Tired of Making Bad Investments? Consider Buying Real Estate in Murphy NC!

            Have you ever bet your life’s savings on the craps table? How about taking a weekend to Vegas with everything you’ve worked for? Would you ever bet everything on one spin of the wheel?  Although Ashley Revell sold everything he owned, traveled to Las Vegas and bet it all on one spin of the roulette wheel, it’s simply not a smart idea. (See below for Ashley’s Vegas Adventure)

            Right now, the stock market looks like a good investment – yet you simply don’t know. This year alone, the Dow has lost 5,228.04 points, or an astonishing 37.1%.  This past Friday it dropped a whopping 1.41% in one day! So I pose my question again – have you ever bet your life’s savings on roll of the dice?

            This past week, a couple who are very good clients of ours wanted to make a pretty sizeable investment – and it accounted for a very large portion of their savings. Where did they put their money? Real Estate. What did they buy? Land. Why did they buy it? Because it was a smart, safe bet. We found two tracts of land that works perfectly for them and are very likely to provide a safe, reliable place to put their money.

            In watching properties on the market, the best properties are getting snatched up at record rates. We sold one of the properties as an investment to the couple above 84% faster than the market average! Why? Because it was a phenomenal opportunity that simply doesn’t stay on the market and you have to act fast for opportunities like it.

            How many times have you heard people, friends and families say, “When this election gets out of the way, things will really turn around.” Mentality of the people you know and of the nation makes a tremendous amount of difference as to when fortunes are made. The election is less than a month away. Would you like to be ahead of the curve and buy an investment while the market is at the bottom or buy when prices are on the way up?

           If you want to find the best real estate investments, call us or your Realtor today before the election and market upswing.  Find out what properties are available, look at them, size them up, and decide what’s best for you. Don’t see what you want? Ask to be set up on automatic notification so you can be alerted as soon as a property hits the market before anyone else has time to find out about it. We would be happy to do this for you for free of charge and start getting your investment portfolio where it should be – well diversified and profitable!

Written by John Poltrock, Contributing Writer for The Cherokee Scout. Be in “the know” by visiting The Cherokee Scout’s Website to have their paper delivered to your door.


Certainly I’m Uncertain! Should I Buy or Sell Real Estate in Murphy NC Right Now?

            It’s easy to question whether now is the time to make the leap and buy or sell real estate in Murphy, North Carolina right now. If you are in a position where you have to buy or sell a home in Murphy right now, you’ve got an easy decision. Fact is – you have to sell because your personal circumstances say you do. Perhaps you’ve got a job relocation, move to get closer to family, health conditions, or whatever the case, it’s a good reason. Where the question really comes in to play is if you don’t have to do anything right now.

            It’s easy to get caught in the mainstream news – look out!! The sky is falling! Albeit a favorite fable, we’re living in a world with a lot of Chicken Little’s.  Every time I watch, read, or listen to the news, there is a good reason to crawl into a concrete bunker and never come out. Between the so-called housing market slump, the presidential election, consumer confidence, and anything else you can throw in, it’s a good time to be nervous about buying or selling real estate.

Here’s the truth: sometimes it pays big dividends to be a naysayer. Depending on your situation, market corrections are the best time to buy and sell.


If you are planning on upgrading to a new home, there’s no better time. Here’s why:


  • You have to sell your current home which has a worth of $250,000. Because of high inventory and fewer buyers, you must reduce it 11.74% (Percent change from 2006-2008. Please read our last article in Country Roads for more details.). You sell for $220,650. You “lost” $29,350.
  • The home you want to upgrade to costs $400,000. Those sellers too have the same impact from high inventory and fewer buyers. The 11.74% reduction brings it down a whopping $46,960. That means you “gained” $46,960.
  • So if you “gained” $46,960 and “lost” $29,350, weren’t you able to buy $17,610 more home than you could buy in an appreciating market? This holds true for any move up, no matter how small or large the sale and purchase is.


Or if you want to buy and don’t need to sell a property, think of this: if rates go up, you won’t be able to buy as much home. FACT is, for every ½ point increase in interest rates, you loose $25,000 in purchasing ability. The Federal Reserve is constantly watching inflation and wants to make sure it doesn’t spiral out of control. With that said – have you bought, well, anything lately? Virtually everything is getting more expensive and that alone may force the Fed to increase rates and therefore cut back your purchasing power.

          When it comes to selling property, now really is a great time to sell. Buyers are getting more active, and more importantly, your equity in your property is still quite healthy. If you’ve owned for a number of years – say 5 years or more, you have great opportunity. You can still profit from your investment because your property has had a great appreciation rate! The most recent one I evaluated appreciated at 4.88% per year since 1998 – and that was on an older, less desirable property! You won’t find rates like that at your local bank, and believe it or not, that’s one of the lowest I’ve seen in some time.

          Despite all the negativity and uncertainty floating around out there, there’s a lot of opportunity right now for both buyers and sellers. Are you considering buying property in Murphy, NC and want to know what properties fit your wish list? Contact us or your local Realtor today! You can get daily or weekly email updates letting you know what’s going on in the market. Want to sell your property in Murphy, NC? Get a complimentary evaluation on your investment and make an educated decision! Call The Poltrock Team or your local Realtor today to find out why this is truly a great time to sell!


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