450 Sierra Circle – Home for Sale

450 Sierra Circle
Murphy, North Carolina – Hibberts Mountain in Hiwassee Dam
Southern Home Markets Cover Home for August/September of 2007!

  • 3 bedrooms, 3 baths Prowl front Chalet Home
  • Full Finished Basement
  • 1 Car Garage
  • Long Range Mountain View
  • Large Porch
  • Dining Room – a rare find in a Chalet!
  • Oversized Chalet – lots or room and storage!
  • Chefs Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances
  • 1 Year American Home Shield Warranty
  • Rock Work
  • Double Sided Fireplace
  • Water Closets in the bathrooms
  • Fixed Glass Overlooks the beautiful Mountain View
  • and more!

We’re sorry but this home is no longer available. You can check out our current homes and land for sale in Murphy NC here.

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125 White Oak Drive – Home for Sale

125 White Oak Drive
Murphy, North Carolina – Ranger School District
Home for Sale in Bryer Brook Community

  • 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, an office, and a bonus room.
  • Every bedroom has a bath
  • 1.52 acres
  • Two story
  • Dining Room
  • Chef’s kitchen with granite counter tops and much more
  • Rock fireplace in the living room.
  • Built in entertainment system
  • Paved roads
  • Well with more than 50 gallons per minute!
  • and much more.

We’re sorry but this home is no longer available. View our Current Properties for sale in Murphy NC.

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14 Largest Employers in Cherokee County

The 14 largest employers in Cherokee County, North Carolina (NC) are as follows with employees by range:

1) Murphy Medical Center (500-999)
2) Cherokee County Board of Education (500-999)
3) Wal-Mart Associates Inc. (250-499)
4) Moog Components (250-499)
5) Cherokee County (250-499)
6) Indian Head Industries (100-249)
7) Tri-County Community College (100-249)
8) Sioux Tools Inc. (100-249)
9) TEAM Industries (100-249)
10) Coats America (100-249)
11) Ingles Markets, Inc (100-249)
12) Lowes Home Improvements (100-249)
13) West Contracting, Inc (100-249)
14) NC Division of Transportation (100-249)

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Septic Permits Issued in Cherokee County, North Carolina

Many of you know the amount of backlog we have had in our septic permit issues. Trust me buyers – they’re a good thing for you, especially if you aren’t planning on building right away. The Cherokee County Health Dept. has made a pain for most of us, but for the standard buyer, you can turn it to your advantage. Sellers- you need to apply for a permit as soon as you put your property on the market.

Either way, here are some interesting numbers I think you need to know to see what’s occuring:

Total Applications Received Improvement Permits Issued
January 171 113
February 190 109
March 109 171
April 210 91
May 265 129
June 49 140
Total Year 1,079 869

As a total, you can see where more permits are requested than issued. We’re still 6 months out, but you still have the alternative. Soil Scientists are a good alternative in the Murphy (Cherokee County) area. There’s been a state law applied where a permit can be issued by a soil scientist instead of just through the health dept. In fact, I just received a permit in about 2 weeks! Ask me how and I’ll be happy to tell you the process and who to talk to.

John Michael Poltrock – REMAX Properties – Murphy, NC – www.MyMurphy.com – JohnP@remax.net

Liquor by the Drink Coming to Murphy?

Many of our clients are always shocked to find out you can’t get a mixed drink or shot at any of the local restaurants (with the exception of Cherokee Hills Golf Course, which is classified as a resort). Not only that, you can’t buy beer. Does it seem sane when you can buy wine at the grocery store and straight liquor at the ABC store in town?

Either way, Murphy’s Town Board is reconsidering the liquor by the drink option. Wells and West (very influential persons in our community) are trying to generate interest in large chain restaurants coming to Murphy on land they own. Two restaurants want to come badly, but will only do so if they can serve drinks. It was up for vote in 2003 and was not passed – 55% voted no and 45% voted yes.

Will you be able to have a mixed drink with dinner now? It may be coming soon. In most Southern small towns, they eventually allow it and we very well may be next. What do you think? Would you prefer Murphy to be a largely "dry" county or serve alcohol?

The Liquor Law Did Pass In Murphy, North Carolina!

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Real Estate For Sale Magazines in Murphy

We’ve got our first cover! We’re quite excited about having the cover of Southern Home Market magazine. I personally did the layout to ensure its going to be a great issue. It’s a great prowl front chalet home that is great! I look forward to posting the image of the cover when it comes out.

I’ll use this opportunity to explain the difference between many of the magazines in our area. We have currently two real estate magazines in the Murphy NC area: Southern Home Market and Homes for Sale in the Mountains. Homes and Land will also be reintroduced to our area. I’ll be advertising a full page in their first issue to test their effectiveness.

Homes for Sale in the Mountains is a larger, more expensive magazine. I advertised in it for 2006 and sold only one house from it. Sellers – it’s gone. It doesn’t bring enough focus to your property to keep it. Not only that, it’s much larger and I feel that because of that, your property gets “lost” in all the others. It has too many strikes against it to be an effective advertising strategy for your house or land.

Southern Home Market is the current real estate magazine I advertise. They are far more flexible, less expensive, get more calls, and is not so large to where your property is lost. Because of the increased interest in your property, it has been the hands down best choice.

Even though print exposure is important, it’s far from the most important thing. Want to learn more about what to do for your home in Murphy, North Carolina to make it more appealing to a buyer? Email or call us and we’ll be happy to share our marketing plan.

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The Importance of a Septic Permit in buying Mountain Property

Many of our customers and clients come from flat lands looking to find their mountain dream spot. Whether they’re looking for a lot in a mountain community, an unrestricted lot, or a tract of land with a lot of acreage, septic permits help ensure you are buying a piece of real estate you can build on and enjoy.

Septic Tank

The above image gives you an idea of what a septic system looks like, and a permit is essentially Cherokee County’s authorization to put a septic system in the ground. They look at your soil type and decide whether it is capable of absorbing the amount of water you’re putting in the ground based on the amount of bedrooms your home will have.

Let me give an illustration of what COULD happen if you don’t get a permit when you buy: You buy the perfect piece of real estate. In a few years, you go to build your home on your land. You don’t want to start building your house till you have the permit in hand. If you apply for it after the fact and the county inspector goes and says your property is not suitable, you’re done for! Yes – there are some ways to appeal it. If you can’t get one at all, you have a property that just dropped in value to next to nothing that would only be worth something to the neighbor next door.

Play it safe – make you contract contingent on receiving a septic permit unless you have a very good reason not to. We would be more than happy to consult with you on how this process works.

John and Jessica Poltrock – REMAX Mountain Properties – Murphy, North Carolina – (828) 837-3002 – (866) Murphy-NC

Some things never change! 2009 is here and its still important to get a septic system permit. 

Construction Labor Costs Should Go Down

Murphy, North Carolina has experienced quite a bit of new construction to come on the market in the past 4 years. Everything from chalets, log cabins, cabins, ranches – you name it. We should even have condos coming soon if the project takes off. We’ve been blessed with a great new inventory giving real estate buyers more choices on new homes.

Many builders have become a bit nervous and have drastically cut their inventories. This has left buyers with fewer choices on new construction homes. Even so, many of the reputable builders still have quite a few they are building as I write this. Those are the best to buy.

As I read the Wall Street Journal (August 1, 2007), it references that inflation rose just 0.1% in June from May. It also mentioned labor costs increased 0.9% last quarter. That number is a national number that even affects the local real estate market. However, I believe home builders will find that labor will drop as many sub contractors find less jobs are available. We may find general contractors will do more of the building process and sub out less.

I personally feel that would be a great change because the whole affect dominoes the cost of building a new home. A cost plus contractor (costs 100k to build a new home so the contractor would make, say, 15% of that) can do more and will not be paying a profit to a company that installs the hardwood floor for example. If you’re not paying profit on profit, then your total building cost will go down.

All in all, it should be a good thing for labor costs in local construction to go down. It will weed out shady or fly-by-night sub contractors that should be there in the first place. If you are looking to build in our market, let us know! We would be more than happy to point you to a reputable builder who you can trust will be here for years to come. You can even find a Recommended Contractor or Builder in Murphy NC Online at our Gotta Guy List!

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Realtors are Your Local Referral Database

Realtors are an excellent way to not only buy homes or land, but to find out who the best sub contractors, vendors, stores, shops, dealers, and any other place to buy “Stuff” and services. This is very often taken for granted, and if you merely ask, you will receive.

For example, I can tell you the best grocery stores in Murphy. I know where to buy meat and where not to. Need a lawn service? How about a contractor to build a house? Garage? Best place to buy a washer? What about the best burger joint in town (and no, McDonald’s doesn’t count.)? What school district would you trust with your kids? You name it… we know it or can find out.

I can send you to the right person just about every time when you’re looking for something in Murphy, North Carolina. Cherokee County is a big place, and so is every other county. No matter where you’re at… save yourself the trouble… ask a Realtor.

John Poltrock – REMAX Mountain Properties – www.MyMurphy.comJohnPoltrock@gmail.com – Call us toll free at 1-866-687-7496

Great Market Timing

Everyone seems to be talking about how “bad” the real estate market is right now. For those of you who like to gossip about it, I hate to break it to you. No the sky is not falling!  In fact, now is the time to buy real estate.  Interest rates are still at a historically low rate.  Remember back in the 80’s when the interest rates were around 18%? Your $150,000 mortgage payment would have been a whopping $2,260.63 as apposed to today’s much lower $923.58. How’s that for a difference?

 Many of our local banks and mortgage brokers are true professionals. There are so many mortgages products available today compared to even ten years ago.  First time home buyers have it great with many of the incentive packages being offered right now – such as no PMI (read: fancy acronym for mortgage insurance) and 100% financing. Be sure to do your research and find out which bank offer you the best product BEFORE you fill out their credit application. Want good local bank references? Call me. I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. You can also visit our Recommended Mortgage Lenders on our Gotta Guy List.

If you think now is the time to sit on the fence – you’re wrong. Ben Bernanke (Federal Reserve Chairman) is considering raising rates to cool rising inflation as a result of the stock market boom and other economic factors. What good is saving $1,000 up front when you’re paying that much or more every year for thirty years on your mortgage? Think long term and you’ll be better off than ever.

Not only that, there’s a lot of choices on the market. Finding and buying your new home is much easier than you think. Call me today at (828) 837-3002 to arrange an appointment to go over all the excellent options you have available. In less than 30 minutes, you can be well on your way to owning your own home.

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