Mountain View Lot SOLD!

Two Unrestricted Lots in Murphy North Carolina
SOLD! We got them SOLD!

Property Features:
-Just over 1/2 Acre
-Septic Permits
-Amazing View on both front and Back
-Located on Friendship Church Road
-State Road Paved Frontage

North Lot SOLD Price: $39,000
South Lot SOLD Price: $39,000

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Beautiful Mountain Chalet in Murphy NC for Sale on OVER 3 Acres!

654 Mossy Creek Trail
Murphy, North Carolina 28906
Angelico Gap Mountain Community

-Perfectly Nestled and Private
-Paved Roads!
-Close to town
-Underground Utilities
-High Speed Internet Available!
-Gorgeous Masonry Fireplace – and it’s wood burning!
-3.22 Acres
-Paved Roads
-Underground Utilities for clean living
-Stainless Steel Appliances
-and much more! Click the picture to see the current price.

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Tragedy for a Fellow Realtor

Another real estate agent outside of our office just had a mind blowing event take place in his life – his son was shot. Included below is the link to see a picture of him before and after – its unbelievable and hard to take. Frank – our support is with you and your family through this hard time. We will pray for you.

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The Wedding of John Snow and Rachel West

This past Saturday night, we attended a spectacular wedding of John Snow and Rachel West. The ceremony was performed at the Methodist Church in downtown Murphy and was packed. I’m certain we were violating some sort of fire code! John’s sister and her husband sang beautifully and truly added a lot to the ceremony.
~ See pictures of their ceremony at:
See their wedding pictures! Click here for some amazing photography
Scroll down to the bottom and click the “Slideshow” link to see them all
After the ceremony, the reception was held at McGuire’s Millrace Farm in Peachtree. It was tastefully done to accommodate everyone there. My compliments to all the chefs who were involved in the finger food and dinner.  Frank Barber – I wasn’t aware you are a chef – great job Frank. You and your team pulled it off flawlessly. Wine and others were provided by the Daily Grind and Wine in Murphy.
John and Rachel – We want to congratulate you both and wish you a bountiful life of happiness. Although you’re currently out of the country on your honeymoon in Italy, we want to you to have a blast. Everyone in attendance enjoyed it and I’m sure I speak for everyone when we wish you all the best.
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Cherokee County Total Sales Chart

Here’s a great chart I thought I would share with you. This chart is courtesy of the Cherokee County Mapping Department Staff. They’re a great team located in the same building as the NC Extension Office here in Murphy.

The great thing about these numbers is that it reflects purely sold property in all of Cherokee County with monetary consideration. In other words, Joe giving his son George a piece of land or even inheriting it doesn’t reflect here. There are three lines – improved land parcels (generally houses or homes, even some commercial buildings), unimproved parcels (vacant land and lot tracts), and the total. The great thing about this chart is it reflects properties transfered over our local Realtor Board – the Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors – and over person to person transactions.

Its easy to see the market has remained flat and stable over the past several months. The stability has been a blessing – buyers are finding more choices than they’ve had in the past and sellers can rely on market that is not “all over the place.”

If you would like a high-res version of this chart in PDF or JPG, please email me at and I will be happy to send it to you. It may also be requested by making a comment on this blog.

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My First 100 in Second Grade

Friday I made a 100! It was exhalting! And by the way, that means exciting. It was fun, too. I got one word wrong, but it was replaced by one of the challenge words. I missed the word “because.” I did not study it enough. My teacher replaced it with “giggled.” That was my first one hundred! I am so proud of myself.

By Katie Bug

Rates Lowered by the Fed!

The Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, lowered rates by a half-percentage-point cut. It exceeded what most economists believed he and the Fed would do – most were expecting a 1/4%.

This rightfully should spur real estate investment and home purchases. With rates going to an even lower rate, now is a great time to buy! If you’ve been considering looking at real estate in the mountains of North Carolina, visit our website at to see some of the great properties on the market. You can search our listings and search the MLS for both the Northeast Georgia and Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors.

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Testimonial from Cathy Cottilli

This is a very kind letter that was written to our office Manager, Patty Worley. It is as follows:

Ms. Worley,

I would like for you know how pleased I am with my agent, John Poltrock. I would highly recommend John to my family and friends. I live in Florida and John made it simple to purchase property in Murphy, North Carolina. I told him exactly what I wanted and in one day I found the exact property I was looking for. John did a great job. He made himself available to me whenever I called. My mother will use John as her agent as she is getting ready to purchase property in Murphy also. I have recommended John to all my friends who have talked about moving to the Murphy area.


Cathy Cottilli

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The Low Water Level on Lake Hiwassee

One question I have gotten a lot lately is why the water level of Lake Hiwassee in Murphy NC is 30 or more feet low. It makes it incredibly difficult to show lake front property at times like these, unfortunately, it is what it is.

I have heard speculation and confirmed it with several people close to the source (wow – I sound like a reporter!) that there is good reason it is so low. The Hiwassee Dam itself is very unique in the fact that it is capable of reversing the flow of the lake itself and pumping water back into the lake. Apparently, it drains water during the day to produce power. Then at night, it reverses the flow and pumps water back into the lake. As I found out, the dam’s mechanism that reverses the flow is in fact broken! According to sources, It’s due to be repaired sometime in October. It makes it difficult because lake front property doesn’t look the same as usual!

This picture was taken on one of the bridges on Joe Brown Highway. Many of the boat docks are totally unusable and marinas are closed. To add insult to injury, the TVA is also using the water from the Hiwassee to keep the Tennessee River flow up for transportation purposes.

On a positive note, hope for rain and next year will be better! Find the Normal rainfall in Murphy NC. Now’s a great time to be looking at lake property because some sellers might be anxious to move…. hmmm… food for thought! – – John Michael Poltrock – REMAX Mountain Properties – Murphy North Carolina, NC – (877) 837-3002 – Real Estate