Sky Tek Communications is an Excellent Source for High Speed Internet Service in Murphy NC

No matter where in the world you are, especially when you are in the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina, access to high-speed Internet can be a huge factor for the purchase of a new home. Here in Murphy, we have several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) available. One of the new kids on the block is a company called Sky Tek Communications.

Sky Tek BannerSky Tek Communications is based right here in Murphy, NC. They offer a direct line of sight, or point to point, form of high-speed Internet. It utilizes fiber-optic service from Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation (BREMC). The beauty of their service is you do not need to have access directly to their fiber-optic lines. If you have line of sight, or are close to the line of sight for their service, you can have fiber-optic Internet speeds.

Several of our clients and customers have chosen to use their service. They all have had excellent results if it is available to them! Not only that, their customer service is right here in Murphy, so you do not have to speak to a call center thousands of miles away. You’re speaking with local folks! 🙂

If you are in need of Internet, I highly encourage you to try their service prior to using a slower speed. They offer connection speeds of 6 MB per second download and 3 MB per second upload. They even offer higher speeds if you need them. For only $39.99 a month, this is a great package I wish I had available at my home! Their contact information is below and enjoy your high speed Internet 🙂

Sky Tek Communications

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Propane Gas is the Fuel of Choice in Murphy NC

Propane fuel is certainly the fuel of choice here in Murphy, NC. Since we don’t have natural gas here, there is little good alternative. However, it is a very good option. There is a wide variety of propane companies here locally, so that gives you the ability to shop and get the best service for the best value.

Propane TankWhen it comes to buying or selling real estate, handling the propane is something you need to know how it’s done. Here are some quick tips, and at the bottom, we give our recommended list of propane companies.

When You Are Buying, there are a couple factors that you should consider:

  • If the propane tank is owned by the seller – this is not very common as most people lease. If it is owned, typically the propane tank is included with the purchase of your home unless specifically excluded. The gas, however, the seller has the option to sell back to a gas company if he or she so chooses. If they leave it after the closing, then it is yours to keep.
  • If the propane tank is leased by the seller – typically the buyer assumes the lease from the seller (which is usually on an annual basis). If there is any time left on the lease, that is often given as a gift. However, the seller also reserves the right to cap the tank and receive a refund for the remaining gas from the gas company. Or, if any gas is left after closing, then it is the buyer’s to keep. When the lease renews, you have the option to keep the existing company or choose another. If you don’t cancel the service, the company will presume you are keeping their service and mail you an invoice for tank rent.

When You Are Selling:

  • If you own the propane tank – the tank itself stays with the house. Any gas left in the tank becomes property of the buyer. You have the option to have a propane company remove the gas and pay you for it. That’s not very common as many sellers leave the fuel for the purchaser.
  • If you lease the tank – The buyer typically becomes responsible for tank rent after the new lease renews. You can have the gas company come prorate the propane by capping the tank and refunding you for any amount left in the tank. Many sellers choose to leave it since it is less hassle as many propane companies do not like to do this.

What is propane used for in Murphy NC? You commonly see it used for only a few things such as:

  • Gas log fireplaces
  • Heat pumps with propane secondary heat (not as common here as straight electric heat pumps)
  • Gas kitchen ranges / cook tops
  • Wall heaters
  • Water heaters (significantly less common here than electric water heaters)
  • Grills

Check out our Gotta Guy List for recommended propane companies! Scroll down to Gas Companies.

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Land Line Telephone Service in Murphy NC

frontierTelephone service in the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina can be incredibly important, especially if you own real estate in an area that doesn’t have cell phone coverage. When it comes to arranging your land line home phone service, the primary provider here in our area is Frontier Communications. CLICK HERE to visit Frontier’s website to see available packages/services. They are the same company that provides the large majority of DSL Internet Service here, too. Since their phone numbers change periodically, please visit their website for the current best phone number.

In some cases, if you have fiber-optic Internet available through Blue Ridge EMC, you may have the option to get telephone service through them.

Need cellular phone service? Visit our post on the best cell phone provider in Murphy NC.

Now, that you’ve got phone service covered, contact us today to let us know we can help! Or, search Homes and Land for Sale in Murphy NC.

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Trash Pickup Services in Murphy NC and Cherokee County NC

Trash BagTrash service is a must in life. It’s often not viewed as a utility, but the fact is it is just as imperative as your phone. You have several options to get rid of the trash from your home here in Murphy NC.

  1. Take the trash off on your own. Want to do this? Learn more and gets post of trash drop off locations in Cherokee County by clicking this link.
  2. If you own in the Murphy City Limits, trash service is included in your town taxes. Call Murphy City Hall to line up service at 828-837-2510.
  3. Hire a trash company to pick your trash up for your house.

This post is geared toward the last option. I find this option the best choice and pay for a local company to pick up my trash each week so I don’t have to. As of this writing, it only costs me $18 per month! That’s truly a no brainer for us when we factor in gas and time to haul it off on our own.

Trash service is available in most every area of the county. There are several vendors who provide this service. If you want to find some good companies, visit our Gotta Guy List of Recommended Contractors. Scroll down to Trash Service. That’ll get you squared away! 🙂

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Blue Ridge Mountain EMC may be your Power Company, Internet, and even TV

When it comes to utilities in Murphy, NC, or any other place for that matter, hardly anything is more important than having power to your home. Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation, or as most people call it, Blue Ridge EMC, is likely one of the largest power companies in our area. They serve not only Cherokee County, but also a large area in Northeast Georgia.

BREMC LogoSince we have a total of four power companies that serve our area, The location of your home dictates which company you choose. There’s a very good likelihood that BREMC may be your power company since they serve the largest geographic area. However, you will want to verify that.

When you call to set up service, you will need both the address of the property and the meter number on the home. They will not set up your service without the meter number, so ensure you do have it.

Since they distribute power courtesy of the TVA that is generated via hydroelectric dam, their rates are typically very affordable.

If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where they provide Internet, you will love their service! They offer fiber-optic Internet and also some direct point-to-point Internet. They can easily accommodate speeds of 20+ megabytes per second. You do have to check availability for this because it is only available in select locations.

Also if you have fiber optic service available at your home, they can provide TV service AND home telephone in addition to your internet! With packages varying, they start around $99 per month for all 3 services. If fiber optic is not available at your house, than you’ll want to go with our traditional land line phone company.

In the event of a power outage, they are very responsive! They have a wonderful crew that gets out and gets power operating as quickly as possible. They really are good folks.

Need to contact Blue Ridge EMC? Here is their contact information:

Power Billing and Sales: 706-379-3121 or 828-837-1017 (a local Murphy number)

Technical Support for Internet, TV, and Phone: 706-379-4832 or 828-837-1017 (a local Murphy number)

Click Here to Visit BRMEMC Website or Copy and Paste this link into your web browser:

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High Speed Internet via DSL in Murphy NC

In today’s society, internet accessibility is incredibly important. When you are in the mountains if Murphy NC searching for a home for sale, high speed Internet is something you must research prior to your purchase. Internet availability and type varies from location to location, so be sure to ask.

frontierLikely the most common type of high speed internet is DSL through Frontier, which is the same company that provides the large majority of our land line phone service. Speeds typically begin at 1+ MBPS download and go up from there.

DSL is provided through your phone line. Despite what you may hear or what the phone company may tell you, you can have a “dry loop” that provides Internet only or through your existing phone land line. Since here in Murphy the availability of speeds and type of Internet can vary by location, it is important to ask your Realtor when you’re buying a home here in Murphy to ensure the availability of high speed internet.

Visit for more details and information

That said, call us today and let us help you buy your home here in Murphy NC. We can guide you on internet availability no problem. Contact us or start your search for homes for sale in the Murphy NC area now!

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What Cell Phone Provider has the Best Mobile Phone Coverage in Murphy NC?

VerizonThis is a great question that I had in my email from someone this morning! When you come to the Murphy, NC area, it may be important for you to have wonderful cellular coverage for your device. I’m attached at the hip to my iPhone, so I know just how critical this can be! Without a doubt, the best carrier is Verizon Wireless. They even have 4G LTE coverage in the core areas of Cherokee County. AT&T and US Cellular are far behind the curve but do work in the main areas of town. If you have T-Mobile, Sprint, or Nextel, forgetta-bout-it!  😆

Visit for more information and details. You can also visit one of our many local Verizon Wireless retail stores around the Murphy area. Verizon has a great coverage map on their website so you can visually see what coverage is available and where.

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