The Weather, Climate, and Rainfall of Murphy, North Carolina

Temperatures can vary depending on your exact location and elevation within Cherokee County. Mornings are chilly in the spring and quite comfortable during the day. However, it has been known to snow at the end of April! Summer daytime temps vary and can be warm and slightly humid while nights are quite comfortable. We often experience afternoon thundershowers. In autumn, you feel the temperatures take a dip and you can see its effects with the brilliant colors of fall leaves on the mountainsides. Winter is traditionally cool (or cold depending on your inclination). Snow is common in the higher elevations beginning mid-November. Snow falls are commonly 2-3 inches and last long enough to enjoy but not too long to become cumbersome. If Florida is too hot and Michigan is too cold, you will find Murphy just right.

Climate and Rain Fall Information for Murphy NC

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Mary King Mountain – A Large Subdivision in the Martin’s Creek Community of Murphy, North Carolina

Mary King Mountain Hedden Road Entrance SignMary King Mountain is a very large subdivision in the Martin’s Creek Community of Murphy North Carolina. Only minutes from town, it has a great location and is located in the prettiest country of Cherokee County.

It consists of two parts that are divided by Hedden Road. The North Side, or Side A as it is referred to by the county records, is large enough that it essentially connects Caney Creek Road and Hedden Road together by its major thorough through – Rockridge Road.

At it’s widest points, it is almost 6,500 by 4,600 feet large (one mile is 5,280 feet). It is shaped like an L as illustrated by the outline of the development below:

Mary King Mountain Aerial View Outline

The thin black lines indicate land parcel boundaries, and the yellow boxes indicate roads, while the large red line shows the outline of Mary King Mountain and provides a good idea at just how vast it is in size.

The South Side, or side B, is quite vast as well. It is about 4,950 by 5,500 feet (again, 5,280 feet equals one full mile). It is illustrated below:

Mary King Mountain South Side B

Mary King Mountain was originally developed by two main men in the 80’s – Daryl Horne and Burke West. The original parcel consisted of 988.28 acres. When Horne developed the property, he put in gravel roads that met DOT (Department of Transportation) requirements so they could eventually be taken over by the state. One issue with it, which was common at the time, is there were no road fees instituted when the property was originally divided. Campers were okay because many buyers wanted to bring their RV’s to stay for vacations, but it is restricted against mobile homes. There was no community water, so each individual property owner had to drill their own well. Foresight was given to electricity because the entire tract has a blanket easement for utilities. In other words, it means every property has the ability to obtain power even if there’s not currently lines to it. Certain sections have overhead power while others have underground power.

Since Mary King was originally developed, many of the larger parcels have been further subdivided. Since the parcels were larger, it was feasible for an investor to purchase the property, divide it, and sell it off in acre or so lots. Many of the later investors even instituted a road fee to maintain their section of the road, which assists in making sure the roads are smooth and not like a wash board. Rockridge Road, the main thorough through road, is very wide and well maintained. Even though it is currently a gravel road, it is in excellent shape and stays well maintained.

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Fields of the Wood in Murphy NC – The World’s Largest Ten Commandments

Murphy, North Carolina is located in the heart of the Bible Belt – and we’ve even heard it referred to as the “Buckle” of the Bible Belt. As such, it’s only fitting we are home to the World’s Largest Ten Commandments at Fields of the Wood in the Hiwassee Dam Community of Murphy NC.

Located about 18 miles from Murphy on NC Highway 294, the 200 acre Bible theme park features many well known features such as:

  • The All Nations Cross, which has flags from every nation where the Church of God is established
  • Prayer Mountain – on the way to the 80 foot altar, the long stairway has 29 important Bible teachings explained on headstone-like monuments
  • A Gospel Theater
  • a life-size replica of Golgotha
  • A replica of Jesus’s tomb
  • The Baptismal Pond
  • Duck Pond
  • Picnic Spots
  • Nature Trails
  • The Gift Shop
  • Solid Rock Café – featuring American styled food and homemade fudge
  • and more

It was the vision of the Church of God of Prophecy founder Ambrose Jessup Tomlinson. The monument itself was completed in 1945 and has been lovingly cared for by the Church of God of Prophecy ever since.

Fields of the Wood is open all throughout the year and has free admission for everyone. Interestingly enough, it was named the #1 family attraction in the Great Smoky Mountains in 2003.

If you would like more details on Fields of the Wood, call them at 828-494-7855 or visit their website at

This is a very worthwhile attraction to see while you’re visiting Murphy, NC. I commonly take clients and folks to see Fields of the Wood because no matter what religion or denomination you are, it is a very impressive sight to see!

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Lake Hiwassee Information – Located in Cherokee County by Murphy NC

The Hiwassee Dam began construction on July 15, 1936. being 1376 feet long, it is quite an impressive structure. You can actually drive over the dam itself on Hiwassee Dam Access Road (off of Highway 294). Now over 70 years later, the Hiwassee Lake has become the gorgeous lake that we all now know. This article has some great “technical” information about the lake that is sometimes hard to find all in one place.

Impounded in 1940, Hiwassee was originally known as “Fowler Bend.” The name was later changed to reflect the name of the river which it is located on.

According to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), it is 6,090 acres and located close to the center of Cherokee County, North Carolina (according to the Cherokee County Mapping Department, the actual lake 5,635.28 acres. With less than a 500 acre variation, that could be attributed to shoreline variations, etc.). From end to end, it is roughly 22 miles long and has over 163 miles of shoreline. There are many sections that are more than 200 feet deep! It’s quite a large lake with plenty of room to enjoy for boating and fishing. One of the most unique things about the lake is that only 7% of it has development! During the summer, the TVA targets to have the lake levels at 1515 to 1521 feet. On January 1, they shoot for around 1460. They try to maintain recreational levels from June 1st to August ST, with the exceptions of emergencies.

The lake is used primarily for power generation and regional flood control. Because of the flood control component, this is why the water level fluctuates. The TVA aims to have peak water level from June 1st through August 1st. It’s during the off season you see the water level drop 30-40 feet for flood control purposes. What’s amazing is it has an approximate flood water capacity of 3.6 billion gallons of water. One of the interesting things about the dam itself is that it has the ability to reverse flow and pump water back into the lake.

With only 7% of the land being developed, there is very little on the lake other than nature itself. The TVA transferred most of its original holdings to the U.S. Forest Service for it to be part of the Nantahala Forest, but kept lands in the Hiwassee Dam Reservation, the Micken branch area, and some land in Murphy. The majority of development on the lake is in Bear Paw Resort.

The TVA owns rights in one form or another up to the 1532 elevation, which means before you can do anything on the shoreline (dock, etc.) you must approve it with them.

For recreation, you have lots of options! There are four main marinas on Lake Hiwassee – Shooks, Dukes, Mountain View, and Harbor Cove. They provide boat rentals, fishing supplies, snacks, fuel, and much more. Not only that, the Hanging Dog Campground area has the best boat ramp on the lake. The US Forest Service offers several other boat launches that are completely free to use. Nice!

To get more information, contact the Hiwassee Watershed Team located at 221 Old Ranger Road; Murphy, NC 28906. You can call them at 828-837-7395

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