Katie’s Second Grade Krill Report

Katie just wrote her report on krill and wanted to post it out there for everyone to see on her blog page! Enjoy! 

Krill are small shrimp-like creatures that live in all the oceans of the world – even Antarctica. There are more krill than people in the whole world. Krill are not heavy, but all of them together weigh almost twice as much as all the people in the world. Usually krill are one to two centimeters, but some of them are six to fifteen centimeters.

Krill eat phytoplankton, zooplankton, and copepods. They have an important role in the food chain. Lots of different animals in all shapes and sizes eat krill. There are penguins, fish, seals, and even humpback whales. People also fish for krill. They are used for eating in Japan and Russia. Here in United States, they are used for feeding animals in aquariums, bait in sports fishing, and by drug companies.

            Female krill can carry several thousand eggs in her belly. Male fertilize the little eggs, and the female will put the eggs out in the ocean. Once a baby krill is born, most only live six to eight months. Some have been known to live up to six years.

            Krill are made up of three parts: the cephalon (head), the thorax, and the abdomen. They are crustaceans and have an exoskeleton – which means their skeleton is on the outside of their body. On their head, they have compound eyes, like a housefly, and two antennae, like an ant. On their body, the have separate legs for swimming, feeding, and grooming (cleaning). Krill and shrimp have different gills. Krill have them on the outside and shrimp have them on the inside. That is how you can tell them apart.

            Krill are very important in the world. They start many ecosystems because larger animals eat them, then another larger animals eats it. So next time you think krill are puny, think again. You probably have eaten a fish that once ate krill.    The End.

My Christmas List for Santa — and NO looking except for Santa and the elves

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl. My grades at school have been good, too. This is what I would like for Christmas this year, Santa.

1) Nintendo Wii – and if you can’t get this for me, please get these:
2) Mio Pup (Purple)
3) Flipping Frog Game
4) Hyper Slide
5) Squaky McCall
6) Dancing Spider
7) Movies – Simpson’s Movie, maybe?
8) iCoaster
9) Nintendo DS
10) Crash Games for PS2

Thank you Santa,
Katie Peacock-Ritz-Poltrock


This is my 7th Thanksgiving, and it was fun! This year I went with my dad. I got three days off of school because the pilgrims and the Indians had three nights of feasts. We had a big, big, big, big, big turkey! We had macaroni with it that was really, really, really, really goooooooooooood!  There was rice, dressing, mashed potatoes with gravy. I ate only three of those things. The next night, we had ribs. They were baked in the oven. I got to tape Ben 10 – Race Against Time. It was really fun to watch! And that’s all I want to say. Look next time, you can see more!

Katie Peacock-Ritz-Poltrock – Future REMAX Agent – Homes and Land in the Mountains of North Carolina

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My First 100 in Second Grade

Friday I made a 100! It was exhalting! And by the way, that means exciting. It was fun, too. I got one word wrong, but it was replaced by one of the challenge words. I missed the word “because.” I did not study it enough. My teacher replaced it with “giggled.” That was my first one hundred! I am so proud of myself.

By Katie Bug

Funworld in Hiawassee Georgia

I go to Hiawassee, Georgia to go to Funworld. It is very fun there!! To get there, you go on 64 East from Murphy to Hayesville. From Hayesville, you turn right on to 69. At the T intersection, turn left and Funworld is on your right.There’s a big sign and even a movie theater sign, too.

There’s a rock climbing wall in the back. The rock wall is really made of plastic. You have to do it with a rope. When you climb to the top, you can push a button that rings a bell. It’s loud! You might want to cover your ears when you push it.

In the front, there is a big, huge play place where you can shoot balls, throw them, and more! There’s a big slide you should try out. You can only ride down back, straight, or on your bottom. It’s fun because you can hit a bump and bounce the whole way down!

There is a pizza place where you can get any kind of pizza. It is in the back. You might see it if you go there.

There are lots of video games! My favorite is the roll ball. If you get a 1,000 points, you get a bunch of tickets! There’s even a Putt-Putt game. You can play different holes. On the second to last one, it will go right down to the check point.

If you go there, you will see the other games. I’m sure you’ll find them amazing too! I hope you have a fine time!

By Katie Bug – Junior REMAX Agent – Murphy North Carolina – www.MyMurphy.com

My First Day Back to Martin’s Creek School

My first day was kind of embarrasing, but it was kind of fun too. We got to know each other. I was embarrassed because I thought Carly and Hayle would be there… they are my friends. I am making new friends as I go. My teacher is very nice and gives us only one chance to be good.

We got to learn what the computers were for. Soon we will get more computers for AR tests. The AR books have red stickers and are in the library.  They have questions in them you have to take a test on. When you start the test, you cannot stop.

My new friend is named Jeremy. He is new at school but is nice, too.

The End – More coming soon from Katie Bug!

Disney Fun Trip

I had went to Disney World from Murphy, North Carolina. I had a lot of fun. I went with daddy, Erika, Meemaw, Deedaw, Priscilla (she’s a dog), and Peanut (another dog).

I went to Sea World and saw sharks! Different kinds of them. We saw a dolphin show. This girl always wanted to swim with dolphins. She dove from a window and swam with them. Then the cool part came. There was a trapeze guy who was on their nose. They dolphins did flips in the air! They would do normal dives and even circle dives.

Disney had several fun rides. On one, we went to the top of an elevator and fell down 13 floors! We took another elevator where you got to fly in the air and see everything in the park. There was Space Mountain. I got to ride in the front once and the back. You were able to see stars, the Milky Way, Everything in the universe!

You should go sometime! It was very hot, but was worth the trip. It is in Orlando, Florida. I’ve got to go to my first day of school tomorrow, so it’s bed time. That’s all for now!

Katie Peacock (Poltrock) – Future REMAX Agent – REMAX Mountain Properties

My fun camping trip to Lake Hiwassee

Me and my Aunt Jenny went to Hiwassee Lake. We had a lot of fun.

We had a ride on her boat. We loaded her boat at the Hanging Dog camp ground area. I got to ride in the tube behind the boat. Me and the boys rode the tube. It was bumpy sometimes. It was very fun and fast. I fell off one time and so did Brad. Lucas fell off two times. After we were done, we were tired. We ate dinner, and then Jenny lit some fireworks. We had one that made a parachute guy fall down. There were others, but they fell into the lake. We sat and watched them and we liked them.

The people I went with were Brad, Shawn, Lucas, Lucas’s dad, Lucas’s grandpa, Aunt Jenny, and Chris. We all had a lot of fun.

Our campground was very nice. To get to it, we had to ride the boat since it was on the U.S. Forest Service land. We had a camp fire ring made out of rocks. We camped in a tent and slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. There was a big mud pit! It was filled with the squishiest mud ever! We had to get in the water to wash it off when we were done playing in it. Afterward, we went fishing. There were hardly any fish to catch. I still was able to catch one. Brad didn’t catch one. Lucas was generous enough to share his with him. Shawn caught one – it was skinny.

Early in the morning, I went fishing. I had a bite or two, but I didn’t reel in the handle fast enough. I even got to chop a tree with a hatchet.

When I left, I broke out in rashes. They were everywhere! Just a few minutes before, I was eating some little squishy tablets like Gushers. Then I played with some kind of bug. It could’ve made the rash. Aunt Jenny rushed me back to Hanging Dog where John Michael (a.k.a. Dad) picked me up and gave me Benadryl. That was the end of my trip.

Next time, I’ll have more than that, and that’s the truth! Next time, we’ll write about Florida and when I went to Disney World.

By: Katie Peacock (who’s still a Poltrock! and even a Ritz!

Help Mommy & Daddy!

If you need a house, you can go to REMAX to find mom and dad to help you find a new house if you need.

(From Baby Doll “Pearl”)
The land is beautiful at REMAX. Every house you can find is pretty! That’s all I want to say…

Next time, there will be more! Please come back tomorrow.

By: Katie Peacock (who’s really a Poltrock – Future REMAX Agent and Top Producer! (She’s 7, by the way)