What is a normal water well in Western North Carolina

Over the past decade+, I’ve either personally had drilled, had clients that drilled, or been involved in transactions where a new well had to be drilled here in Murphy, NC. The one thing I’ve learned; there is no such thing as a normal well in Western North Carolina. Each one is different with several main components: depth, yield, and quality.

Fiberglass Well Cover
This fiberglass “fake rock” is a common well cover. It’s generally foam insulated to protect the well in Winter.

Depth: Perhaps it’ll help to understand where water comes from underground. There are aquifers, or creeks, and veins of water hundreds of feet underground that you want to collect and bring to your faucets. While many areas like Florida and Eastern North Carolina can hit water in 10-50 feet, the mountains of Western North Carolina is often 100-400 feet and can even be deeper. In rare instances, you can have a well drilled that never finds water or has a low yield; more on that in a moment. Some old-timers believe that “witching” a well will help you maximize your odds of finding the best spot to drill your well so you never have a dry hole. The deeper your well, the more “reserve” you have; meaning, your well acts as a storage tank and the deeper it is, the more storage space you have.

Yield: Depth is only part of the equation; how much water your well can produce is another major component. Yield is how many gallons per minute your underground aquifers and veins of water pour into your well. This one is easy – the more the merrier. I’ve seen yield of under 1/2 gallon per minute (GPM) to artesian wells that put out so much water the instruments to measure yield pegged out and we only knew that it was 100+ GPM. Those are rare and 1-10 GPM is far more common. If your well produces a lower yield than the well company recommends for household usage, there are some great options to maximize it like a buried storage tank or fracking, which expands the crevices to try to get more water flow.

This shows a common well arrangement under the cover.
This picture shows a lot under the cover! The well itself is to the right in the thicker pipe. The big blue tank is a pressure tank. This also has a rare feature – a hand pump on top of the well in the event of power or pump failure, you can still get water. Click to see a larger picture.

Quality: Western North Carolina is known for amazing water. In fact, many folks who live in Florida and other areas will tank water from here and bring it to their home because the water is so much better. pH is rarely a problem and any water quality issues we see usually are from rotten egg smell (sulfur) or red water (iron). The good thing about these water quality issues is they can almost always be resolved by a water filtration system. If it is needed, your well company can recommend the right system. They range from an inexpensive sediment filter (I think every home should have one. They protect your faucets and fixtures from sediment) to a tank-style system that costs around $1,650-3,200 depending on certain factors. Filtration technology has come a LONG way in the past decade and many of the systems require very little maintenance to produce the best water your taste buds have experienced.

Just a few personal experiences I’ve had:

  • The well I use daily produces 8 GPM and feeds two homes, a barn, and waters our animals with no issues. Other than a $100 sediment filter, we have nothing on it and it produces the most amazing water ever.
  • At our old house, the well was low yield with 3/4 GPM… and supplied about 10 houses. Fortunately, about 1/2 or better were part time occupants so it rarely had all 10 homes trying to get water. We CONSTANTLY had problems with water… until we installed a 1,500 gallon reservoir tank. That solved every problem we had because the storage tank supplied all the water to the houses and the well replenished it. It made the perfect buffer and we never had a supply issue again.
  • Well Tag on a Drilled Well
    This is a typical well tag that is supposed to be on a well casing. It shows all kinds of useful information to include Yield (bottom left) and depth (center right).

    A developer drilled a well getting an astonishing 100+ GPM that had very high iron. The homeowners on the well had issues with laundry turning red due to the high iron content. They installed a $2,000 well filtration system that cleans itself so it requires extremely low maintenance. The system completely resolved the iron problems and the water is now extraordinary. 

If you’ve wondered the basics on how wells work in Western North Carolina, I hope this helps! Looking for real estate? We would be honored to help. Give us a call at 1-866-687-7496 or contact us from our website and we’ll be there to assist.

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John Poltrock 

5 Tips for Researching an Investment Property in Murphy, NC

Pinpointing the right investment property in Murphy, North Carolina is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Whether you’re searching for a mountain cabin, rental home, or commercial building, you likely have several MLS properties that interest you. So, narrow the field by doing some due diligence on your top-tier candidates. Next, partner with a leading realtor who will gladly provide you with additional details and professional guidance. Then, you’ll be in a better position to make an informed purchase decision.


Get Acquainted with the Area
Naturally, you want to learn as much as possible about your potential investment property’s location. So, get in your car (or truck) and take a leisurely drive around the county. Look for adequate access routes to surrounding communities, and notice the number and type of shopping venues. Make a mental note of parks, recreational activities, and medical facilities. In other words, take the perspective of a potential home buyer or business owner.


Next, let’s assume you’ve browsed the MLS listings, and you’ve found several houses for sale or commercial properties in downtown Murphy, North Carolina. Can you easily access that part of town? Cruise through the business district; and notice the number and types of shops, restaurants, and other establishments. Adequate parking is especially important, as residents and visitors want easy access to local businesses.

Now, park your vehicle, and stroll around town like you’re buying a home there. Visit with several shop and restaurant owners. Learn about the business climate, and get a sense of business owners’ and residents’ relationships with local governments. Walk to the town hall or city manager’s office, and learn about upcoming business and residential development plans. Ask your real estate agent for any “inside track” information. Simply put, you want to know that you’re investing in a vibrant community that’s continuing to grow. Finally, for an up-close perspective of the town and/or county, call or visit friends or family who own a mountain home or work in that locale.

Obtain Local Demographic Data
Put on your detective hat, and do some in-depth due diligence on the town’s demographic makeup. Your goal: to determine how this town stacks up against other towns in the county or surrounding region. Begin with the local Chamber of Commerce website. This valuable resource will likely contain useful data on the general economy, population makeup, median income, business ownership breakdown, and much more.

Next, browse the town’s official website for additional nuggets of information. Besides assorted local government details, you might find listings of upcoming events and points of interest. Again, you’re looking for a lively, growing town with much to offer current (and potential) residents and visitors.

Pinpoint Each Property’s Potential
Now, let’s open the zoning can of worms. For example, let’s say you’re interested in a property that currently carries residential zoning, but you think it would make a terrific business location. Before you proceed down that path, learn about current property usage limitations. Next, talk to town managers about the feasibility of a zoning change. Also, ask your realtor about other clients’ recent experiences with zoning issues.

If you decide to pursue that option, realize that you’ll incur some attorney’s fees. You could also face logistical delays that further complicate your plans. So, if your commercial project carries a tight timeline, decide if it’s still workable given those limiting factors.

Visit the Registry of Deeds
Let’s say you’ve found a home or commercial building that piques your interest. To obtain valuable mortgage information on the property, visit the town’s Registry of Deeds. With a little digging, you can get the property’s current mortgage and last selling price figures. Most importantly, learn about any outstanding liens that could affect your potential purchase. Although sifting through these public records will take some time, this information will provide an insight into the seller’s perspective during previous contract negotiations.

Comb through the Permit Records
If you’ve gotten to this stage, you’re seriously interested in a property, and you want your ducks in a row before possibly making an offer. More specifically, you want complete permit data on the property’s previous construction, addition, and/or remodeling projects. If you can’t find these details online, view the written records at the town government offices.

For example, maybe the seller put up a new roof, but never pulled a permit because he wanted to avoid construction delays. That speaks volumes about his mindset, and potentially provides you with an advantage during contract negotiations. Share these (and other) relevant details with your realtor, so you’ll be in the best position to make an offer that aligns with your business goals.

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Referral Client Receives Top-Notch Service when Buying His Andrews, NC Home

I learned about The Poltrock Team through a referral. Based on the strength of that referral, I decided to work with the team when buying a home in Andrews, North Carolina. I was pleased to work with a first-class real estate agent who was familiar with the market and with local MLS listings. With so many houses for sale, I wanted to find the best property for my needs.

Overall, I had a very positive real estate experience. My realtor was terrific, and the entire team was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the local real estate market. As an added bonus, everyone was very responsive to my requests.

I would give The Poltrock Team a “10′ for their service, and I would absolutely work with them again.

Boyd Rogers
Summerfield, NC

Out-of-Area Buyers Enjoy Professional Service when Buying Their Murphy, NC Home

We recently decided to buy a mountain cabin in Murphy, North Carolina. With so many houses for sale, we didn’t want to rely on the MLS to find our ideal property. We wanted to work with an expert realtor who would help us navigate the process of buying a home. So, we chose The Poltrock Team to help us, and we’re really glad we did.

Donna Srabian, our real estate agent, was great to work with. She is very knowledgeable and professional, and she’s familiar with many MLS listings on the local market.

Overall, we had a wonderful real estate experience. We would certainly work with The Poltrock Team when selling or buying a home in the future.

Andrew and Courtney Smith
Chattanooga, TN

Realtor’s Thorough Approach Leads to Quick Sale of Murphy, NC Home

We recently decided to sell our Murphy, North Carolina mountain cabin. We quickly began searching for a high-achieving realtor to help us accomplish our goal. We learned about The Poltrock Team through the Internet, and we also had a conversation with John Poltrock. We were very impressed with John’s friendliness, market knowledge, and thorough approach. So, we decided to work with the team to sell our mountain home.

Overall, we had a very good real estate experience. To get the ball rolling, The Poltrock Team took quality photos to invite potential buyers to inquire about our property. Next, our real estate agent priced the home competitively, and gave it a great presence on the MLS. The team’s targeted marketing program led to a quick sale. Throughout the process, The Poltrock Team kept us fully informed along the path to closing.

During our real estate transaction, the entire team was most helpful in providing great communication. We would give The Poltrock Team a 10+ for their service. We would definitely work with them when buying or selling a home in the future.

Michael and Cheri English
Jasper, GA

Murphy, NC Home Buyer Enjoys a Flawless Real Estate Transaction

After I made the decision to buy a home in Murphy, North Carolina, I began browsing the MLS listings. I saw many houses for sale, and learned about The Poltrock Team in the process. Naturally, I decided to hire this top-notch realtor to help me in buying a home.

During my real estate transaction, I met some real nice people. Donna and Emily make a great team to work with. I want to thank them very much for their help in the home buying process. Overall, I had a flawless transaction.

I would gladly give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their top-notch service. I would certainly work with them in the future.

Gregory Pursell
Parrish, FL

Murphy, NC Seller Appreciates Their Real Estate Agent’s Honesty

When we decided the time was right to sell our Murphy, North Carolina mountain cabin, we wanted to work with a realtor who is tops in their field. Luckily, my daughter told me about The Poltrock Team. I was impressed by their record of results, and I decided to partner with them to sell our mountain home.

During the process of selling a home, I was very pleased that our real estate agent was honest and upfront with us. They were a pleasure to work with.

We would give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their service, and would definitely work with them again. John and his team are truly the best!

Don & Charlotte Hersey
East Palatka, FL

Repeat Sellers Get Great Results when Selling Their Murphy, NC Land

We have owned land in Murphy, North Carolina for some time. When the time came to sell it, I asked my retired realtor cousin who was the best real estate agent in town. Naturally, he recommended John Poltrock. After reviewing The Poltrock Team’s record of results, and talking with John, I agreed that he would do the best job for us.

We feel that putting our land on the MLS was most helpful. The Poltrock Team’s signage also directed potential buyers to our property.

Overall, we had a great real estate experience. I am very happy with everything John did for us. He made us feel that our land was his number one listing, and we were in communication with him about any issues that came up. This was the third tract John has sold for us. As an added bonus, the entire team was very helpful in answering our questions.

Looking back at our recent real estate experience, we would not hesitate to give The Poltrock Team a “10” for their top-notch service. If we ever have more land to sell, The Poltrock Team would absolutely be the first realtor we would call. Finally, we would gladly recommend John Poltrock to anyone who is selling land or a home.

Thomas & Diana Hogan
Chatsworth, GA

Out-of-Area Clients Enjoy Buying a Home in Murphy, NC

When we decided to purchase a home in Murphy, North Carolina, we browsed through many MLS listings online. We also began searching for a top-notch realtor to help us navigate our home buying process.

Fortunately, we found The Poltrock Team. Based on our requirements and budget, they showed us several houses for sale, and we finally found the perfect mountain cabin.

Thanks for taking care of us. You made buying a home a great experience for us. You went above and beyond the call of duty, and we appreciate everything.

Craig (Chris) & Gail Linda Christoffersen
Jacksonville, FL

Top-Notch Realtor Guides Buyers through Their Topton, NC Home Purchase

Tommy and Rhonda Woodard became acquainted with The Poltrock Team in a roundabout manner. The couple was looking for homes in Topton, North Carolina, and the couple was very interested in one of the agency’s listings. While getting details on the property, Tommy and Rhonda really hit it off with realtor Wayne Cofer, so they enlisted his help in locating the perfect mountain cabin.

Wayne immediately jumped into action, taking Tommy and Rhonda to see several different properties for sale around the county. This high-achieving go-getter seemed to genuinely enjoy the hunt, and the couple never felt rushed as they searched for their ideal mountain home.

As luck would have it, the Woodard’s found exactly what they were looking for: a home that perfectly suited their daughter and three grandsons. In fact, the listing had been on Realtor.com for only 12 hours when it appeared on the couple’s radar. On Sunday, Tommy and Rhonda texted Wayne and requested to see the property. On Monday, they toured the home and submitted an offer to purchase it.

As the Woodard’s real estate transaction progressed, Wayne gave the buyers play-by-play details on each step of the process. Because this was their first-ever home purchase, Tommy and Rhonda appreciated Wayne’s patience as he answered their many questions. They felt that he was extremely helpful, and he went “above and beyond” to assist them.

As Tommy and Rhonda reflect on their mountain cabin purchase, they happily sing The Poltrock Team’s praises. They also give their agent a “10” for his expertise and superior service, and would certainly work with him in the future.

“We learned about The Poltrock Team because they represented the first property we liked. We felt that realtor Wayne Cofer was a perfect fit for us, so we decided to work with the group to purchase our mountain home.

As we began looking at property on the market, Wayne showed me a few different listings. He never seemed upset that he had to run all over the county until we found the right house. We never felt rushed, and we think Wayne is wonderful.

Fortunately, we found a mountain cabin that was perfect for our daughter and three grandsons. It had been listed only 12 hours before I saw it on Realtor.com. I immediately (on Sunday) texted Wayne, and asked him to arrange a property visit. On Monday, we viewed the home and submitted our offer. I give Wayne Cofer the highest praise for helping us to get the ball rolling.

During our real estate transaction, Wayne very helpfully provided step-by-step details on each phase of the process. This was our first-ever property purchase, and Wayne patiently answered every question we had. I feel that he went above and beyond on every aspect.

Looking back, we would rate The Poltrock Team a “10” for their service, and we would definitely work with them again. In fact, I would highly recommend you guys to anyone looking to buy! Yeah! Poltrock Team! You’re the Best!”

Tommy & Rhonda Woodard
Bryson City, NC