Home SOLD in West Hills – The Ranger Community in Murphy NC!

This wonderful home is now sold to a couple that is really looking forward to moving in it! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Williams for your business and for being yourselves. You were a true pleasure to work with!

The previous desciption: This wonderful home is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home located right in West Hills off of Highway 64 West. Paved road frontage all the way to the driveway, this home is sitting on a scenic park-like lot. When you first pull in the driveway, you see the shed (currently used as the motorcycle shed), the workshop with a lean-to for parking trailers and more, and the double carport.

The porch is one of the best aspects of the home – watch the video and you’ll see what I mean! It’s a great setting! Inside is all the amenities and storage you could get used to living with! This one is one you’ll truly value to see in person.

All of this is priced in the 100’s and its a wonderful home!


Main View




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Commercial Tract SOLD on Highway 141!!


The POLTROCK TEAM just did it again! The property on Highway 141 and great visibility from 74 just SOLD. This tract was a great investment for commercial. A local builder has purchased it and already began developing it. It is located in Marble right between Murphy and Andrews. Situated right across the street from the Big D gas station, it has a constant flow of stopped traffic and drive-bys on both 141 and 74.

The POLTROCK TEAM are "excellent! One of the best things John did was educate me as to the real value of the property. He was very polite, hard working, and a pleasure to deal with. I would certainly use him again in a future transaction!"

-Nick Sternberg of Pacific Palisades, CA


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Alcohol Sales Spur Requests to be Annexed into town of Murphy NC


Since the vote for alcohol sales for both beer and liquor by the drink on January 8th, many places have been requesting for their property to be annexed into the city of Murphy. The new laws states that the alcohol selling establishment must be in city limits. Fact is, state law requires that “satellite” annexations (properties that are considered part of the city limits but do not actually adjoin city limits) be not more than three miles from the town’s limits.

The mayor, Bill Hughes, is really focusing on two main things: Business that have been part of the city limits and paying city taxes for years before the law was in place and on properties that are contiguous to the city limits (only two requests have been made by adjoining property owners). After that, they will begin considering others.

Interesting thing I wonder is will additional services come along with the annexation? Or will it merely be a way to sell alcohol and just collect additional tax revenue? One of our readers commented some time ago when Lowe’s was annexed stating “Annexation eventually leads to eminent domain abuse.” The town will collect an additional [estimated] $7,000 from sales in alcohol alone.

Currently, all the requests are based on businesses hoping to sell alcohol and boost their revenue as a result. Places like Doyle’s Cedar Hill Restaurant, Shoebooties, and The Daily Grind are actually within the limits and are already setting up bars and the like.

Whether you like it, love it, or loathe it, alcohol is now here and it interesting to see how it impacts the town. If you love it, enjoy it! If you hate it, don’t buy it! Your purchasing power speaks more volume than anything.


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*SOLD* 4/3 Chalet Home on Sunset Mountain!

 The POLTROCK TEAM did it again! This property is now sold!


 Property Address: 981 Sunset Lane; Murphy, NC 28906

Click Here for the Current Price and Additional Photos

As part of our continuing YouTube campaign to use video tours instead of the old school virtual tours, we bring you this great new home! Video is a far superior way of viewing a home because it shows you much more of the real thing than a virtual tour which is much more selective and only shows what the agent wants you to see.

So rather than me tell you about the stainless steel appliances, amazing long range mountain view overlooking Brothers Restaurant and more, the basement, the 2 car garage, chalet style, loft, high speed Internet, and more, I’ll just let you watch the video to your right! Enjoy!

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John Poltrock in the Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors 2007 Million Dollar Club!!!

John Poltrock Million Dollar Club

Just released in the Cherokee Scout Newspaper, the announcement of the Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors 2007 Million Dollar Club achievers! Congratulations to everyone who reached their goals in 2007.

It is folks like these who make valuable contributions to our community and economy. Many of the agents in this class and production level donate their time and money to things like the Mountain Lakes Board Scholarship which is given to outstanding students in areas our Board services to help offset the cost of loans.

When the Million Dollar Club winners are calculated based on production, it is done by sides involved. For example, if a $100,000 home is sold, the "listing agent" would only be allotted $50,000 toward his production level if another agent sold it. If the "listing agent" also worked with the buyer, the full $100,000 would be allotted toward their production. A minimum of $1,000,000 in production is required for that club and $750,000 in production to be awarded the Diamond Club award. Some folks have the misconception it is how much money that person made last year, and I can assure you it is not how much money that person made.

Again, congratulations to all of our Realtors who achieved a spectacular level of production and professionalism.


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Thank You for Making RE/MAX #1 in not just Murphy, but all of Cherokee County!!!

Thank you to everyone who made RE/MAX #1! Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX – Now fact in Cherokee County – which is Murphy and Andrews, North Carolina!

 Cherokee Scout Advertisement

About 4 years ago, David Ritz (who is also my brother-in-law) left a prominent real estate company here and opened up RE/MAX. A completely new idea in our area, the new real estate phenomenon started in a small office and grew in just four short years from the underdog to the #1 selling real estate office – period. Now in the new office – Cornerstone – it has gone from not only a real estate company, but to a landmark in our community.


We look forward to bringing another successful year at the end of 2008. We appreciate all your support and are excited about helping you find homes and land that will make your dreams of the mountains become a reality!


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This ad is from our Cherokee Scout Newspaper Ad showing where we closed a property every other day with all the homes and land pictures in the background.

New Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant Review

IMG00119 Welcome to the new restaurant in town! They just completed this building and it has only been up and running for a month or so now. In fact it has been so busy, finding a parking place has been a chore!

Formerly located in the Ingles shopping center in Murphy, it used to be a fairly dirty establishment (not speaking food-wise because I’ve not been in the kitchen. I mean floors, etc.). The new building is still twinkling with new-ness and is spiffy clean. Plenty of seating makes it easy for this place to hold quite the crowd.

There are at least five buffet trays (not including the desert one) with lots of hot food. I was quite surprised at the amount of American food – you don’t usually find meat loaf in a Chinese restaurant. In any case, its got something for everyone. Even if your kids don’t like Chinese, you can bring them here with confidence that they will find something they’ll like.


So if you’re a Chinese, American, and whatever else is on the buffet, try it out! It’s certainly worth the experience.


My overall rating: 4 Stars



1164 US Highway 64 West

Murphy, NC 28906

(828) 837-0711

It is located right on the highway just below the Holiday Inn Express and Eller and Owens Furniture store. Its approximately 2 miles west of McDonalds on the right hand side. It is directly across from the old RE/MAX office and the Humane Society Thrift Store.

Map image


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Hiwassee Valley Pool and Wellness Center is a great asset to the town of Murphy and Cherokee County!

Since the opening of Hiwassee Valley Pool and Wellness Center, the people of Murphy have really enjoyed being more Hiwassee Valley Pool and Wellness Centerfit! Myself included, folks have been going to many of the different offerings the Wellness Center offers. The gym features many weight machines, free weights, ellipticals, tread mills, and more! The "class room" features many different classes like pilates, yoga, and more.

One of the landmark features is the pool itself. Right now, most people notice it because of the giant white dome that covers the pool during the cold months so it can be used year around. Its offered to many groups for swim classes, kayaking, and more! In fact, my daughters basketball team had a pool party to celebrate the end of the season yesterday.

Costs are very affordable considering all they have to offer. Although they have several different plans, I would say the two most common is $35 per month for an individual or $55 per month for a family per month.

They are a great compliment to the Murphy Community. Next time you’re going through the town of Murphy, look for Konaheeta Park and the Hiwassee Valley Pool & Wellness Center is right there.

695 Konaheta Street; Murphy

(828) 835-3700

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*Note* – Many people commonly misspell Hiwassee. Many times you will see Hiawassee which is not local to our area in North Carolina. There’s Hiawassee GA, which is 20-30 minutes away from us…

Hiawassee River Bridge is now connected!

Hiwassee River Bridge

The bridge is connected! The new section of Highway 64 is finally connected! After sitting at a stand still for months, the construction company was finally allowed to connect the final link of the bridge that goes over the Hiawassee River in Murphy, North Carolina. Although we have some time before the road becomes useable for traffic, progress is being made!

The Hiawassee River is a beautiful river renowned for its clean waters and great fishing. It originates from Lake Hiwassee and flows from Murphy NC to the Mission Dam. After the dam, it continues flow all the way to the Lake Chatuge Dam in Hayesville NC.

The new section of 64 begins in Murphy and will eliminate the need to drive down river road through Peachtree. The new road bypasses all of that and heads in a more direct route and reconnects with the existing 64 just past Peachtree and Murphy Medical Center.


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State of the Market Address – Real Estate in Cherokee County Update

It’s been some time since I’ve done a market update on the Cherokee County (Murphy and Andrews) real estate market because the market has been staying so incredibly stable. Now with January past us, I can report on the typical seasonal cycle of the market.

Historically, the market is relatively calm during January, February, and March. We’ll see an it trend back up to normal around the middle of April. With all that said, here’s some hard numbers that are great to go with! Remember – these numbers can be difficult to translate to your particular situation, so the advice of a professional is recommended (namely The POLTROCK TEAM!) to interpret them.


Numbers for the Past Month

  • Total Homes to close: 14
  • Total Land to close: 28
  • Average Home Price: $194,029
  • Average List to Sell Ratio: 91.95%
  • Average Days on Market: 226
  • Most Active Price Point: $150,000 – $200,000 (representing half the transactions)
  • Average Land Price: $39,532
  • Average Land Days on Market: 170
  • Homes currently Pending: 94
  • Land currently Pending: 203


Our market seasonally dips down during this time of year, so don’t expect a lot of showing activity during the cold months! Stay home, stay warm, and keep your place clean! Fact is, even though you might not be getting a lot of showings on your house, the buyers out there shopping this time of year are typically more qualified and more motivated to buy. Why? Maybe because they don’t want to stay out in the cold!

Those of you who are looking to buy homes and land, now is the perfect time! If you can make it our way, you don’t have a lot of “competition” this time of year. In other words – you probably won’t have to worry about someone slipping in and buying your dream home! Not only that, sellers are commonly more negotiable during this time of year because the activity on their property slows down.


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