Katie’s Second Grade Krill Report

Katie just wrote her report on krill and wanted to post it out there for everyone to see on her blog page! Enjoy! 

Krill are small shrimp-like creatures that live in all the oceans of the world – even Antarctica. There are more krill than people in the whole world. Krill are not heavy, but all of them together weigh almost twice as much as all the people in the world. Usually krill are one to two centimeters, but some of them are six to fifteen centimeters.

Krill eat phytoplankton, zooplankton, and copepods. They have an important role in the food chain. Lots of different animals in all shapes and sizes eat krill. There are penguins, fish, seals, and even humpback whales. People also fish for krill. They are used for eating in Japan and Russia. Here in United States, they are used for feeding animals in aquariums, bait in sports fishing, and by drug companies.

            Female krill can carry several thousand eggs in her belly. Male fertilize the little eggs, and the female will put the eggs out in the ocean. Once a baby krill is born, most only live six to eight months. Some have been known to live up to six years.

            Krill are made up of three parts: the cephalon (head), the thorax, and the abdomen. They are crustaceans and have an exoskeleton – which means their skeleton is on the outside of their body. On their head, they have compound eyes, like a housefly, and two antennae, like an ant. On their body, the have separate legs for swimming, feeding, and grooming (cleaning). Krill and shrimp have different gills. Krill have them on the outside and shrimp have them on the inside. That is how you can tell them apart.

            Krill are very important in the world. They start many ecosystems because larger animals eat them, then another larger animals eats it. So next time you think krill are puny, think again. You probably have eaten a fish that once ate krill.    The End.

New Change in 1031 Tax Information Makes It Better for you Vacation or Second Home!

1031’s have long been a real estate investor’s friend. For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, it is a section of the IRS tax code that allows a person to sell an investment property and purchase another – tax free.

1031’s of course are simple in theory but have a few stipulations by the IRS. If you are considering buying a mountain property and want to do a 1031, we would be happy to guide you through the process.

Here’s the basics behind the new rule: a person who owns a vacation or second home for at least 24 months, uses it for 14 or less days a year, or less than 10% of the time it was rented in any of those years, can qualify that dwelling unit for a tax-deferred Exchange. You don’t have to rent it out for an extended length of time, it could be rented for just 14 days a year and still can qualify.

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WOW – The POLTROCK TEAM Sold it 79.3% Faster than the Average Market Time!

272 Little Rock RoadWith the market averaging a staggering 203 days to sell a house right now, we just did it an astonishing 42 days! Through our aggressive marketing tactics, a homeowner who was a pleasure to work with, and some good ol’ fashioned hard work, it’s now someone’s new home in the mountains!

It had an amazing view and was fully furnished by Moose Hollow and was in a nice cabin community, it really had a lot to offer.

Located off of High Falls Road, it is situated right in the Marble/Peachtree area of Murphy, North Carolina. High falls Road is almost directly across from Vengeance Creek Road.

If you’re looking to sell your home and want great results like these, call us today!

John and Jessica Poltrock – The POLTROCK TEAM – RE/MAX of Murphy North Carolina – RE/MAX Mountain Properties – www.MyMurphy.comJohnPoltrock@gmail.com – Everything from homes, cabins, land and more, call today! (877) 837-3002 and demand the POLTROCK TEAM!

The POLTROCK TEAM did it AGAIN! SOLD in 7 days!

203 Willow Tree Lane

The POLTROCK TEAM just did it again! This beautiful home located in the Ranger Community is now officially off the market! The new owner is moving in, probably as this is written, to enjoy their new home.

Located almost directly across from the Cherokee County Industrial Park (which is really a county owned area for storage of machinery such salt trucks, etc.) on Willow Tree Lane, it has convenient access to Highway 64 and is only minutes away from the town of Murphy.

Congratulations on your new home, and if you are thinking of selling, call us today to find out how you can achieve great results like this!


John and Jessica Poltrock – The POLTROCK TEAM at RE/MAX of Murphy NC – RE/MAX Mountain Properties – www.MyMurphy.comJohnPoltrock@gmail.com – Call Toll Free (877) 837-3002 and demand the POLTROCK TEAM! – Homes, Land, and Commercial Real estate in the Mountains of North Carolina

Your Order’s Ready! Nottley River Lots Coming Right Up!

Great news! I just met with a couple who has developed one the best river community I’ve seen in Murphy yet!  They’re getting ready to come up for sale, so keep posted! Located right on the Nottley River in the Culberson community, there are 9 gorgeous river front lots, 3 of which also have creek frontage! There’s to be a nice community area right on the river to picnic and enjoy the water rushing by.

Although I’ll leave it an unnamed community until its fully ready to be on the market, it has 29 amazing lots. They’re quiet, peaceful, and fully loaded! They all have river access on Nottley, septic permits, and underground utilities – including community water! Prices are to be very competitive to the market with an amazing opportunity coming up! Email me at JohnPoltrock@gmail.com if you want to reserve yours!!


The Nottley River flows from Lake Nottley (formed by the TVA, or Tennessee Valley Authority) about 40 miles to flow into the Hiwassee Reservoir[wikipedia], better known as the Lake Hiwassee here. It has wonderful trout fishing and is simply a scenic river to watch!

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State of the Market Address – Cherokee County Market Report

So far this year, we have been in the seasonal slow-down that affects our market mostly in January, February, March, and the beginning of April. With that said, sales traditionally drop to half or less of what the normal season is.

This year is no different than any other. The sales in all of Cherokee County (including Murphy, Andrews, Ranger, Hiwassee Dam, Hanging Dog, Marble, and other communities in Cherokee) have taken a toll, but have seen a 31% increase since the beginning of January – not bad when it’s 31 degrees outside today! 

Here are some market numbers that you would want to know. If you have any questions as to the meaning of these numbers, please feel free to ask.

  • These numbers are over the past month
    • 21 Homes have closed
    • $60,000 – Lowest residential sale
    • $155,000 – Average residential sale
    • 245,000 – Highest residential sale
    • 90.15% – Average list to sell ratio
    • 203 – Average days on the market
  • These number are averaged out over the past 4 months to show a "trailing" average
    • 26.5 Homes have closed
    • $187,020 – Average Residential Sale
    • 93.28% – Average list to sell ratio
    • 219 – Average days on market
  • These numbers are for land over the past month – this includes everything from lots to large acreage
    • 21 Land tracts have closed
    • $74,805 – Average land sale
    • 79.9% Average list to sale ratio
    • 213 – Average days on market

These numbers will become more and more useful – especially when they are reviewed from a quarterly and greater basis.

How does this relate to you, your property, and your plans? Ask! Tell us your situation and we will be happy to translate these raw numbers to what they will mean in your particular situation. Then when you’re ready, list with the best and you’ll sell before the rest!

John and Jessica Poltrock – The POLTROCK TEAM at RE/MAX of Murphy NC – Real Estate in the mountains of Murphy, NC – www.MyMurphy.comJohnPoltrock@gmail.com – Call (877) 837-3002 and demand the POLTROCK TEAM!

Denied septic permits results in ‘useless’ land – The Cherokee Scout – Cherokee County, N.C.’s local newspaper – News


Septic permits continue to be a hot topic in Cherokee County that literally revolves around… well… crap. I must point out,  we live in a county where one of the most politically involved issues is a septic permit – we’ve got it great here in Murphy!

I recommend, as does any responsible real estate agent in our area, that anyone buying a lot has their property gets a "perc" test as most people call it. This ensures your property can have a septic system installed, and thus have a house built.

Very seldom, that doesn’t mean anything. In this case of the article in the Cherokee Scout, one man had a permit that was revoked. This happened because a soil specialist who worked for the county did not do his job properly. He issued permits that should not have been because of unsuitable soil conditions.

Now the question is this: The property is virtually useless so who is responsible for paying? The arguments:

  • The homeowner is up a creek (which is wrong)
  • Cherokee County is responsible because the permit issued here
  • The state of North Carolina – who licenses and approves soil scientists

It seems to be a finger pointing session with the buck not stopping any where. Although I feel confident it will be resolved soon, it’s a matter of working it all out and going through the hoops. Since the property owner did everything that should have been done, I don’t believe they should be penalized. Now the question is, "Who’s Paying?" The state or Cherokee County?

Read the full article from the Cherokee Scout: Denied septic permits results in ‘useless’ land – The Cherokee Scout – Cherokee County, N.C.’s local newspaper – News

John and Jessica Poltrock – The POLTROCK TEAM at REMAX of Murphy, NC – www.MyMurphy.comJohnPoltrock@gmail.com – Call Toll-Free (877) 837-3002 and demand the POLTROCK TEAM! – Real Estate in the Mountains of Murphy

*Note* Out of all of the tens of thousands of permits issued, this issue has affected  far less than 0.1% of property owners.

Welcome to Our New Blog!!

Welcome to our new weblog! In a continuing effort to bring better search results for our customers, clients, and friends looking for information on real estate and more in the Murphy area, we decided to go with a company that specializes in blogs! Before, we used GoDaddy, and results were disappointing because it did not make content easy to find.

Now we’re good to go! Content will be easier for you, the user, to find on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more. Please feel free to visit us any time at www.iLoveMurphy.com .  We also encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to our updates and have them automatically sent to you.

One bad aspect of the switch is that you will find many of our older pictures previous of this post are lost for good. We will attempt to change some, but in most cases it is too cumbersome of an undertaking.

Enjoy and email us if you have any questions.

JohnPoltrock@gmail.comwww.MyMurphy.com – Toll Free (866) 687-7496 – Demand the POLTROCK TEAM!

Testimonial for John and Jessica from a *former* Landowner

"To Whom It May Concern:

Prior to listing with RE/MAX, the property was listed with [another agent]. She was very disappointing as an agent. She never contacted me first, I always had to inquire what the status of the property was. She would always reply ‘I just had someone out there last week’… I wonder…

John would stay in touch with me at least 3 times a month just to check in when it was slow to let me know he had not forgotten about me. I felt like I wasn’t an afterthought. I was asking him to sell a raw piece of land [that was a challenging sale]. Yet he did the impossible, the amazing – he is a true closer! I enjoy his style and drive. RE/MAX is lucky to have him on their side.


Thanks for the adventure,

Cherylann Camesi & Alicia (Lisa) Hamilton"

of Tampa, Florida



Thanks for the compliments! We enjoyed working with you as well. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

John and Jessica


Real Estate in the Mountains of North Carolina

RE/MAX Branding Power Exposes Your Property Online More Than Ever!!!

"outstanding_agents_logoREMAX Real Estate" ranks number 4 among real estate search terms on the Internet! Hitwise (a subsidiary of Experian which has been tracking data from ISPs since 1997) just revealed this information this year. Our closest company competitor lags behind at a depressing 16th place.

REMAX.com is the main Internet site of every RE/MAX office in the entire world. As a long term effort, buyers searching for real estate can view properties listed all over the United States (including Cherokee County, consisting of Murphy and Andrews) that are listed by us and by other companies. Think of it as a global MLS system for buyers. Buyers can create their own accounts on the website and have properties emailed to them, contact agents, and educate themselves on available properties. It truly is a great resource!

For sellers working with us and RE/MAX agents all over the country, it exposes your property to more buyers! The more eyeballs that see your property, the more likely you are to sell. Not only that, agents can capture buyers information who are interested in the property and follow up with them to even further increase your odds.

Top 5 Rankings are:

  1. Realtor.com
  2. Homegain
  3. Yahoo Real Estate
  4. RE/MAX Real Estate
  5. Rent.com

And to add to the power of REMAX’s Internet marketing, the POLTROCK TEAM also places your property as a "Showcase Listing" on Realtor.com to increase your exposure and make your listing stand out from the droves of others that are available.

List with the best and sell before the rest!!!

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