Testimonial from Susan Papp

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service you provided during and after the sale of my property in Murphy.  It’s difficult, at best, to deal with someone you’ve never met face to face let alone, state to state!!!  But you made it so easy for me to sell the land in a reasonable amount of  time  and for a reasonable price.  I’ve enjoyed our conversations and  will miss not being able to laugh with you.  You’re a credit to your profession and I wish you lots of luck with future sales.   Kindest regards,  Susan

Susan – Thank you for the kind words. We enjoyed working with you on your property in Lake Wells Estates. We wish you all the best and thank you for everything!

John and Jessica Poltrock – The POLTROCK TEAM at REMAX of Murphy, NC 28906 – Real Estate in the Mountains of North Carolina – 828-837-3002 – www.MyMurphy.com  – JohnP@remax.net

*Great New Home on the Market in Murphy! * With Excellent Kitchen

20 Berry Trace
Murphy, NC 28906
The Pines located off of Highway 19/129

Great new home on the market! True wood exterior with a full finished basement, this home is a great one! On the outside, it looks like a great mountain home, but wait till you see the inside – extraordinary!

The home of a professional cabinet maker, the hickory and maple cabinets are outstanding! Corian tops, top-of-the-line stainless appliances – a must see!

3 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths make it a roomy home complete with a masonry wood burning fireplace, hardwood floors, LARGE MASTER and walk-in closet, tile floors, whirlpool styled bath tub, separate shower, lots of decks, and more! Priced at $249,850, this is a must see!

We’re sorry. This home is no longer available. Click the link below to check out all our active listings and homes for sale.

John and Jessica Poltrock – REMAX Mountain Properties – The POLTROCK TEAM – www.MyMurphy.comJohnP@remax.net – (877) 837-3002 – Real Estate in the Mountains of North Carolina – Homes and Land for Sale

Getting Settled in the New Office!!!

Here’s the New Office!!!

4800 US Highway 64 West
Murphy, NC 28906

Wow! We’d love to give you the grand tour of the *greatest* professional building in Murphy. Totaling approximately 18,000 square feet, it’s quite an impressive building! RE/MAX occupies the second level and parts of the third. The basement, or lower level, is available for retail leasing. The third level is leaseable to those seeking office space.

We look forward to giving you the grand tour of not only our office, but the entire complex – dubbed “Cornerstone.” 

John and Jessica Poltrock – REMAX of Murphy NC – The POLTROCK TEAM – www.MyMurphy.comJohnP@remax.net – (877) 837-3002 – Real Estate in the Mountains of North Carolina – Homes and Land for Sale

Custom Home * New Construction * For Sale in Eagle Mountain!

Great new home located in Eagle Mountain Development – part of the Martins Creek Community in Murphy, North Carolina. Here are some of the great features about the house:

-2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
-Full Basement with walkout
-Log Siding with 2 coats of Sikkens Stain
-Easy Clean, double pane Windows for energy efficiency
-Large, wrap around deck and porch
-Tongue and groove ceiling – gorgeous! Must see additional pics on our website
-Maple cabinets with cherry glaze
-AMAZING rock wood burning fireplace with a gas starter
-Hardwood floors
-Tile in the bathrooms
-Log hand rails
-One of the most private lots you can find!
-Paved Roads in a gated community
-And much more! Call the POLTROCK TEAM Today to find out more and to see it for yourself!

This home is now SOLD. Please check out our website for all our current active listings for sale here in Murphy NC.

John and Jessica Poltrock – The POLTROCK TEAM at REMAX of Murphy, North Carolina – www.MyMurphy.comJohnP@remax.net – Real Estate in the Mountains of North Carolina – Homes and Land for Sale

Moving in Progress!!

We’ve moved! With the new office building up and running, we’re almost at full force again! 18,000 square feet of beauty, it is truly an impressive professional office building. Cornerstone is bring a new level in Murphy.

We have yet to have the new sign installed and the internet up and running, but its coming! We’ll keep you posted as more comes along.

John and Jessica Poltrock – REMAX at Murphy North Carolina – Real Estate in the Mountains – www.MyMurphy.com – 877-837-3002

Thanks for my Birthday!

Jessica surprised me with a great birthday party! Arriving late (as I was tethered to the phone!) to Enrico’s in Hiawassee, I was surprised to find so many people there! It was a great birthday Jessica and I thank you for it. Everybody who was there, thanks for coming! It was the biggest birthday party I’ve ever had and I really do appreciate it.

John Poltrock – The POLTROCK TEAM at REMAX of Murphy – Real Estate in the Mountains of North Carolina – www.MyMurphy.comJohnP@remax.net – (877) 837-3002

REMAX Customer Appreciation Picnic 2007

This year was a great picnic!!! We had a great year thanks to all of our clients, and here’s our appreciation shin-dig to thank them! Here are some pics from it:

The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon goes up and gives rides! In fact, so many people road, we literally ran out of fuel on the last trip up.

Then there was the blow up toys for the kids which was a favorite

Tim the Magician performed magic tricks for the kids to watch – this guy was good!

And the Hay Ride by Alan Worley

And then the Children’s Miracle Network Auction! Pictured here is one of the biggest bidding hits – the rooster! Originally a door prize, the rooster was donated back by one of our clients, Bob & Evelyn Bradley. It went on to raise over $500 by being bid on twice!

We had the picnic at McGuire’s Millrace Farm this year, and they did an outstanding job. Everything came together flawlessly and Frank Barber cooked some amazing food! They did such a great job, we’ll be having it there next year.

We appreciate all of you and will look forward to the 2008 picnic. Have any other pictures from the event? Send them our way!

John and Jessica Poltrock – The POLTROCK TEAM at REMAX of Murphy – Real Estate in the Mountains of North Carolina – www.MyMurphy.comJohnP@remax.net – (877) 837.3002

Blessed in the Mountains

It’s sometimes easy to forget just how lucky you are. The fires in California caused by arsonists (what were they thinking????) that set San Diego and surrounding areas ablaze makes me realize just how good mother nature is to us here in the mountains of North Carolina. Fires are more controlled by the mountains, tornadoes are not common because the mountains break up the winds, and hurricanes are rarely more than a rain storm by the time they make it to us. In fact, it must even reflect in our insurance rates because our clients and customers are always shocked to hear how low our rates are.

Our hearts and prayers go out to those in California who have lost your homes, businesses, and more. We even received notice one of our real estate mentors, Brian Buffini (Brian’s Website), lost his home as a result of the flames.

John Poltrock – REMAX Mountain Properties – Real Estate in Murphy NC – www.MyMurphy.com – (877) 837-3002 – JohnP@remax.net

We’re Officially Moving!

Great news! We’re changing (and certainly upgrading) our location to 4800 US Highway 64 West in Murphy. The owner/broker of our office, David Ritz (recognize the name? He’s Jessica’s brother!), is not only creating a new real estate office, but a the nicest professional building in the entire town of Murphy – or for that matter, Cherokee or Clay County! With office space for lease on the 3rd level, REMAX on the second level, and retail/office space on the first, this is truly raising the bar

Officially named Cornerstone, it was presented with many names. I had the idea of letting everyone in the area try their hand at the name, so that’s what we did! David ran an ad in the Cherokee Scout newspaper with a write in slip offering their name. The Ritz, The Rock, Ritz-o-Rama, The Compound, and many others came in. Cornerstone was selected, and we gave away a dinner at Enrico’s Italian Restaurant in Hiawassee.

We should be moving in tomorrow so long as Verizon is able to switch over the phones in time. As soon as that happens, we’ll start moving! It’s a gorgeous building and you’ll have to stop by and see it! Gorgeous rock fireplace, scraped hard wood floors, BOLD colors, and more than I can describe – just come see it for yourself! There will be a grand opening, we just don’t know when yet.

Can’t wait to see you in our new office at Cornerstone!

John and Jessica Poltrock – The POLTROCK TEAM – REMAX at Murphy, NC – (877) 837.3002 – www.MyMurphy.com – JohnP@remax.net

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When You’re in Murphy, Eat Where the Murphians Eat!

When you come to Murphy, there are a few restaurants thou must eat at! If you have only a little bit, here’s a few top choices you should be!

1) Brother’s Restaurant (Lunch & Dinner)
2) Shoebooties (Lunch and Dinner)
3) Rib Country (Lunch and Dinner)
4) No Name Deli (Lunch)
5) The Downtown Deli (Lunch)
6) The Daily Grind (Lunch)
7) The Mexican Restaurant, Monte Alban (Jessica’s Favorite – Lunch & Dinner)
8) Kups & Kones (Breakfast)

Any other favorites out there? We’d love to hear some of your faves and top choices.

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