Everyone was waving at me in your truck!

One of the best and most overlooked assets to Murphy, North Carolina is the people who live here. After having lived here for almost 10 years, they become the “norm.” It is easy to get used to them as the status quo and to forget how truly wonderful and unique every person is.

My parents came up for a week just recently and there were several occasions where my dad drove my personal truck. One day, he told me, “I’ve been waved at by more people on the way over here than I think I know in my hometown!” That statement alone made me realize just how much of a blessing it is to know all the people I do and to have as many friends and family as I’ve come to know right here in Murphy, NC.

One thing I can assure you about Murphy is that you get both the small town feel and the wonderful people. If you decide to move here or come here for a little R&R, you will find you will meet all of these wonderful people who are your neighbors, your folks from church, the clerk at the grocery store or at Wal-Mart, and just about anyone else you bump in to downtown will instantly be friendly and potentially become a friend.

So go ahead, search for that dream home, rent a vacation home, or just come and camp so you may enjoy the great atmosphere I have come to know, love, and even get so used to that it seems like the entire world is this way. Although the entire world is far from being like Murphy, here you know you have a great safe haven where you can always expect folks to wave at you as you drive down the road.

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Highland Creek Subdivision in Murphy NC – A Great Place for Homes and Land!

Highland Creek Subdivision is one of the newest, most recent, and most successful communities in Murphy, NC. It is extremely well located and is nestled right between the communities of Peachtree, Brasstown, Martins Creek, and Murphy NC. It is well known for having cabin styled homes and chalets.

Like many of the nicest subdivisions in Cherokee County, Highland Creek features paved roads, shared wells so you don’t have to drill a well, underground utilities, and much more. Not only that, it has the allure of stunning mountain views, creeks, and even frontage on the Hiwassee River.

Highland Creek is Home to Some AMAZING Long Range Mountain Views

Because of its location, it has great access to everything Murphy has to offer. The Cherokee Hills Golf Course is practically next door, the “new” 64 road is just a leap away, Murphy Medical Center (the hospital), Brasstown, the John C. Campbell Folk School, Cherokee Hills Golf Course, and so much more. Since 64 is close, you can be to downtown in 5 minutes and all the Things to Do in Murphy NC

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The 2011 Relay for Life in Murphy NC at Konaheeta Park


Tonight was the night! That’s right – the Relay for Life was in downtown Murphy NC at Konaheeta Park! Fighting cancer is an extraordinary cause and thousands of dollars were raised! I didn’t get to hear the final figure this year, but I did catch it was actually in the tens of thousands of dollars. This is a perfect example of how our community pulled together to make excellent things happen! Many businesses, churches, families, friends, and more pulled together to make 2011’s Relay for Life a huge success. We had a blast – and thank you to everyone who worked hard to make it happen! We certainly hope to see you next year too! 🙂

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The Hiwassee Dam Hydroelectric Dam in Murphy NC

The Hiwassee Dam is one of my favorite things to see here in Murphy NC. If I’m showing homes or land in the area, I always love to take folks to see it. At 307 feet, Hiwassee Dam is the third tallest dam in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) system. It stretches 1,376 feet from bank to bank of the river, and I must admit, is an amazing sight to stand at the bottom of and see just how big it really is. It was part of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal to provide work for people and help bring the United States out of the Great Depression.

Named after the Hiwassee River, the dam is responsible for creating Lake Hiwassee and generating an impressive 185 Megawatts of power.


Construction began on Hiwassee Dam on July 15, 1936, and it officially opened for operation on February 8, 1940. At a price tag of 24 million at that time, it was a sizable, and expensive, undertaking. It had dual purposes – to generate power for the region and provide flood control for the Chattanooga area, which is why you see the waters of Lake Hiwassee lower in the colder seasons of the year.

Building the dam required purchasing 24,102 acres. It took 3,836 acres that had to be completely cleared. What’s even more amazing is that it required 261 families, 462 graves, and 25 miles of roads that had to be completely relocated to a new area.


So while you’re here in Murphy, you certainly need to go see the Hiwassee Dam. It’s a great area attraction that’s beautiful in its own right. To get to it from Murphy, take 64 West. Turn right on 294. Follow to a right on Hiwassee Dam Access Road. Follow it a few miles and you’ll drive right over the dam.

Sources cited: TVA and Wikipedia

Election Results for 2010 Cherokee County Voting in Murphy NC

Everybody’s talking about it, and here it is. The results for the 2010 election are officially in. The name at the top of each section won the race and with their percentage of the vote. If you voted, kudos to you! 😉

  • United States Senate
    • Richard Burr – 54.96%
    • Elaine Marshal – 42.9%
    • Michael Beitler – 2.09%
  • United States House of Representatives
    • Heath Shuler – 54.29%
    • Jeff Miller – 45.71%
  • NC House of Representatives
    • Roger West – 72.15%
    • Randy Hogsed – 27.85%
  • Board of Commissioners – District 1
    • Steve Jordan – 36.6%
    • Cal Stiles – 34.26%
    • Steve Gerstman – 29.14%
  • Board of Commissioners – District 2
    • Lorraine Meltz – 51.1%
    • Curtis Brown – 48.9%
  • Board of Commissioners – District 3
    • David Wood – 44.65%
    • Lawrence McNabb – 38.24%
    • Richard McPherson – 17.11%
  • Clerk of Superior Court
    • Roger Gibson – 65.65%
    • Charles McHan – 34.35%
  • Sheriff of Cherokee County
    • Keith Lovin – 50.60%
    • Mike Rey – 49.4%
  • Supreme Court Associate Justice
    • Barbara Jackson – 51.88%
    • Robert Hunter – 48.12%
  • Court of Appeals Judge
    • Ann Calbria – 53.71%
    • Jane Gray – 46.29%
  • Court of Appeals Judge
    • Rick Elmore – 53.76%
    • Steven Walker – 46.24%
  • Court of Appeals Judge
    • Martha Geer – 59.81%
    • Dean Poirier – 40.19%
  • District Court Judge
    • Kristina Earwood – 51.79%
    • David Sutton – 48.21%
  • District Court Judge
    • Roy Wijewickrama – 53.9%
    • Stephen Ellis – 46.1%
  • District Court Judge
    • Donna Forga – 57.52%
    • Danya Vanhook – 42.48%
  • Board of Education
    • Winfeld Clonts – 39.95% (WON – Two Elected)
    • Paul Brown – 29.88% (WON – Two Elected)
    • Michael Starks – 20.54%
    • Lee Guthrie – 13.49%
  • Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor
    • Bill Tipton – 30.02% (WON – Two Elected)
    • Jamie Cook – 29.8% (WON – Two Elected)
    • Tim Nicholson – 24.7%
    • David Fuller – 15.38%


  • Constitutional Amendment – No person convicted of a felony may serve as Sheriff.
    • For – 85.02%
    • Against – 14.98%
  • County Sales and Use Tax – local sales and use tax at the rate of 0.25%
    • Against – 82.69%
    • For – 17.31%
  • Change of Structure of Board and Commissioners – Change the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners from three to five.
    • Yes – 60.60%
    • No – 39.4%

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Cherokee Lake in Murphy NC on Forest Service Land

Cherokee Lake is a beautiful place to have a picnic, fish, relax, and enjoy right here in Murphy NC. It’s largely brought to us by the US Forest Service, who is responsible for maintaining the grounds. On the grounds, you’ll find a great dock to fish from, a large picnic pavilion, picnic tables scattered around with grills you can use, and walking trails so you can venture into the woods and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

It’s located in the Hiwassee Dam community of Murphy right off of 294. To get there, you will take Highway 64 West, make a right on 294. Follow that a couple miles to the entrance to Cherokee Lake on your right hand side. It’s just before the brand new bridge.

Be sure to check it out, have a picnic, and enjoy the outdoors! 😉

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The REMAX Client Appreciation Picnic 2010 in Murphy NC

This past weekend was the 2010 RE/MAX Client Appreciation Picnic right in downtown Murphy at Konaheeta Park! It was a huge success and the weather was perfect. We had over 300 folks RSVP to the event. It was a great opportunity to say thank you to all our customers, clients, and friends who help us grow our real estate business.

**Note on the pictures above** You can click the image to open the full size image so you can actually see it! 🙂

We had some great barbecue from Herb’s BBQ on 64, big bounce houses for the kids, Eventmasters providing the entertainment and music, door prizes, and more! Not only that, nature provided us some great entertainment with some spectacular colors. That’s right – let the Leaf Season begin! This weekend really started kicking it off, so we have a couple weeks of some really great fall colors.

So go ahead, mark it on your calender for 2011! It’ll be on the second Saturday in October – always the weekend after the John C. Campbell Folk School Fall Festival.

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