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Real Estate Team Helps Sellers to Navigate Challenges & Realize Their Goal

Kaye and William Wilkinson recently planned to sell their Marble, NC home and relocate out of state for new opportunities. Naturally, they wanted to work with a very successful realtor, and they happened to find The Poltrock Team through an online search of relevant terms.

When they spoke with John, his high energy and infectious enthusiasm came through loud and clear. Kaye and William were also impressed with The Poltrock Team’s use of professional photography and cutting-edge technology. So, the couple decided to hire John and The Poltrock Team to sell the couple’s mountain cabin.

After The Poltrock Team found a home buyer, the team skillfully navigated the buying transaction from start to finish. The Wilkinson’s most appreciated the team’s constant support during often-challenging contract negotiations. At the end of the day, The Poltrock Team got the job done.

Looking back, Kaye and William were super pleased with John Poltrock’s high energy and enthusiasm. They’re also confident that John’s use of professional listing photography, plus the latest technology, will help each seller to accomplish their goal on their own terms. The couple gave The Poltrock Team a “10” for their stellar services, and they would absolutely work with this company of high achievers again.

“We decided to sell our Marble, NC home place, and wanted to work with a realtor who would navigate the obstacles and get results. So, we launched an online search for top realtors, and decided to contact The Poltrock Team.

We spoke with John Poltrock, and were impressed with his high energy and enthusiasm. He also emphasized The Poltrock Team’s use of professional photography to showcase clients’ listings, and use of new technology throughout the process. Based on our conversation, we decided to partner with The Poltrock Team to sell our Marble, NC mountain home.

During our real estate transaction, we most appreciated The Poltrock Team’s constant contact, valuable resources, and help in resolving new negotiations challenges.

If you’re planning to sell your home, and want to find a great realtor to help you accomplish that goal and navigate the closing process, here’s our advice:

If you list your property with John Poltrock because of his energy, enthusiasm, and obvious love for what he does, plus the fact that he is the Top Selling Realtor in our area, stay with him, because he WILL SELL YOUR PROPERTY. Also, it is obvious that he is well respected by others in the real estate community.

Most people first access a property listing online, and they certainly notice the pictures. John’s photographer does a magnificent job. In addition, John made a video of our property, and he did it amazingly well.

Based on our recent experience, we would give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their excellent services, and we would definitely work with this company again. You can’t go wrong with The Poltrock Team!”

Kaye & William Wilkinson
Formerly of Marble, North Carolina

Buyers Plan to Build a “Getaway” Mountain Cabin in Murphy, NC

When the Lea’s began searching for their “getaway” mountain cabin, they spent two days viewing family homes in Murphy, NC. Working with The Poltrock Team’s Donna Srabian, the couple toured several existing area properties featuring great views. However, they just didn’t experience that magical “aha!” moment.

So, after Donna helped them to refine their property search, she took them to view some new-construction cabins in the nearby mountains. The Lea’s absolutely loved the new homes’ appearance and amenities, and decided to build their own Murphy, NC mountain cabin that they’d enjoy.

During the next several months, Donna was an invaluable contact, as she expertly navigated the Lea’s through the property purchase process. Her extensive knowledge of the area’s resources, and her boundless energy, combined to give the Lea’s a memorable home buying experience. They gave Donna Srabian the best marks for her excellent client service, and they would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or build a mountain home or log cabin.

“We were treated very well by The Poltrock Team. As residents of Florida, we were in Murphy for two days in an effort to find a private “getaway” family cabin in the mountains. We met with Donna Srabian to look at several existing properties, but none of them met our needs.

After further conversation, Donna switched gears and took us to view some new cabins under construction. We loved the models, and have since contracted to build a mountain home in Murphy, NC.

Over the next several months, Donna was a valuable resource. She skillfully guided us through every aspect of the long-distance purchase process. Donna is knowledgeable, straightforward, and certainly high energy … we recommend her highly!”

Bruce Lea
Melbourne, FL

Sellers Realize a Quick Sale of Their Murphy, NC Mountain Land

Several years after purchasing some acres in Murphy, North Carolina, Steve and Vicky Mauck agreed that the time was right to sell their mountain property. They received a referral to The Poltrock Team, and chose to work with this top-notch Cherokee County group because of their great reputation for achieving results with their listings.

Naturally, The Poltrock Team came through with flying colors. First, they provided realistic pricing advice, favorably positioning the western North Carolina mountains property compared to their competition’s listings. This tactic, combined with The Poltrock Team’s superb marketing strategy, resulted in a quick sale of the Mauck’s Murphy, North Carolina mountain acreage.

Throughout their transaction, Steve and Vicky received regular telephone status updates. The Poltrock Team led the Mauck’s through a smooth closing process, and the couple couldn’t be happier. With a “very professional” real estate experience under their belts, Steve and Vicky gave The Poltrock Team top marks for their excellent client service. In fact, this owner would happily choose the team for a future real estate transaction.

“We learned about The Poltrock Team through a referral, and we decided to work with them because of their reputation. During our transaction, they were most helpful in giving us realistic pricing advice for a sale of our Murphy, North Carolina acreage.

Overall, our real estate experience was very professional. We received frequent phone updates on the status of our listing. We got a quick sale of our Murphy, North Carolina property in the mountains.

No improvement needed. It’s hard to improve an excellent experience!

Based on our recent property owner experience, we would give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their service, and we would absolutely work with them again.”

Steve & Vicky Mauck
Blue Ridge, GA

Buyers Enjoy a Smooth Transition to Their North Carolina Mountain Home

John and Mary Engel were ready to sell their Florida residence and find a North Carolina mountains home. While searching for Murphy, North Carolina real estate properties, they sent out several inquiries. The Poltrock Team’s Donna Srabian was the first realtor to respond, and that convinced John and Mary that Donna was the right agent for the job.

After Donna Srabian helped the Engel’s to find the perfect mountain cabin, not far from Asheville, she worked with the couple’s mortgage and title companies to bring their vision to fruition. John and Mary’s Florida-based selling realtor was also actively involved in this successful dual-state transaction.

Looking back, John and Mary Engel can’t say enough about Donna Srabian’s dedication and excellent client service. In their view, Donna and The Poltrock Team went “above and beyond” to provide the couple with an outstanding home buying experience. In fact, these satisfied buyers gave the team an amazing “20” for their superb customer service – which speaks to a job very well done.

“We learned about The Poltrock Team through a real estate property search. Donna was the first realtor to respond to my property inquiry, and that convinced me to work with the team to find a home with great mountain views.

During our realty transaction, Donna efficiently worked with my mortgage company, title company, and selling realtor to handle my Florida sale and North Carolina purchase.

We had an outstanding real estate experience with The Poltrock Team. Donna Srabian and The Poltrock Team exceeded my expectations. Donna Srabian is a GEM!!! She has our utmost respect and appreciation. Thank you, Donna!!!

I would give The Poltrock Team a “20” for their service, and would absolutely work with them again.”

John and Mary Engel
Murphy, NC

Great Realtor Marketing and Seller Support

When Robin Mattson developed the plan to sell her Marble, North Carolina mountain cabin, she was determined to work with a top-notch real estate agent with a reputation for achieving results through great service and innovative ideas. As luck would have it, Robin discovered The Poltrock Team via Internet listings, and she also enjoyed a lively, informative chat with John. Another seller’s positive recommendation sealed the deal, making Robin certain that The Poltrock Team was the right realtor for her needs.

Not surprisingly, The Poltrock Team hit the ground running. John Poltrock’s keen market knowledge, combined with a no-holds-barred property marketing and advertising strategy, set the stage for numerous showings of Robin’s house. While the property was on the market, Robin received regular status updates, making her an active partner in the sales and marketing process. Ultimately, The Poltrock Team’s efforts resulted in a buyer for Robin’s Marble, North Carolina home, and she can’t say enough about her positive seller experience.

“I learned about The Poltrock Team through the Internet, and I decided to work with them after speaking with John and receiving an endorsement from another seller. During our real estate transaction, The Poltrock Team was most helpful in providing quick status updates. The team also sent regular emails on our home’s lockbox use.

John Poltrock is a supreme marketer. He puts a lot of effort into understanding his market and promoting Re/MAX. This office gets good traffic from buyers! I would definitely use John again, and I highly recommend him.”

Robin Mattson
Midland, VA

Finding a Mountain Town to Call Home

You might say Jim and Vicki Nagle’s relocation plans took a rather fortunate turn. They were planning to move from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, Georgia, or Tennessee – but they hadn’t decided which state, county, or town was right for them. As luck would have it, a Jasper, Georgia realtor referred the Nagle’s to The Poltrock Team’s Kaitlynn Pope in Murphy, North Carolina — and the rest is history.

During the Nagle’s first phone call with Kaitlynn, a Murphy, North Carolina native, her gracious Southern hospitality quickly made the couple feel right at home. When Kaitlynn invited Jim and Vicki down to Murphy for a visit, they gladly accepted her invitation and quickly made travel plans. When they arrived, Kaitlynn gave Jim and Vicki a warm welcome, showing them around town before making plans to visit nearby mountain cabins.

Thanks to Kaitlynn Pope’s local knowledge, Jim and Vicki found the perfect property, located in a community just a short drive from the town of Murphy, North Carolina. And thanks to The Poltrock Team’s efficient support staff, the entire process came together quite smoothly. Even better, the team’s expertise and the magic of technology enabled the Nagle’s to close on the house while enjoying a lobster lunch during their Maine vacation. Jim and Vicki send a hearty “thanks” to The Poltrock Team for helping them to find their ideal mountain cabin in a beautiful place.

“We had planned to leave our Pennsylvania home, and search for places to live in North Carolina, Georgia, or Tennessee. A Jasper, Georgia realtor referred us to The Poltrock Team’s Kaitlynn Pope, who hails from Murphy, North Carolina. When we spoke with Kaitlynn, she invited us to “…please come down so I can show you my Sweet Little Town.” We were hooked. Even better, Kaitlynn was there to greet us when we arrived for our first visit. As luck would have it, we also really enjoyed Murphy and Cherokee County, and knew it was the perfect spot for our mountain home.

During our real estate transaction, The Poltrock Team’s expert support staff guided us through each phase of the process. When our closing date arrived, we were vacationing in Maine and couldn’t make it down to the mountains of Murphy. So, we finalized our documents on the Internet while dining on a delicious lobster lunch. Can it get any better than that? And we couldn’t be more pleased with Kaitlynn Pope. Kaitlynn was PHENOMENAL! If Kaitlynn Pope is an example of what the Poltrock Team is about, then we would absolutely say, “PICK POLTROCK!!!”

Jim and Vicki Nagle
Landsville, PA

Repeat Clients Have a Great Home-Buying Experience

When Doug Lee and Denise Aguiar decided to purchase a new home, finding a realtor to help them become buyers was an easy business decision.Doug and Denise were well acquainted with The Poltrock Team, as this high-achieving group helped the couple to sell their previous residence.

Once again, The Poltrock Team came through, skillfully navigating the process from contract to settlement while providing the impeccable agent service that has become the team’s hallmark. Now, homebuyers Doug and Denise have happily settled into their north Georgia mountain cabin, and they send a sincere “thank you” to The Poltrock Team for their expert assistance.

“We previously used The Poltrock Team to sell another residence. We got such positive results that we decided to work with them to purchase our next home. During our real estate transaction, The Poltrock Team was most helpful in guiding us through the entire buying process, keeping us informed of every step along the way. We give them a “10” for their excellent customer service, and we would certainly work with them again.

Think of all the real estate companies in the Murphy area. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, you definitely need to speak with The Poltrock Team at Re/MAX. They are ‘on their game,’ and they get good results.”

Doug Lee and Denise Aguiar
Blairsville, GA

Finding the Perfect Pastureland Property

Ken and Wendy Braden’s search for the perfect Murphy, North Carolina property was quite a whirlwind experience. They thoroughly enjoyed working with Donna Srabian, who happily accommodated the couple’s tight schedule and shared their commitment to finding the ideal mountain acreage.

After trekking through several parcels of wooded land for sale, Ken and Wendy realized that they were really more interested in pasture land. Donna quickly switched gears, changing her schedule to allow a return to a property that deserved a second visit. As the Braden’s weekend trip wrapped up, they knew they had found the perfect piece of land that would be ideal for a house.

Ken and Wendy’s real estate transaction also moved along without a hitch – thanks to The Poltrock Team’s stellar client service. Today, Ken and Wendy are looking forward to the next chapter – in the beautiful Murphy, North Carolina mountains.

“We found The Poltrock Team on, and we decided to work with them because they listed properties that interested us. Donna Srabian showed us several pieces of land, and she was great working with our schedule, as we were only in Murphy and Cherokee County for the weekend. During our short visit, Donna climbed mountains, trudged through poison ivy, and walked through swamps in 90-degree temperatures to find a property we liked.

After we had climbed through acres of wooded properties, we changed our minds and asked to see pasture land instead. At the end of the day, we realized we hadn’t seen very much of the last lot, so Donna rearranged her plans so we could return on Sunday morning.

Once we found the perfect property for sale, The Poltrock Team was most helpful in communicating with the seller to answer our questions. Overall, we had a fabulous real estate experience with The Poltrock Team, and we would give them a “10” for their service. We would definitely work with them again.”

Ken & Wendy Braden
Locust Grove, GA

Another Satisfied Real Estate Client

After owning their Murphy, North Carolina cabin for several years, Charles and Jean Titcombe made the decision to sell their mountain property. Although they had their choice of real estate agents, the couple wanted to work with a highly successful agent with a proven record of results. Naturally, they chose John Poltrock and The Poltrock Team, and they’re delighted with the outcome.

In fact, you might say the Titcombe’s experienced the best of both worlds. After they had enjoyed their mountain home’s beautiful view and cozy ambience for several years, The Poltrock Team sold the very desirable property in just one day. Even better, the buyers happily paid the asking price – in cash. After the transaction was complete, Charles and Jean were very happy clients, and they gladly expressed their satisfaction with The Poltrock Team’s impeccable service.

“We learned about The Poltrock Team though a mailing, and we decided to work with them after visiting with John. From a client perspective, we were very satisfied with our real estate experience. Our house sold in one day at our asking price, and the transaction was a cash sale. You can’t get better than that!

During the real estate transaction, we found Cowan & Cowan, PA’s expertise most helpful, and Friends Moving Company provided us with terrific customer service. Everything was great, and we would give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their efforts. We would certainly work with them again.”

Charles and Jean Titcombe
Palm Harbour, FL


Murphy, NC Mountain Cabin Makes a Great Second Home

For several years, Evalee and Jose have been searching for their ideal second home – a beautiful cabin in the mountains. After viewing many North Carolina cabins for sale, they found a great vacation property in Murphy, North Carolina – and they couldn’t be more delighted. Now, they can relax on their deck and soak up the mountain breezes and sunsets, and Murphy is just a short drive away.

We have been looking for a mountain vacation home for several years. We learned about The Poltrock Team from a listing, and we decided to work with them because of Wayne’s courteous response to our inquiry. Wayne spent a few days taking us around Murphy, showing us EXACTLY what we were looking for. He went above and beyond to find a house we wanted, and then assisted us in every way to make it happen.

Because we were 700 miles away, Wayne handled everything for us. He conducted negotiations and inspections, and helped us find the perfect person to do minor repairs uncovered during an inspection. He helped us execute our plans, and he kept us “in the loop” at all times. Wayne even sent us a “Walk Through” video in the rain, I must add!

We can’t thank Wayne and The Poltrock Team enough. They helped us realize our dream of buying a mountain “log cabin” vacation home. We would absolutely work with them again.”

Evalee and Jose Prada
Hialeah, FL