The Low Water Level on Lake Hiwassee

One question I have gotten a lot lately is why the water level of Lake Hiwassee in Murphy NC is 30 or more feet low. It makes it incredibly difficult to show lake front property at times like these, unfortunately, it is what it is.

I have heard speculation and confirmed it with several people close to the source (wow – I sound like a reporter!) that there is good reason it is so low. The Hiwassee Dam itself is very unique in the fact that it is capable of reversing the flow of the lake itself and pumping water back into the lake. Apparently, it drains water during the day to produce power. Then at night, it reverses the flow and pumps water back into the lake. As I found out, the dam’s mechanism that reverses the flow is in fact broken! According to sources, It’s due to be repaired sometime in October. It makes it difficult because lake front property doesn’t look the same as usual!

This picture was taken on one of the bridges on Joe Brown Highway. Many of the boat docks are totally unusable and marinas are closed. To add insult to injury, the TVA is also using the water from the Hiwassee to keep the Tennessee River flow up for transportation purposes.

On a positive note, hope for rain and next year will be better! Find the Normal rainfall in Murphy NC. Now’s a great time to be looking at lake property because some sellers might be anxious to move…. hmmm… food for thought! – – John Michael Poltrock – REMAX Mountain Properties – Murphy North Carolina, NC – (877) 837-3002 – Real Estate

Murphy Medical Center’s 5K Challenge

Ready to Run??!! Murphy Medical Center Foundation is hosting the “About Two Hours From Anywhere” 5k Challenge, Heart Walk, and Kids Fun Run this upcoming Saturday on September 15, 2007.I (John) will be running the 5k Run, which is roughly 3.1 miles, this Saturday. I’d love for someone to join! If you need a registration card, let me know as I have extras. Registration on Race Day is from 7:30 to 8:30 am with the race beginning at 9. Early entry fee is only $15, so come out and run!

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Murphy High School Volleyball School Schedule

For all you Murphy Sports Fans, here’s the Murphy High School Volley Ball Schedule! Good luck players, coaches, and parents!

Aug. 21 – Tuesday Rosman Home
Aug. 23 – Thursday Swain Away 2:50
Aug. 27 – Monday Smoky Mountain Home
Aug. 28 – Tuesday Hiwassee Dam Home
Aug. 30 – Thursday Andrews Away 3:45
Sept. 4 – Tuesday Cherokee Home
Sept. 6 – Thursday Hayesville Away 3:30
Sept. 11 – Tuesday Nantahala Home
Sept. 13 – Thursday Robbinsville Home
Sept. 18 – Tuesday Rosman Away 12:30
Sept. 20 – Thursday Swain Home
Sept. 25 – Tuesday Hiwassee Dam Away 3:25
Sept. 27 – Thursday Andrews Home
Oct. 1 – Monday Cherokee Away 2:40
Oct. 4 – Thursday Hayesville Home
Oct. 8 – Monday Smoky Mountain Away 2:30
Oct. 9 – Tuesday Nantahala Away 3:15
Oct. 13, 15-17 SMC Tournament TBA TBA
Oct. 20 – Saturday 1st Round of Playoffs TBA TBA

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State of the Market Address for Cherokee County and Murphy North Carolina

The real estate market is still one of the most talked about things in our country today. Every time you hear the sky is falling, but many of the nay sayers and media moguls don’t mention hard numbers to tell you what the market is doing. That’s what we’re here for! We want you to be an informed consumer, whether you’re buying or selling.

Here’s some hard numbers. The below chart represents four month trailing data for the Cherokee County Housing Market. It does not represent land. Trailing data is great because it averages out the most recent transactions to give you the most stable data. If you’re not sure what some of the abbreviations are below, see the key at the bottom of this article.

Current Market Data Powered by the Poltrock Team at REMAX of Murphy North Carolina

Price Range Transactions/mo. DOM Short DOM Average DOM Long L/S Ratio
Market 31.5 19 195 958 94.44%
150-200k 9.5 19 175 406 95.15%
200-250k 3.5 33 230 700 97.22%
250-300k 4.25 46 197 448 92.07%
300-350k 2 57 199 364 94.1%
350-400k .75 53 138 191 93.75%
400+ 1.75 33 114 186 92.49%

Now here’s something quite interesting. Here’s the data for the past month only:

Transactions/mo. DOM Short DOM Average DOM Long L/S Ratio
Market 43 37 232 958 93.17%

The variance in the 4 month trailing versus the 1 month numbers indicate we’re seeing more property move for the last month. That’s obvious. What is interesting is the DOM is much higher indicating we’re going to see that continue to get longer. Also, the List to sell ratio is over a full point lower. That generally shows me that more buyers are “fishing” for good deals (why transactions are up) and in some cases are getting it (which is why the L/S ratio is lower).

Either way, numbers are power! Want to know how this applies to your property or one that you are considering buying? Call us or email and we would be happy to provide you a free consultation to translate all this information to your situation. Happy buying and selling!

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Funworld in Hiawassee Georgia

I go to Hiawassee, Georgia to go to Funworld. It is very fun there!! To get there, you go on 64 East from Murphy to Hayesville. From Hayesville, you turn right on to 69. At the T intersection, turn left and Funworld is on your right.There’s a big sign and even a movie theater sign, too.

There’s a rock climbing wall in the back. The rock wall is really made of plastic. You have to do it with a rope. When you climb to the top, you can push a button that rings a bell. It’s loud! You might want to cover your ears when you push it.

In the front, there is a big, huge play place where you can shoot balls, throw them, and more! There’s a big slide you should try out. You can only ride down back, straight, or on your bottom. It’s fun because you can hit a bump and bounce the whole way down!

There is a pizza place where you can get any kind of pizza. It is in the back. You might see it if you go there.

There are lots of video games! My favorite is the roll ball. If you get a 1,000 points, you get a bunch of tickets! There’s even a Putt-Putt game. You can play different holes. On the second to last one, it will go right down to the check point.

If you go there, you will see the other games. I’m sure you’ll find them amazing too! I hope you have a fine time!

By Katie Bug – Junior REMAX Agent – Murphy North Carolina –

Weece Mountain – The best home on over three acres on the market!

515 Weece Mountain
Hothouse area of Murphy NC
Home For Sale on Acreage!

  • 2 bedrooms, 2 baths great chalet styled home
  • EXCELLENT floor plan makes this home roomy and airy
  • Large kitchen is the perfect place to prepare meals
  • Full basement with a walkout!
  • +/- 3.1 acres is a great piece of land!
  • And you get it at an excellent value!
  • Stunning vaulted ceilings
  • Beautiful ROCK wood burning fireplace
  • Sit on the screened in porch and enjoy nature – without bugs!
  • Open and bright
  • Close to Blue Ridge GA and Ducktown TN and Murphy NC
  • You absolutely must see this winner!

This Home is SOLD!!! Check out all our current properties for sale in Murphy NC

John and Jessica Poltrock – REMAX Mountain Properties – – Murphy North Carolina – Homes for Sale

Murphy NC Township Seeks to Annex New Area

The town of Murphy, North Carolina is seeking to annex 34 additional acres. According to the Cherokee Sentinel Newspaper, it makes the “perfect annexation.”
It is proposing to bring in the property that includes the Lowes Home Center, Sonic restaurant, the BP station (which by the way, is closed), and some public land belonging to Cherokee County and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).
According to reported figures, the town expects to gain about $38,753 annually as a result of the new territory. There will be another public hearing on September 13th at 5pm at the city hall. It could become finalized as early as the end of the year.
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My First Day Back to Martin’s Creek School

My first day was kind of embarrasing, but it was kind of fun too. We got to know each other. I was embarrassed because I thought Carly and Hayle would be there… they are my friends. I am making new friends as I go. My teacher is very nice and gives us only one chance to be good.

We got to learn what the computers were for. Soon we will get more computers for AR tests. The AR books have red stickers and are in the library.  They have questions in them you have to take a test on. When you start the test, you cannot stop.

My new friend is named Jeremy. He is new at school but is nice, too.

The End – More coming soon from Katie Bug!

Disney Fun Trip

I had went to Disney World from Murphy, North Carolina. I had a lot of fun. I went with daddy, Erika, Meemaw, Deedaw, Priscilla (she’s a dog), and Peanut (another dog).

I went to Sea World and saw sharks! Different kinds of them. We saw a dolphin show. This girl always wanted to swim with dolphins. She dove from a window and swam with them. Then the cool part came. There was a trapeze guy who was on their nose. They dolphins did flips in the air! They would do normal dives and even circle dives.

Disney had several fun rides. On one, we went to the top of an elevator and fell down 13 floors! We took another elevator where you got to fly in the air and see everything in the park. There was Space Mountain. I got to ride in the front once and the back. You were able to see stars, the Milky Way, Everything in the universe!

You should go sometime! It was very hot, but was worth the trip. It is in Orlando, Florida. I’ve got to go to my first day of school tomorrow, so it’s bed time. That’s all for now!

Katie Peacock (Poltrock) – Future REMAX Agent – REMAX Mountain Properties

12 Breakaway Trail – Andrews, North Carolina – Log Cabin Home for Sale

12 Breakaway Trail
Andrews, North Carolina

  • Great 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath TRUE log home
  • TRUE Log Garage
  • Protected by an American Home Shield Select Warranty
  • Gorgeous Mountain View overlooking the Snowbird Mountains
  • Patio and screened in porch
  • Located in Granny Squirrel community
  • Paved Roads
  • Extremely low maintenance vacation home

We’re sorry but this home is no longer available.

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