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Welcome to The POLTROCK TEAM’s Gotta Guy List!

When you’re looking for a business or a service in Murphy, North Carolina and Cherokee County, you can use The Yellow Pages or our exclusive Gotta Guy List. The difference? Everyone is here because we’ve used them personally or they came highly recommended by someone we trust explicitly. This list of recommended contractors is designed to make your life in Murphy NC easier and to get a higher quality of work.

Categories are sorted alphabetically. There is no implication behind the order. If you’re looking for something specific, scroll through or try pressing Control+F on your keyboard and entering what you’re trying to find.


  • Turner Accountants 828-837-8188
  • Susan Wells 828-837-7515
  • Automated Accounting 828-321-4205


  • Lowe’s 828-835-4660
  • Home Depot in Blairsville, GA 706-781-1865
  • Circuit World 828-837-8861
  • Sears in Murphy 828-837-2161

Appliance Repair

  • Eric’s Appliance 800-837-6910
  • J and J Appliance 828-837-7923
  • Smokey Mountain Appliance 800-385-5745
  • Sears in Blairsville Repair Dept. 706-745-6600

AppraisersReal Estate

  • PLF Appraisals, Inc. (Paul Revis) 828-321-2682
  • Mark Stalcup 828-835-1006
  • Appraisal Services Company (Joel McCleland) 828-557-5143
  • Brandy Lynch 706-851-0110

Asphalt – See Paving

Attorney – Real Estate (Learn More about the Attorney’s role in Murphy NC Real Estate Closings)

  • David Cowan 828-837-2332
  • Bill McKeever & Noland Smith 828-837-0162
  • Charlie McHan 828-837-6393
  • Paul Lipof (Hayesville/Clay County area) 828-389-8038
  • Marguerite Stricker 828-835-7373 – Specializes in wills, estate planning, settling estates, and more.

Builder – See Home Builder

Cabin Rentals


  • Creative Woodworkz (Chet & Lynette Gray) 828-835-3546
  • Carolina Cabinets 828-837-8845

Carpet Cleaning

  • My Carpet Cleaner (Kevin Rustausky) 828-360-6314


  • Verizon Wireless 828-837-5359
  • AT&T
  • US Cellular

Chimney Sweep

  • Jacob Goins 828-361-8026
  • Greg Dennis – 828-361-0208
  • Ricky Dockery 706-897-4635
Climate Controlled Storage – See Storage

Dumpster Rentals

  • Jeff Gooch – 828-361-1535
  • Owle Containers – 828-479-9251
  • 837-JUNK (That’s the company name and phone number, 828 area code)


  • Brian Stockton – Gerald Stockton Electric – 828-360-5555
  • Carroll’s Mountainside Electric (Jimmy Carroll) 828-837-4298

Electricity: See Power Company


  • Fireside Hearth & Homes Shop (Stephen & Crystal Binder) 828-837-4343
  • Ricky Dockery 706-897-4635

Gas Companies (Propane)

  • Proflame 828-389-2700
  • Thompson Gas 828-835-9798
  • Freeman Gas 828-837-1777


  • Keith Clayton 706-897-9947
  • Murphy Glass 828-837-5254
  • Curtis Glass 828-837-3399


  • T&A Construction (Tommy Worley) 828-361-7341
  • Danny Truett 828-361-0269
  • Scott Helton – 828-557-7637
  • Mike Bradberry 828-557-1485
  • See Also: Road Builders


  • Hohmann Brothers (Fred and Carl Hohmann) 828-361-4329
  • Adams Gutters – Blake Adams – 828-361-5506


  • See Home Repair

Heating and Air

  • Elliot’s Heating & Cooling 828-837-4364
  • Affordable Heating and Air 828-541-9922

Home Builders

  • Contact Us! Different projects will have different recommendations.

Home Inspectors

  • Eric Burns – Smooth Home Inspections – 904-383-0217
  • Chuck Grant 828-361-2420
  • Matt Trader Home Inspections 828-644-8243
  • Professional Property Inspections (Larry Moyer) 828-835-8585
  • Bill Runion 828-389-0998 or 678-428-9999

Home Repair

  • Fred Zried – 828-541-1139 (doesn’t do plumbing or electrical)
  • Willy Can Fix It (Willy Church) 828-557-3970

Home Security – See Security


  • Hampton Inn 828-837-1628
  • Stonebrook by the Casino (newest in town) 828-835-2753
  • Days Inn (Pet friendly, call for details) 828-837-8030
  • Best Western (Pet friendly, call for details) 828-837-3060
  • Holiday Inn 828-837-1111
  • Harrah’s Casino Hotel 828-422-7777
  • be sure to check out the Cabin Rentals category too!


  • Steven Kent 828-361-3749
  • Jamie Lance 828-360-5771


  • Farley Insurance (Rod Brown) 828-837-7447 – Home, Commercial, Life, Health, Personal Lines, Auto
  • State Farm (Jim Miller) 828-835-7200
  • Moore Insurance (Veldia Cook) 828-837-3866, ext. 1006

Land Loans

  • Carolina Farm Credit  828-837-7436
  • Nantahala Bank 828-837-1402


  • Fairleaf – Loren and Adria – 828-557-0171
  • Mountainscapes & More (Chris Vaughn) 828-361-7525
  • Brasstown Lawn Care (Ronnie Byers) 828-837-8140

Lawn Services

  • Jason Savugot Lawn Care 828-361-1765
  • Brasstown Lawn Care (Ronnie Byers) 828-837-8140
  • Mountainscapes & More (Chris Vaughn) 828-361-7525
  • Jason Raxter 828-361-4185

Loans (See Mortgages or Land Loans)

Mechanic (Automobile)

  • Pleasant Valley Auto (Bryan White) 828-835-3110
  • Ray Cote 828-837-3160
  • Lizzy’s Garage 828-837-8874
  • Wells Tire 828-837-9651
  • Jacky Jones Chevrolet 828-837-2322
  • King Ford 828-837-2121
  • Kia 828-835-9200
  • Roger Beavers 828-361-5096

Mold Remediation

  • Professional Decontamination Services (George Burnette) 706-897-4470 or 877-767-7236
  • My Carpet Cleaner (Kevin Rustausky) 828-360-6314

Mortgage Loan

  • Homestar Financial (Lurree Pavis) 828-837-2587
  • Bill Baragona at Central Bank 919-345-3603
  • Nantahala Bank (Karen Kephart) 828-837-1402
  • United Community Bank (Jennifer Badger) – 828-837-9291
  • Melissa Bellamy – 352-572-6092
  • See also: Land Loan


Moving Help

  • Will at Delivery Dudes LLC – 772-812-3520


  • P&R Paving, Inc (Kenny and Freda Phillips) 828-837-7576
  • Crisp Paving (Larry Crisp) 828-837-5949


  • CJ’s Plumbing (Jeff Ledford) 828-837-0443
  • Sodbusters 828-361-3640
  • Service Plumbing 706-781-1554
  • John Sandidge Plumbing – 828-837-6296
  • All About Plumbing – 828-542-1570 –
  • Also see Winterizing for that Service

Power Company

  • Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Co 800-292-6456
  • Murphy Power Board 828-837-2211
  • Tri-State Electric Membership Corp 706-492-3251
  • Duke Power 800-777-9898

Radon Inspection

  • Eric Burns – Smooth Home Inspections – 904-383-0217
  • Chuck Grant 828-321-3153
  • Matt Trader Home Inspections 828-644-8243
  • Professional Decontamination Services (George Burnette) 706-897-4470 or 877-767-7236

Radon Mitigation & Remediation

  • SWAT Decontamination 1-800-No-Radon or 1-800-667-2366
  • Professional Decontamination Services (George Burnette) 706-897-4470 or 877-767-7236


  • Hometech (Matt Trader) 828-644-8243
  • See also Home Repair

Road Builders

  • Truett Grading (Danny Truett) 828-361-0269
  • Scott Helton – 828-557-7637
  • Dockery Excavating (Chris Dockery) 828-361-1644


  • Cox Roofing 828-389-8864
  • E&E Roofing 770-771-9721
  • Barry Heath (Replacements or Large Repairs) 678-234-3853
  • Josh Farmer 828-361-4469

Security / Alarm Systems

  • Tri-State Life and Safety – 828-835-3366
  • Some nationals you might investigate is SimpliSafe, ADT, and several other large firms.

Septic Inspection

  • Sod Busters – Gunther – 828-361-3640
  • Jeff Ledford – CJ’s Plumbing – 828-837-0443
  • Cherokee Septic – 828-835-7411

Septic System Installation

  • Mike Bradberry 828-557-1485
  • T&A Construction (Tommy Worley) 828-361-7341
  • Danny Truett 828-361-0269
  • Justin Mintz 828-788-1611



  • Donald Cordell 828-494-7058
  • Philip Allen 706-455-6106
  • James Payne 828-557-1773
  • Appalachian Surveying Company 706-746-2625


  • John Boy Exterminating 828-837-3566
  • Central Termite & Pest Control 828-837-5411
  • Bee Gone – Danny – 828-361-9960

Trash Service

  • RJ Sanitation – 828-557-2676
  • Warman’s Trash Service (Dennis Warman) – 828-644-5171
  • Advanced Disposal – 678-341-7056
  • Turner’s Garbage 828-557-5986

Tree Removal and Trimming

  • Chastain Tree Service – 828-557-6596
  • Seabolt’s Tree Service – 828-557-8760
  • Jacob Anderson Tree Company – (828) 837-8189

Water Inspection

  • Cherokee County Health Dept. 828-837-7486
  • Wilson Well Drilling – 828-837-0963
  • See Home Inspectors

Well Drilling – Read our Article on Well Drilling in Murphy NC and Cherokee County

  • Wilson Well Drilling 828-837-0963
  • Miller Well Drilling 828-837-2997

Winterizing House

  • See Plumber

Are we missing a category? Is there someone you think should be here? Find an error? Help us keep this list up to date and the best it can be! Email us and let us know!

*Disclaimer* – This list is provided as a service to you. By using this list in any fashion, you release The POLTROCK TEAM and RE/MAX of any and all liability or claim arising out of or in connection with using the recommended contractors.

5 Maintenance Issues to Resolve Before Selling an Older Home

Selling an older home is, in many respects, like putting a newer house on the market. As the homeowner, you’ll work with a realtor to list the property, and you’ll ideally get an offer in a timely manner.

Following one or more home inspections and other common milestones, the buyer will usually agree to proceed with the sale. That gives everyone the green light to begin the closing process, where you’ll receive the proceeds from the home sale.

An Older Home Requires Special Attention

At the same time, selling an older house is quite different than selling a more recently constructed home. First, the older structure may have been built with different building codes and construction standards than a 21st-century residence. Some earlier 20th century homes were built with few building codes in place (or sometimes none at all).

In addition, you’ll have a difficult time tracking down home maintenance records for pre-2000 homes. Some contractors may have gone out of business, and others may have purged your transaction(s) from their electronic or paper files.

Even with these two limitations, it’s certainly possible to sell your older home in a reasonable amount of time. Approaching the sale proactively is the key. Work with your realtor to develop a game plan, and keep up with your part of the bargain throughout the process.

Resolve Problem Issues Before Listing the Property

Before you put the property on the market, address the issues that will likely draw a home inspector’s attention. By taking time to do that, you’ll be more likely to enjoy a smoother sales transaction with fewer hiccups.

Foundation Problems

Old homes often have varying degrees of foundation issues. Causes can include normal age-related wear and tear, extremely wet soil, a well-established tree root network, or even seismic activity.

Signs of foundation problems include cracks in interior and exterior walls along with uneven floors. If some of the doors won’t latch, or windows won’t open, you likely have underlying foundation issues.

Serious foundation problems can threaten your safety and potentially make the home unlivable. In addition, your realtor will not want to list the home without addressing these issues. It’s always prudent to have a structural engineer assess the damage and create a repair strategy.

Roof Wear and Tear

Many older homes’ roofs display some degree of deterioration. Causes can include the roof grade, the shingles’ projected life span, and quality of the installation. The roof’s maintenance record can also be a factor. In some regions, weather extremes can affect a roof’s lifespan.

Signs of roofing problems include missing shingles and bowing gutters. Inside, check the top floor or attic for leaks or signs of moisture intrusion. Also, realize that the leak’s source may be hard to find, as water can migrate from the roof entry point to another part of the home.

To determine the extent of the damage, contact a professional home inspector with proven roofing expertise. Ask for a full written assessment along with a repair plan and estimate.

Obsolete Electrical System

Most older homes need some type of electrical system update. For perspective, know that pre-1960 wiring lasts approximately 70 years. Service panels require an update after 60 years while circuit breakers only have a 30-year useful life.

There’s also a good chance that an older home’s electrical system does not meet current electrical code requirements. A very old home may have been built without any code requirements at all.

From a consumer’s perspective, older electrical systems cannot handle the demands of today’s increasingly sophisticated systems and electronics. Smart home installations, smart appliances, and high-tech TVs and sound systems rely on electrical circuitry that can handle those needs.

Signs of electrical issues include dim or flickering lighting and/or regular power outages. If you have two-pronged outlets, or your outlets and/or light switches often feel warm, you most certainly have electrical problems.

Your realtor will want to ensure that the property meets current code requirements before listing the home. To resolve the issues, contact a certified electrical inspector. A licensed, insured electrician should handle all the electrical repairs and/or installations. Do not attempt to perform any electrical work yourself.

Compromised Plumbing System

Your older home’s plumbing system can be impacted by several problems. Depending on the system’s age, the pipes can contain dangerous lead. As the pipes age and begin to break down, bits of lead can leach into your drinking water.

Polybutylene pipes can also become a hazard. They can become corroded by bleach and/or other household cleaners. Depending on the degree of the corrosion, the pipes can burst without warning.

If your home is surrounded by well-established trees, the roots may have grown into the underground plumbing components. This can compromise your pipes’ integrity.

Signs of a substandard plumbing system include poor drainage in sinks, showers, and tubs. Leaks around the faucets are also a sign of inefficient plumbing. Finally, low water pressure will likely catch the home inspector’s attention.

Bringing your plumbing system up to current code requirements is the best strategy. Ask a licensed plumber to conduct a thorough inspection and provide an estimate for needed system repairs or replacement.

Worn-Out Mechanical Equipment

Your older home’s mechanical equipment might be near the end of its useful life. The water heater, furnace, or HVAC unit may have been in constant use for many years. Maybe it’s becoming increasingly unreliable or getting ready to stop working altogether.

If the water heater sounds noisy, or you see puddling around its base, it may be ready to give up the ghost. If your furnace makes noise, or does not heat the rooms evenly, it may be on the verge of a complete shutdown. Finally, increased humidity levels may signal that your HVAC system isn’t working correctly.

Proactively addressing these issues means they are less likely to become part of a home inspector’s report. Determine each appliance’s age and projected lifespan. Replace questionable items before listing the home for sale.

Getting the Job Done Right

Working with a reputable contractor is the key to getting the job done right. Toward that end, The Poltrock Team’s “Gotta Guy” Page provides an updated list of nearby contractors who have built a reputation on good customer service.

Once you have brought your older house up to current standards, you can confidently list the property for sale. Work with a realtor who will showcase the home’s distinctive character and vintage charm. Or if that is more work than you care to do, we can sell your property as-is. Either way, The Poltrock Team exclusively uses professional real estate photography to showcase our properties and their features in the best way. Call us today to learn more about what we do for you and to get your property Sold.

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 Murphy’s #1 Real Estate Team

Radon Testing and Mitigation in the Mountains of North Carolina

It’s true! The Appalachian Mountains, which are in Murphy NC, can yield high levels of radon in homes. The great news is it is an easy,  and beneficial, fix. A simple remediation system can quickly remove radon and even excess moisture from your home; I have one in mine! Did you know it is the second leading cause of lung cancer? Only cigarette smoking is worse. An inexpensive test will find out if you have it. We recommend them when you are buying a home in the mountains to ensure your family’s safety.

Watch our video below to learn more about radon, what a remediation system is,  and how it functions. Visit the EPA’s Radon Page to learn even more. Need a remediation expert? We’ve got them! Our Gotta Guy List of Recommended Contractors is here.

Things to do in Murphy NC

There are tons of things you can do right in Murphy, North Carolina. There’s even more to do within a short drive. So while you are here in the mountains of Murphy NC, here are just a few of the things you can get out and enjoy:

  • 4th of July – Murphy has a great celebration! Enjoy a spectacular fireworks show, the Peanut Drop, live music, the greased pig chase, crafts, vendors, food, games, jumping toys, face painting, Valley River fishing tournament for the kids, and tons more! Check it out at our downtown Konaheeta Park if you’re lucky enough to be in town for the event.
  • Antiquing – right in the heart of downtown, you’ll find several great antique shops. Not only that, you can hit the flea markets and find antiques there, too!
  • ATVing – this is one of my FAVORITE things to do here in Murphy. If you own real estate especially, you’ll find trails all around you – just make sure you don’t trespass somewhere you’re not wanted 🙂 You also have state parks like Beasley Knob and Davenport.
  • Biltmore Estate – a Western North Carolina Favorite, Biltmore Estate offers a little bit of everything. You can check out the massive home, sample wine, hike the grounds, and see many of the seasonal specials and celebrations they do. Learn more at the Biltmore Estate website.
  • Boating – whether you’re on a high speed boat, pontoon, kayak, canoe, or anything else, you’ve got lots of options. Lake Hiwassee is the main lake in Murphy NC. Within a short ride, you can visit Lake Chatuge, Nottley, Blue Ridge, Nantahala, and a few others.
  • Brasstown Bald – as the highest point in the state of Georgia, it has several great hikes and a great viewing tower. See pictures, more details, and directions to Brasstown Bald.
  • Cabin Rentals – if you’re going to be in the mountains of North Carolina, what better place to stay? A cabin beats the Holiday Inn and you can learn more by visiting Mountain Country Cabin Rentals.
  • Cade’s Cove – as one of the most visited parts of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Cade’s Cove is a must see in the mountains. As you drive the loop, you’ll see lots of animals – bear, deer, you name it. Not only that you’ll see lots of history, old cabins, and so much more. If you don’t love the mountains after seeing Cade’s Cove, there’s just  no hope for you 😆
  • Camping – if you love to get outside, there are lots of places you can camp here in Murphy and in surrounding areas. There are trails to hike, and you can be right by Lake Hiwassee. Not only that, there are TONS of places you can camp that are limited only by your imagination.
  • Car Shows – if you like old cars, hot rods, and more, Murphy has lots of options for you. Every year, there’s a huge hot rod show that closes down the streets of downtown and is PACKED full of gorgeous vintage vehicles, new ones, and everything in between. There are also smaller ones all around the area throughout the year. Also, there’s one each month in Blairsville GA and Cleveland TN.
  • Casino – The Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino is located right here in Murphy NC. There is also the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino in Cherokee which is only about a 45 minute to an hour drive away.
  • Chamber of Commerce – The Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce is a spectacular way to meet a few friendly faces and get some great information on the area. They even have the best map of Cherokee County you can buy! Be sure to tell them The Poltrock Team said hello 🙂
  • Cherohala Skyway – this is a beautiful ride through the Cherokee and Nantahala National Forests, hence the name “Chero-hala.” Rising above 5,400 feet in elevation, it’s a gorgeous and scenic drive. It’s hugely popular for motorcycle and sports car enthusiasts. No matter what you drive, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking views at every turn. There are lots of hiking trails that are wheel chair accessible all the way to more rigorous adventures. Learn more at the Cherohala Skyway Website here.
  • Cherokee – the Cherokee Indian Reservation has a lot to offer from Native American specialties, the famous play Unto These Hills, and the Harrah’s Casino.
  • Cherokee Lake – This is an awesome spot to spend the day picnicking, fishing, and enjoying the water. Click the link to learn more about it and see pictures.
  • Chili Cook-off – on the second Saturday in October, the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce hosts the annual Chili Cook-off! With lots of great folks and food, you won’t leave hungry and will have lots of fun!
  • Christmas – if you’re here to enjoy Christmas, you have all sorts of activities such as Christmas Parades (almost every town around us has one), Singing Christmas Tree at First Baptist Church, and lots of plays and cantatas.
  • Churches – a great way to get closer to God and meet some great people, socialize, and more. No matter your denomination, there’s a great option for you. Check out our Church Directory.
  • Deals Gap – see Tail of the Dragon
  • Dining – see Restaurants
  • DrivingMurphy is one of the prettiest places to take a drive. Take a map with you and just go. The less of a plan you have, likely the more fun you’ll have! You’ll be amazed at the sights you’ll see and places you’ll find.
  • Fall Leaf Season – this is the great thing about all the hardwoods we have here in Western North Carolina. When the Fall Season is here, the leaves boast an amazing show of colors that rivals any fireworks show you’ve ever seen. If you want to see beauty, you need to see Murphy in October.  Be sure to read our post on the 2015 Leaf Season.
  • Farmer’s Market – every Saturday on the square of downtown Murphy, you’ll find a gathering of folks selling all sorts of things from fruits, vegetables, crafts, honey – you name it! It’s a great way to enjoy a variety of things and give you a chance to shop on the square too.
  • Fishing – If you love to fish, your options are endless. You can fly fish our local trout waters, bass fish on the lakes, and so much more. Some great options are Lake Hiwassee, the Nottley River, Hiwassee River, Valley River, Davis Creek, and tons more. One of the best sites for more details on this is the NC Wildlife Resources Commission. Check out our page on Trout Fishing in Cherokee County that even has a downloadable map of the trout fishing waters.
  • Flea Markets – If you love flea markets, Murphy NC has you covered! We have the Tuesday Flea Market, which as the name suggests, is open Tuesday mornings and is located on the 4-lane just a stone’s throw away from our office! The most popular are Decker’s and Foster’s Flea Markets which are at the intersection of 19/129 and 64. They’re open on the weekends and are full of folks. Some of the shops there are open during the weekdays as well.
  • Festivals – I love the festivals! There are constant festivals throughout the year, especially in the Fall. Locally, the John C. Campbell Folk School Fall Festival, Heritage Day Walk, Sorghum Festival, Apple Festival, holy cow, the list goes on!
  • Fields of the Woodno matter your denomination, Fields of the Wood has an impressive sight to see – the World’s Largest Ten Commandments! It has some other attractions that you certainly need to see as well. Not only that, their cafe serves up an awesome burger and they have a great gift shop! Visit their website.
  • Flying – With Western Carolina Regional Airport right between Murphy and Andrews, your love of aviation can easily be filled. With flying lessons, an airshow, and so much more available, you should certainly check it out. 828-837-5527
  • Folk SchoolSee below to John C. Campbell Folk School.
  • Forest Service Land – Cherokee County is about 1/3 US Forest Service and public use land giving you a wide array of things you can do that this page simply can’t cover. To find out all that’s available, call or stop in at the Nantahala National Forest Service Ranger Station or call 828-837-5152.
  • Geocaching – one of my favorite and fun ways to explore the mountains of North Carolina. No matter where you’re at, there’s a geocache nearby. All you need is a GPS, good shoes, and an adventurous spirit! Think of it as a high tech treasure hunt. You can visit the official Geocaching website to get coordinates of caches and learn more
  • Georgia Mountain Fair – usually around July, the fair is a lot of fun! You can always see what’s going on at the fairground’s website. There are a lot of other events held throughout the year, so it’s worth checking out even if it’s not fair time.
  • Golf – enjoy golfing? Then you have LOTS of options! There are several golf courses within a 30 minute drive of Murphy. In just about any direction you go, you’ll hit another great course!
  • Gym – Murphy has their own gym and pool that is owned by the town. It’s a great facility and it’s there for you to use! You can work out and get a pass by the day, month, year, you name it! Learn more by calling 828-835-3700 or visit their website.
  • Halloween – if you’re lucky enough to be in the mountains on Halloween, then you definitely need to check out all the festivities. There’s always something going on at Konaheeta Park, then at night, it’s Duke Street! The Police close off the street for trick-or-treaters. It’ll be packed and is lots of fun! We go every year 🙂
  • Heritage Walk– Always right around Labor Day, the Heritage Walk is the perfect opportunity to learn, first hand, about the history of Murphy NC. Lots of people will be there, there’s great food, and you even get to see some of the historical homes in the area.
  • Hiwassee Dam – is a great sight-seeing opportunity. It’s Murphy’s hydroelectric dam that is responsible for making the Hiwassee Lake. At 307 feet tall, it’s worth your time to see.
  • Hiwassee Lake – is one of Murphy’s most beautiful scenes. Surrounded by 93% US Forest Service Land, you can go on the water and enjoy nature as it’s intended to be. It’s a great place to fish, water ski, swim, and just relax. There are several marinas on Lake Hiwassee you can enjoy. You can rent boats on the lake, get fishing supplies, and so much more.
  • Hiking – The coveted Appalachian Trail is super close to us! You can enjoy this world renowned trail – and many others! We have lots of smaller trails and even ones that you’ll find scattered throughout Cherokee County. The Forest Service Station is a great way to learn about all the options available to you. You can call them at 828-837-5152. We also like the website and app that are great for finding local trails here and all over.
  • Homes – Love the mountains and want to own your own home here in Murphy? Call us Toll Free at 1-866-Murphy-NC or 1-866-687-7496. You can also use our online services to search our listings and search every listing available using our exclusive MLS Search Tool.
  • Horseback Riding – Love horses and want to see the mountains on one? Then Chunky Gal Stables is for you! Give them a call to arrange your ride at 828-389-4175.
  • Hunting – now that’s a fall and winter favorite around here. You can talk with the US Forest Service about your options there or even better, talk with locals around here. They can tell you where some of the best hunting around is and even get you permission to hunt on other folk’s property. One of the best sites for more details on what’s in season and much more is the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.
  • John C. Campbell Folk School – Here’s one of Murphy’s most well known attractions. The Folk School is a place where you can take weekend and week long classes on virtually anything you want – from basket weaving, fly fishing, to photography and more. They even host their famous Fall Festival each year on the first weekend in October.
  • Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest – want to see the biggest trees you’ve ever seen in your life? Then Joyce Kilmer is a great spot you need to check out. It has a roughly two mile figure 8 trail that’s an easy hike. There are HUGE trees that are so big it takes four or more full grown men to reach around from one side to the other.
  • Konaheeta Park – Murphy’s downtown park. I personally think this is the best park around because you have lots of choices – you have the Murphy Fitness and Wellness Center, tennis courts, the Murphy Riverwalk, a playground for the kids, ball fields, and more.
  • Land and Lots – we know, and love, land! If you’re looking to buy land in Murphy NC, we’ve got you covered. We know land better than anyone and have building lots all the way to properties that are hundreds of acres. You can search our listings, search the entire Murphy NC MLS, or just call us Toll Free at 1-866-Murphy-NC or 1-866-687-7496.
  • Mercier Orchards – This is an apple lover’s haven – and sweet lovers too! They have a wonderful bakery, the BEST apple cider ever, a large variety of apples grown right there, an awesome gift shop, and so much more. It’s only a 20-30 minute drive from Murphy and well worth the trip. Check out the Mercier Orchards website for more information.
  • Mountain Biking – much like hiking, there’s tons of places here you can go Mountain Biking at. You can ride just about anywhere in Cherokee County or even go on the US Forest Service Land. You’ll be amazed on your ride how many beautiful sights you’ll see riding through God’s Country.
  • Movies – who doesn’t love movies?! Well… I know a few 😉 You’ve got some good ones to choose from – the Henn Theater, Andrews Twin Cinema, and even the Fieldstone in Hiawassee. So kick back and enjoy a good flick!
  • Museum – Cherokee County has its own museum you can check out! Located right downtown, you can learn about the history of the area and so much more. It’s worth the trip to check it out. Call them for more details at 828-837-6792.
  • Music – Love music? There are lots of choices! The John C Campbell Folk School is one of the most popular spots, and they have music and dancing just about every weekend! Not only that, you’re sure to find local music – gospel, blue grass, some rock, and so much more.
  • Panther Top Tower – it’s not open year around, but when it is, it’s truly breathtaking. Click the link fore more details.
  • Peacock Playhouse – never disappoints! I’ve been several times and enjoy it every time. You can watch plays ranging from mysteries to comedies to dramas. If you enjoy plays, you absolutely have to see their shows. View the Licklog Player’s website for more.
  • Pickleball! Check out the Valley River Picklers on Facebook Groups.
  • Pool – love to swim? You can go to the Murphy downtown pool to do laps, exercise and more. Everything from day passes to yearly memberships are available.
  • Quilting – I’m not a quilter, but I know that the Bless My Stitches Quilt Shop in downtown is an awesome place for those who are. Several of our clients over the years are avid quilters and have clubs and get together on occasion. Give ’em a jingle at 828-835-4900.
  • Racing – that’s right! We have our own dirt track right here in Murphy. There are some great races on the weekend you’ll really enjoy, and they even have special events like demolition derbies and more. Get more info by calling 828-837-3815.
  • Real Estate – now that’s a topic we know about ! 🙂 If you’re looking for real estate in Murphy NC, we’ve got your back. Homes, land, you name it. You can Search Our Listings, Search the Entire MLS System, or call us Toll Free 1-866-Murphy-NC or 1-866-687-7496.
  • Relax! – sometimes you need to not do anything! The mountains are a wonderful place to enjoy nature and God’s gifts. So kick back, take a break, and don’t do a thing! 🙂
  • Restaurants – Murphy has managed to maintain mostly local restaurants offering a wide variety of food from Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Steak Houses, Cafes, Coffee Shops, and more. Live life, eat well!
  • Rotary Club – if you’re an avid Rotary Member, Murphy has a very active club that has some of Murphy’s finest folks.
  • RV – if you are an RV’er, there are lots of opportunities here for you. We have several like the Peace Valley Campground (828-837-6223), another on Nottley River in the Ranger Community, and several more scattered around. It gives you the chance to live in your home-away-from-home and enjoy the mountains!
  • Santa’s Land – A great place for the kids where it’s Christmas year around! Give’m a call 828-497-9191 to learn more about hours of operation and more.
  • Scott Hogsed Memorial Youth Day– the kids are bound to love this. It’s always in August and on a Saturday and it’s a great way to get your kids outdoors and try their hand at bow shooting,  fly fishing, regular fishing, and so much more. They can even win some awesome prizes! If you’re here in August and have kids, you’ve gotta come.
  • Shooting Range – The US Forest Service maintains a great shooting range! It’s located at the end of Panther Top Road (take 64 west to a right on 294. Follow a mile or so to a right on Panther Top Road. Go to the end and stay right on the gravel road and you’ll see it a mile or so in). It’s an outdoor range that’s covered and complete with a handgun range, rifle range (up to 100 yards), benches, and more.
  • Shop – Like to shop? Well, there are some great opportunities for you here! Nope, we don’t have a mall, but we have a lot of other things. We have a great bakery, shoe stores, furniture stores, antique shops, boutiques, quilt store, outfitter, coffee shop, wine store, book store, trinkets and gifts, hardware stores (for the guys 🙂 ) and much more. Just check out down town – it’s a great place to start! Then, you’ll find lots of places to go from there.
  • Skeet Shooting – located in Benton TN, it’s a blast to test your talents with a shot gun! Complete with 15 shooting stations, it’s more than just shooting your standard skeet! Call to find out more details at 423-338-6034.
  • Snow Skiing – If you’re looking to hit the slopes, you can hit ’em at Cataloochee. It’s about two hours away and you can snowboard, ski, and even tube! Learn more at Cataloochee’s website.
  • Swimming – whether you want a pool at the downtown Wellness Center or nature’s pool, you have options! You can swim in a number of the rivers, Lake Hiwassee, and many more! It’s a great way to cool off in the afternoon.
  • Tail of the Dragon – this famous stretch of road has 318 curves in 11 miles. It’s a gorgeous ride and motorcycle enthusiast’s favorite.
  • Thrift Stores – this is a lot like antiquing, yard sales, and shopping, and has great prices and benefits a good cause! You have choices here like the Valley River Humane Society Thrift Store (right beside RE/MAX) or REACH for women right on the 4-lane.
  • Tri-County Racewaysee Racing
  • Tubing – want to take an easy day floating down the river? You have several great places to float down. Our two favorites are in Helen GA and Deep Creek in Bryson City.
  • Wagon Master Adventure Ranch – Looking for a good place to take the family, get outdoors, and more? This is a great spot! They have gem mining, target paintball arcades, a bounce castle, mini golf, wagon rides, and more . Check out the Wagon Master official website for more details.
  • Waterfalls – there are lots of waterfalls all around us and can be found easily. The hardest part is figuring out which one to go to! I recommend getting a book about local waterfalls from the Forest Service Ranger Station or from a local bookstore. See our post of our trip to Helton Creek Falls and Bald River Falls.
  • Wine Tasting – Love wine? Check out Cherokee County’s wineries. Winner of many awards, you’ll beamazed at just how good our wines are. Not only that, you can check out the famous Biltmore Estate Winery within a two hour drive to Asheville.
  • Whitewater Rafting – a Western North Carolina favorite! We have some of the best white water anywhere. You have the Ocoee River just over the TN line, which is where the 1996 Olympics were held. (Sadly the Ocoee Whitewater Center was completely lost to fire in April 2022, but we hope it’ll be rebuilt soon!) There’s also the Nantahala River with some of the coldest white water you can imagine. There’s lots of rafting companies up and down the river that’ll get you a guide and get you in the water.
  • Yard Sales – if you like yard sales, there are tons! Ride up down 64 on a Saturday afternoon and go through down town and you’ll find them all over the place!
  • Zip Line – Now that would be fun! There are zip lines near both the Nantahala and Ocoee Rivers.

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John and Deb Fitt have Great Results Buying Land in Murphy NC with the Poltrock Team at REMAX

We found The Poltrock Team online while we were busy researching real estate. Once we started working with them, we discovered that John Poltrock is a great agent. He seemed to always go the extra mile to please us!  His knowledge of the area and ability to assist us in our transaction was impeccable!

Not only does John know how to speak with people in person, but he utilizes whatever technology you have to communicate. If you use email, so does he. Cell phone? He does too! His knowledge of Cherokee County is outstanding. Even more important, he seemed to be able to return calls at any time!

I also was able to utilize his list of available services in Murphy, NC on his Gotta Guy List. His web pages are really a great tool.

John – we give The Poltrock Team a 10 for great service! If you’re looking for a place to improve, we’ve love to get a helicopter flyover to see our property! Or maybe the RE/MAX Balloon!

John and Deb Fitt
Palmetto, Florida

Fall and Festivals Fortify Real Estate in Murphy NC

Fall is arguably the greatest season of the year here in the mountains of Murphy, NC. All the features we love about the mountains stand out in the most spectacular pageant of beauty. It brings about feelings that last not only a single season, but lasts a lifetime and is passed on through generations. The mountainsides boast a plethora of brilliant yellows, reds, oranges, and so many more. My personal favorite, the maple’s dramatic red stands out proudly from all the other colors.

The spectacular weather, cool evenings, and change of the leaves bring about many festivals to celebrate all the blessings Western North Carolina boasts. John C. Campbell Folk School has their famous festival, we have our RE/MAX Client Appreciation Party, and the annual Harvest Festival are just a few of the celebrations that we enjoy every year.

Thousands of people from all over the United States rightfully come to celebrate our natural beauty and bring their friends and family. Many of the thousands not only want to come once a year, they dream of living here. Folks have dreams of vacation homes to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life. Some dream of buying a home here and truly making the mountains home. Others dream of land to one day build a retirement home. No matter the situation or the dream, the mountains spur a deep longing to make the Appalachian Mountains home. And while some may not be in a position to pursue their dreams right away, the longing to be here tends to get in the soul and never leaves.

We’re fortunate in our business to be able to help many people turn their dreams into reality. With our Client Appreciation Picnic on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to thank you all – our clients, vendors, professionals, agents, attorneys, helpers, and so many more that I could never list everyone. Working together, we have made the dreams of many come true. Thank you.

Looking forward, we are excited to know there are many new relationships to be created, houses to become home, land to fulfill a desire. 2009 is proving to be a great year and we can all look forward to more.

If you are looking to buy a home or parcel of land, we’d love to have the privilege to work for you and make your dreams become reality. If you’re looking to sell your property and need a buyer who will love your home or parcel as you do, we’d love to work for you and get the job done. Please contact us however is convenient for you. We’re looking forward to it.

John Poltrock, CRS – The POLTROCK TEAM at REMAX Mountain Properties in Murphy NC – This article is to be featured in the Cherokee Scout’s Country Roads for October 2009.  Contact us Toll Free – 1-866-Murphy-NC or 1-866-687-7496 – –

Read about the 2009 Fall Festival at the John C Campbell Folk School

Invest in the Mountains of Murphy NC – Especially Now!

With the Holiday season coming to a wrap and 2009 young and vibrant, we all are looking forward to a year of progress. President Obama’s term is getting ready to begin, and regardless of whether you are a supporter or not, I’m certain we are all hopeful for an improved economy and a prosperous nation.

Real Estate is a huge opportunity for investment prosperity as our economy continually shows signs of improving. Not only that, there are many choices for homes and land.  The hardest part is just picking which is your favorite! As Donald Trump said, “It’s tangible, it’s solid, it’s beautiful. It’s artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love real estate.” You’ll always be able to stand on it, touch it, enjoy it, and ultimately sell something that is real – not just a paper investment.

Real Estate is a low cost opportunity right now as interest rates are continually dropping. You should be certain to contact one of our many local lenders to find the opportunities in place right now. Feel free to visit our “Gotta Guy” list to find several local lenders (that’s our local recommended contractor list). Cost of ownership is extraordinarily low with very favorable county tax rates. For example, current rates for a home assessed at $200,000 will be in the neighborhood of $800 for the year. Homeowner’s insurance runs in the same neighborhood as well. If you purchase land, you shouldn’t need to pay insurance for it since your current homeowner’s policy should protect you for most things under personal liability coverage (be sure to check your own policy to see what specific coverage is offered).

There are many different types of real estate investments in Murphy NC available suitable to practically every budget. We have land opportunities as low as $10,000 and with sizes ranging from lots to parcels with thousands of acres. Looking for a home you can enjoy now or don’t want to build? We have brand new cabins and homes in the low 100’s, and from there, the sky is the limit. You can also search the Murphy NC MLS for free.

The investment standpoint is always a good way to look at it, and with a degree in financial planning, I tend to look that way first. Truth is, that’s only a very small portion owning a property in the mountains. Waking up with a warm cup of coffee overlooking a stunning mountain view is something you cannot even begin to put a price on. Living on a cool mountain river watching trout swim around catching flies is something that simply can’t be replaced. Sitting on a soft leather couch in the evening watching the sunset on the Appalachian Mountains right beside a crackling fireplace is of no comparison.

Now is the time to move from dreaming and to start planning. Come to Murphy! There are many great cabin rental companies and hotels to choose from so you can come and truly enjoy yourself. Curious about the area and want more information about weather, what to do, and more? Contact us and we’ll send you our FREE Murphy NC Information Packet; it’s filled with tons of information about the weather and climate in Murphy NC, things to do, and much more! And until you get here, keep dreaming of mountain views, comfortable weather with four seasons, and great people!

***Be sure to read this article in the January 2009 Edition of our local Cherokee County Newspaper, The Cherokee Scout. You’ll find it and our full page ad in Country Roads.***

John Poltrock, Certified Residential Specialist – Murphy NC – The POLTROCK TEAM at RE/MAX Mountain Properties – – – Call us Toll Free at 1-866-Murphy-NC or 1-866-687-7496.