Real Estate Foreclosure at 6 Hills and Hollows, Murphy NC

Hills & Hollows

This is a great 2 bedroom/2 bathroom mountain-living cabin home on .91 acres in Murphy NC!  Features include an awesome wrap-around deck that could provide a possible seasonal view of the mountains around you. Inside has a cozy fireplace and a loft with a private bathroom that could be your master bedroom suite. Buy this Cherokee County home for only $81,700! Call us for details!

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John Poltrock at REMAX in Murphy NC is Now Short Sale and Foreclosure Certified!

John Poltrock at REMAX Mountain Properties in Murphy, North Carolina is now short sale and foreclosure certified! He has completed his SFR designation, which is sponsored by the National Association of Realtors and specifically designed to help those who are facing foreclosure or needing to sell their home in a short sale.

Not only that, it’s important for both buyers and sellers! In the complex world of buying foreclosures or short sales, there are certain steps and information required to ensure the closing goes smoothly and happens as quickly as possible. Without the proper knowledge, a short sale can easily task 120 days to close! We have the experience to Short Sale and Foreclosure Logo - The Poltrock Team in Murphy NC - Your expert!

  • Negotiate with lenders – both primary and secondary mortgage lien holders
  • Direct sellers to the proper finance, tax, and legal professionals.
  • Develop a short sale package for sellers giving them the greatest likelihood of being approved
  • Limit your risk! Both buyers and sellers have some risk, and we know what to minimize it!

Arming yourself with The Poltrock Team’s knowledge, expertise, and education ensures your short sale or foreclosure transaction in Murphy NC goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re looking for the best, call The Poltrock Team at RE/MAX TODAY!

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Foreclosure Alert! 5 Bedroom Home on 47 Acres, Pool, Ponds, And so much More!

219 Norton Pond Foreclosure Home for SaleHere’s a foreclosure in Murphy NC you don’t find much! This house is one of the best deals I’ve found! The house was built in 2000, has 47 acres, 5 bedrooms and an office (permitted for septic on 3 bedrooms), full finished basement, Almost 4,000 square feet on the house alone, cement patio, landscaping, 3 ponds, attached 2 car garage, detached 4 car garage, and a lot more! This thing has it all and is only price at $700,000! It’s the best values on a high end foreclosure I’ve seen.

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Foreclosure Horror Story Means Your Should Buy Real Estate Safe in Murphy NC

I met with a man a few days ago who found us by reading our article on “What to Expect When Offering to Buy a Foreclosure in Murphy NC” and “Foreclosure Houses and Tips to Buying Them in Murphy NC“. It was one of the most discouraging attempted real estate purchases I’ve heard of in a long time.

The moral to his story is buy smart – go through a typical real estate transaction that have safeguards built in for your purchase. Read on and you’ll understand better what I mean.

Jim, as I’ll call him, bought a house with several acres adjoining the US Forest Service and absolutely loved it. He bought it from a wealthy friend of his who was a developer in Florida and life treated him well. They agreed to exchange it in a sale for $170,000. His buddy said he didn’t have to do a straight purchase, that he would be happy to finance it for him like a bank would. They did what’s called a Land Contract.

Jim put $40,000 in cash down on the house and has been making payments for several years. He’s put in a new well, done several major renovations, and by this time, he has invested about $120,000 total of cash in the property. Then he came home and found foreclosure documents on the door to his home.

Turns out the seller has a first mortgage and an equity line that’s been over extended on the property and hasn’t paid in months. The bank is foreclosing – simple as that. Since he has no legal ownership, his name is not on the deed, and the mortgage liens far superseed any right he has to the property, he cannot get anywhere. No bank will tell him what is owed on the property or anything else for that matter.

Jim has lost $120,000 in his own cash and now has nothing to show for it. His only option, if he wants to keep the house, is to wait for it to come out the other end of the foreclosure process and buy it. That means he will likely have $200,000 in a home that should be his that worth substantially less than that.

What could or should he have done in this instance? A traditional closing with owner financing in place. The closing attorney would have made sure there were no liens on the property (and if there were, they would have to be paid) and issued title insurance at closing.

Moral of the story again – Be smart about closings and buying real estate. Use a Realtor (namely The POLTROCK TEAM! 😉 and/or an attorney that specializes in real estate closings (you can find real estate attorneys in Murphy NC on our Gotta Guy List). That will give you true professional advice that can ultimately save you thousands, or in this case, over $100,000.

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What to Expect When Offering to Buy a Foreclosure in Murphy NC

When you find a foreclosed home in Murphy NC that you want to buy, there are several things you need to know to expect when you go through the process. It will be an interesting experience that is unlike buying a home from a “normal” seller.

You found a foreclosure home you want to buy. Here are some tips and what to expect.

(I also recommend you read our article on finding and buying foreclosures in Murphy NC)


  1. Lots of paperwork. You’ll have all the standard paperwork you have when you buy a house and then endless addendums they will send afterward for you to sign.
  2. Crazy Addendums. They’re something else. They will limit the bank from any and all liability and specify how to expect the closing will take place. There will be mold addendums even if the house doesn’t have mold (basically says the bank doesn’t know about any mold and is not liable for any), addendums on other hazards, addendums to the addendums, and addendums to the amended addendum! Trust me though… there’s a lot.  You will find contradictions in the paperwork. For example, in one spot they may say they will pay your closing costs and then in another say you are responsible for them.
  3. Slow paperwork processing. It takes the bank forever to sign your offer to purchase. They have to approve it on many different levels and they are in no rush to sign it. They will give you verbal acceptance pretty quickly and the signed and executed offer can often take a week or more to receive.
  4. Contradictions. You’ll find the left hand doesn’t talk to the right hand on the bank’s side. The listing agent will contradict what the closing agent said and so on. Be prepared for a few “inconveniences” to crop up because of this. You have to remember, “I’m getting a great deal. I must be patient…” and so on to put up with some of it.
  5. Delayed closing. This is a case of the left hand not communicating with the right hand. If you can close in a week and they agree to it on the contract, expect it not to happen. Not because they have ill intent, rather because they have so many steps they have to go through and it just doesn’t “accelerate” well. No need to worry, no matter where you are at, you can get closing documents by mail or UPS.
  6. Attorney costs. Sometimes they offer to pay your closing costs. There is a bit of a catch to this. If you do, they expect you to use their attorney. Many times they will even pay for title insurance for you. If they do, it’s not too bad of a deal. There is a bit of consideration to this, however. Who do you think an attorney that represents the bank and does many transactions for them is most interested in? Especially if they’ve never seen you and don’t know you from Adam, they’re not as worried about you. Hiring your own closing attorney may cost you more, and it may be worth it to know you have someone who is representing your best interests – not the banks. You’ll have to decide which approach is better for you. It may even be worth it to consult an attorney (often a free consultation with many of our local attorneys) to find out the benefits of both ways. You can find an attorney on our recommended contractors list, or Gotta Guy List as we call it.
  7. Get EVERYTHING in writing. When we got to the closing table for the foreclosure we bought, several surprises happened. They told us they would pay for our attorney and title insurance costs. We had this verbally, not in writing. We ended up having to pay for our attorney costs. They told us they would repair some plumbing issues we discovered. They disputed it. We produced email correspondence on it where they agreed to pay it and they did, indeed, end up paying it. Point is, since the right hand doesn’t communicate with the left very well, you need to have everything they agree to in writing.
  8. Remember and always come back to the fact that you’re getting a great deal. Unless the stars align in a way that I’ve not seen, expect closing not to be as smooth as it is with a “normal” seller. There’s a good chance you’ll get frustrated with it, so always come back to and remember that you’re getting a great deal. After all, you’ll be saving thousands and when you look back on it after owning your home for a few years, it will all be worth it.
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Foreclosure Houses and Tips to Buying Them in Murphy NC

Foreclosures have become a hot topic in the national real estate market, and that is just as true for Murphy NC. We’ve been fortunate – we don’t have nearly as many foreclosures in Cherokee County NC as much of the country does. The good news is they are still out there and you can still buy them at great prices.


Are you looking to buy a foreclosure in Murphy NC?

Then there’s a few things you need to know before you look any further. 


  1. There’s no way to get a full list on by searching the Murphy NC MLS on your own. Finding them is rather obscure on my end and almost impossible on your end. If you’d likeForeclosure Sign to a full list of the active foreclosures here, email me now (Copy and Paste into your email program I will respond with a link to all the current ones so you can be up-to-date and save a ton of time.
  2. Banks expect you to be prequalified for financing before you even make an offer. If you’re serious about buying a foreclosure, the very first thing you need to have prepared before you even open the door of a foreclosed house is your financing. Banks won’t even look at your offer in almost every case until they know you have the means to buy it. Simply put, have your financing ducks in a row or buy it in cash. Need financing? Go to our Murphy NC recommended contractor list, or “Gotta Guy List” as we call it, to see several excellent local lenders who can get you started.
  3. Expect multiple offers. There can’t be a “I’m not getting in a bidding war” attitude when you’re buying a foreclosure. Be prepared for multiple people to be looking at the same property while you’re shopping. The last two foreclosures we sold (one of which we bought) had multiple offers on them and it’s just part of it. It doesn’t mean you have to pay too much, and that’s where we’ll help you.
  4. Act fast. This somewhat ties into the last one. The best way to avoid multiple offers is to not waste time. If you find a house that fits what you want to buy – do it! Waiting around to make a decision, consulting lots of friends, and anything else that takes up a lot of time is a good way to loose the house. Remember – there’s lots of people looking at them and you want to beat them to it. There’s a lot to the “early bird gets the worm” philosophy here.
  5. Expect to swing a hammer. By that I mean you’ll more than likely have to do work to it. If you’re not in to working on a house or are unwilling to invest more money back in to it, foreclosures may not be for you. You don’t want to buy one with structural issues. Cosmetic problems are okay and most foreclosures will have their fair share of them. I can tell you a few stories about our house and the challenges it had – and they are all fixable!
  6. There’s no dream homes here. Don’t get me wrong on this one – our house is now rapidly becoming a dream home to us. That’s because we’re putting “our” touches on it just like you will do to your foreclosure house when you buy it. Until that point, you won’t walk in and have that “This is it!!!” feel. You can’t expect to find “The One” when you’re shopping for good deals. You’re going to have to settle on some things, so have your list of things that you have to have and things you would like to have and can live without. If it fits the parameters you set, than you’re good! Just remember, you start working on it and putting your own personal touches in it, it will become a dream home for you once you’re finished with it.
  7. Don’t exclude non-foreclosure homes from your list. There are lots of great properties out there at even better prices. Keep an eye out for ones that are not bank owned too because you can sometimes find sellers that have to move a house. We’ll be happy to help you find these, too.
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