3 Fun-Filled Summer Camps for Murphy, NC Kids and Teens

Now that spring is finally here, Murphy, NC students will soon be counting down the weeks until their summer vacation. Although kids and teens might plan to become experts at their favorite video games, or spend weeks hanging out with their friends, their parents would likely choose more constructive activities. In other words, the parents want their children to get off the couch and exercise their bodies and minds during the summer. So, why not send them to summer camp? If that sounds like a good plan, check out three popular camp choices in and near Cherokee County.

Murphy, NC. 828-494-2859.

Kids who enjoy horseback riding (or would love to learn) gravitate to this weeklong horse riding summer camp adventure. North Sungate Farms is nestled among beautiful woodlands and meadows near Murphy, North Carolina – a perfect setting for a fun-filled midsummer session. Continue reading “3 Fun-Filled Summer Camps for Murphy, NC Kids and Teens”

Shaw Testimonial on Sale of their house by The Poltrock Team!

John and The Poltrock Team were very responsive to our needs and questions during our contract term.  John was especially helpful. He maintained contact with us throughout. All the office personnel were very helpful also. The team photographer did an excellent job in photographing the home. We appreciate the time and effort of all involved in selling our home months ahead of the term.

— Jim &  Eva Shaw

6 Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Murphy, NC Home Shine

With spring’s arrival just a few weeks away, you’ve got the urge to give your Murphy, NC home a big cosmetic makeover. In other words, you’re gearing up for some serious spring cleaning. To keep from getting overwhelmed by the project ahead, break the work into manageable chunks. Plan to begin with tasks common to each room, and then put the finishing touches on specific parts of the house.

Next, gather your cleaning tools and supplies, plus plenty of paper towels and/or rags. Include a set of sturdy rubber gloves to protect your hands, along with a mask if you’re sensitive to chemical smells. Then, crank up your favorite playlist and give your home some timely TLC before warmer weather begins. Continue reading “6 Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Murphy, NC Home Shine”

John is Straight Forward and Will Help You Through The Whole Process

We looked for property for over 3 years. John was always there to answer ANY kind of questions we had. We really feel like he spent way more time on us than the reward he gained once we did find the property that we wanted. He has great advice and insight. He won’t tell you what you want to hear. He’ll tell you what he thinks the truth is. He also has relationships with a lot of great people should you need additional services once you buy your home or land.

Heck, honestly, we’d regard John as a great friend at this point.

–Rodney and Raluca Howard

Tips for Prepping Your Murphy, NC Vegetable Garden: February and March

With this season’s delightfully mild winter (so far, anyway), Murphy, NC gardeners are increasingly focused on the upcoming growing season. In fact, they might even be tempted to till the soil and get a jump on their vegetable planting work. Although waiting until the last frost date (May 10 in Cherokee County) might be a safer course of action, gardeners can take some important steps with these Tips for Prepping Your Vegetable Garden during February and March. Continue reading “Tips for Prepping Your Murphy, NC Vegetable Garden: February and March”