Sold our Home in TEN Days!

We were pleased and surprised by the whole teams effort in selling our home. They were always there to answer all of our questions and gave guidance on this unfamiliar process.  Also happy and surprised how FAST IT SOLD… 10 Days!!

— Mark & Cathy Menendez

Donna was Extremely Professional, Honest and Fun to Work With

We actually worked with an associate, Donna Srabian. We contacted her regarding properties viewed on Zillow and arranged viewings. She was very proactive in helping us with our search and was familiar with all the properties we were interested in. She was responsive, timely, extremely knowledgeable about both the area and the process. Extremely professional, honest and fun to work with. She has gone above and beyond to ensure that we were well represented during negotiations and the inspections process. We are happy to say we closed on a cabin on December 1st, and would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for property in North Georgia.

–Joanna Hernandez

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How to Winterize your Home

If you leave your home in Murphy NC during the winter when the temperatures dip below freezing,  it is a wise precaution to winterize your vacant home to prevent damage. This article will guide you when you are ready to get the water operational, it is quite easy to get it going. Follow these simples steps:

  1. If you drained your water heater, DO NOT TURN POWER ON to it just yet. If you do, you’ll likely burn out your elements.
  2. Turn your faucets on with both the hot and cold water running.
  3. Turn the main water line valve to your house back to the “On” position. This will allow water to flow into your home’s plumbing.
  4. You’ll hear a bunch of sputtering, spitting, and crazy noises as the air escapes the pipes. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.
  5. Let this go on till you no longer hear the sputtering of the air in the pipes and it sounds like normal, running water.
  6. Turn off all your faucets.
  7. If you drained your water heater, go to a faucet and turn the HOT water back on and allow it to run till you are certain there’s no air left. Once you are, turn power back on to your water heater. This is typically done by flipping the breaker in your power panel and/or by plugging in the pull switch above the water heater.
  8. Go through and flush your commodes and you’re good to go! To be double safe, turn off all faucets and listed for any running water to ensure you don’t have a leak. If you do, turn off your water main and call a plumber. Feel free to use our Gotta Guy List for recommended plumbers if you do not have one you prefer.


For more information look at our articles on winterizing your home .

North Carolina Governor Extends All Septic Tank Permits to 2020 and Benefits Murphy NC Market

Recently, the State of North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper approved a bill extending all septic tank permits that had previously expired (going back to January 1, 2000) to make them valid again. Not only that, they are transferable with ownership. That means if your property had a septic tank permit issued 2000 and later, your permit is good regardless of who owned it when the permit was issued.

Normally in Cherokee County, a septic permit costs $600, takes 3-5 weeks to obtain, and is valid 5 years. Being able to use a formerly expired permit is a huge boost to property owners, real estate agents, land developers, and more. Saving both time and money, it is a boost for the economy allowing a more streamlined process to begin building and construction.

Septic systems are the primary means for wastewater disposal and treatment in our area and throughout much of the United States. While system designs can vary, I’ve written an article about septic systems and their cost here in Murphy NC you can read.

Click the link below to see the document the Cherokee County Environmental Health Department provided. A site inspection by the county’s soil scientist is required PRIOR to installing a septic system designed on a previously expired permit. The soil scientist is going to make sure waste water requirements are met; for example, the sewage is not too close to yours or another drinking well so as not to contaminate it, the site has not drastically altered, and other regulations are met. Once the system is installed, a final visit is made so they can get the system certified to meet all requirements and issue the Operations Permit stating the system is properly installed. Then, you can flush away! 🙂

For all those who made this bill possible, THANK YOU! It is excellent for Cherokee and Clay County and all public of North Carolina.

septic permit extension thru 2020 governor’s bill <—- download the pdf here

Working with John Poltrock was a Wonderful Experience

Working with John Poltrock was a wonderful experience through a difficult time. Packing, purging, cleaning and repair to sell a house is never easy, but John was there to help and guide, provide quality repair people, wonderful movers and was always available to answer our many questions. And if he was busy, his team was just as helpful. He sold our house in 4 weeks! John has more energy than the energizer bunny! He always had a positive attitude. We highly recommend John Poltrock and the Poltrock Team!

–Mark & Cathy Menendez

Very Professional

A very professional team. John’s continuing updates on market trends and getting me listed, Kathy keeping me posted on each showing and the responses and Sandy keeping me informed during the closing process. Smooth process all the way around! Thanks again.

–Brad Jones