What Exactly Does “Underground Utilities” Mean for My Murphy NC Property?

Underground utilities are an advantage for property owners and investors. In fact, you can readily distinguish if they’re available by searching for the infamous “green box” for power. When you see a tract of land or a home for sale advertised as having Underground Utilities, they usually also have underground telephone cable as well.

 Underground Power BoxOne immediate advantages is the aesthetics. Unsightly power lines can ruin an otherwise phenomenal mountain view. It makes living in your community simply cleaner. Underground hides in the landscape rather than overwhelming it with poles and power lines littering the land.

Safety is another concern. Trees tend to blow over at some point in a storm, and if power lines are protected underground, the line won’t be knocked down creating a “live wire” and causing a power outage further down the grid. An invisible consideration is that power lines create electromagnetic radiation. It is widely believed that power lines can cause cancer from the invisible “field” they cause around them. Generally, this is a concern with larger distribution lines. By burying them in the ground, professionals in the field seem to agree the soil protects you from higher exposure.

From a purely financial aspect, it adds value to your property. I just performed a quick search of land sales in the past 6 months between one and three acres to see what the differences were in value. Here’s what I found:

  • With Underground Utilities – 51 real estate transactions with an average dollar value of $67,901
  • Without Underground Utilities – 37 real estate transactions with an average dollar value of $35,414

Does that mean my property is worth $32,487 more with underground utilities? No, it does not. This search doesn’t factor out certain features or characteristics that could skew the outcome of it. However, there is a direct correlation in having underground utilities and having a higher property value.

Your power company will be the one to install underground utilities should you decide you would like them. Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation (BREMC) and Murphy Power Board are two of our major power companies, and whichever is your power company would be responsible for installing it for you.

To make a long article short, underground utilities are certainly a worthy investment in your property. If you’re searching to buy a property, it is certainly worth considering regardless of whether you’re looking at it from an aesthetic, safety, or financial standpoint.

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