwilling to invest more money back in to it, foreclosures may not be for you. You don’t want to buy one with structural issues. Cosmetic problems are okay and most foreclosures will have their fair share of them. I can tell you a few stories about our house and the challenges it had – and they are all fixable!
  6. There’s no dream homes here. Don’t get me wrong on this one – our house is now rapidly becoming a dream home to us. That’s because we’re putting “our” touches on it just like you will do to your foreclosure house when you buy it. Until that point, you won’t walk in and have that “This is it!!!” feel. You can’t expect to find “The One” when you’re shopping for good deals. You’re going to have to settle on some things, so have your list of things that you have to have and things you would like to have and can live without. If it fits the parameters you set, than you’re good! Just remember, you start working on it and putting your own personal touches in it, it will become a dream home for you once you’re finished with it.
  7. Don’t exclude non-foreclosure homes from your list. There are lots of great properties out there at even better prices. Keep an eye out for ones that are not bank owned too because you can sometimes find sellers that have to move a house. We’ll be happy to help you find these, too.
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Certainly I’m Uncertain! Should I Buy or Sell Real Estate in Murphy NC Right Now?

            It’s easy to question whether now is the time to make the leap and buy or sell real estate in Murphy, North Carolina right now. If you are in a position where you have to buy or sell a home in Murphy right now, you’ve got an easy decision. Fact is – you have to sell because your personal circumstances say you do. Perhaps you’ve got a job relocation, move to get closer to family, health conditions, or whatever the case, it’s a good reason. Where the question really comes in to play is if you don’t have to do anything right now.

            It’s easy to get caught in the mainstream news – look out!! The sky is falling! Albeit a favorite fable, we’re living in a world with a lot of Chicken Little’s.  Every time I watch, read, or listen to the news, there is a good reason to crawl into a concrete bunker and never come out. Between the so-called housing market slump, the presidential election, consumer confidence, and anything else you can throw in, it’s a good time to be nervous about buying or selling real estate.

Here’s the truth: sometimes it pays big dividends to be a naysayer. Depending on your situation, market corrections are the best time to buy and sell.


If you are planning on upgrading to a new home, there’s no better time. Here’s why:


  • You have to sell your current home which has a worth of $250,000. Because of high inventory and fewer buyers, you must reduce it 11.74% (Percent change from 2006-2008. Please read our last article in Country Roads for more details.). You sell for $220,650. You “lost” $29,350.
  • The home you want to upgrade to costs $400,000. Those sellers too have the same impact from high inventory and fewer buyers. The 11.74% reduction brings it down a whopping $46,960. That means you “gained” $46,960.
  • So if you “gained” $46,960 and “lost” $29,350, weren’t you able to buy $17,610 more home than you could buy in an appreciating market? This holds true for any move up, no matter how small or large the sale and purchase is.


Or if you want to buy and don’t need to sell a property, think of this: if rates go up, you won’t be able to buy as much home. FACT is, for every ½ point increase in interest rates, you loose $25,000 in purchasing ability. The Federal Reserve is constantly watching inflation and wants to make sure it doesn’t spiral out of control. With that said – have you bought, well, anything lately? Virtually everything is getting more expensive and that alone may force the Fed to increase rates and therefore cut back your purchasing power.

          When it comes to selling property, now really is a great time to sell. Buyers are getting more active, and more importantly, your equity in your property is still quite healthy. If you’ve owned for a number of years – say 5 years or more, you have great opportunity. You can still profit from your investment because your property has had a great appreciation rate! The most recent one I evaluated appreciated at 4.88% per year since 1998 – and that was on an older, less desirable property! You won’t find rates like that at your local bank, and believe it or not, that’s one of the lowest I’ve seen in some time.

          Despite all the negativity and uncertainty floating around out there, there’s a lot of opportunity right now for both buyers and sellers. Are you considering buying property in Murphy, NC and want to know what properties fit your wish list? Contact us or your local Realtor today! You can get daily or weekly email updates letting you know what’s going on in the market. Want to sell your property in Murphy, NC? Get a complimentary evaluation on your investment and make an educated decision! Call The Poltrock Team or your local Realtor today to find out why this is truly a great time to sell!


John Poltrock – The POLTROCK TEAM at RE/MAX Mountain Properties – www.MyMurphy.comJohnPoltrock@gmail.comCall Toll Free at 1-866-687-7496